Drunk Driver Card Game: Ready To Break The Law?

Drunk Driver Card Game - Cover Photo

Ever heard of the Drunk Driver card game and wondered what it was? Ask and you shall receive! Even though it’s a fairly simple card game, you need to know a few pieces of information and a good guide of instructions. Get on the road! 

  • What is Drunk Driver & supplies are needed;
  • The setup & game aim;
  • Game Rules;
  • Windup;

What Is Drunk Driver & Supplies Needed:

Drunk Driver - Supplies Needed

As the name screams, Drunk Driver is a drinking card game, a really popular one actually. No one will literally drive a car, but that will be done by using a deck of cards. The first thing you should know before playing is that Drunk Driver can be played by 2 and more people. It works better for large groups.

The required equipment includes drinks of your choice (matching the player’s preferences) and a deck of cards. You may get two or more decks in case you want to make the game more challenging and grandiose. Ps. some extra snacks for the group, while you play, won’t hurt 🙂

The Setup & Game Aim

First things first, there’s a dealer and a driver, and the other remaining players. Most important is the driver part (which will turn into a drunk driver in a bit). You may choose any creative way to decide the driver (vote for it, play a rock-paper-scissors game, or let the player who had a birthday lately be it). 

Then, the dealer mixes the deck and deals 6 cards (or more) to the table & places the remaining deck aside. These cards should be arranged into a facedown line. As you probably understood, the driver will do all the drinking (most of the time). The driver’s aim is to be lucky and get only number cards. Face cards mean drinking. 

The Drunk Driver’s Game Rules

Drunk Driver Rules

Once all the ‘roles’ are settled, the driver has to flip over the face-down cards, one card at a time. If it’s any card from 2 to 10, the driver is safe and he just continues to other cards. Otherwise, if it’s any of the face cards or an Ace, he has to do the following:

  • Ace: The dealer adds 4 cards to the row, and the driver takes 4 drinks;
  • King: Add 3 cards and let the driver take 3 glasses;
  • Queen: Add 2 cards to the facedown row and the driver takes 2 glasses;
  • Jack: Add 1 card and let the driver take 1 single drink.
  • Joker: The driver finishes their drink. Additionally, if the flipped card is a joker, the whole group takes 1 drink.

By ‘take a drink’ we mean take a gulp of your drink. If you think that’s too much, take sips instead. Well yeah, similar to the Waterfall game!

Ending The Game

Now, once the drunk driver of the round flips over all 6 cards, his turn is over. Next, you can pick another driver (or sit in a circle and go clockwise every round) and follow the same rules. This continues until everyone has been the driver at least once. There’s no winner or loser. This is it, babes!


This is the only time you’re allowed to be a drunk driver, do not forget! Drink carefully and don’t drive after drinking. The game can get insane (in a good sense) and it proves that a deck of cards can do magic!

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