Top 14 Drinking Games With Shots: Shots, Anyone?

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Okay, we know you can just simply go out with your people and drink some shots & that’s all. But doesn’t that get a bit boring after a while? You’ll probably get drunk and talk something about love, or lose it all. We’ll get drunk again, but, drinking because of games is a more substantial reason. ‘Oh, I don’t drink, but I wanted the game to be fair and I wanted to adhere to the rules’ could be your reasoning.

We are aware that there are dozens of drinking games, but this time, all our games will make you drink only shots. No beer, no optional drinking amounts, shots only! This is specifically made with love for people who are shots fans. Below, you’ll find a list of 14 drinking games with shots, together with circumstantial instructions and information for each of them. What’s left to you is to enjoy them, and prepare some shots! 

  • Our Drinking Games With Shots:
  1. Tinder;
  2. Cards Against Humanity;
  3. Shot Roulette;
  4. Bob;
  5. Power Hour;
  6. Never Have I Ever;
  7. Drink Murder;
  8. Knuckles;
  9. Doin’ The Most;
  10. Blackout;
  11. Titanic;
  12. Shot Potato;
  13. Don’t F**k With Cards;
  14. Drunk Twister;
  • Reminders;
  • Summarize;

1. Tinder


Required: Tinder app, shots for each player | Best for 2 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Tinder’:

You were today years old to find out that besides being a dating app, Tinder’s also the name of a drinking game. It’s all simple. You scroll through Tinder and take shots of specific situations. You’re free to make your own rules, however, here are some ideas: 

Take 1 shot when:

  • In their profile they say they like working out;
  • They have a kid;
  • Someone says they’re looking for a serious relationship;
  • You reach your swipe limit;
  • You find out they have a photoshopped profile picture…

Take 2 shots when:

  • They reply to your message;
  • They have any piercings/tattoos;
  • The description in their profile is weird;
  • You find out their profile is fake.

2. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Required: The main game (or any edition) deck & shots | Best for 2 or more people. 

All you need to know about ‘Cards Against Humanity’:

How come we never get bored of CAH, especially the drinking game? We know you’re familiar with the rules, but let’s recap. After the Card Czar reads the black card, you play one (or more) of your white card to fill in the blank, to make the best combination. Below, you’ll find out some rules to drink when playing Cards Against Humanity:

  • Take one shot if you’re offended;
  • Take half a shot if you drew a card and have no idea what it means;
  • Everyone takes a shot when ‘Make a haiku’ shows up;
  • Take a shot if any word in your card is related to a reproductive organ;
  • If there’s swearing on your card, take half a shot;
  • If you win a round, give one shot to anyone in the room;
  • Whoever laughs with a combination takes a shot.

3. Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette

Required: shots, a spinner (a bottle or anything) | Best for 3 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Shot Roulette’:

The name undoubtedly says it all. Anyways, here are our two favorite ways to play Shot Roulette:

Way 1: Fill most of the glasses with vodka, and a small number of them with water. Each player takes turns spinning the spinner (if you have a made-at-home roulette, a bottle will do the spinner’s job). Everyone drinks whatever glass the spinner pointed to, but, with one condition: to not show it in their face if it was alcohol or not. If they make any reaction when drinking alcohol, the team can ask them to complete a challenge. 

Way 2: Starts a Truth Or Shot game. Every player has to answer one question (consider our 160 ‘Truth Or Drink’ questions), which can be random or even too personal. If any of you refuses to answer, they spin the bottle and drink whatever it points to. If you’re playing this version, we’d recommend you put different drinks on the shot glasses, so it becomes more fun when you don’t know what you’re about to drink. 

4. Bob


Required: Shots. That’s all. | Best for 3 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Bob’:

Bob The Builder? Well, not really. We’re talking about the drinking game, concentrate! This is a game that requires no special setup or rules. All you gotta remember is that you should add the word ‘Bob’ before every name you mention, especially when you address someone. For example, if you want to say ‘Katie, can you get something to drink?’, now you should necessarily say ‘Bob Katie, can you get something to drink?’. 

It may sound a bit boring, but it brings so many laughs. When you get a bit drunk, you’ll see how hard it gets remembering that simple ’Bob’ word. As you assumed, if at some point you forget to say ‘Bob’ before you call someone by their name, or you do it purposely, you have to take one shot. 

5. Power Hour

Power Hour

Required: A music playlist & shots | Best for 2 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Power Hour’:

Challenge: try to say ‘Power Hour’ 5 times, fast. I bet you’ll mess up! Anyhow, to start playing this drinking game, make sure everyone has shots near them. Inform the other players that for one hour, you’ll play a music playlist and put it on shuffle. Whatever songs you wish. Now, during that hour, every time the music changes, everyone has to stop what they’re doing (even if they’re in the bathroom) and take one shot. 

If you think it may get too heavy drinking shots for 20 songs or whatever, you may consider drinking half a shot, so, you may remain sober. Also, don’t forget to check the hour, so, the game only lasts one hour and this is how you keep your promises & adhere to the rules. The good thing is that you won’t only drink. You’ll also dance and sing your hearts out! 

6. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Required: A list of questions, and shots for each player | Best for 3 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Never Have I Ever’:

Ah, the irreplaceable game of ‘Never Have I Ever’… The normal game is good. The drinking game is perfect! Now, if you know how to play ‘Never Have I Ever’, which I don’t doubt, it’ll be way easier. First, start by making a list of questions, or look for one online. Also, based on the people you’re playing with, pick what ‘level’ you want your questions to be, starting from random, to very dirty! Be careful on this choice tho’.

Apart from the normal game, this time you won’t say a word. One of you reads the questions, and if you have done that specific thing, you take a shot. For example, if I say ‘Never Have I Ever slept outside’, and you want to say ‘I Have’, you simply take down one shot. This is everyone’s new way to tell what they’ve done so far. If you don’t drink to a question, means you haven’t done it. As simple as that, babes! 

7. Drink Murder

Drink Murder

Required: Shots. | Best for 5 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Drink Murder’:

Remember the famous ‘Wind Murder’ you used to play at all birthday parties as a kid? Let’s add a twist to that! Let’s recap a bit on the rules. One of the players is secretly designated to be the murderer. The murderer can kill someone (not literally) by winking at them or somehow making eye contact. In the classic game, once the murderer winks at you, you’re dead, and you have to act dead. In this drinking version, if you get winked at, you take a shot. 

Don’t forget that you can tell no other player who winked at you. Everyone has to find out themselves (by being winked at), or by catching the murderer winking to someone. I love smart people. I love whoever made this game.  

8. Knuckles


Required: A quarter, shots | Best for 3 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Knuckles’:

Okay, it is sort of like Quarters, but it isn’t Quarters, definitely! This drinking game requires more energy than the others and can get hurtful. Each of you sits around the table, and one player starts spinning the quarter. Going clockwise, the next player has to keep the quarter spinning, and this goes on repeat. If any of you flicks the quarter out the table, or you try to spin it but it doesn’t spin, you lose. Keep in mind that there are no do-overs on your turn. 

The loser may choose between taking a shot of liquor or taking a shot at their knuckles. I mean, they’re both shots. If you choose the second option, one of the players has to slide down the quarter to your knuckles, as hard as they can. Remember to keep your knuckles as flat as possible on the table. If they succeed, the ‘action’ ends. If they miss their shot, now they have to take a shot.

9. Doin’ The Most

Doin' The Most

Required: The deck of cards & shots for all of you | Best for 4 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Doin’ The Most’:

Hooray for an adult card game that can get very provocative (as if we don’t like that!)… It comes with a total of 120 cards, which are divided into 3 categories: Drama Queen, Big Mouth, and Extra AF. There’s one specific challenge on each card, such as rap battles, finding slang words, charades race, showing specific pictures, or even your scars. Remember how we had the card czar at Cards Against Humanity? Now we have the ‘Shot Caller’! 

By that, we mean that now you have to impress the Shot Caller when doing your challenges. He’s the one to pick their favorite ‘performance’ of all challenges. Usually, the winner of each round keeps the card, the challenge card. the first mf to collect 5 cards, wins the game. No worries, you’ll win. You have it in your bag.

10.  Blackout


Required: shot glasses (preferably plastic), drinks, a table, ping pong balls | Best for 4 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Blackout’:

Don’t we love blacking out? Start by dividing into teams. If it’s a large enough table, 2 teams play at once. Mates of the same team should start on opposite sides of the table, so they’re facing each other. Each player has a row of cups (or shot glasses) in front of them. Teammates try to bounce the ping pong ball into their partner’s cups. Whenever they successfully land the ball on one cup, the teammate removes it from the row and chugs the drink. 

In short words, both teams compete on who finishes all their shots first. Remember they can’t drink one shot until they throw the ball successfully in that glass. If you don’t have enough space, set a timer and play one team at a time. Using the timer, you’ll see at what time both teams have finished all they had in front of them. Optionally, when you chug a shot, you may also start a game of Flip Cup. Cheers! 

11. Titanic


Required: A larger cup, a shot glass, alcohol | Best for 3 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Titanic’:

The movie made us cry. The drinking game definitely won’t. Start by filling a glass with whatever liquor you want, beer, wine, or even water. Everyone has their drinks with them. Next, place the shot glass in the larger glass (or cup), so it floats. Taking turns each player pours some of their drinks into the boat (aka. The shot glass). Logically once the object is denser than the liquid it is placed in, it sinks. Now, when you pour drinks into the boat, at one moment it will sink. The player who sinks the boat has to drink the whole drink. 

You know, if we analyze the game type, it is kinda like Jenga. All of you do the same process, but you can’t know who will make the tower fall. In Titanic as well, there is no ‘rule’ on how to win. You just leave it to your fate… 

12.  Shot Potato

Shot Potato

Required: A potato, music, shots for everyone | Best for 3 or more people

All you need to know about ‘Shot Potato’:

No, we haven’t misspelled it. Potato it is! It is as fun and absurd as it sounds. First, make everyone gather in a circle. One of you, chosen randomly, starts first by holding the potato. Next, they have to pass it to someone else, but, first, they should say their name. Make sure to play a music playlist in the background. It goes on for as long as y’all wish. However, there are some rules you need to adhere to:

You take one shot if:

  • You forget to mention someone’s name when throwing the potato;
  • You don’t catch the potato when your name is mentioned;
  • You hold the potato for more than 3 seconds (optionally 5);
  • You catch someone else’s potato;
  • You’re the player holding the potato when a song ends. 

*You are free to add your own house rules as well. 

13. Don’t F**k With Cards – $7.99

Don't Fk With Cards

Required: The deck of cards & shots | Best for 3 to 8 people

All you need to know about ‘Don’t F**k With Cards’:

I mean, we never f**ked with cards, did we? This cool drinking card game has 6 card categories in the deck: Charades, Do Or Drink ( just as the card game Do Or Drink), Opinion Vote, It’s Personal, Compete, and Would You Rather? Don’t worry, there are instructions for each type of card. For example, when playing Charades, the player who guesses it first, can make another player of their choice drink. Also, it’s worth mentioning that some cards do have instructions written on them. Here are some of the cards, just to help you create an idea about it:

  • Do Or Drink: Delete your Instagram OR take 2 shots;
  • Compete: All losers do 2 shots each. The first person to down their drink wins;
  • Do Or Drink: Sink a pint from a player’s shoe OR take 2 shots;
  • It’s Personal: Tag a mate who is most likely to chunder on a night out.

14. Drunk Twister

Drunk Twister

Required: The mat, and shots for each one of you | Best for more than 2 people

All you need to know about ‘Drunk Twister’:

One thing is disputable, Drunk Twister holds a special place in my heart! I bet you’ve all played this game several times. Let me repeat the rules once more: you should place your called-out body part (hands and feet) on the called-out color circle. Keep in mind that there cannot be more than one hand or foot on the same circle. Now, everyone who has played this game at least once, knows that the probability is high that you may fall. I mean, your hand is in one corner and your leg is in a whole new row, on the opposite corner. 

When playing standard Twister, once you fall, you’re out of the game. The good thing in ‘Drunk Twister’ is that once you fall, or at some point, you touch the mat with your elbow or knee, you have to take one shot. After drinking, you get back at playing if you want to get drunk… let’s twister! 

Reminders Before Playing

  • All the above-mentioned games can be played only by people who are 21 years or older because there is drinking. 
  • If you want to not get too drunk, pour beer, wine, or anything lighter into the shot glasses.
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable with the rules before starting to play. If there are any challenges, make sure to mention them to everyone playing.
  • Don’t get stuck on one game. If you see that players are getting bored, change the game. The goal is to have fun. Consider testing more than one game out, and then deciding on one.
  • If you see things are getting out of control, use non-alcoholic drinks. It doesn’t matter that these are drinking games. I mean, you’d still drink, right?
  • Choose the game based on the amount of alcohol it’ll make you drink. For example, on ‘Drunk Twister’ you’ll only drink if you fall, while in ‘Never Have I Ever’, you’ll take one shot every time you relate to a statement. 
  • We’d recommend you experiment a bit with the games. Try new ones. Even if you have one favorite, the next other time, try another one. You won’t know if you don’t try.
  • At any point, if you don’t like any of the rules, you’re completely free to change them. Also, if you have any better ideas, add your house rules to any of the games. Cheers, you creative humans!…

Summarize: Do We Like These Games?

Let me tell you one thing. Before making a whole article about these drinking games with shots, we have tried all of them and even more. We made sure we had fun with each of the games, so we would heartfully recommend them to you. There may be some more games going around, but we made sure to filter and only show you the best ones. 

Picking the right game is very important. It may send your night to either an epic night or the complete opposite. That’s why make sure to analyze each detail. See the number of players, level of difficulty, gameplay rules, equipment needed to play, and everything else we mentioned. 

Down the hatch, buddies!

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