Outstanding Drinking Games For 3 People: Card Games, Competition, Creativity, Lots More!

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Even if you have a big company and you have lots of people to play any drinking game without cards you want with, sometimes, you need to spend some time with your 2 favorite people, and have some good laughs & drinks with them! 

Believe me, you’ll all get at some point when this is all you need! Besides it obviously makes you all drunk, and finally, you have a good reason for getting drunk, it also makes you three connect more, and this is what we love about most of the games! 

We made a diversity when it comes to the list: we included card games, challenges, some (extremely) creative ones, and… never mind, let’s not expose everything! What’s even better about the games, is that you can add, or update the rules, it all depends on you & your mates (in most of the games). 

Some of the games can even be played by more than 3 players if that’s what you want, but, the attention will be on 3 people, you know, a specialty for the 3 musketeers…

This article is made out of love, and all the details prove this, including here showing you tips on how to find a good game for you (even though they’re all drinking games), a good list of the best games, specifics, and how to-to-play instructions for all of them, and lots other surprises…

  • The game list:
  1. Drunken Artists;
  2. Seven, Eleven, Doubles;
  3. Last Call;
  4. Bloody Hell;
  5. Toepen;
  6. Chandelier;
  7. Liquid Courage;
  8. Flip Cups;
  9. Dirty Pint;
  10. Tipsy Chicken;
  11. Would You Rather?;
  12. HorseRace;
  13. F*ck The Dealer;
  14. Divaball;
  15. Drink-A-Palooza;
  16. Blind Squirrel;
  17. One More Drink;                              
  • What do you need to know more about drinking games for 3 people?
  • A summary: What else about drinking games for 3 people?

1. Drunken Artists

Drunken Artist

Necessary stuff to play: a pencil, blank paper, and shots. 

What are the rules of ‘Drunken Artist’ & When do you drink?

If you are that drunk, I doubt your drawing skills, but, who knows? So, what you have to do is draw a specific thing that the other layer asked you to, and someone else has to guess…

So, since we’re talking about 3 players, one layer is the artist, one is the timer, which whispers the word in the artist’s ear and counts the seconds, and the third player is the one that guesses. So, this has to guess the word, based on what the artist is drawing.

If she/he guesses, the timer stops and calculates the seconds. They should be divided by 20, and that is the number of shots the artist has to drink. If they don’t guess until a specific time, the artist does the same to the guesser. 

2. Seven, Eleven, Doubles

Seven Eleven Doubles

Necessary stuff to play: beers, 4 dice, a glass.

What are the rules of ‘Seven, Eleven, Doubles’ & When do you drink?

All the players sit around the table, and the point is to get a 7, 11, or doubles. One player goes first, and while that one is drinking, the other two should roll the dice. 

When they get a 7, 11, or doubles, they can decide if they want the player that was drinking to finish the drink, or refill it and continue drinking. Or, the correct player, can pass the drinking ‘challenge’ to the other player that was throwing the dice. The rules are up to you!

3. Last Call – $13.99

Last Call

Necessary stuff to play: The deck of cards.

What are the rules of ‘Last Call’ & When do you drink?

It’s time for a super-duper card game, which is extremely easy to play and brings lots of fun. Inside of the box, we’ll find 150 cards, divided into 4 categories: Roasting cards, Dare cards, Whodunnit cards, and Competition cards. 

Each card tells you what you have to do, you just follow the instructions in every card, such as: the last person who called their grandparent has to drink, most likely to base life decisions in their zodiac sign has to drink, talk like a baby until your next turn… or drink 2 times. 

4. Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell

Necessary stuff to play: dice & shots.

What are the rules of ‘Bloody Hell’ & When do you drink?

One other cool drinking game! The first player rolls the dice, and don’t forget to memorize what number they threw. Next, the second player throws the dice, and if they match the first player’s number on the first try, the first player has to drink.

If the second player can’t match the first number, that player has to drink. When the original number is exceeded, that round ends and continues with another player. To spice it up, you can add a rule where when the player doesn’t match his opponents’ number, they have to drink as much as the difference between them.

5. Toepen


Necessary stuff to play: a classic deck of cards.

What are the rules of ‘Toepen’ & When do you drink?

You’ll only need 32 cards, meaning, you’ll have to remove all the 2s, 3s, 4s,5s & 6s. The other cards are ranked higher to lower: 10, 9, 8, 7, A, K, Q, J. One player becomes the dealer, which deals each player 4 cards and gives them the card face down. 

If someone has a handful of Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks can request to be dealt a new one, but sometimes that can cost a life. The player that completes four tricks, deals with the other cards and everyone else loses one life. It may seem a bit more complicated, but anyway, here are the rules specifically if you’re interested: Toepen Card Game Rules.

6. Chandelier


Necessary stuff to play: plastic cups, ping pong balls.

What are the rules of ‘Chandelier’ & When do you drink?

You need 1 cup for each player, and one cup to place in the middle. All the other cups should be half-full, except the center cup, which should be filled till the top. You have 3 chances to drink: when you throw the ball into your cup, another layer’s cup, or in the center.

If you put it in your cup, you drink it and then refill, the same goes if you throw it into your friend’s cup, while, if you throw it in the center cup, you all drink. If you miss your shot and the ball goes on the floor, the play moves to the player on your left.

7. Liquid Courage – $19.95

Liquid Courage

Necessary stuff to play: the game.

What are the rules of ‘Liquid Courage’ & When do you drink?

The game contains 290 cards that belong in one of the 4 piles: Dare, Random text, Truth talk, and Contacts. We always love completing some challenges, they’re pretty fun!

First, you have to pick a contact card, which tells you who you should text. Next, you can choose if you want a Truth text or Random text, which has different content.

If you think you don’t have enough guts for that, depending on the contact you have to text, you can choose a dare card.If you couldn’t complete what the card asked you to, you can take a shot (of shame)! 

8. Flip Cup

Flip Cup

Necessary stuff to play: plastic cups.

What are the rules of ‘Flip Cup’ & When do you drink?

A competition that is all about who drinks the most. Fun, isn’t it? The three players should have 3 cups (or more if you want) in front of them. If you do not want to get drunk very fast, fill one of them with non-alcohol, or fill them all halfway. 

Everyone should finish their drinks, and as the name says, they should flip the cups. The first one who flips the three cups wins the game. 

9. Dirty Pint

Dirty pint

Necessary stuff to play: a coin, shots, a central glass.

What are the rules of ‘Dirty Pint’ & When do you drink?

When I said you need a coin, you immediately thought of Quarters, didn’t you? Well no, it isn’t Quarters. Each player has to pour some of their drink into the central glass. Next, they have to throw the coin and guess if it’s head or tails. 

If they guessed correctly, the play moves to the other player next. When a player doesn’t guess which side the coin lands on, they have to drink the whole drink of the central glass. To make it more fun, use different drinks, it’d be even funnier if the drink is disgusting…

10. Tipsy Chicken – $19.99

Tipsy Chicken

Necessary stuff to play: the cards

What are the rules of ‘Tipsy Chicken’ & When do you drink?

Drinking card games are unconditional fun, don’t even try to change my mind! Tipsy Chicken is a card game that has 200 cards, including dare cards, chicken cards, and goat ones.

Everyone should draw a dare card, and complete it. If you complete the dare, you draw a goat card. If not, you draw a chicken card and do the punishment, which most of the time is a drink. Cheers, you tipsy chicken!

11. Would You Rather? 

Would You Rather

Necessary stuff to play: questions.

What are the rules of ‘Would You Rather’ & When do you drink?

You’re already familiar with Would You Rather, am I right? Turning it into a drinking game is way more enjoyable, no doubt! The point is two put your friends between two different choices! 

They’ll do 2 things: they’ll either answer the question or drink. So, you win in both cases. You learn something new about your friend, or you make them drink. Make the question more difficult if you want to see them taking some shots…

12. HorseRace

HorseRace Drinking Game

Necessary stuff to play: standard deck of playing cards, piece of paper.

What are the rules of ‘HorseRace’ & When do you drink?

The game is just as creative as the name… So, every player chooses their suit, which can be a heart, diamond, clubs, or spades, and one bet for it, which is the number of drinks. 

All the players try to be the first to finish the row of cards, starting with aces. You pay attention to what suit did the other players that didn’t win had, and they have to drink based on that. To be more clear here’s a youtube video we found for you: How to play HorseRace

13. F*ck The Dealer

Fck The Dealer

Necessary stuff to play: a deck of cards

What are the rules of ‘F*ck The Dealer’ & When do you drink?

What’s up with the dealer? Well, one of the 3 players has to be the dealer, and 2 others should guess the card. They start taking turns, by guessing the top card. If they do not guess, the dealer tells them if the actual card is higher or lower, so they can have another second chance. 

If they don’t guess again, they have to drink as the difference between two guesses (for example 6-4, 2 shots), but if they guess, the dealer drinks 4 shots if they guess in the first chance, and drinks 2 shots if they guess in the second chance. See F*ck The Dealer Rules.

14. Divaball


Necessary stuff to play: 2 cups for each player (1 full, 1 empty), a ping pong ball.

What are the rules of ‘Divaball’ & When do you drink?

Finally, some dances! First, you make a unique dance for the game, it could be a simple sign, but it’s more fun when you dance… The first player does the dance, and throws the ball, while someone else tries to catch it with the empty cup, and this continues. 

On the fifth throw, the thrower can create a new rule for the game, on the 10th throw, the order or the specific dance is reversed, on the 15th throw everyone should finish their drinks, and the list goes on. You can add your own rules!!! 

15. Drink – A – Palooza – $35.00

Drink - A- Palooza

Necessary stuff to play: The game

What are the rules of ‘Drink – A – Palooza’ & When do you drink?

Oh great, a board game for 3, finally! First, you should spin the bottle, to determine which one of you three goes first. Next, you roll the dice and see in which mini-game you are about to compete.

What we Single-useadore are the mini beer bottles you get every time you win one of the games, which in the end tell you all who is the Drink-A-Palooza winner! And some of the mini-games can be Quarters, King’s Cup, Pong, Higher and Lower, and so on!

16. Blind Squirrel

Blind Squirrel

Necessary stuff to play: Cards, dice.

What are the rules of ‘Blind Squirrel’ & When do you drink?

Now, the rules are kinda as ‘F*ck the dealer’, but here, the players here should guess the exact number of the top card. If that player only guesses correctly if it’s higher or lower, becomes the next dealer. If they can’t guess correctly the card number, they drink as many shots as the difference between the previous card and the next one. 

There are also two jokers on the deck. If the first joker shows u without the guesser mentioning it, that player has to roll the dice twice and drink as many shots as the sum of two values of the dice. If he guesses before the jokes show up, he makes someone else drink that amount. While when it comes to the second joker, if the guesser didn’t guess about it, he does a shotgun beer alone. If he guesses correctly, everyone on the table does a shotgun beer…

17. One More Drink – $9.99

One More Drink

Necessary stuff to play: The deck of cards.

What are the rules of ‘One More Drink’ & When do you drink?

Will we ever have enough of these card games? Well no, don’t ever bother… This drinking card game has 300 hilarious cards inside, some of them have to do with voting about one person, some challenges, some benefits that specific cards give you, and so on… If you’re curious, here’s what some of the cards say:

  • Anyone who had a yard during Lockdown in 2020, takes 3 drinks;
  • Take 1 drink and hold it in your mouth while you sing a song. If no one guesses it, spit it back into your glass. Save it for later;
  • Traitor: Keep this card. It lets you double the number of drinks given to the player of your choice. Single use.

What Do You Need To Know More About Drinking Games For 3 People?

  • We may say it too often, but please be careful with your drinking! Of course it’s about drinking games and requires drinking, but be careful with the amount. We don’t want you to lose track while playing, and a game isn’t a good enough reason to do bad to your health, just because you’re not careful. You can sometimes use non-alcoholic drinks, to keep track! 
  • Take care of the details while choosing the game. Yes, we know we made a very large list, so it could be a struggle choosing a game for a party between all these amazing games. That’s why here are some tips:
  •  Pay attention to the game type. Some of the games on our list are very creative and ask for lots of ideas, such as ‘Drunken Artist’, but, there are also lots of games that are basic questions and answers, which get you all to know each other more and connect, for example, ‘Would You Rather’.
  • While looking for card games, there are many types of them. Their level of difficulty distinguishes. Games such as ‘Toepen’ require more concentration and can seem more complicated. But, no worries. You can also choose a simpler game, and there are lots of them, starting with ‘HorseRace’, ‘F*ck The Dealer’, ‘Blind Squirrel’, and the list goes on.
  • Some of the games need to be organized by you, and some are ready-made. If you paid attention, you saw that we also included games from Amazon mostly, specifically card games, which challenge you, ask questions & ask you to drink… I’m talking about ‘One More Drink’, ‘Drink-A-Palooza’, ‘Last Call’, etc. Of course, all the other games should be organized by you, such as the cards, drinks, rules, explaining the rules and things like these.
  • Even though all of them are drinking games, some will make you drink more! What I mean with this, is that in some of the games, you’ll drink, even if you’re good at the game or not, as in ‘Liquid Courage’, I mean, if you complete the dare, you won’t have to drink. But, in lots of the games, you’ll drink, no matter what. Well, you can’t control your fate in ‘Bloody Hell’, and the point of ‘Flip Cup’ is to be the first to drink and flip all the cups first! 
  • If you want more ideas, you can also play Cards Against Humanity as a drinking game, and it is a total blast! There are some extra drinking rules to be added, but anyways, it is even more fun than the normal game. It is a spicy way to play this game (kinda), and it is more challenging… Yeah, we know CAH and all its editions are designed to be played by 4+ players, but guess what? We found out that you can play it with 3 players, just as you need it!
  • All these drinking games work great for every party! Yes, most of them can be played by even more than 3 players, but, it’s always easier finding good games for larger companies. Even if you’re holding a birthday party, game night, sleepover, or you want to have a special bridal party game for you and your 2 besties, you can choose any of the games on our incredible list. Don’t forget, always based on your and your team’s preferences.

Let’s Sum Up What We Just Said In This Article! 

It was a long journey, and guess what? We loved every word of it!!! We get it that some of us may be introverts, and don’t have lots of friends to play any game they want, and that is okay. To be honest, that’s even better than having lots of friends, and nobody can decide in a game… 

These drinking games, besides getting you drunk (we already know that), also tend to bring you three together, have some time off the stress and everything you’re going through, let you say out things you’ve wanted to for a while, develop your creativity, as well as your ability to manage competition because yes, they can turn into a great competition.

On the other hand, except for the Amazon games, all the others don’t require special stuff to play, I mean, you won’t have to spend any extra money. If you’re a games lover, I bet you have at least a classic deck of cards at home, a dice, and, drinks, alcoholic & non-alcoholic! 

Since there are lots of choices, don’t pick the first game that catches your eye. Picking a good game is the point, if you don’t do that, chances are high that you won’t have that much fun… Card games, creative ones, questions and answers, simple challenges, and lots more. It’s in your hand to choose from!

One more time, for your sake, drink carefully and have fun, lots of fun. It’s you’re life dude! Live it, love it!

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