21 Fantastic Drinking Games For Only Two People!

drinking games two people

Oh, how much we love drinking games! No, it’s not ‘inappropriate’, you don’t have to deny it,  it is… Welcome to adulthood! 

But why was the need to write this article when we already have the amazing 20 absolute best drinking card games? Put on your thinking hat now! Does everyone have lots of friends as you do?

No, some people have just that one close friend and they’re okay with it. On the other hand, sometimes we are hanging out with our 1 friend, sibling, or even relative, and, even though we’re just 2 people, we want to find a game to have fun, of course, we’ve all been through that!

Now, you’ll see that this article is divided into 2 sections: Drinking games that people made, and drinking card games. You can choose them based on your personal preferences. But want to expand your list and get drinking card games for three people? You never know.

One more thing: We sincerely urge you not to exceed the drinking limit, it’s okay to have fun, but not to lose track!

Take a drink, and start reading:

1. Two Truths And A Lie

Perfect for people who just started to know each other!

Two Truths And A Lie - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • Just some drinks, nothing else.
  1. What’s the purpose of the game?
  • To make it hard to guess your opponent.
  1. How do you play?
  • The game has basic rules and it doesn’t require any special skill, but let me tell you, you’ll have a blast!

All you have to do (besides having a friend first), is to think about 2 true things about yourself and 1 lie & say them out loud. Your friend has to guess which one was the lie. 

If they guess, sorry man, you’ll have to drink. But, if not, they drink. Yayy!

 As we mentioned, it wouldn’t be fun if you play it with your best friend or sibling or idk, you get it, because they already know everything and you’ll be the only one to drink!

 2. Drunk Bullshit

If you can lie, this is the game!

Drunk Bullshit - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • A deck of cards (any cards with numbers work) & some beers or other alcoholic drinks.
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To be the first to get rid of all the cards.
  1. How do you play?
  • Oh, this is the game of trust issues. You have to be very clever and pay attention to every little detail! 

You first deal the cards equally to both of you. One of you starts first placing the cards in the middle, face down, starting from the Ace to the King. 

So, you have to play the cards in ordinary numbers, for example, You play 1 or more 1s, your opponent plays his 2s, you play your 3s, and so on. 

But, the point is you have to announce what you’re playing out loud, so, if you’re playing, let’s say, 2 Aces, you should shout out: 2 Aces! 

And, can you break the order and not play the cards that have to be played? No, that isn’t possible, what you can do is you can lie, for example, you’re playing three 4s and you say: three 5s. Do you get it? 

That looks easy, but you have to be careful so your friend can not doubt you. If he/she thinks you’re lying, he says: BULLSHIT! You check the card, and if it turns out that you were lying, you drink. But, if you were correct and they just doubted, they have to drink! Just as easy as that!

Note: If you don’t already have a classic cards deck, you can get them on Amazon.

3. I Went Out Last Night

Play this if you can memorize things!

I Went Out Last Night - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • Wine, beer, or any kind of drink.
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To be the player who memorizes the story & details best!
  1. How do you play?
  • Now, we chose ‘I went out last night’ as a starting sentence, but you’re free to choose any other one : ‘Let’s go on a picnic’, ‘After I left the home’… Or anything.

 Next, the other player has to continue the story, not forgetting to start with the previous sentence… For example: You say ‘I went out last night’, and your opponent says ‘I went out last night, but guess what? I forgot my wallet’, you continue ‘ I went out last night, but guess what? I forgot my wallet and my phone’… You got it, didn’t ya? 

Where’s the drinking in there? The first person to mess up has to drink! You can choose if you want to help your friend after drinking and continuing the same game, or if you want to start from the beginning. It requires a lot of concentration, and after a few drinks, oh, it’s hard to memorize all that story!

4. Drinking Game Uno

The best game for UNO lovers!

Uno - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • UNO cards, drinks.
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To get rid of the cards as fast as possible.
  1. How do you play?
  • Before we get to the rules, if you don’t already have the UNO Game, you can order it on Amazon. Now, if you know how to play  Classic UNO, the other part is just so easy. 

But how do you make it a drinking game? There exist official rules for how to play Drunk UNO: Draw 2– 1 shot, Draw 4– 2 shots, Reverse– The person who drew reverse takes 2 shots, Skip– The person who skipped drinks 1 shot, False Uno– 3 shots, Play identical cards– Everyone else drinks 1 shot,  Forgets to say UNO– 4 shots, The winner– tells who has to drink 3 shots.

 It’s fun, you’ll drink, a lot, and you have to be focused because there are different types of cards and you may forget the rules!

5. Never Have I Ever

A good game for everyone, you’re the one to make questions!

Never Have I Ever - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • Drinks, I have / I Have Never Paddles (Optional) 
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To be the player who drinks the least.
  1. How do you play?
  • Now honestly, this is one of the easiest ones. You can of course order a Never Have I Ever pack, but, why do that? We can make our custom questions without spending a penny, plus, we can adapt the questions based on who we are playing with. 

All you have to do is to ask a question, for example: “Never have I ever gone out with an older person”, and, If your opponent answers “Never”, you have to drink, and vice versa, if she answers “I Have”, she has to drink. 

You do this in rounds, you ask a question, your friends ask one, and so on until you think it’s enough.

6. Higher Or Lower

If you think you’re lucky, this game will tell you!

Higher Or Lower - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • Drinks, a deck of cards (find them on Amazon)
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To guess the next cards.
  1. How do you play?
  • Here’s the thing: You have a pile of cards. You are dealt one card. After that, you have to guess if the card next will be higher or lower than the previous one.

It is all about luck and following your intuition, because, how can you know?

Now, if you guess 3 cards without any mistakes, you can choose if you want to continue guessing, or if you want to pass the round to your opponent.

If you were incorrect about a card, let’s say, you played 5, and you guessed that the next card will be higher, but it turns out it’s a two, you have to drink as many shots as the cards are on the table. ( For example, if there were 5 cards guessed, and the sixth one is wrong, you drink 6 shots because there are 6 cards there).

7. Mind Meld

The game of telepathy for people who know each other.

Mind Meld - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • Drinks.
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To think the same thing as your friend.
  1. How do you play?
  • Oh, you’ll prove that telepathy exists! This is a great game for people who know each other and feel like “Yeah, I can read your mind”.

You both count to three, stare into each other’s eyes, and say a word. Next, you again count to three and try to find a word that matches the 2 words you said earlier best.

For example, if one of you said Jennifer Anniston and the other one, hmm, Tv Show, what’s a word that mixes these 2 together? Yes, that’s right, FRIENDS. That’s definitely a word you can say.

This was just an example, an easy one, but you don’t know how hard it can be sometimes, 2 words you definitely can’t put together.

Anyways, anytime you two say 2 different final words, you both drink.

8. Quarters

For people who like making each other drink.

Quarters - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • A glass, 2 quarters & drinks.
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To put the quarter into the glass 3 times in a row.
  1. How do you play?
  • This has to be one of my favorite drinking games. The specialty is that you don’t drink if you miss your attempt, but, if you put the quarter into the glass, you can give a drink.

Let me explain it in detail: Both of you have a quarter, and you decide who wants to start first. If you fail in your first attempt, you pass the turn to the other player, but, if you succeed, and you put the quarter in the glass, you make your friend drink.

If you succeed 3 times in a row, guess what? No, you can’t guess it… You get to make a rule. It can be anything you want: (example) No one can use the word glass during the game, you have to drink twice for every quarter I put in, etc. Yes, any rule you want…

9. Truth, Dare Or Drink

If you like challenges, well, you found the game!

Truth, Dare or Drink - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • Drinks.
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To know more & challenge your friend.
  1. How do you play?
  • Don’t you dare tell me you haven’t ever heard about Truth or Dare. Or even Truth or Drink. We made a combination of these 3.

So, first, your friend chooses if they want to answer something or to complete a challenge or a dare. If they choose one of them, but it’s too personal or they don’t want to do that challenge, they can drink.

You take turns, and you both get to ask each other questions. 

A great game if you’re at the beginning of your friendship/relationship because you can see where your opponent’s ‘limit’ is.

10. TV Show / Playlist Drinking Game

For friends who are both addicted to a TV Show or Artist.

TV Show or Playlist - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • A laptop/ Tv/ Phone, and some beers. 
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To see who knows more details about that Show or Artist.
  1. How do you play?
  • Well, first, choose something you both love and have watched (or heard) several times. Today let’s choose FRIENDS (since we mentioned in the other game), and artist, hmm… Queen.

Now, without knowing which episode you’ll play, pick some words, and every time any character says them in the show, your friend has to drink. For example, I KNOW!!!, How you doin’, Pheebs, 3 divorces, Unagi, and more. for even TV series like Harry Potter can be turned into a drinking game.

So, you both make a shortlist. The same goes for the artist (or band). Pick words from any song of the Queen: Killed a Man, my life, dynamite, Kennedy, and so on.

11. Speed Facts

If you can think fast, and you know each other for a long time, this is the game!

Speed Facts - Drinking Game
  1. What do you need to play?
  • Shots/ beers or any drinks.
  1. What’s the purpose of this game?
  • To see which one of you knows the other best.
  1. How do you play?
  • Let me start by saying how simple the rules are: Very, very simple. 

This is like a cute little test to see if you and your friend really know each other as you say.

You start by saying a true fact about each other (Ex. You were born in the 99s), and you do that in turns. You one fact and your friend one, until you run out of facts.

If you say something that is incorrect, if you repeat a thing you already said, or if you take more than 3 or 5 seconds (based on your preferences) to say another one, you have a strike (or a negative however you want to call it). You get 3 strikes then you have to take a shot.

It doesn’t work well with people you just met, because you don’t know that much about each other.

12. Drink To Forget 2020 – $16.99

Drink To Forget 2020 - Card Game
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Drink: if you got drunk and deleted your social media story the other day If you increased your online shopping in 2020.
  • Rule: You are now Nevada. Say and do everything very slowly for the next round.
  • Debate: Would you rather be TikTok famous or Only Fans famous?
  1. About the game:
  • Would we like to forget 2020 and all the bad things? Of course, right now!

Drink to Forget 2020 has 110 cards inside, divided into 8 categories: Drink, Rule, Debate, Waterfall, Action, Act It Out, Vote, and Social.

Basically, you have to read the card and do whatever it asks you to.

No extra rules, no hard instructions, just fun, laughter & lots of drinks!

13. Stop Thinking Start Drinking – $15.95 

Stop Thinking Start Drinking - Card Game
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Reveal an inappropriate body part or take 5 drinks.
  •  Silently act out memes.
  •  Every time a player drinks they should say “Dixie” before.
  • Take 3 drinks if you have children.
  •  Most likely to go bankrupt.
  1. About the game:
  • Stop Thinking, Start Drinking has 150 cards inside. Just as in the previous game, there are no extra rules, and no special instructions. 

You read the card, you drink if it’s a drinking card, and you do other stuff if there’s a different card.

There are 6 categories: Drink, Truth Or Dare, Skills Challenge, Most Likely To…, Game, and Wild Card.

14. The Drunk – $19.99

The Drunk - Card Game
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Anyone who has ever rolled a joint, drink.
  • Anyone who has ever flown on a private jet, take a drink big shot.
  • Anyone who has ever danced in a bar, drink. 
  1. About the game:
  • Oh, it has a huge set: 250 cards! You already know the rules, you read the cards, and you do whatever it says!

No, there aren’t different types of cards, they’re all the same. Each card has its specific number in the top left (ex. #23)

Let me mention something if it isn’t clear: These card games I’m showing you can be played by 2 or more people, meaning, they work well with 2 players!

15. Giant Bee – $30.99 

Giant Bee - Card Game
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Use this card at any time, and choose a player to drink a shot without any reason.
  • Which player is the most bombastic? The player with the most votes drinks.
  • Surprise! Bounce! When you are designated to drink by another player, this card bounces it back for once.
  1. About the game:
  • First, there are 150 cards, divided into 2 types: Red (function) cards, and black (game) cards.

As you can analyze from the cards’ names, the red cards have to do with extra cards, just as the ones I showed you earlier: The bounce and the make someone drink.

The black cards are actions, voting, answering questions, and drinking, of course, it would be nonsense otherwise!

What we love a lot is the quality of the cards: They’re all waterproof! You’re worrying you’ll spill all your drink in the cards, because you know, you’re drunk, and they’ll get destroyed? Well, that isn’t a problem anymore!

16. These Cards Will Get You Drunk – $15.99

These Cards Will Get You Drunk
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Pick someone and guess the color of their underwear. If you guess correctly, they drink, otherwise, you drink.
  • Double attack. Keep this card. You can use it once to force a drinker to drink double.
  • The person after you can ask you any question. You can either answer truthfully or refuse to answer and drink.
  1. About the game:
  • 100 hilarious cards inside! These cards make you compete with each other, vote, and screw your friend over with the extra cards (double attack, swap attack, etc).

I absolutely love the box! And that drunk ‘man’ in the box? Genius! But, will these cards really get you drunk? For God’s Sake, yes, they will!

You’re gonna have tears of laughter, and fun, lots of fun men!

17. Drunk In Love – $25.00

Drunk In Love - Card Game
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Drink if you’re the best kisser.
  • Give your partner a piggyback ride around the home.
  • Take off 1 article of clothing or drink.
  1. About the game:
  • The special game for our lovely couples!(There are lots of couples games out there though!) With 100 playing cards, you’ll definitely have a romantic fun time with your partner! 

Some of the cards are ‘Drink if…’, so at least one of you has to drink, based on who it relates more to. The other cards are ‘…or drink’, so you have to do that challenge or answer a question, or drink.

A great conversation starter, and a good way to challenge each other!

18. Truth Or Drink – $35.00

Truth Or Drink - Card Game
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Do you have any secrets you keep from me and me only?
  • What’s the most serious crime you’ve ever committed?
  • What’s a sexual thing you’ve never been able to try, but wish you could?
  1. About the game:
  • The Truth Or Drink game is one of the people’s favorites! Inside this box, we’ll find 5 smaller boxes (a total of 275 cards): On the rocks, Extra dirty, With a twist, Happy hour, Last Call.

Except that this of course is a great game to get to know each other, it is also a game of spicy questions!

It’s in your hand: Will you take a sip, or you’ll probably answer that question?

19. Loaded Kings – $10.00 

Loaded Kings - Card Game
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Not thirsty? It doesn’t matter. You’ve drawn a 3, so yell out “Eff me” and take a drink.
  • It’s social: Everybody takes a drink.
  • Deal this card with the other player. This person must finish their drink.
  1. About the game:
  • It’s the Loaded Kings friends! The game of 54 creative cards. Guess what? Another game with waterproof cards!

Lots of categories inside this: Whores!, Eff Me?!, Eff You!, Never Have I Ever…, Rhyme Time!, It’s a Date!, Heaven!, Dcks!, Social!.

The rule is written on every card, nothing complicated!

20. Do Or Drink – $29.95

  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Text a random phone number “u up?”, or drink twice?
  • Get naked, go outside, and streak down the street. Do this, take 2 shots or quit playing.
  • Tell a joke. If nobody chuckles or laughs, you must drink twice.
  1. About the game:
  • Would you rather Do something, or Drink some shots? You can’t say anything now! Do Or Drink is another amazing card game that works pretty well for 2 people!

This is how the 350 cards are divided: Black cards (Black & Red) and white cards (Categories, Blondes, Joker, Girls, Drink if, Quick, Swap, Social, Simon, Draw, Double, etc.)

You should be confident & really close to your opponent, because, believe me, these cards are way too ‘risky’!

21. Drinky – $14.99

Drinky - Card Game
  1. What are some of the cards?
  • Note: This is not a game with questions and challenges, it is all about matching the cards.
  1. About the game:
  • This is a different game from what we used to talk about ‘till now. It contains 75 cards, which can be: Wild, Skip, Reverse, Draw Two, Make A Rule, and Number Cards. Is it reminding you of UNO?

The main rule is to be the first to get rid of your cards by matching them with the pile. It really requires strategy and concentration as well.

There’s this special card: Make A Rule, you can actually use it to make a rule for your opponent.

You can also penalize each other, and you’ll also drink, it’s a drinking game, you know! Here’s where you drink: (Skip) Skip a player’s turn and they take a drink, (reverse) reverse the direction of play and & give a drink, and more.

Did you know that you can play 20 Drinking Games Without Cards


So, dear readers, this was it! As you read, we choose kinda diy games, games that people have adapted according to their wishes, and official card games, which you can find on Amazon.

I feel like I haven’t said enough, so here’s an extra game: Cards Against Humanity for 2 or 3 players. But why am I putting this here? Not by accident. Do you know that you can also play Cards Against Humanity as a drinking game?

Yes, enough games already! Choose your favorite one based on your personal preferences and the person you’re playing with.

For the card games check the content, some of them are really rude and not appropriate for sensitive people!

Keep calm and have fun playing!

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