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Best Drinking Games that will make most of your parties. We have many factors that we take into consideration before publishing a game. You can find the best reviews, and funny about drinking games.

The Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Drinking Game: Works Like Magic!

Hallmark Christmas Movies Drinking Game - Cover Photo

While Christmas is around the corner… Not actually. It isn’t around the corner. However, we couldn’t wait to show you our Hallmark drinking game and decided to talk about it now, 85 days before our favorite holiday! You can play it starting from now, watching the movies, having a hot chocolate by your side, and […]

The Cobra Kai Drinking Game: Drinking While Watching Your Comfort American Comedy-Drama! 

Cobra Kai Drinking Game - Cover Photo

It always goes this way. We like a show or a movie that much so we make a drinking game about it. That’s what happened with The Office drinking game, and loads of other sitcoms and series. It’s Cobra Kai’s turn now. The latter is an American comedy-drama series about martial arts, with a total […]

The Star Wars Drinking Game: The Rules Apply To All Episodes & Movies

The Star Wars Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Apparently, Cards Against Star Wars isn’t enough for the multimedia franchise fans. Star Wars was created in the 1970s and it’s to this day one of the most popular franchises in cinematic history. It has developed a total of 12 movies and 9 series, including Rogue One, the Starwars Story, A New Hope, Galaxy Of […]

Top 12 Disney Drinking Games To Get All Adults Nostalgic!

Disney Drinking Games - Cover Photo

Disney this, Disney that… Don’t you think it’s already time to move on? Joking. We’ll never be too old for Disney. Not even for the movies, but especially when it has to do with games. Suppose you’re a fan of drinking games and Disney, we gotcha dude! It’s amazing how fun some simple drinking rules […]

16 Best Drinking Beach Games: Sky Above, Sand Below, Drinks In Hands!

Pack your bags, we’re going to the beach! I truly believe that our biggest motivation to work all year is that we know we’ll have summer vacations. Being an adult, sometimes just swimming and getting a tan isn’t enough fun. Do y’all agree? Drinking beach games are precisely what you need. Yup, we have mentioned […]

13 Team Drinking Games To Get You Competitive & Drunk

Team Drinking Games - Cover Photo

Everyone already knows that we can’t go to a party without drinking games, and we love to admit that! There is a good deal of drinking games, for different numbers of people, with different equipment required, and so on. In general, there are two main types of drinking games: single-player & team ones. For big […]