A Card Game For Those Who Are ‘Drunk In Love’: Let The Couples Drink!

Drunk In Love - Cover

I heard you’re drunk in love? Is that true? You probably are… Good for you!!!

Drunk in love is a 2 in 1 card game. What do I mean by this? Well, it is a mix of couples games and drinking! Is there anything more fun than this? I mean, if you don’t have a partner, it isn’t quite fun… But, if you have a lover, dude, you can’t find a cooler one! 

The game is fun, cute, and dirty at the same time! Includes lots of questions, challenges, and shots, of course, you’ll get drunk… This time, not in love. Just to be clear, let me mention it again, it may be a bit dirty. It’s a couples game, what were you expecting? You obviously won’t talk about food or school or idk… 

Each of the cards has points, and there isn’t just one type of card. There are… no, we’ll get to that later. Anyways, if you’re the cool couple, you may have a chance to win. It isn’t as easy as you think though, cause you know, you gotta do some crazy stuff, but, we don’t doubt you’ll do great! 

Everything related to Drunk In Love, the card game, includes the number of cards, players, instructions on how to play the game, shops from where you can get it, card previews, and lots more. Oh, I almost forgot, we’ll judge the box together! How much we love doing that!

  • Answering your questions about ‘Drunk In Love’?;
  • How do the box and the cards look?;
  • Who & how can we play the game?;
  • Showing you my ‘Drunk In Love’ experience;
  • Where can we buy it & is there competition?;
  • Are there any extra packs?;
  • In conclusion: would we recommend it to you?

Answering Your Questions About ‘Drunk In Love’?

  • When was the game released?
  • In February 2021.
  • Who makes the game?
  • The small business that started with this game first, Drunk In Love.
  • What are the box dimensions?
  • It is 9.17 x 3.86 x 1.54 inches.
  • How many cards are inside the box?
  • ‘Drunk In Love’ has 100 playing cards.
  • What is the point of the game?
  • Answer all the questions and complete the challenges. 
  • Can it be played by only 2 players?
  • Yes, it is supposed to be played by you and your partner.
  • What is the age range to play ‘Drunk In Love’?
  • Since it is a drinking card game, it can be played by people over the age of 21 (if you want to play it legally).
  • Does it have complicated instructions?
  • Absolutely not. It is pretty simple and the cards mostly tell you what you have to do.

How Do The Box & The Cards Look?

Did I mention that we like judging things? If you missed that line, yes, we’re going to judge the box together. You’re gonna love it!

Drunk In Love - Box

Yeah, the box is pretty basic, isn’t it? Anyhow, we get the idea of what it’s all about, and that’s all that matters. It has black color in the background. The game name is written in white and red colors, while a 3-word description of the game is written in white. 

Inside the box, as I mentioned, are 100 cards. 50 of the cards belong to the ‘…or drink’ category, 49 of the cards are ‘Drink if’ and 1 card left is the rules card. All of the cards have a cute design on the back, with a black background and some cute pink and red hearts are drawn on them: 

Drunk In Love - Back Of The Cards

Once we open the box, we can see that the size of the cards is the same as the box’s size, so, the box is filled with cute cards!

Drunk In Love - Inside The Box

The cards and the content are very colorful, and each of them is unique, which makes the game very lovely! Mostly, all the cards belong to 2 big groups, one of them puts you between two choices, to complete the challenge or drink, and these are the ‘…or drink’ cards, while the other ones make you drink if that statement fits you, which you get it are the ‘Drink if…’ cards.

Drunk In Love - Inside The Box Cards

What we truly love are these little details, drawings, designs on each of the cards, which give us an idea of what the card is about, you know, just in case you can’t read… Anyhow, if you, a curious human, want to know more about the cards, here are some of them:

Drunk In Love - Cards

Umm, yeah, the cards are a bit spicy, and a bit dirty, and a bit challenging, but, who cares? You don’t know how fun they bring to your relationship, especially to dates. They turn up the heat!!! 

Are we going to show more cards? Not for now, you’ll see them when I talk about my experience, but of course, we won’t show you the whole deck, where’s the point if we do? We know you love surprises!!! Let’s dive into the other details together… 

Who & How Can We Play ‘Drunk In Love’?

Even though we mentioned the instructions earlier, we feel like we need to be more specific about them. First, of course, the game can be played by people who are 21 or older, but, if you’re younger, but you drink, and you have a lover, who cares, get the game!!! 

Foremost, here’s the rules card, and then we’ll explain it together:

Drunk In Love - Rules Card

Let me spoil something: there are other editions, which include competitions between couples, but this edition is a 2-player one, so, one couple’s game. We’d recommend you let your girl start first since girls are the priority (sorry not sorry)!

You take turns and both draw cards, which tell you what you have to do. Usually a ‘… or drink’ applies to the player who has drawn the card, while ‘Drink if…’ is applied to both of you, and if the sentence fits both of you, you both have to drink…

Simply, all you have to do is find a partner first, order the game, get some drinks, start drawing cards (taking turns), do whatever the card says, and that’s all about it. Just as simple as that!

‘Drunk In Love’ Experience: Was It A Good Gift? Did It Make Any Of Us Blush?

Since my sweetheart is the king of buying gifts, this is what he came up with for Lover’s Day last February, right after the game came out. To be honest, we had tried these kinds of games earlier, since we both love having fun (lol), and we didn’t hesitate on trying ‘Drunk In Love’. Let me spoil it: We loved it! 

Our game started with a ‘… or drink’ card, and I know girls should start first, but, I broke this rule. Rules are made to be broken, right? I let him start first, and thank God I did that: 

Drunk In Love - Experience Card 1

I was a happy spoiled kid at that moment. Just imagine If I had to give that ride… No, not possible. Just the thought of doing that is making my back hurt. Yeah, the game started on my side, but was it in my favor till the end? Let’s keep this a curiosity, and let’s see the second card:

Drunk In Love - Experience Card 2

It was my turn, and guess what? This queen here had to drink since you know, I’m the drama queen and always overthink the situations without even happening, so, I prepare all the comebacks… Am I proud of them? Yes, he deserves them <3

This was the first drink in the game, and it was my boyfriend’s turn, again:

Drunk In Love - Experience Card 3

Well, you know now, men always say they’re the best at driving, and there’s nothing in the world that could change their mind. 2 seconds ago I saw him taking a sip of his drink. This action said it all, didn’t it? It was my turn again, the time to show him how it’s done! 

Drunk In Love - Experience Card 4

How could a game be this simple yet this fun?? I know you’re being curious, but no, I didn’t run around the house naked. I mean, if it was inside the house, yeah, sure, who cares. But, was I brave enough to risk my neighbors seeing me naked? No, I wasn’t. So, what did I do? I drank! That was quite better than embarrassing me… 

He had fun calling me a coward and all that, did I care? I mean, I hated that I couldn’t say a thing because he was right, but, I wish he was in my place… I bet I would do the same thing to him, so… Who’s turn was now?

Drunk In Love - Experience Card 5

Luck was on my side, once again! Guess who got a $20 gift out of nowhere? This girl, right here! If I’m not wrong, I ordered some makeup, he gave me like 2 minutes, and makeup is never enough, so, it was the only thing I could think of for that time.

Anyways, he spent some more money for me, could I be luckier? Oh, and just to see his face when he gave out the money, I mean, he could drink, but why do bad to your health when you can make your girlfriend happy…

I think this was my next card:

Drunk In Love - Experience Card 6

I made him drink one more time. I always wanted attention and acted like I didn’t care, but I was hardly waiting for him to accept his love, and he finally did!!! Yeah, we both agreed on this, and he drank again…. He couldn’t disagree, the universe knows! 

We kinda started getting drunk, especially him, after all the times the cards made him drink… Was I sorry? Tbh, not at all. Anyways, these were some of the last cards we had in this game:

Drunk In Love - Experience Card 9
Drunk In Love - Experience Card 7
Drunk In Love - Experience Card 8

This first one was romantic, we both said some cute things about each other, and since the other card asked us to, we kissed, and we also drank… I had to guess his love language, and most of the time it is: “Do you want me to do the laundry?”, or “I’m ordering pizza tonight”… Is there anything that a girl loves hearing more than these two?

So yeah, pretty much these were some of our cards, not all of them, you saw that… I chose to share the funniest ones. These cards made us happy, all the challenges we had to complete, the cute words we said, the kisses, that makeup on Amazon, and every little detail.

We didn’t even try to play it a second time, since we knew all the cards already, and it wouldn’t be fun at all repeating all the stuff. 

What we’d like to recommend to you, a piece of friendly advice is that this game is better for couples who are connected and don’t get embarrassed for little stuff, because they know each other for years.

I mean, if you’ve just met each other, and you haven’t even had your first kiss, how are you supposed to remove pieces of clothing or these kinds of challenges? It wouldn’t be fun if you drink at every card and ignore the content… 

So yeah, it brings endless laughter, makes you challenge yourself, and of course, connects you two more with each other… Get your drinks, and have fun playing. Cheers!!!

Where Can We Buy ‘Drunk In Love’ & Does It Have Competition?

It may be a struggle to find this game, since it has been released just a year ago, and not many shops sell it… Anyways, you can find it on Amazon, Ubuy, or Etsy for $29, unfortunately, currently unavailable in other places. 

Since as we told you, it is one of the cutest couples games, and everyone who has played it, loved it, of course, it has competitors:

  1. Talk, Flirt, Dare – $24.50 
Talk, Flirt, Dare

Now, if you remember the Talk, Drink, Dare, this is the couples edition, the spicy one! Talk, Flirt, Dare has 3 decks with 50 cards each, and you choose what cards you want to use, or even better, all of them! Besides that this can be played by 2 players only, it works great for a group of couples as well!

You’ll talk your feelings out, flirt with your hubby, and complete some fancy dares…

  1. Vertellis – $19.00 

The name doesn’t tell much, does it? Anyhow, Vertellis is a couple’s card game, made for 2 players mostly. It has 46 questions inside, which belong to 3 rounds of cards: Together & Alone, Dreaming & Doing, Characteristics, Habits & Achievements… 

The content is very cute & deep, and will probably make you say something out loud, even if you never thought you will. Lovely! 

  1. The Ultimate Game For Couples – $24.99
The Ultimate Game For Couples

Yeah, the ultimate game for couples… This is a card game that includes 200 cards that belong to 2 main categories: Guess and Challenge. Both of you have to guess stuff about each other and complete some challenges as well, and both of these are extremely fun! 

What we love is that this could also turn into a competition between you and the other couples, and we know you’ll do great!

Are There Any Extra Packs? 

Could this game get any better? We’re used to saying no, but this time, yes, it will get even better! Straight to the point, yes, it has other editions! Till now, they’ve made the X-Rated edition, the Couples Showdown and Date Night. Let me show you 2 of them (let it remain a surprise for a few seconds):

1. Drunk In Love – Couples Showdown 

Drunk In Love - Couples Showdown

Oh, finally, a couples VS. couples game! Just so I don’t forget later, you can find it on the official Drunk In Love site or Amazon for $29… What differs it from the original pack, of course, besides that this is supposed to be played by 2 or more couples, is that it has 125 playing cards inside, which can be ‘All Couples’ cards, Question Cards or ‘Couple Who Pulled This Card’ cards… 

Now, of course, it is the same, you all (as a couple) take turns drawing cards. Blue cards are ‘All Couples’ cards, black cards are Question Cards and pink ones are  ‘Couple Who Pulled This Card’ cards. Each of the cards have points written on them, and every couple who does what the card says gets that amount of points. The couple who has the most points at the end of the game wins! 

This is how this edition’s cards look:

Drunk In Love - Couples Showdown Cards

2. Drunk In Love – X-Rated

Drunk In Love - X-Rated

I mean, yeah, all the packs are a bit dirty, we’ve all seen that… But this one, this X-Rated expansion is just…no words! It is an expansion, you didn’t hear it wrong, and it includes 50 amazing cards! Of course, it is made only for you and your lover, you don’t want the other to see some scenes. The cards inside are the same as in the original deck, ‘Drink if…’ and ‘…or drink’. 

You can find the X-Rated expansion on Amazon or Ubuy. The game is supposed to be mixed with the main game, but there isn’t a problem if you want to play it as a stand-alone. Anyhow, here are a few cards, I know you’re dying to see them:

Drunk In Love - X-Rated Cards

In Conclusion: Would We Recommend It To You?

One thing is for sure: It made us connect more with each other, and made our date night way better & fun. After we played it, we also ordered the X-rated expansion some months later, and also bought the Showdown as a gift for our friends, and of course, played it together… You can’t imagine how much fun they brought! 

Anyways, yes, it got us drunk, but at least we had a reason to drink, for the first time… It made us speak some things out, and complete some crazy challenges, which we, hands down, loved. As a conclusion, all about this drinking game for 2 people, this is what we love about it, and the opposite:

Makes a great gift;
Has enough cards for 2 people;
The cards’ quality is great;
Has extremely simple rules;
Connects the couples more;
Includes incredibly fun challenges;
You can also find the extra packs to add to the game;
Makes the dates better & gets you drunk!
Can get boring if you play it more than 2 times (at most);
Not recommended for couples who don’t know each other well.

Well, you can last the game without even taking a sip. It all depends on how challenging you are. One more time, cheers, you love birds <3

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