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Best Drinking Games that will make most of your parties. We have many factors that we take into consideration before publishing a game. You can find the best reviews, and funny about drinking games.

100 Do Or Drink Questions: Innocent Ones, R-Rated, For The Girls, And More

Do Or Drink Dare Ideas - Cover Photo

Do Or Drink could either be a blast or a pass. There’s no in-between. And to be fair, the dares do all the difference. Just like the questions do in Truth Or Drink. Luckily, our list of dares will ensure that Do Or Drink will only be a game of laughs, tipsy people, and incredible […]

Rom-Com Movies Drinking Game: The Loveliest Rules Ever!

Romcom Movies Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Believing that 2024 will be the year of rom-coms, you will for sure need a drinking game to help you enjoy the movies to their fullest. Besides laughing, bawling your eyes, and falling in love with the good-looking characters, you will also get tipsy, while in the company of your favorite people. And guess what? […]

The Bachelorette Drinking Game: We’ve Just Blown Up The Bachelorette!

The Bachelorette Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Reality shows like The Bachelorette, could be cringe at times, but they surely get pretty addictive! One of our most preferred things to do while watching it, is involving a few drinking rules, which are made specifically for the Bachelorette. As a drinking game to be played at home, this one is simple to play, […]

Let’s Ride The Bus – Instructions To A Cool Drinking Game!

Ride The Bus - Cover Photo

Ride The Bus is a drinking card game that brings entertainment to your parties and helps people socialize. The game is developed in 3 main phases, containing several game rounds. There will be a bus driver, who most likely will get tipsy by the end of the game. And how exactly will you ride a […]

Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game

Eurovision Drinking Game - Cover Photo

We’re all eyes & ears whenever Eurovision starts. There’s lots of competitiveness, emotions, cringe jokes… The best way to handle all these is by adding a few drinking rules while watching it. Lucky you, we already made a full list of rules for you to use when watching Eurovision, and they’re all a blast! Essentials […]

Heads Or Tails Drinking Game – Two Ways Of Playing Included

Heads Or Tails Drinking Game - Cover Photo

What would be your top-first entirely luck-based drinking game? Undoubtedly, at least for me, it’s Heads Or Tails! The game is the simplest ever, and you literally just need coins & drinks to play. It’s a great party starter, and we’re excited to share with you today 2 ways of playing!  Setup & Equipment To […]

DWTS Drinking Game Rules For Every Dancing With The Stars.

DWTS Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Dancing With The Stars is indeed one of the shows that bring the most emotion. Nevertheless, sometimes I tend to get bored while watching it, in specific situations mostly. That’s precisely why we came up with these DWTS competition drinking game rules, that can be applied to every edition, and make you drink with the […]

King’s Cup Rules: How To Play Everyone’s Favorite Drinking Game

King's Cup Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Although people have been playing the King’s Cup for centuries now, we feel like no one actually knows what the top-tier rules for this game are so that you could have the most fun out of it—not blaming you though. I used to play King’s Cup differently all the time since no instructions fully satisfied […]

Top 17 Drinking Games For Large Groups: Let’s Get Drunk & Happy! 

Drinking Games For Large Groups - Cover Photo

In the matter of drinking games, the first thing that comes to our mind is parties, music, and drinking, undeniably. We can all agree that the most lavish parties are made of large groups in most usual circumstances. We mixed people’s recommendations (party hosters, party games addicts’), our research & also our personal experiences with […]