20 Lively Drinking Games For Only Two People!

drinking games two people

Even though we already have the amazing 20 absolute best drinking card games, sometimes you just wanna have some drinks & play a good game with your best friend, or really, someone that feels close to your heart. Accordingly, we’re bringing the coolest list of drinking games for 2, today!

  • The games: 
  1. Two Truths And A Lie;
  2. I Went Out Last Night;
  3. Drinking Game UNO;
  4. Never Have I Ever;
  5. Battle Shots;
  6. Mind Meld;
  7. Loaded Kings;
  8. Quarters;
  9. These Cards Will Get You Drunk;
  10. Truth, Dare, Or Drink;
  11. Drunk Driver
  12. TV Show/Movie Drinking Game;
  13. Drunk In Love;
  14. Flip Cup;
  15. Speed Facts;
  16. Drink To Forget 2020;
  17. The Drunk;
  18. Drink If;
  19. Do Or Drink;
  20. Caps;
  • Conclusion;

1. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths And A Lie - Drinking Game

Equipment needed: Drinks for you two;

How do you play ‘Two Truths And A Lie’? The game has basic rules and it doesn’t require any special skills, but let me tell you, you’ll have a blast! All you have to do (besides having a friend first), is to think about 2 true things about yourself and 1 lie & say them out loud, without telling which is true, and which is a lie. Your friend has to guess which one was the lie.  If they guess correctly, sorry man, you’ll have to drink. But, if not, they drink. Depending on who you’re playing with, make sure to tell facts that are hard to guess.

2. I Went Out Last Night

Equipment needed: Drinks for you two! 

How do you play ‘I Went Out Last Night’? The ‘I went out last night’, or ‘I went to the bar’ are starting sentences. The point is that you’ll have to say the starting sentence and add something of your own. For instance, you must say’ I went out last night and ordered 2 margaritas’. The other player must repeat what you said, and add something too! By the end of the game, you’ll create a fictional story, that is just as weird, and amazing! The first player to mess up, forget any of the sentences, or take too long to add something new, has to finish their drink. 

3. Drinking Game Uno

Uno - Drinking Game

Equipment needed: UNO deck of cards & drinks.

How do you play ‘Drunk UNO’? The Drunk UNO is played just like the standard version but with a twist. Specific cards add specific rules. So, when you draw a Draw 2 card– 1 shot, Draw 4– 2 shots, Reverse– The person who drew reverse takes 2 shots, Skip– The person who skipped drinks 1 shot, False Uno– 3 shots, Play identical cards– Everyone else drinks 1 shot,  Forgets to say UNO– 4 shots, The winner– tells who has to drink 3 shots.

4. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever - Drinking Game

Equipment needed: drinks & a list of questions.

How do you play ‘Never Have I Ever’? Now honestly, this is one of the easiest ones. All you have to do is go through our Never Have I Ever list of questions, pick your favorites, and start playing. Then, you ask the questions out loud, and both answer at the same time. If you want to answer ‘I have’ to an answer, you take a sip of your drink, otherwise, you don’t drink. For instance, if the question is ‘Never Have I Ever gone out naked’, and you have ever gone out naked, you drink. If not, you just wait for the next questions. The game ends whenever you’re too drunk to continue… 

5. Battle Shots

Equipment needed: A battle shot board (which you can DIY), alcohol, and shot glasses.

How do you play ‘Battle Shots’? Let’s start playing this awesome drinking game with shots! To begin with, you have to arrange your shot glasses on the board, just as if you were playing Battle Ships. Then, take turns calling out each other’s coordinates. If the expectations are correct for your coordinates, you drink the shots in that place. If correctly, the turn is passed to you, and you do the same. Whenever your opponent finishes all their drinks, meaning you’ve made enough correct guesses, you win Battle Shots! 

6. Mind Meld

Mind Meld - Drinking Game

Equipment needed: drinks. 

How do you play ‘Mind Meld’? Oh, you’ll prove that telepathy exists! This is a great game for people who really know each other and feel like ‘Yeah, I can read your mind’. You both count to three, stare into each other’s eyes, and say a word. Next, you again count to three and try to find a word that matches the 2 words you said earlier best. Let’s say you said ‘kids’ and your partner said ‘movies’, you may both give the final word ‘Disney’! Anyways, anytime you two say 2 different final words, you both drink.

7. Loaded Kings – $12.00

Loaded Kings - Card Game

Equipment needed: the deck of cards & drinks. 

How do you play ‘Loaded Kings’? It’s the Loaded Kings friends! The game of 54 creative cards, which are divided into lots of categories: Whores!, Eff Me?!, Eff You!, Never Have I Ever…, Rhyme Time!, It’s a Date!, Heaven!, Dcks!, Social!, and more. The rules are pretty simple: you take turns drawing cards and complete whatever’s written on them. 
Card examples: 

  • Not thirsty? It doesn’t matter. You’ve drawn a 3, so yell out “Eff me” and take a drink.
  • It’s a social: Everybody takes a drink.
  • Deal this card to the other player. This person must finish their drink.

8. Quarters

Quarters - Drinking Game

Equipment needed: A glass, 2 quarters & drinks.

How do you play ‘Quarters’? This has to be one of my favorite drinking games. The specialty is that you don’t drink if you miss your attempt, but, if you put the quarter into the glass, you can give a drink. Let me explain it in detail: Both of you have a quarter, and you decide who wants to start first. If you fail in your first attempt, you pass the turn to the other player, but, if you succeed, and you put the quarter in the glass, you make your friend drink. If you succeed 3 times in a row, you get to make a rule, applied to the entire game.

9. These Cards Will Get You Drunk – $15.99

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Equipment needed: the cards, and drinks.

How do you play ‘These Cards Will Get You Drunk’: 100 hilarious cards inside & 100 ways to have some good laughs! These cards make you compete with each other, vote, and screw your friend over with the extra cards (double attack, swap attack, etc), and more! Honestly, all you have to do is take turns drawing cards and complete the challenges of this fascinating drinking game.
Card examples:

  • Pick someone and guess the color of their underwear. If you guess correctly, they drink, otherwise, you drink.
  • Double attack. Keep this card. You can use it once to force a drinker to drink double.
  • The person after you can ask you any question. You can either answer truthfully or refuse to answer and drink.

10. Truth, Dare, Or Drink

Truth, Dare or Drink - Drinking Game

Equipment needed: drinks.

How do you play ‘Truth, Dare Or Drink’? Don’t you dare tell me you haven’t ever heard about Truth or Dare! Or even Truth or Drink. Good news: we made a combination of these 3! So, first, your friend chooses if they want to answer something or to complete a challenge. If they choose one of them, but turns out the question is too personal, or the challenge is too risky, and they refuse to complete them, they must drink. You take turns, and you both get to ask each other questions, connect, and drink.

11. Drunk Driver

Equipment needed: a deck of cards and drinks.

How do you play ‘Drunk Driver’? Firstly, if you want to make it more challenging, you may use 2 decks of cards. One of you is the dealer, the other is the driver. 6 cards are spread facedown on the table, while the remaining deck is played aside. The driver turns over 1 card at a time, and drinks based on the card value. If it’s a card from 2 to 10, the driver’s safe. If it’s an Ace, the driver drinks 4, and the dealer adds 4 new cards to the row. This happens with the cards from the Court as well, and the Joker, but with different amounts of drinks. If interested, read the full Drunk Driver rules.

12. TV Show / Movie Drinking Game

TV Show or Playlist - Drinking Game

Equipment needed: a device to play your movie/tv show and drinks.

How do you play ‘TV Show/Movie Drinking Game? Well, first, choose something you both love & prefer to watch. Then, make sure you make a list of rules, related to whatever you’re watching. The point is that anytime any specific words or scenes show, you have to drink a specific amount. Let’s say you’re playing FRIENDS. Every time Joey says ‘How you doin’?’, or Monica says ‘I KNOW!!!’, you must drink. Do you get the point?

13. Drunk In Love – $26.00

Drunk In Love - Card Game

Equipment needed: the cards, and alcohol for you two.

How do you play ‘Drunk In Love’: Since we’re talking about drinking games for 2, let’s talk about the 2s in love: couples! Drunk In Love comes with 100 playing cards, so you’ll definitely have a romantic fun time with your partner! Cards may either be ‘Drink If…’ applied to both of you, so you’ll drink if you’ve done specific things, or ‘…or drink’, where you have to complete a challenge/answer a question, or drink. Simple, innit?
Card examples:

  • Drink if you’re the best kisser.
  • Give your partner a piggyback ride around the home.
  • Take off 1 article of clothing or drink.

14. Flip Cup

Equipment needed: plastic cups and alcohol.

How do you play ‘Flip Cup’? You both pick one side of the table and stand facing each other. Get as many plastic cups per player as you wish (5 is a good number), align them in a line, and fill them halfway or ⅓ with alcohol. All you have to do is both start at the same time chugging the alcohol in the cups, placing them on the edges of the table, and flipping the cups upside down, by only using one hand. Whoever finishes chugging all the liquor and flipping all cups first, wins Flip Cup

15. Speed Facts

Speed Facts - Drinking Game

Equipment needed: drinks.

How do you play ‘Speed Facts’? This game is like a cute little test to see if you and your friend really know each other as you say. You start by saying a true fact about each other (Ex. You were born in the 99s), and you do that in turns until one of you runs out of facts.If you say something incorrect, repeat something you already said, or if you take more than 5 seconds to say another, you get a strike. You get 3 strikes then you have to take a shot.  

16. Drink To Forget 2020 – $16.99

Drink To Forget 2020 - Card Game

Equipment needed: Deck of cards, and alcohol. 
How do you play ‘Drink To Forget 2020’?Wouldn’t we all like to forget 2020 and all the bad things? Of course, right now!Drink To Forget 2020 has 110 cards inside, divided into 8 categories: Drink, Rule, Debate, Waterfall, Action, Act It Out, Vote, and Social. Basically, you have to read the card and do whatever it asks you to. No extra rules, no hard instructions, just fun, laughter & lots of drinks!
Card examples:

  • Drink: If you increase your online shopping in 2020.
  • Rule: You are now Nevada. Say and do everything very slowly for the next round.
  • Debate: Would you rather be TikTok famous or Only Fans famous?

17. The Drunk – $19.99

The Drunk - Card Game

Equipment needed: the cards, and drinks for you two. 
How do you play ‘The Drunk’?Oh, this drinking game has a huge set of 250 cards! You already know the rules, you read the cards, and you do whatever it says! No, there aren’t different types of cards, they’re all the same. Each card has its specific number in the top left (ex. #23), and each card shows a different prompt or challenge.
Card examples:

  • Anyone who has ever rolled a joint, drink.
  • Anyone who has ever flown on a private jet, take a drink big shot.
  • Anyone who has ever danced in a bar, drink. 

18. Drink If

Equipment needed: Drinks & a list of questions.

How do you play ‘Drink If’? Simple games have a special place in our hearts. So has ‘Drink If’! Start with picking your favorite questions from our Drink If questions list, and reading them out loud, one question at a time. As you probably assumed, you have to drink if you’ve done specific things. Well, drink if you’re over 30, drink if you love your job, drink if you’ve ever lied about your age and many more! Besides getting drunk, you’ll get to know more about the person you’re playing with, and start new conversations.

19. Do Or Drink – $29.99

Equipment needed: ‘Do Or Drink’ cards, and drinks.

How do you play ‘Do Or Drink’? Would you rather complete a challenge, or drink some shots? That’s what you’ll be stuck between! Do Or Drink is another amazing card game that works pretty well for 2 people! The deck of 350 cards is divided into black cards (black & red) and white cards (Categories, Blondes, Joker, Girls, Drink if, Quick, Swap, Social, Simon, Draw, Double, etc.). It’s an all-time favorite! 
Card examples:

  • Text a random phone number “u up?”, or drink twice?
  • Get naked, go outside, and streak down the street. Do this, take 2 shots or quit playing.
  • Tell a joke. If nobody chuckles or laughs, you must drink twice.

20. Caps

Equipment needed: Alcohol, lots of bottle caps, and 3 cups. 

How do you play ‘Caps’? You both stand 8 to 16 feet apart, keeping your ‘butt behind the cup’. Also, place one extra cup full of beer between you two. You take turns throwing caps into the other player’s mugs. If you successfully throw, your opponent has the chance to make a rebuttal shot. If it’s missed, you take one point, while the thrower finishes a shot. However, if they shot successfully, you cancel each other’s shots. The game usually goes on until one of you two scores 5 points. 


What we loved most is how unique each game is, and how many game categories there are. You may pick between drinking card games, games without any equipment, drinking games including questions ( to get to know more about the other player), and choose your favorite game, so you definitely have a blast playing!

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