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Best Drinking Games that will make most of your parties. We have many factors that we take into consideration before publishing a game. You can find the best reviews, and funny about drinking games.

Best Of Online Drinking Games: 18 Games To Get You Drunk!

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There’s only one thing that could make drinking games better: being able to play them online with your loved ones around the world! The greatest thing is that there are two categories, including standard drinking ones to play via Zoom, and cool drinking apps as well!  Drinking Games To Play Online Via Zoom It’s okay. […]

21 Fantastic Drinking Games For Only Two People!

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Oh, how much we love drinking games! No, it’s not ‘inappropriate’, you don’t have to deny it,  it is… Welcome to adulthood!  But why was the need to write this article when we already have the amazing 20 absolute best drinking card games? Put on your thinking hat now! Does everyone have lots of friends […]

Drunk Twister Drinking Game: The Rules And Many More Details!

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Twister is our lifetime favorite memory, starting from when we were little kids. However, to make it the adult’s favorite, we’re about to play Drunk Twister, something remarkable! Below you’ll find all the rules explained in detail, and extra tips to have the best game experience ever!   How To Play Standard Twister To begin with, […]

18 Couples Drinking Games To Get Drunk In Love – Made For Our Love Birds!

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Well, this is BIG news, you’ve found a partner! Good for you. Now, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve heard voices that you’re looking for ideas to lighten up your relationship, is that right? Admirably, you’ve got to the right place!  Sometimes, all you need to escape from reality is to have a […]

Top 15 Pool Drinking Games For All Our Aquaphiles

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It’s confirmed. We’ll never get enough of outdoor drinking games. When you’re at a pool with a bunch of friends, you assuredly need our pool drinking games. This time, besides getting refreshed in the pool, you’ll also get drunk & competitive. All rules and other useful information are shared below.  1. Pool Volley 8 to […]

Basketball Drinking Games To Make The Sport Even More Fun! 

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Kids of this generation won’t just watch basketball in the normal way. They wanna attach a drinking game to it! And we can’t wait but give game ideas, as always. Each drinking game is unique and has simple rules, which turn your usual basketball binge watching, into a fun, drunk one :))  What Do You […]

‘Circle Of Death’ Drinking Game: How To Play The Standard Way & Special Rules

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You may be brave, but are you brave enough to be a part of the circle of death? ‘Circle Of Death’ is one of the most fantastic card-based drinking games you’ll ever run into! With basic equipment and our rules, you’ll turn the basic game night, into a fun game night!  Equipment Needed To Play […]