DWTS Drinking Game Rules For Every Dancing With The Stars.

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Dancing With The Stars is indeed one of the shows that bring the most emotion. Nevertheless, sometimes I tend to get bored while watching it, in specific situations mostly. That’s precisely why we came up with these DWTS competition drinking game rules, that can be applied to every edition, and make you drink with the stars! 

  • Pieces of information prior to playing;
  • Drink one sip;
  • Drink two sips;
  • Down your drink;
  • Windup;

Pieces Of Information Prior To Playing

Sincerely, one of the reasons we love these kinds of drinking games (counting the Bachelorette drinking game) is the simple setup & minimalist supplies. 

Straightforward, here’s what you need to play the DWTS drinking game:

  • Dancing With The Stars. Yes, you’ll need one of the seasons in order to play this drinking game. Preferably, save the rules till the new season starts. 
  • At least one other person to play with. Well yeah, this could be a single-player game, but, it’s always more fun if other people are included—the more the merrier.
  • Drinks for everyone. Sure, it’s up to you what you want to drink. If anyone under 21 asks to play, they might drink water instead! 

Get your drinks & be ready to black out considering the chaos this show brings! 

Drink One Sip When:

  • ‘Mirror Ball Trophy’ is said;
  • Someone cries;
Someone Cries
  • The camera zooms to famous people in the audience;
  • There’s a wardrobe malfunction;
  • A couple dances completely out of their comfort zone;
  • One of the dancers goes shirtless;
  • The dance includes a surprise twist;
  • A contestant gives a heartwarming thanks to their partner;
  • There’s a slow-motion replay of a dance move for specific reasons;
  • After the dance, the contestant mentions the challenges of that dance;
  • A contestant mentions they’re feeling anxious before their dance;
  • Someone gets a score lower than 5;
  • The camera features a contestant’s family or close friends in the audience;
  • The show breaks to a commercial right before an important announcement;
  • The hosts announce an ‘all 10s’ episode after no score was lower than 10;
  • A contestant has a crush on their dance partner;
  • Someone kisses on the show;
  • A dance-off goes on;
  • A contestant sends a special message to someone they love;
  • Someone mentions an embarrassing moment from their rehearsals;
  • The dance ends dramatically;

Drink Two Sips Everytime:

  • The person you’re rooting for scores an 8 or 9;
  • The audience boos someone’s comment;
  • A pair performs a lift during their performance;
  • One of the contestants argues with the judge;
  • A surprise guest joins one of the dances;
  • Someone announces a pregnancy/proposal;
  • One of the judges makes a humorous comment;
  • A pair messes up their dance;
  • The camera captures a backstage reaction;
  • The current couple almost makes love on the dance floor;
  • The judges argue with each other;
  • The host or hostess makes a pun related to dancing;
  • A couple gets a perfect score;
A Couple Getting A Perfect Score
  • The camera shows a close-up of one of the judge’s reactions;
  • There are fake audience cheers;
  • Someone gets all 9s;
  • There’s any technical issue;
  • A celebrity guest singer joins the show;
  • The host/hostess mentions a past winner;
  • Someone removes a part of their outfit because of the choreography;
  • DWTS features a themed episode (Halloween, Traditional, Christmas);
  • There’s a surprise appearance of a celebrity;
  • The judge mentions how a contestant has improved since last week;
  • Contestants mess their dance up;
  • A pair performs a dance that features everyday events;
  • Judges disagree with each other;

Down Your Drink If:

  • Someone gets injured;
  • An unexpected contestant gets sent home;
  • A contestant you were hoping to be sent home wins the competition;
  • You cry during a performance;
  • Your favorite contestant wins;
Your Favorite Contestant Wins


Dancing With The Stars is definitely more fun with our drinking rules, speaking of experience! There’s nothing better than watching astonishing dance performances, and getting to drink after every tiny scene. Go through all the rules and feel free to add anything that feels fun. Ps. you can keep this list of rules while playing, or write them down if you wish. Dance the night away! 

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