20 Intimate Drinking Games For 3 People

Drinking Games For 3 - Cover

Even if you have lots of people to play any drinking game you want with, sometimes, all you need is to spend time with your 2 favorite people! That’s exactly why we’re bringing a list of fascinating drinking games for only 3 players, so you can laugh, drink, and romanticize life! 

  • The game list:
  1. Drunken Artists;
  2. Seven, Eleven, Doubles;
  3. Last Call;
  4. King’s Cup;
  5. Chandelier;
  6. Flip Cups;
  7. Drunk Twister;
  8. Dirty Pint;
  9. Tipsy Chicken;
  10. Horse Race;
  11. Horror Movie Drinking Game;
  12. Truth Or Dare;
  13. Jenga;
  14. F*ck The Dealer;
  15. Divaball;
  16. Drink It App;
  17. Drink-A-Palooza;
  18. Blind Squirrel;
  19. Never Have I Ever; 
  20. Do Or Drink;    
  • Final thoughts;

1. Drunken Artists

Drunken Artist

Equipment needed: pencils, blank pieces of paper, and shots. 

What are the rules of ‘Drunken Artist’? The best way to test your drawing skills is while drunk! So, since we’re talking about 3 players, one is the artist, the other one is the ‘whisperer’ (who whispers the word in the artist’s ear) and the third player is the guesser. The artist must draw whatever the whisperer told them two, while the guesser must guess. For every 20 seconds that passed without the guesser guessing, the artist takes one shot. If they take more than 2 minutes to guess, the drinking rule is applied to the guesser. 

2. Seven, Eleven, Doubles

Seven Eleven Doubles

Equipment needed: beers, 2 dice, and an empty cup.

What are the rules of ‘Seven, Eleven, Doubles’?One player goes first & rolls the dice. If they get a 7, 11, or doubles, they can make a player of their choice drink. If they don’t roll any of these, they pass the dice to the player to their left. Once someone is assigned to drink, the next player (the roller), must try to roll a 7, 11, or doubles, before the drinker finishes drinking the center cup. If they finish drinking before rolling the specific values, the dice are passed to the player’s left, and the cup is placed back in the center & filled with alcohol.

3. Last Call – $13.99

Last Call

Equipment needed: The deck of cards & drinks;

What are the rules of ‘Last Call’?It’s time for a super-duper card game, which is extremely easy to play and brings lots of fun! Inside the box, you’ll find 150 cards, divided into 4 categories: Roasting, Dare, Whodunnit, and Competition.  Each card tells you what you have to do, so you just follow the instructions on every card. Well, the last person who called their grandparents has to drink, most likely to base life decisions in their zodiac sign has to drink, you’ll be asked to talk like a baby until your next turn or drink 2 times, and so on. 

4. King’s Cup

King's Cup

Equipment needed: a deck of cards, alcohol, and a large cup. 

What are the rules of ‘King’s Cup’?King’s Cup is one classical drinking card game, that will forever be one of our favorites. In this game, every card comes with a different action. What you have to do is spread the deck of cards face-down around a  glass or cup. Then, take turns drawing cards, and do whatever the rules say. For instance, Ace stands for Waterfall, 2 lets you give a drink, 10 makes you start a game of categories, King lets you make a new rule to be applied to the game, and so on. Yes, there’s a rule for every card, so make sure to check them all here

5. Chandelier


Equipment needed: plastic cups, ping pong balls, and alcohol.

What are the rules of ‘Chandelier’? To play Chandelier, you need 1 cup for each player, and one cup to place in the middle. All the other cups should be half-full, except the center cup, which should be filled to the top. You have 3 chances to drink: when you throw the ball into your cup, another player’s cup, or in the center. If you put it in your cup, you drink & refill it, if you throw it into your friend’s cup, they drink & refill it, while, if you throw it in the center cup, you all drink. If you miss your shot and the ball goes on the floor, the play moves to the player on your left.

6. Flip Cup

Flip Cup

Equipment needed: plastic cups & drinks.

What are the rules of ‘Flip Cup’? A competition that is all about who drinks the most. Fun, isn’t it? In Flip Cup, all three players should have 3 cups (or more if you want) in front of them. If you do not want to get drunk too fast, fill one of the cups with non-alcohol, or fill all cups halfway. Everyone should first finish their drinks, and as the name says, they should flip the cups. The first one who flips the three cups, hence, drinks all the liquids designated for them, wins the game. 

7. Drunk Twister

Equipment needed: the Twister mat & spinner, drinks, and 24 shot glasses. 

What are the rules of ‘Drunk Twister’? Well, Twister is fun. Drunk Twister is irreplaceable! The rules of the standard game are applied as well, however, you’ll add some drinking. So, you’ll drink every time you occupy a spot on the mat, and you’ll take 2 drinks if you slip. Also, just as you know, if you touch the mat with your elbow or knee, you’re out of the game. But, in the drinking version, you’ll be out of the game, and finish a drink as well! You can also write the drinking amount on small pieces of paper and place them in the circles, so you know what you drink for each circle. 

8. Dirty Pint

Dirty pint

Equipment needed: a coin, shots, and a central glass.

What are the rules of ‘Dirty Pint’? When I said you need a coin, you immediately thought of Quarters, didn’t you? Well no, this isn’t Quarters. Each player has to pour some of their drink into the central glass. Next, they have to throw the coin and guess if it’s heads or tails. If they guessed correctly, the play moves to the next player. If incorrect, they have to drink the whole drink of the central glass. To make it more fun, use different drinks, it’d be even funnier if the drink is a cocktail!

9. Tipsy Chicken – $21.99

Tipsy Chicken

Equipment needed: the deck of cards & drinks.

What are the rules of ‘Tipsy Chicken’ & When do you drink? Drinking card games are unconditional fun, don’t even try to change my mind! Tipsy Chicken is a card game that has 200 cards, including dare cards, chicken cards, and goat ones. Everyone should draw a dare card, and complete it. If you complete the dare, you draw a goat card. If not, you draw a chicken card and do the punishment, which most of the time is a drink. Cheers, you tipsy chickens!

10. Horse Race

HorseRace Drinking Game

Equipment needed: standard deck of playing cards, a piece of paper & drinks.

What are the rules of ‘Horse Race’? Take all Aces from the decks, align them in a line, so they’ll represent horses. Aces are placed on one side, while other remaining cards are placed normally to the Aces line, facedown (about 10 cards). Each player bets on who the winning suit will be (for instance, I bet 5 shots that the heart will win). Every time a card from the face-down line is turned over, the horse with the same suit as the turned-over card moves one card forward. The first horse to reach the finish line wins, and gives the amount of drinks they bet on. Losers drink whatever they bet on! Read the detailed instructions here

11. Horror Movie Drinking Game

Equipment needed: A horror movie, drinks.

What are the rules of ‘Horror Movie Drinking Game’? If you and your people love watching Horror movies, this is the right game! There are 3 cases for you to drink: take a sip, take a drink, and down your drink. So, all you need to do is play a horror movie and drink every time our drinking rules tell you to. So, you’ll drink if you flinch from a jump scare, if creepy music is playing, if fire shoots, if there’s a creepy doll, if the killer laughs evilly, and more. As you understood, you’ll drink for the usual stuff that happens in horror movies! 

12. Truth Or Dare

Equipment needed: drinks and an empty bottle (optional). 

What are the rules of ‘Truth Or Dare’? We all know how fun Truth or Dare is, don’t we? Well, to turn it into a drinking version, take turns asking each other if they’d rather pick truth, or dare, hence, if they’d rather answer a question, or complete a challenge. Once you pick one, but don’t prefer to tell the truth, or think the challenge is too much, you can drink and skip. You may use a bottle, so whoever it points to, takes the turn, or just randomly pick one player to continue. Ps. There’s also a Truth Or Drink version, in case you wanna check that out! 

13. Jenga

Equipment needed: Jenga tiles, sharpies, and drinks! 

What are the rules of ‘Jenga’? Drunk Jenga is undoubtedly the most fun version of the game! The basic rules are applied to this version as well, but there’s a twist added. So, what you need to do is write dares & drinking challenges in Jenga tiles, and build up the tower as usual. When playing, after you draw a tile, you need to complete whatever it says, before placing it on top of the tower. Of course, the game ends whenever the Tower is crashed. Whoever crashes the tower, finishes their drink! 

14. F*ck The Dealer

Fck The Dealer

Equipment needed: a deck of cards, and alcohol.

What are the rules of ‘F*ck The Dealer’? What’s up with the dealer? Well, one of the 3 players has to be the dealer, and 2 others should guess the card. They start taking turns, by guessing the top card. If they do not guess, the dealer tells them if the actual card is higher or lower, so they can have another second chance. If they don’t guess again, they have to drink as the difference between two guesses (for example 6-4, 2 shots), but if they guess, the dealer drinks 4 shots if they guess in the first chance, and drinks 2 shots if they guess in the second chance.           

15. Divaball


Equipment needed: 2 cups for each player (1 full of alcohol, 1 empty), a ping pong ball.

What are the rules of ‘Divaball’ & When do you drink? Finally, some dances! First, you make a unique dance for the game. It could be a simple move, but it’s more fun when you dance… The first player does the dance, and throws the ball, while someone else tries to catch it with the empty cup, dance, and throw the ball to another player. On the fifth throw, the thrower can create a new rule for the game, on the 10th throw, the order or the specific dance is reversed, on the 15th throw everyone should finish their drinks, and the list goes on. You can add your own rules!  

16. Drink It

Equipment needed: the game app (available for IOS and Android) & drinks.

What are the rules of ‘Drink It’? Of course, we were gonna include a drinking game app! Drink It includes over 1000 challenges, and there are a few categories: Never Have I Ever, Rule, Event, Most Likely, Do it, and Act it. So, you’ll get the app (for free), and complete the challenges shown on the screen. You’ll be asked to grunt like a pig or take 4 sips, act specific words, don’t get in contact with the floor because it is lava, answer a Never Have I Ever question, and hundreds more. You may end the game whenever you’re too drunk to continue, or you’re just bored of it! 

17. Drink-A-Palooza – $29.99

Drink - A- Palooza

Equipment needed: The game set & drinks.

What are the rules of ‘Drink-A-Palooza’? Oh great, a board game for 3, finally! First, you should spin the bottle, to determine which one of you three goes first. Next, you roll the dice and see in which mini-game you are about to compete. What we adore are the mini beer bottles you get every time you win one of the games, which in the end tells you who is the Drink-A-Palooza winner! And some of the mini-games can be Quarters, King’s Cup, Pong, Higher or Lower, and so on!

18. Blind Squirrel

Blind Squirrel

Equipment needed: Cards, dice, and alcohol.

What are the rules of ‘Blind Squirrel’? In this game, one of you is the dealer, while two others are guessers. The dealer flips only one card from the deck and lets the players guess the next card. You should guess if the next card is higher or lower, and guess the exact value. So, you might say ‘high 10’. So, you think that the next card is higher, and the value is 10. If after the card is flipped over, the guesser has guessed if it’ll be higher or lower, the guesser drinks. On the opposite, they become the new dealer. If they don’t guess the exact value, they drink the difference between the previous card and the current card.

19. Never Have I Ever

Equipment needed: A list of questions, and alcohol for you 3.

What are the rules of ‘Never Have I Ever’? We present to you a version of Never Have I Ever, where instead of answering with ‘I have’, you drink! To play, go to our Never Have I Ever list of questions, pick a few questions, and read them out loud. The three of you should listen to the question, and if you have done that specific thing, you need to take a sip. If you didn’t, you’ll just remain silent. For example, if the question was ‘Never have I ever gone out in underwear’, and you have ever gone out in underwear, you drink. If not, you don’t drink, and wait for the next question.  

20. Do Or Drink

Equipment needed: the ‘Do Or Drink’ deck of cards, and drinks.

What are the rules of ‘Do Or Drink’? Do Or Drink is a fantastic card game that contains a total of 350 cards, and 22 card types! You’ll take turns drawing cards, and complete the challenges. You’ll be asked to take three shots or quit playing, attempt to do the worm or drink twice, get naked & go outside, blondes drink, start a ‘Simon Says…’ and drink if you mess up, and so on. By the end of the game, you’ll end up drunk, and having tons of laughs… and challenges! 

Final Thoughts

It was a long journey, and guess what? We loved every word of it! What we loved most is the diversity of the games: card games, challenges, drinking games without any equipment, drinking game apps…One more time, for your sake, drink carefully and have fun, lots of fun. It’s your life dude! Live it, love it

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