Drunk Twister Drinking Game: The Rules And Many More Details!

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Twister is our lifetime favorite memory, starting from when we were little kids. However, to make it the adult’s favorite, we’re about to play Drunk Twister, something remarkable! Below you’ll find all the rules explained in detail, and extra tips to have the best game experience ever!  

  • How to play standard Twister;
  • Variations of the game;
  • Essentials before playing Drunk Twister;
  • Drunk Twister rules;
  • Final thoughts;

How To Play Standard Twister

Standard Twister Rules

To begin with, Twister can be played by 2 to 4 players. Usually, if there are 4, players get divided into 2 teams and play as that. One extra player should be the game referee. To start playing this family game, spread the game mat on the floor, or any other flat surface. 

Now, all players should remove their shoes, and get ready to follow the directions. The referee starts first by spinning the arrow on the spinner, which determines what color, and body part players should place. For instance, if the arrow shows yellow and the right hand, means that everyone playing should place their right hand on a yellow circle. 

If you’re playing on teams, it goes one team at a time following an instruction. But, be careful, there are a few tricks: if your body part is already on the mentioned circle, you should try to move it to another circle of the same color. Also, there can’t be more than one hand/leg on the same circle. If the latter happens, the referee decides who was first. 

If all circles of a color are already covered, the referee spins the arrow again and goes for a different color. If a player falls on the mat or touches it with their knee or elbow, they’re out of the game. The last player remaining on the mat wins Twister. Here’s a Tiktok of people playing it, in case you’re curious: Playing Twister.

Variations Of The Game

Of course, playing standard Twister is undoubtedly fun, especially considering that it is kid-friendly. However, we get extra happy when we find other variants of playing games. Here’s what we’re talking about:

Strip Twister

Strip Twister

If you didn’t know already, stripping games are super fun! Precisely when it’s Strip Twister. This variation is played just like the standard game, but, when it’s your team’s turn of playing, whenever the spinner lands on red, all players of your team must remove an article of clothing (accessories and socks count as well).

Naked Twister

Imagine you’re playing with your boyfriend, and decide to spice things up a bit. Naked Twister is a great idea. It’s just like playing standard Twister, but this time all players are naked. You can play with anyone you wish, but make sure you’re comfortable around them. 

Drunk Twister

You already know that this is our favorite variation of the game ever!!! We’ll add a twist to Twister. Besides following all the necessary instructions to play the game, you’ll also drink several times when specific actions are done. Of course, we’ll describe everything in detail in a bit, this was just a glimpse. 

Essentials When Playing Drunk Twister

As you already know, Drunk Twister is the drinking version of Twister. Unlike the latter, Drunk Twister can only be played by people who are 21 or older, because of the drinking rule. About the number of players, once again the game can be played by 2 to 4 players. 

Before starting to play, make sure you have these at home: 

  • The Twister mat and spinner, that are available on Amazon for $21.93;
  • Drinks of your choice for everyone playing. You’re gonna drink a lot, so make sure there are enough. We prefer drinking beers because they’re lighter so you won’t get that drunk.
  • 24 shot glasses, for each circle on the mat. 

And now you’re all ready to have the time of your life!!! 

Drunk Twister Rules

Drunk Twister Rules

Babes, we know you’ve memorized the standard rules already. Spin the spinner, check the color, and move the body parts. Now, let’s add the drunk ones:

  • The first player who occupies a spot on the mat (read: places their body part on the circle first), has to take a drink. Clearly, this is very ‘yin and yang’, you’re safe and have a good spot, but have to drink. The drinking should be completed before positioning the body part fully on the spot.
  • If a player slips (since there can be a lot of spilled alcohol on the mat), they have to take 2 drinks. 
  • Whoever falls on the mat, or touches it with their elbow or knee, is out of the game, and takes one extra shot. The game ends when there’s only one player left, which is the winner! 
  • Extra rule: Instead of drinking one shot for a circle, write numbers from 1 to 10 on sticky notes, and that’s how many shots you’ll take for specific circles. 

Now, since there’s one shot in each circle, if you drink one shot in a circle, you can continue to keep your body part on it, until all shots of that color are finished. Then, the game host can decide if you add extra shots, or continue to play it without drinking. 

We don’t doubt you can’t wait to play. This is why, watch this video so you get the perfect idea of the game: Foos Play Drunk Twister.

 Final Thoughts 

We talked about everything: the rules for the standard Twister, the best variations of the game, the required equipment, but the cherry on top, the drinking game. It will get you drunk, and make you have a great time with your fellas. Now it’s up to you how long you will survive before playing it :)) 

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