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Best Drinking Games that will make most of your parties. We have many factors that we take into consideration before publishing a game. You can find the best reviews, and funny about drinking games.

Top 13 Drinking Board Games: All You Ever Need!

Drinking Board Games - Cover Photo

Till now, you’ve probably thought that there are only some basic board games out there. Well, you were wrong. Drinking board games are to die for! You’ll get to use your strategy and make your own game plan, but also get tipsy & have some crazy laughs with your favorite people! 1. Drink-A-Palooza Availability: Amazon […]

16 Perfect 4-Player Drinking Games: Made For The Perfect Number Of Players!

4 Player Drinking Games - Cover Photo

4 is believed to be the perfect number. Not only it represents stability and determination, but it’s also a significant number when playing drinking games. Since we haven’t mentioned games for 4 people yet, it’s finally time for us to bring you a hella good list of such games!!! 1. Sploosh Requirements: A large cup, […]

The Horror Movie Drinking Game: Get Frightened And Drunk!

Horror Movie Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Just so you know, I’m horrified by horror movies, but there are actually people who enjoy them. Not only do they enjoy them, but they also wanna have some drinks while watching, just as if it was a romance, or whatever peaceful movie! This is why we couldn’t wait to share the horror drinking game […]

Mexican Dice Drinking Game: All It Takes Is Two Dice!

Mexican Dice - Cover Photo

We admit it. We’re addicted to dice-drinking games. They’re just so fun & straightforward and create unforgettable memories. Mexican Dice are one of them. As a game of both strategy and luck, it is one of the games that shouldn’t be skipped, either if played at game nights or at pubs with your friends.  Game […]

The Great American Challenge Drinking Game: Everything You Need To Play

You know some games that make absolutely nonsense but you still love it to death? The Great American Challenge drinking game is one of them: all about smoking, drinking, eating, and solving a puzzle. How did we put these things on the same page? Well, you’ll find out everything in a bit.  Pieces Of Information […]

The Call Of Duty: Warzone Drinking Game Rules: Amazing, Innit?

Warzone Drinking Game - Cover Photo

We’re used to playing movie drinking games. Why don’t we upgrade to video games now? The Call Of Duty drinking game is the best one to start with. In the following, you’ll find the list of rules and everything needed to play this rocking game! Before You Begin To Play Pretty sure you’ll need these […]

Stump: Rules To The Craziest, Most Amusing Drinking Game!

Stump Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Who would’ve thought that people would innovate a game that includes hammers and nails, and all that carpentry stuff? Hard to believe, but yes, they did. It’s called Stump (you may also find it as Hammerschlagen) and it’s one of the funniest, dumbest, and probably most dangerous drinking games.  The Game Aim & Required Equipment […]

The Family Guy Drinking Game: Drinking Until We Can’t Feel Feelings

Family Guy Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Are you bored of binge-watching the Family Guy series a thousand times? Great news! You can instead play the drinking game, which is all about getting drunk & laughing, but also watching episodes of this breathtaking animated sitcom!  Essentials Before Playing Similar to the Rick & Morty drinking game, to play the upcoming drinking game […]