17 Best Drinking Games For Adults: This Is What We Call Fun!

I guess we’ll never move on. We’ll talk about drinking games till there’s nothing left! If you were looking for a few simple, entertaining games to play with a bunch of friends, you’re right on the spot. Our list of games explained in detail is right what you need! 

  • The games:
  1. Ring Of Fire;
  2. Drinktionary;
  3. Titanic;
  4. True American;
  5. Rock, Paper, Drink;
  6. Mr. Freeze;
  7. Do or Drink;
  8. Bob;
  9. Drunk Jenga;
  10. Enemies;
  11. Cheers To The Governor;
  12. Horror Movie Drinking Game;
  13. Hexads;
  14. Ride The Bus;
  15. Opposites;
  16. The Sculptor;
  17. Best Sucker;
  • Conclusion;

1. Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire

Essentials: A deck of cards, and a few beers | Players: 2 and more;

Pretty similar to Waterfall, the Ring Of Fire is the one who will bring the action to the table. Ask everyone to sit in a circle, and draw one card each, one player at a time. Each card represents a unique dare. For instance, Ace stands for waterfalling the drinks, 4 makes all the girls drink, 6 is dicks and all boys drink, Jack allows you to make a new game rule, and so on. You can make your own rules while using the same logic as the ones above. Salut!

2. Drinktionary


Essentials: Blank paper or whiteboard, pens, and drinks | Players: 4 and more;

Drinktionary usually works best in teams of 2 and more, just so you know! Teams take turns playing, one team at a time. One player from the team is the drawer, while the others are the guessers. First things first, one player from another team has to whisper to the current drawer, which has to draw that thing. This lets it be implied that the other members of the team have to guess what their teammate drew. But there’s a twist: for every 20 seconds that pass till they get the drawing right, the drawer takes one sip. That’s all of it! 

3. Titanic


Essentials: A beer glass, a shot glass, beer, and another drink | Players: 2 and more;

Y’all love Titanic, don’t ya? To start playing this unique drinking game, begin by filling your beer glass with beer, half, and more. Then, float the shot glass in the beer. Give everyone their drinks of choice, and taking turns, everyone pours a little of their drinks into the shot glass. This continues until at some point that’s overfilled and sinks, just like the Titanic. The player who sinks the shot glass, a.k.a the ship, has to drink whatever’s in the large cup. You may play more than 1 round, just so everyone experiences how it feels to sink a ship… 

4. True American

True American

Essentials: Beer cans and a bottle of liquor | Players: 4 and more;

Yup, you’re correct. This game was played several times in the New Girl show. Start by placing a large bottle of alcohol in the center of the table. Beers represent the pawns, while the bottle is the king of the castle. You have to place the beers around the bottle, so it looks like they’re protecting it. Next, create zones using different furniture in the room. During the game the floor will be lava, you’re gonna have to yell, and drink every time you complete a task. If it sounds complicated, go watch this: How to Play True American

5. Rock Paper Drink

Rock Paper Drink

Essentials: Drinks only | Players: 2 and more;

Rock Paper Scissors is already known, innit? This small group drinking game is played just like the standard game, but with drinking. If only two or three people play at once, the loser of the round has to take a sip of their drink. If there are more than 2 people, the least used shape of the round is out, while the two others check who beats what, and the losers drink, again. Just as simple as that is. 

6. Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze

Essentials: Alcohol | Players: 3 and more;

We hyperbolized with this pic, didn’t we? This 3 players (and more) drinking game is as simple as it seems. One player is designated to be Mr.Freeze first. That player can freeze at any time during the night, and all the other players should do the same after him. The last player who freezes has to take a shot and become the new Mr. Freeze of the game. You can play as many rounds as you want until you’re bored of it or completely wasted from alcohol. 

7. Do or Drink

Do or Drink

Essentials: A list of dares and drinks | Players: 4 and more;

Either if you want to have a good time with people you’ve just met, or connect deeper with your best friends, Do or Drink is the one. Simply, you take turns completing dares or drinking instead. Dares could be something like doing a jumping jacket, dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, eating a teaspoon of mustard, removing socks with your teeth, and similar. Obviously, we made a whole list of that: 100 Do or Drink Dare Ideas. If you refuse to do any of the challenges, you drink. Just as simple as that.

8. Bob


Essentials: Shots are required | Players: 3 and more; 

Aight, we agree. This gotta be the simplest game ever. As a shot-drinking game, this game can be played during the whole night. There’s only one rule: you have to say Bob before you call someone’s name. For instance, if you have to say ‘Jack, can you pass me the bottle?’, you must say ‘Bob Jack, can you pass me the bottle?’. If you forget to say Bob, you have to down a shot. 

9. Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga

Essentials: Jenga tiles, sharpies, and alcohol | Players: 2 and more players;

Jenga is our forever love! Especially the drinking version. Start by writing dares in each tile, and then set up the game as normal. Everyone takes turns drawing the tiles, completing the dares written on them, and placing the tiles on top as usual. You have to remember that you cannot complete placing the tile on top of the tower, without fully completing the dare. Dares could be something like starting a King’s Cup game, making the youngest and oldest of the group take a shot, and a few more. Check the full rules here.

10. Friends & Enemies

Friends & Enemies

Essentials: A deck of cards & drinks | Players: 4 and more;

This is not the Friends drinking game, this is Friends & Enemies, besties. To start the game, choose the dealer, which deals the cards evenly to everyone playing, including themself. The dealer starts first by turning one of their cards over. The value on the cards stands for the drinks, which the dealer can pick one player, and they have to drink that amount. Drinks are equal to face values from 2 to 10, Jacks are 11 drinks, Queens 12 drinks, Kings 13, and Aces 14. However, if the chosen player has a matching card, they can pass the drinks to someone else. 

11. Cheers To The Governor

Cheers To The Governor

Essentials: Drinks only | Players: 3 and more;

Let’s raise a toast to the governor. Ask everyone playing to sit in a circle, and count from 1 to 21, each player saying a number. When the player says ‘21’, everyone raises their glasses and says ‘Cheers to the Governor’. If someone messes up the numbers, they drink and start from 1 all over again. Once you make it successfully to 21, the last player makes a new group rule, which can include something like skipping a certain number, swapping two numbers, saying a number double, and so on. 

12. Horror Movie Drinking Game

Horror Movie Drinking Game

Essentials: A horror movie, a TV, drinks, and our rules | Players: 2 and more;

One of the most fun things to do with a bunch of friends is watching a horror movie, especially if someone in the group gets terrified by them. All you need to do to play the Horror Movie drinking game is play your favorite movie first, get your drinks, and sit in front of the TV. Then, following the rules, you’re gonna drink when creepy music is playing, the lights go out, someone hides in the closet, or the killer isn’t really dead. However, we made a whole thing about this: The Horror Movie drinking game rules.

13. Hexads 


Essentials: 6 shot glasses, beer, and a die | Players: 2 and more;

Hexads (often found as Sixes), is just a simple reason to drink, with no complexity at all. Start by filling 3 shot glasses with beers, leaving 3 others empty, and placing them in a row on the table. Taking turns, each has to throw the die. The value of the die decides the shot glass. If it’s empty, you have to fill it with alcohol. If it’s full, you have to drink it. You can play many rounds if you feel like it. Ps. don’t worry about shot recipes. We’ve got your back. 

14. Ride The Bus

Ride The Bus

Essentials: A deck of cards and drinks for everyone | Players: 2 and more;

Here’s your chance to ride a bus! The game in total is played in 3 main phases. The first one includes 4 rounds, which all deal with guessing the upcoming cards. The second phase makes you build a pyramid, and drink based on the card rows. The final phase is the one where you, specifically the player with the largest number of cards, ride the bus. In the latter, that player drinks if the card is a card of the Court or an Ace. Spoiler: there are more details about the rules.

15. Opposites


Essentials: Alcohol | Players: 3 and more;

I guess we kinda adore these super simple games. The idea behind this is that each player has to do the opposite of the called action. Therefore, if you shout out loud ‘smile’, everyone has to do a sad face. If you say ‘touch your left ear’, they have to touch the right one. Whoever messes up the command, and does the same as called, they have to drink. This game can go on for the whole game night, or a few hours as you wish.

16. The Sculptor

The Sculptor

Essentials: Drinks, drinks, drinks | Players: 4 and more;

This is your chance to show your sculpting skills, mercifully. One player is the sculptor of the game. All other players have to stand still. The sculptor can make a ‘sculpture’ while moving their hands, head, or other body parts, which may be difficult to hold. The key is that the players shouldn’t move whatever was fixed by the sculptor. Whoever laughs, moves, or breaks their pose, drinks, and is out of the game. The game continues until there’s only one player left, and they can make a player of their choice drink.

17. Best Sucker

Best Sucker

Essentials: Baby bottles for everyone & alcohol | Players: 3 and more;

Well, I guess we’ll never know how they came up with this game… Start by filling the bottles with the alcohol of your choice. On the count of three, everyone has to suck the baby bottle empty. The first player to finish the drink can give 3 shots to a player of their choice. However, the loser, the last one who has the remaining drink, has to take 3 extra shots. The game is hilarious and probably will bring dozens of laughs to the game night. 


These gotta be some of the funniest, most entertaining & unique games ever! As you probably noticed, they’re all uncomplicated and don’t take much effort to play. Nonetheless, y’all will get drunk, or at least tipsy, and have tons of laughs with your beloved people. 

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