Are You Drunk, Stoned or Stupid?- Card Game Review

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

You’re probably drunk, stoned or…. No, you’re not stupid. That’s just how the game is named.

Now you may be confused, Is this a drinking game? Actually, not really. (There are lots of drinking card games tho)The name ‘Drunk, Stoned or Stupid’ has nothing to do with the game. Here’s a logical reason for the name: Chances are high that you may have been drunk, stoned or stupid while playing the game. Who knows?

Even though it has some characteristics just like Cards Against Humanity and some other adult games, this game is most similar to the Voting Game, and in the center is “ Who’s most likely to”.

Since Drunk, Stoned or Stupid is an amazing party game, where you actually have to vote for your friends (you’ll see later in detail), we made this article to inform you about the rules, design, age range, the price of this game and lots more.

Take a quick look of the main points of this article:

  • Who Can Play It & About The Game;
  • The Design;
  • All About The Cards;
  • Game Rules & Experience;
  • Expansions & Editions;
  • Where Can We Get It & The Competitors;
  • Is Do Or Drink honestly worth it?

Who Can Play Drunk, Stoned or Stupid & A Little About The Game.

Based on our research and experience, we really recommend playing this game only if you’re all adults, ages 17 and older. This is definitely not a kid-friendly game, trust us!

Also, make sure that the people you’re playing with are not very sensitive and are up to good times, without getting offended. You know, you don’t need players who say: “Why me?”,”No, I’m not that kind of person”, “Why did you vote for me, I’m nothing like the card says”, you know what I mean?

The game is best when you really know the other players, not if you don’t have a clue who they actually are or what they do.

Now, before continuing further, let me tell you a bit about this  game:

Manufacturer: DSS Games
Release date: March 22, 2015
Product dimensions: 4 x 2.94 x 5 inches
Number of cards: 250
Number of players: 3+
Age Range: 17+

The Box’s Design

We know that appearance matters a lot when buying a new game.

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

The game has a white shiny waterproof(I guess) box, with bold capital black letters (and red). 

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Back

While in the back of ‘the party game for you and your stupid friends’, are more details.

We see the basic rules, 4+ players, ages 17+, and the number of cards, 250. There are also 3 card examples, the game website, the bar code… You’re seeing them already…

What’s inside the Box? All About The Cards

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Inside The Box

Once we open the box, we see a set of 250 cards. They are black colored in the back and white inside, where the question is.

The card quality is good, even though it is not made with very thick paper.

I know you can’t wait to have the game. Here’s how some of the cards look to quench your curiosity:

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Cards
Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Cards Example 3
Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Cards 4

Now here’s something you may be wondering about: What do the names and addresses in the bottoms of the cards mean? If you didn’t know, you can give ideas for new cards on the official website.

The manufacturers actually gave credit to people who submitted the cards to them. So basically they write the name and the address of the people who write the cards and give new ideas.

To give you more information to have an overview of the game, we made a card list:

  • Is going straight to hell;
  • Always makes the executive decision;
  • Is allergic to everything;
  • Has 20-minute conversation to siri;
  • Just wants to cuddle;
  • Is a f*cking push-over;
  • Destined to be a trophy wife;
  • Probably owns a s*x toy;
  • Fell of roof;
  • Tinders

Wait, I’ll not write the whole set. Find the other cards yourself!

Game Experience & Rules playing Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

This is one of the simplest games. As we mentioned earlier, you have to vote for one of your friends, who’s most likely to do something.

You choose the game judge (or all of you can be in turns if you don’t have many players). The Judge reads the card, and everyone votes who should be tagged with that card, and the judge sees who’s the most voted player.

Here’s the twist: The player with the most points loses. There is no winner. (usually the player who gets tagged 7 times loses). There are also some ‘nice rules’, which you can check in the official rules of the game PDF.

We know you love hearing a game experience. Here’s how mine went: We were planning to have a family night, and randomly I saw this game on Facebook.

Yeah, I know it is supposed to be played with people you’re really open to and blah blah, but if you don’t have fun with your family, who will?

Since we were all adults and we all had lives of our own, I knew that the content wouldn’t be a problem. We really could talk about anything with our parents, me and my brother.

Considering we were 4 people (which was enough according to the game description), I ordered the game.It arrived in 5 days If I’m not wrong. We started playing just after dinner.

 We took turns being the judge, because we couldn’t really decide, we all wanted to play.

Our first question said: Spends hours deciding where to get food. Meaning who’s most likely to spend hours deciding where to get food. 

We all voted for our mom. She really can’t decide where to get food because she really takes care of eating healthy and is a calorie freak lol.

The game continued with: Goes missing within 15 minutes of going out. Guess who they voted for? Me. And why is that? Because I’m the most spoiled child in the family, and I make no plans. I just go out whenever I want. Not proud of this though…

Goes Missing Within 15 Minutes Of Going Out- Card

Some of our other questions were: Sings but shouldn’t (We obviously voted my dad, we beg him to stop singing), will make out with absolutely anyone (my brother won this point, you don’t wanna know about his history, lmao), is going straight to hell (So, I’ll go straight to hell? They said I will), and dozens more.

Sings But Shouldn't - Card Example
Will Make Out With Absolutely Anyone - Card Example
Is Going Straight To Hell - Card

The game continued until I collected 7 points. That’s right, I was the loser. I don’t care what you say, I had fun!!! 

You can’t imagine how we reacted when we got the most votes in things we didn’t know they thought we would do. We don’t know how much our parents know about us, do we?

We definitely played the game a few more times after this one. Every time we play, our stomachs ache from laughter.

Since the game is supposed to be played with people who really know each other, I couldn’t find better people to play this game with, other than my family.

Expansions & Editions

The extra packs of Drunk, Stoned or Stupid, made the main game better for sure. 

It has 2 Expansion Packs, 1 Master Edition and 1 Extreme Pack.

First Expansion – $12.00

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid expansion 1

Here are 125 new cards to add to the main game. This expansion makes the game even more fun, especially when we already have played with all the old cards.

Of course it is recommended to mix with the core game, but there’s no problem with playing the game on its own. 

With cards like: “ Smells like beer”, “Can fall asleep everywhere”, “I’m not gonna drink (drinks)”, and lots more, you’ll have endless fun with your closest people.

Second Expansion – $12.00

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid expansion 2

Just as the first expansion, this one too has 125 more cards which you can mix with the core Drunk, Stoned or Stupid, or you can just play it in its own. It is fun both ways.

Here are some of the questions: “May be cursed”, “Will take a secret to the grave”, “Has a sibling that is way cooler than them”, etc.

Master Edition – $30.00

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Master Edition

This is an all-in-one edition. It includes the core game’s cards, the 2 expansion packs, and 50 extra punishment cards to complete the game.

500 cards all about ‘who’s most likely to..’, voting about you and your friends. A great way to see how much you know them.

Extreme Pack – $8.00

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid extreme pack

This is an expansion with a total of 50 cards to add to the main game. It’s important to mention that this is NSFW (meaning: not safe for work), because it really has a very adult-content. Not appropriate for everyone.

You can probably play this expansion on it’s own, but there are very few cards. 

Where Can We Get It & The Competitors

Since Drunk, Stoned or Stupid is a very famous game, you can find it in many shops. But, due to the quality and the customer service, we recommend you buy from the official site of the game, DSS Games (which also recommends lots of retailers), or else from Amazon for a price of $18.

Of course, this game has competitors too, what were you thinking?

The Voting Game – $24.95

The Voting Game

Just by reading the name, you can guess what this game is about. The voting game helps you know your friends more. With a total of 160 question cards, it is amazing for any gathering or party.

Great for 3 or more players, ages 17 or older. The playing time is about 30-90 minutes, based on you.

Never Have I Ever – $23.95

Never Have I Ever

This is really the game of poor life decisions. You’ll tell your friends all your life experiences, the good ones, and the bad as well. Except for the core game, Never Have I Ever has lots of expansions & editions.

The main game contains 550 cards, designed for 4+ players, ages 17 and over.

I Should Have Known That – $20.00

I should've known that - competitor

Okay, enough now with only fun. We need to learn new things. I Should Have Known That is a game all about things you wish you knew earlier. These are some of the amazing questions: “ How long did the Sleeping Beauty sleep?”, “What is Greece called in greek?”, “Who founded facebook?”…

It includes 110 cards, and every card has 4 questions on it. In the back of the cards you find the answers, and also how much that is worth. It is also teen-friendly, ages 14+.

Is Drunk, Stoned or Stupid honestly worth it?


If you’re really looking forward to having fun with your most special people, and to ‘test’ how much you know them, this is the perfect game.

Here are some customers’ reviews to prove to you what I just said:

  • “This is ridiculously funny! Stumbled across it at a local bar, glanced through the cards with a friend while laughing our butts off, then had it on my doorstep a few days later, along with the expansion pack. It’s too funny to pass up”- Dave
  • “My friends and I regularly host a ladies game night. We’re all in our 30s and 40s, and we enjoyed this game tremendously! It brought out a lot of funny stories, and it was fun to see what your friends really think of you! I would highly recommend it…I didn’t even mind being the loser!”- Shawna
  • “My best friend brought this over to my house. This is the most fun I’ve ever had with a game and I immediately bought the game and expansion packs the following day. I can’t wait to show this game to my other friends! It’s so easy and so fun to play. The scenario cards are hilarious too.” – Charlee

Anyways, we’ll be honest as always, there are some little details we don’t like about the game:

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Lots of extra packs;
Easy rules;
Good quality;
Helps you connect with people;
They give credit to people who give card ideas.
There are a few cards that only Americans understand best;
Some cards can be offensive to some people.

Till the next article, enjoy this fella!

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