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Time has proven that drinking games are game changers. One main reason could particularly be that you hate dealing with the equipment (cards, list of questions, drinking rules). You’re a lucky human! Today, we’ll present to you a remarkable list of drinking game apps, that require no extra stuff, but your will to have fun! 

  • The apps:
  1. Picolo;
  2. IPuke;
  3. The King’s Cup;
  4. Hangovr;
  5. Game Of Shots;
  6. Do Or Drink;
  7. Bottle Royale;
  8. Symposium;
  9. Drink Or Doom;
  10. King Of Booze;
  11. Drinkie;
  12. 5 Second Rule;
  13. Most Likely To;
  14. Drinkopoly;
  15. Drink It;
  16. Drunk Potato;
  17. Drin’kiss;
  18. Drinktivity;
  19. Ride The Bus;
  20. Fact Or False;
  • Conclusion;

1. Picolo


Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Picolo’:Let’s start with Picolo, an amazing party game that works well for any number of players, especially for large groups! The game is divided into different parts of gameplay, including Virus, Penalty, Maximum Penalty, Game, and more. You’ll be asked to say or perform things for a specific amount of time, drink if you’ve done something in particular, answer ‘Would You Rather’ questions, and many more fun ones.
Important to know: The main, basic mode is free. However, if you want to unlock the ‘Getting Crazy’, ‘Bar’, ‘Caliente’ & ‘War’ modes, you have to pay $4.99 per week.

2. IPuke


Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘IPuke’:Do you puke, fella? It’s available to be played by 2 people or more, however, the more the merrier. To start playing this drinking game on a phone, add the players’ names. The game is mostly based on challenges, such as adding ketchup to your drink, faking an orgasm (whoopsies), eating a napkin, and continuing further. You get points for every completed challenge, and you may also add points if you drink extra shots. The player who has the most points at the end of the game wins.
Important to know: The starter deck, coming with 62 cards (a.k.a challenges) is free. The other decks, counting ‘The dictator’, ‘YOLO’, ‘Epic Night’, ‘Spicy’, ‘Social Shame’, ‘Have You Got Balls?’, and the other 6, cost $0.99 each.  

3. The King’s Cup

The King's Cup

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘The King’s Cup’:Even though the logo and the game design itself are a bit different on IOS and Android, the game idea & rules are the same. It’s worth mentioning that there are the same rules as in the card game, obviously King’s Cup. The priority is that you’ll have you don’t need to have a deck of cards or remember the rules. You’ll get your card, randomly, and you immediately know what you should do, based on the card. To remind you, there is one rule for each card (for example, you waterfall for every Ace), just like playing Circle Of Death
Important to know: The game is free and there aren’t any special packs. 

4. Hangovr


Get the app on the App Store or APKCombo;

Details about ‘Hangovr’:A game that besides the fun, has a very cool logo! It is made to be played by 2 to 16 players, nevertheless, it’s great as a drinking game for small groups. Something I find very amazing is the way to choose the turn. All of you hold your fingers on the screen, and it tells you who should continue. The game has more than 300 games and challenges, like actual phone games, and then some personal questions. Some of the games are also multiplayer ones, so you start competitions with your favorite people. Super duper fun! 
Important to know: Besides the main pack, you can buy the Champion’s Pack ($1.99) and the Hot Pack ($3.99) as well. Also, you may unlock a game for free by connecting to their Facebook page.

5. Game Of Shots

Game Of Shots

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Game Of Shots’:Don’t we all love drinking games with shots? This one is full of challenges! It’s like all the drinking games in one app. ‘I’ve Never’, ‘Shake Da Booze’, ‘Minesweeper’, ‘Truth or Dare’, ‘King’s Cup’, and many more. The thing is that many of the games have different levels on them. For instance, ‘Truth Or Dare’ comes in light, extreme & hot, and complete! There are also a bunch of cool questions and dares, which also tell what amount of shots you have to take. I mean, that’s the whole point of drinking games, isn’t it?

Important to know: For extra questions and challenges, you have to pay subscription fees every month, whose prices depend on the pack. 

6. Do or Drink

Do Or Drink

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Do Or Drink’:‘Do Or Drink’ never fails to amaze us! Just as the name explains, everything is all about doing something or drinking. There are ‘Would You Rather?’ questions, ‘Kings Cup’ challenges, NSFW, Classic questions, and more. There are also punishment cards that can be added to whatever deck you’re playing, and let me tell you, they’re wonderful! There’s no specific number of players, and you won’t have to write names and all that. All the rules are applied to the whole group fellas! 
Important to know: The Demo Deck, Classic, Kings Cup, Punishment & Rule decks are free. However, some decks get unlocked when you play one of the previous ones, but you can also purchase the extra ones.

7. Bottle Royale

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Bottle Royale’:Aren’t you loving these drinking game apps free? Bottle Royale, besides having this fancy name, has one of the fanciest gameplays ever! In the game, each character has 10 lives. Since you’re gonna be landing in hostile surroundings, y’all aim to be the last player remaining in the game. You’ll be stuck in several situations, while you’ll be asked to steal weapons, set raps, choose between losing lives, and more. If you die, meaning you’ve lost all 10 of your lives, you lose and must finish your drink.
Important to know:The first mode (‘For Night!’) is free. However, there are 4 main modes that can be unlocked if you go premium ($4.99 per week, or $14.99 per month).

8. Symposium

Get the app on the App Store;

Details about ‘Symposium’:As you understand, this is an IOS drinking game app. To play the Symposium, there should be 2 or more players, meaning, it’s a great 2-player drinking game app! You must turn the screen to start and then read all the customized challenges. Well, you’ll get asked to vote for each other, drink for specific situations, imitate each other, take shots together with another player, slap other players on the ass & guess who did it, and more. Keep in mind that because of the content, this only works as a drinking game for adults.
Important to know:The game is free only for a specific amount of time. While playing, you’ll get a notification that you’re halfway through your free game time. You may access the full game for $3.99.

9. Drink Or Doom

Drink Or Doom

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Drink Or Doom’:Have you ever thought of a drinking game based on comics? Well, you will now! It’s like watching a short movie or reading a comic book, but it will make you drink! You choose the number of players, write down the names, and click start. You’ll roll the dice (on the screen, of course) and next see your character moving & stopping in its destiny. It could be something like playing air guitar or drinking, picking someone to drink with, letting someone pinch you or drink, and such things. It has a very unique design and you can barely get bored with it! 
Important to know: You can customize the game settings (unit system, music volume, auto roll dice, and more). You may also pay $0.99 and make your own custom cards.

10. King Of Booze

King Of Booze

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘King Of Booze’:First things first, the game design of this phone drinking game is cool. There is an amazing roulette, which after rolling the dice, tells you what challenge to complete & how many shots to drink! You should add the players’ names, and all questions get customized. It tells you which friend you should allow to draw you a mustache, which girl you should kiss, or drink several drinks. I love how creative and fun all of the challenges are. 
Important to know: The app is free only for Android users. Whoever uses IOS, must pay $2.99 to download the game.

11. Drinkie


Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Drinkie’:Shall we drinkie, drinkie? Our next drinking games app is a collaboration of different games, including spinning the bottle, actions, new rules, ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions, etc. You’ll share personal experiences, start group challenges, add a laughing rule, make the guys or girls drink, and a lot of other cool ones! We love how simple it is and how much fun you will have. Most of the time, the group decides who drinks based on the voting, or completing dares.
Important to know: We love playing the Tipsy pack which is great fun. Nevertheless, if you’re willing for more, you may go premium ($4.99 per week) to unlock all game packs & remove ads.

12. 5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule - Drinking Game

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about the ‘5 Second Rule’:We all know the ‘5 Second Rule’, we all love it! Just like in the standard game, the point is that you have to name several things (most likely 3 or 5) when you have a chosen category, in a time limit of 5 seconds! You may have to name 3 underwear brands, breeds of dog, local movies, brands of motorcycles, and more. Clearly, if you can’t answer in 5 seconds, you have to drink. Before drinking, make sure you click on guessed or not signs. 5 seconds may seem like a blink of an eye, but, make your mind work faster! 
Important to know: Once again, 3 main decks (‘Little Party’, ‘Big Party’ & ‘Mega Party’) are free, and there is a total of 500 cards in them! To unlock it all, you can go premium ($1.99 a week). 

13. Most Likely To…

Most Likely To

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Most Likely To…’:Who’s most likely to love this drinking game app that asks questions? We all are! You may play with as many players as you want, starting from 2. In the app, you’ll have your ‘Who’s Most Likely To’ questions, just as you were playing the normal drinking game. You’ll get to answer stuff like ‘Most likely to laugh so hard they cry’, ‘Most likely to have a homosexual experience’, ‘Most likely to pee in the shower’, and hundreds of unexpected ones! When a question is read, everyone has to vote who they think fits the content best. The most-voted player has to drink.
Important to know: The 2 main packs (The Pre-Party and Wild Pack), with a total of 261 questions, are free. However, there are 9 other packs you may unlock if you subscribe ($2.99 per week, or $41.99 per year).

14. Drinkopoly


Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Drinkopoly’:I mean, who doesn’t like a good Drinkopoly though? The game is full of surprises! You may select more than one deck to play, so there will be a cool mix. In this new mobile drinking app, there will be stuff such as night confessions, mini-games, fights, jackpots, and a bunch of others. Some challenges require you to drink if you fail to complete them, while some others require you to drink to complete them. What we love is that the app also keeps track of how many shots you’ve taken. Isn’t that cool?
Important to know: Lightweight, Guess In 5 Secs & 5 Naughty Secs are free packs. Other packs, counting Dirty, Let’s Coupulate, WTF, and 2 others, cost $3.99 each.

15. Drink It

Drink It

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Drink It’:Let’s welcome a game that is full of questions & cool ideas!  If you pick the first pack, the Classic, you’ll deal with ‘Category’ (e.g. naming Disney characters), ‘Most Likely’, ‘Act It’ (acting Harry Potter without saying the name), ‘Event’ (choosing a song everyone has to sing along to), ‘New Rule’, ‘Never Have I Ever’, ‘Do It’, etc. We love seeing such a mix of different stuff. There will be funny content, but also personal to help you know people better. Usually, the whole group is active in the challenges. 
Important to know: Only the first deck is free. ‘Dirty Secrets’, ‘Getting Crazy’, ‘Choose Yourself’ & ‘My Games’ cost $3.99 each, or you can unlock all if you go premium for $10.99.

16. Drunk Potato

Drunk Potato

Get the app on Google Play;

Details about ‘Drunk Potato’:The name is pretty… strange, isn’t it? Well, first, this original version isn’t one of the drinking games on the App Store, unfortunately. The whole idea behind it is to answer random questions before the timer ends and pass the phone to the next player. Questions are something like: name 5 animals that people eat, name 2 movies about dancing, list 3 foods you crave when you’re hungover, and more. If you’re still stuck with the questions, even though the timer’s off, you have to drink. 
Important to know: There are a few other modes available on the app, which don’t require actual money. You can unlock them by earning coins on the game, or by watching videos. 

17. Drin’kiss


Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Drin’kiss’:I’ve concluded that we’re never getting tired of couples drinking games! You may play with your partner, or with other couples as well! Once you enter the names in this drinking game for couples app, you may choose between drinking games OR Truth, Dare, Kiss, Or Drink. There are questions, challenges, and of course, there’s drinking. In the second mode, there’s a roulette that tells you if you’ll deal with truth, dare, kiss, or drink. For example, if the app has picked ‘kiss’ for you, it also tells you where you should kiss your partner. So so romantic! 
Important to know: The main packs of both modes are free. To unlock all packs, you have to pay $10.99.

18. Drinktivity

Get the app on the App Store or APKPure;

Details about ‘Drinktivity’:Cheers for a team-drinking game you’ll fall in love with! In Drinktivity, all players will be divided into 2 teams. You must at least turn on one mode for a game round, but you may turn 2 or more as well. The idea of the game is that teams will compete with each other in completing challenges. Therefore, in one turn, 2 players from 2 teams will go at once, and do stuff such as cartwheeling, putting 2 socks on the table, finishing their cup, doing 50 push-ups, and more. You must answer who completed the challenge first, and the app tells the punishment for the losing team! 
Important to know:2 main modes (Race & Fisht of Champions) are free. But, there are 7 other game modes that can be unlocked if you go premium, for $3.49 a week.

19. Ride The Bus

Get the app on the App Store or Google Play;

Details about ‘Ride The Bus’:Don’t you remember our astonishing Ride The Bus? Well, the drinking game app, is just like playing the standard card game, but with a twist: you won’t need cards! In the game app, on your turn, you’ll get asked to pick a card (facedown), and first guess if it’s red or black, then, guess if the next card is higher or lower, guess if the third card is outside or in-between, and lastly, guess the suit. If you guess any incorrectly, the app tells you to drink. However, the game can end with all players being off the bus, or the deck running out of cards.
Important to know:The game is all free, and you may customize the options, such as the game mode, layout, card color, selection, and a few others.

20. Fact Or False

Get the app on the App Store;

Details about ‘Fact Or False’:You say you have a strong intuition, don’t you? Fact Or False will test that real quick. The game is super simple: you’ll take turns guessing if the information shown on screen, such as ‘sugar makes children hyper’, ‘goldfish have a memory of 3 seconds’, or ‘men blink twice as much as women’ is fact or false. After clicking on ‘check’, the app tells you the answer. If you guess correctly, you’re safe. If you’ve guessed incorrectly, you must take 2 sips of your drink, while other players take one sip, just because.  
Important to know:There’s a free pack that contains questions to break the ice, but there’s an extra deck available too, it’s called Pro and costs $3.99.

Conclusion: Are These Games As Fun As They Seem?

From someone who has played all the games, sincerely, yes, all games are worth playing. Some are more replayable but other than that, each offers great content, funny questions & cool challenges. They have also proved that they are amazing games to help you know people better. Cheers, fellas!

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