Top 16 Drinking Games To Play At Home: Get Comfy & Drunk!

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Are you looking forward to a cozy night at home, and playing a few drinking games with close people of yours? Well, we’re here to bring the best drinking games you could play with minimalistic equipment, lots of drinks, but most importantly, games that don’t require you to go to a bar, or anywhere outside your home!

  • The games:
  1. Rage Cage;
  2. Never Have I Ever;
  3. Remake The Sound;
  4. Cards Against Humanity;
  5. Drunk Twister;
  6. Circle Of Death;
  7. Walker Bottle;
  8. Straight Face;
  9. Truth Or Drink;
  10. Movie Drinking Game;
  11. Slap Cup;
  12. Pin Pon Pan;
  13. The Great American Challenge;
  14. Drunk Jenga;
  15. Ride The Bus;
  16. Beer Pong;
  • Conclusion;

1. Rage Cage

Rage Cage

Equipment needed: 20 to 30 plastic cups, ping-pong balls and alcohol. | Players: 6 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘Rage Cage’:There’s no better way to start this list, rather than with Rage Cage! Start by placing one cup in the center of the table, filling it full with alcohol, and spreading the other cups around (⅓ with alcohol), creating a circular pattern. Two players holding the balls must chug the cup nearest to them, and try to bounce the ball into that empty cup. If successful, pass the cup & ball to the next player. If you throw the ball in one of the middle cups, you stack cups and try to bounce into that stack. 

2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Equipment needed: A list of questions, and drinks. | Players: 2 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘Never Have I Ever’:Never Have I Ever never fails to amaze us! All you gotta do is borrow a few favorite questions from our Never Have I Ever questions list, sit in a circle, and read the questions out loud. Every time you relate to a prompt, meaning, you want to answer ‘I have’, you take a sip of your drink. Otherwise, you stay sober for that round and wait for the next questions. 

3. Remake The Sound

Remake The Sound

Equipment needed: Home items that make sounds, and drinks. | Players: 2 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘Remake The Sound’:This has got to be one of the funniest games ever! To play, when it’s your turn, you have to make a sound using an object: lighting a match, shaking a bottle, hitting something with a spoon, and basically everything that comes into your mind. Then, you must pick someone who has to remake that specific sound with their mouth, as identically as they can. Whenever someone’s too far from the original sound, must drink. Since this is going viral all over TikTok, you may see how the game goes here.

4. Drunk Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Equipment needed: CAH deck of cards, and alcohol. | Players: 4 to 20+;

Everything you need to know about ‘Cards Against Humanity’: We hate to admit it, but Drinking Game Cards Against Humanity is our favorite version! When playing, besides the standard rules, you’ll also apply the drinking ones. There are a few ways of playing, but our favorite includes giving as many shots as the card rejections (if your card is picked as the favorite), shuffling your cards for others in the deck in exchange for one shot, and also competing to drink the shot faster if you want your card to be picked. Endless fun! 

5. Drunk Twister

Drunk Twister

Equipment needed: Twister equipment, shot glasses, and alcohol. | Players: 2 to 4;

Everything you need to know about ‘Drunk Twister’:There’s no better thing than getting comfy at home, playing Twister, and having a few drinks. Besides the basic rules, there are some twists added. Start by placing shot glasses in each of the circles on the mat. When you occupy a circle on the mat, you drink. If you slip, you also drink. If you fall (meaning, you touch the floor with your elbow or knee), you’re out of the game but must finish a drink as well. The game ends whenever you’ve drank all shot glasses! 

6. Circle Of Death

Circle Of Death

Equipment needed: A deck of cards, an unopened can, and drinks. | Players: 2 to 8;

Everything you need to know about ‘Circle Of Death’:To start playing Circle Of Death, place the can or cup in the center, and spread the deck of cards around, face-down. Then, you’re gonna take turns drawing cards and completing actions based on the cards. If it’s an Ace, all players must waterfall. If it’s a card with values from 2 to 5, drink as many sips as the value. If it’s a 9, you must start a game of Categories. If it’s a King, you may make up a new game rule. However, you find the full instructions in the link attached above. 

7. Walker Bottle

Walker Bottle

Equipment needed: 2 plastic bottles, tape, an extra bottle of alcohol, and drinks | Players: 3 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘Walker Bottle’: Since when do bottles walk? Well, to play this drinking game at home, start by marking 7 spaces with plastic tape (just as shown in the picture). Then, both players at a time must flip their plastic bottles. For every correct flip, you can move the alcohol bottle one space forward to your opponent. Both players aim to move the bottle all the way to the first space on the opponent’s side because then they must drink it, and also lose the game! It’s similar to playing Hook Ring Toss

8. Straight Face

Straight Face

Equipment needed: pieces of paper, pens, and alcohol. | Players: 4 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘Straight Face’:Who doesn’t love a game that makes you burst into laughter? To play straight face, all players must write down something funny, inappropriate, hard-to-read, or really, anything that comes into their mind, in small pieces of paper, and fold them in half. Then, after all the pieces have been mixed, players take turns drawing one piece of paper and reading out loud, without giggling or laughing. If successful, the turn is passed to the next player. If not, that player must drink!

9. Truth Or Drink

Truth Or Drink

Equipment needed: an empty bottle, a list of questions, and drinks | Players: 3 to 8;

Everything you need to know about ‘Truth Or Drink’:Truth Or Drink is the game of confessions, and drinks. Simply, sit in a circle, and spin a bottle to tell who’s gonna answer the questions (whoever the bottle points to). Then, keep an eye on our Truth Or Drink list of questions, and ask one of the questions you like. If the person who must answer thinks the question is too personal, or simply doesn’t prefer to answer, has to drink. So you either get deep or get drunk!

10. Movie Drinking Game

Movie Drinking Game

Equipment needed: a movie you like, and drinks for everyone | Players: 1 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘Movie Drinking Game’:The first good thing is that you can play a movie drinking game all by yourself! The point of the game is that you’ll play a movie (whatever the group prefers), keep your beers neer, and drink every time the rules tell you to. For instance, you’ll drink when a fantasy scene appears, someone speaks a foreign language, you see nudity, or whatever. It really depends on the movie. We already have a list of the best 20 Movie Drinking Games with all the rules included, so make sure to check that out!

11. Slap Cup

Slap Cup

Equipment needed: around 20 plastic cups, alcohol, and 2 ping-pong balls | Players: 4 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘Slap Cup’:To start playing this large-group drinking game, start by arranging all cups in a hexagon, and filling them ⅓ with alcohol, besides two cups, which are placed in front of two players. These two players must try to bounce the ball into the empty cup in front of them and pass the ball & the cup to the next player. However, if you’re bouncing the ball, but the player on your left is trying to bounce it into their cup, you must slap their cup away. That player must then grab another cup from the middle of the table, drink the alcohol, and then try to bounce the ball again. 
Here’s a video of people playing it, in case you need to watch it: Slap Cup Drinking Game

12. Pin Pon Pan

Pin Pon Pan

Equipment needed: drinks only. | Players: 3 to 10;

Everything you need to know about ‘Pin Pon Pan’:Applause for this cool Japanese drinking game! The game is pretty simple tho. The first player must say ‘Pin’, the second says ‘Pon’, and the third says ‘Pan’. The third player, after saying ‘Pan’, must point to another player who must start the circle all over again, meaning, say ‘Pin’. Whoever messes up the words (their order), takes too long to say something, or is unaware that it’s their turn, must drink. 

13. The Great American Challenge

The Great American Challenge

Equipment needed: beers, weed or cigars, 2 large pizzas, a puzzle, and a timer. | Players: 4 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘The Great American Challenge’:The Great American Challenge is not for the weak. To play, there should be 2 or more teams. The game is played in 4 main phases: Drinking, Smoking, Eating, and Use Your Brain. All teams going at once must first finish all their cans of beer (usually 30 cans), then finish 2 grams of weed or cigars, eat two large pizzas, and finally, complete a puzzle. The latter can be super-challenging when you’re, you know, drunk, high, and full on the stomach. The first team to complete all 4 phases, wins!

14. Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga

Equipment needed: Jenga tiles, Sharpies, and drinks. | Players: 2 to 6;

Everything you need to know about ‘Drunk Jenga’:Drinking game Jenga is everyone’s go-to game, undoubtedly. To play the game, first, you gotta write up some dares and drinking challenges in the tiles. Then, you must set the tower up, and play as usual. However, once you draw a tile, before placing it on top of the tower, you must complete the challenge written on it first. Whoever crashes the Jenga tower, has to down their drink.

15. Ride The Bus

Ride The Bus

Equipment needed: a deck of standard cards, and alcohol. | Players: 2 and more;

Everything you need to know about ‘Ride The Bus’:This drinking card game starts with guessing if the next card will be red or black. The second phase includes guessing if the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card. The third phase is all about guessing if the card will be in between or out of the previous 2 cards. The last guessing phase, makes you guess the suit. Then, you’ll build the pyramid, and give drinks based on the cards in your hand that match with the pyramid ones. Last but not least, the player with the most cards remaining, rides the bus, and drinks for every card on the Court. You may read the full rules here.

16. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Equipment needed: 20 to 30 plastic cups, ping-pong balls, and drinks. | Players: 2 to 8;

Everything you need to know about ‘Beer Pong’:As a team-drinking game, Beer Pong is usually played in two teams of 1 to 4 players each. Both teams should stand on opposite sides of the table, arranging their cups into pyramids, starting with 4 or 5 cups at the bottom, and ending with 1 on top. Players must try to throw the ball into one of their opponent’s cups. If successful, the other team must drink the cup the ball went into. The game ends whenever one of the teams has drunk all their cups, and that team loses! 

Final Thoughts

For our social-anxiety fellas, who just want to enjoy a game night at home without having to socialize with strangers, these games are the perfect idea. Not only they don’t require special equipment, but also are super-entertaining & unique. For the best experience, make sure you pick 2 or more games, so you don’t end up replaying a single game several times and get bored of it. Cheers!

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