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Best Drinking Games that will make most of your parties. We have many factors that we take into consideration before publishing a game. You can find the best reviews, and funny about drinking games.

The Bridesmaids’ Drinking Game: An All-Time Favorite! 

The Bridesmaids Drinking Game - Cover Photo

By all means, we could mention the Bridesmaids’ drinking game at the bachelorette party games, but we thought this elite game deserves an article of its own. However, the game isn’t exactly about the bridesmaids you’re thinking of. It’s not made precisely about the pretty besties of the bride-to-be. We bet you’ll be glad to […]

The Quarters Drinking Game: Rules For The Standard Game& Special Variations!

Quarters Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Ever heard of the ‘coin game’, or perhaps Monedita, and wondered what it meant? Well, it’s just another way to call our favorite drinking game, Quarters! This game is all about trying to land a quarter in a specific place, which most likely is a shot glass or a cup. Obviously, the drinking depends on […]

The Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Drinking Game: Works Like Magic!

Hallmark Christmas Movies Drinking Game - Cover Photo

While Christmas is around the corner… Not actually. It isn’t around the corner. However, we couldn’t wait to show you our Hallmark drinking game and decided to talk about it now, 85 days before our favorite holiday! You can play it starting from now, watching the movies, having a hot chocolate by your side, and […]

Top 20 Best Movie Drinking Games: Romances, Comedies, Thrillers & More Included! 

Movie Drinking Games - Cover Photo

There are a bunch of movies you’d watch forever and never get tired of. To say it better, you’d watch them thousands of times if you had something new added to them. Let me be clear. You need some drinking rules! That’s it. We already had Disney drinking games. Today it’s time for some classics, […]

The Cobra Kai Drinking Game: Drinking While Watching Your Comfort American Comedy-Drama! 

Cobra Kai Drinking Game - Cover Photo

It always goes this way. We like a show or a movie that much so we make a drinking game about it. That’s what happened with The Office drinking game, and loads of other sitcoms and series. It’s Cobra Kai’s turn now. The latter is an American comedy-drama series about martial arts, with a total […]

The Star Wars Drinking Game: The Rules Apply To All Episodes & Movies

The Star Wars Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Apparently, Cards Against Star Wars isn’t enough for the multimedia franchise fans. Star Wars was created in the 1970s and it’s to this day one of the most popular franchises in cinematic history. It has developed a total of 12 movies and 9 series, including Rogue One, the Starwars Story, A New Hope, Galaxy Of […]

‘Circle Of Death’ Drinking Game: How To Play The Standard Way & Special Rules

Circle Of Death - Cover Photo

You may be brave, but are you brave enough to be a part of the circle of death? The name scares me a bit, to be frank… Jokes aside, ‘Circle Of Death’ is one of the most fantastic card-based drinking games you’ll ever run into! It brings people closer, you have lots of laughs & […]

20 Extraordinary Drinking Game Apps For All Types Of People & Groups!

Drinking Game Apps - Cover Photo

Time has proven that drinking games are game changers, and there’s no one to prove me wrong. One main reason you may particularly skip playing drinking games, we assume it’s gonna be the equipment, cards, list of questions, movies, and similar ones. You’re a lucky human! Today, we’ll present to you the remarkable list of […]