20 Absolute Best Drinking Card Games

Shots Drinks
Shots Drinks

What makes a fun drinking night fun? A hell of a good adult card game

Whether you’re looking for drinking games with regular cards, or card games that are designed to be mixed with drinking, you’ve come to the right place.

Some of these are drinking card games for small groups, and some are for larger groups. At times it feels like some of these are plainly shot games, with cards.

Do not forget that are some good drinking games you can play with no card or drinking games for three persons.

You need an easy, simple card game. And what are some simple card games? You will surely find out in this article! 

Before we continue, keep in mind to:

  • Drink responsibly;
  • Have a sober drive by the end of the night;
  • Stop drinking if you start feeling sick.

… for your own and others good. 

First you’ll see the drinking games you can play with regular cards, which are listed below:

(To make it super easy for you, we made downloadable and printable pictures with the rules for each of the following games.)

  1. Kings
  2. F*ck the Dealer
  3. Bullsh*t
  4. Beeramid (a.k.a Pyramid)
  5. Ride the Bus
  6. Across the Bridge
  7. President

After the classics, you’ll find a list of card games that are designed especially for drinking:

  1. Do or Drink
  2. These Cards Will Get You Drunk
  3. Truth or Drink
  4. Buzzed
  5. Fear Pong
  6. You Laugh You Drink
  7. Sotally Tober
  8. Trunk of Drunk
  9. Under the Influence
  10. Last Call
  11. Tipsy Chicken
  12. Loaded Kings
  13. Drink to Forget 2020

Let’s get this started!!


Kings Drinking Card Game
Kings printable/downloadable rules paper

You’ll need the Kings card deck, alcohol, and friends (or other people that agreed to this).


Place the cards face down around an unopened drink(e.g beer can, bottle of vodka, etc). Everyone participating sits around the table, or anywhere you’re playing the game on. 

Each of you take turns on drawing a card from the cards spread around the drink. You do whatever the cards tell you to do (e.g drink, give a drink, etc)

Here’s the list of cards and what action they’re used to mostly represent:

Ace – Waterfall. Everyone starts drinking and doesn’t stop until the player in front of them does. 

2 – You. Assign a drink to someone. 
3 – Me. Drink.
4 – Floor. Everyone has to touch the floor, the last one to do so drinks.
5 – Guys. All guys/boys/gentlemen drink. 
6 – Chicks. All chicks/girls/ladies drink.
7 – Heaven. Everyone has to point up, the last one to do so drinks. 
8 – Mate. Pick someone to drink with. 
9 – Rhyme. Say something, everyone else says something else that rhymes to what you said.
10 – Categories. Pick a category, everyone says something related to that category.

Jack – Never have I ever. Everyone put 3 fingers up; You drew this card, you start first with “Never have I ever [did/said/made something]”, whoever did what is said in the “Never have I ever”, puts a finger down. Keep going, until someone loses.

Queen – Questions. You drew the card, you ask a question to someone (by random choice), and that someone asks someone else a question. Keep it going until someone is not able to ask a question/answer the given question.

King – Ruler. Make the others do anything you’d like. This goes on, until someone else draws a King.


Fuck-the-Dealer Drinking Card Game
F*CK THE DEALER printable/downloadable rules paper

You will need: cards, drinks, and friends (anyone who agrees to play doesn’t matter the relationship with them)

Sit around the table, with the cards spread in a circular way face down. Everyone should pick a card from the cards; whoever pics the lowest number (2-10) starts first; that’s the first dealer. 

The dealer asks the player to their left to guess the first card on top of the deck (from the Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs). If they guess right, the dealer drinks and the other player becomes the dealer; if they guess wrong, they drink. 

If the first ‘guesser’ guessed wrong, they will now have to guess the number of the next card to be drawn. If they guess correctly, the dealer drinks; if they guess wrong, they drink.

If the ‘guesser’ guessed wrong again, they get another chance. This time they’ll have to guess if the next card to be drawn is higher or lower than the previous drawn card. If they guess wrong they drink and become the dealer; if they guess right, the dealer drinks.

This is how the game goes, but you can always add extra things to it like:

  • If you feel like changing the dealer 2 players in a row have to guess incorrectly all 3 times. 

A new dealer can begin with the new deck, if the current dealer doesn’t change before all cards are used.


Bullshit Drinking Card Game
BULLSH*T printable/downloadable rules paper

You will need: A deck of cards, and drinks (more than one beer per game).

Everyone picks a stack of cards (randomly), on the other hand, the player on the left of the dealer plays their Aces face down. 

They have the right to lie about their number of Aces. Example: They have 3 Aces, they can put 4. Of course they can do this, only if they feel like it. 

Everyone must call out the card they’re playing on their turn.  If one of the players calls bullshit the cards must get flipped over to see if it is a lie or not. If the one who called bullshit ‘caught’ the bullshitter gets it wrong, they have to drink and take those cards. If the bullshitter gets ‘caught’ they get to drink and take the cards.

The next player must play the next lowest card (comparing with the previous turn) each turn. Example: The previous card was 4, the next should be 3. 

When the twos are played the game should start back at Aces, and then continue the game. 

The game goes on, until one of the players has no cards left in their hands, which makes them the winner. The winner will make everyone finish their drinks!


Beeramid Drinking Card Game
Beeramid printable/downloadable rules paper

You will need: A deck of cards, beer, and people (OBVIOUSLY!).

A beeramid of cards is constructed by first starting from the base. You know, like most constructions out there, gotta start from the base!

The base is usually made out of seven(7) cards face down, however it can be another number of cards if you don’t feel like placing 7. After the base you build up in rows until there is one card left at the top of your beeramid. 

The rest of the remaining cards should be spread evenly to all the participating players. 

The dealer will now have to flip out the card on top of your beeramid, and call out the card value; If any of the players has that card in their hand, they can ‘assign’ a drink to anyone from the players. 

The person can have the drink, or say “bullshit”; If the person who claimed to have the card shows the exact card, the other will have to drink twice. On the other hand if they don’t have the same card, they will have to drink twice. 

After one row of the pyramid is finished, you start by drawing the first card of the next row.Every card that is drawn from the row has the same value as the number of rows. Example: In the second row, players will assign 2 drinks, third row 3 drinks, and so on. 

Keep in mind, that the bullshit calls have the doubled value of the row. Example: In the second row, in the bullshit calls the values of the cards will be 4 drinks. 

If one of the players has two of the drawn cards from the beeramid, they can have both cards to the same person, or split them up to two players. 

If both players call bullshit, then the other player has to show two cards. If only one of the players calls bullshit, then the other player has to show only one card.

Once it is time for the last row, there is the Penalty Beer. Which is the beer that will be drunk by someone who loses the bullshit call. They’ll have to drink the entire bottle without taking their lips off the bottle. 


Ride The Bus Drinking Game
Ride the buss printable/downloadable rules paper

You will need: Deck of cards, drinks, people.

Start by shuffling the cards randomly, and assigning the dealer. All the players must be in a circle around the table, with their beers ready. 

The game is divided in 4 rounds (1st, 2nd, 3d, and final round), and completing the pyramid.

First round – The dealer begins by asking everyone “red or black?”, then they flip out the first card in front of the first player. If correct they assign a drink, if incorrect they have a drink. Continue, until all the players have their first card.

Second round – Next question is “higher or lower?” (Ace is high). Players have to guess whether the card in front of them is higher or lower than their first/previous card. The rules are the same as the first round, except this time if there are identical cards means an automatic penalty (the player drinks right away).

Third round – Question of the third round is “in between or outside?” which means is the next card going to be outside the values of your previous cards, or inside that ‘frame’. Example: If you had a 10 and a 3, the inside would be any cards from 3 to 10, the outside would be Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and 2. 

Fourth round – This round the players will be asked to pick a suit. It is most likely to be incorrect, however if you get it right you get to distribute 5 drinks to any of the players you wish, and get to avoid drinking. If you get it wrong, you, obviously, have to drink. 

Completing the pyramid – Everyone keeps their four cards secretly. While the dealer starts building a pyramid of cards starting from the base of 5 cards. 

The value of cards is higher on the top. Meaning, the cards in the bottom of the pyramid assign a lower number of drinks. 

You start drawing cards from the bottom row… If any of the cards matches, you place the card on top of the matching card and get to assign any of the players drinks associated with the row. 

Riding the bus – Once all the cards of the pyramid are flipped over, the person who has most cards in their hands will have to ride the bus. 

The dealer will lay 10 cards face down, and flip them over one by one. The number cards will not punish the ‘bus rider’ but other cards will. Jack (1 drink), Queen (2 drinks), King (3 drinks), Ace (4 drinks).


Across The Bridge Drinking Card Game
Across the bridge printable/downloadable rules paper

You will need: Deck of cards, drinks, and people. 

Shuffle the deck of cards randomly, and place ten cards faced down in a line. The point is for the players to try and ‘cross’ the bridge by flipping the cards over. 

If it is a numbered card, you continue flipping the rest of the cards. If it is a face card (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) then you drink and remove the card from the line. You must replace the card depending on which face card it is:

Jack – you put back one card.

Queen – you put back two cards.

King – you put back three cards.

Ace – you put back four cards.

The turn passes clockwise. The person that flips the last card of the line wins the game, and everyone else must drink. 


President Drinking Game
President printable/downloadable rules paper

The point of the game is for the players to get rid of all the cards in their hands. 

You shuffle the deck of cards randomly and all players draw a card, the one who draws the lowest card number becomes the dealer. If it is a tie between two players, you both redraw. 

Once the dealer distributes the cards to all the players, the player to the left of the dealer plays a card (face up) or a set of cards if they’re the same (e.g two fours); Any higher value of a single or set of cards will beat the current ones. 

Keep in mind that you cannot beat a set of cards with a single card no matter how high its value is. 

If you don’t feel like playing a card, you can pass. However, you’ll have to play something next round. 

The first of the players to get rid of all the cards in their hands is called the President, and the one who gets to have most cards by the end of the game is called the Scum.

The President is considered to be of higher rank. So, the players of the higher rank can assign drinks to the ones of the lower rank, anytime.

Card Games Designed Especially For Drinking

If you don’t feel like adjusting to regular playing cards, and want to make it more fun, you’ll find the list below more than helpful:

1. Do or Drink

Do or Drink

Buy on Amazon for $29.99

Do or Drink has 350 cards which are designed to be suitable for people aged 21+ (because it’s a drinking game!). It is meant to be played by 2+ players. Sorry, you cannot play it by yourself Gertrude. 

The cards are divided into 175 Black Cards, and 175 White Cards. The rules are very simple too. 

As the name of the game says, the point is to take the challenge written on the card, or drink the amount of alcohol that’s written on the card. 

There is also a twist on the White Cards, there DRAW, VOTE, WAR, and CATEGORIES of White Cards. They add more fun and make the game more dynamic.

Read our Do or Drink Game Review

Do or Drink – Expansions You Can Add

Expansion Pack #1 – Buy on Amazon for $21.99; Expansion Pack #2 – Buy on Amazon for $21.99; Pride Expansion – Buy on Amazon for $17.99.

If you’re wondering what an expansion is, check out What are Card Games Terms Expansion Packs, Editions Explained

2. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Buy on Amazon for $15.99

The game has 100 cards, and it is one of the simplest games to play! Yes, even more simple than C.A.H rules

You just put the deck of cards where everyone can reach it, and clockwise take turns to draw the cards which will determine who will drink, and how much they will drink. 

Get ready to be surprised by how much your friends want you to drink. I’d suggest you surprise them too!

These Cards Will Get You Drunk can be refreshed with the These Cards Will Get You Drunk Too – Buy on Amazon for $15.99

3. Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink

Buy on Amazon for $35.00

Truth or Drink has 275 cards. It has 5 decks inside:

  1. On the Rocks
  2. Extra Dirty
  3. Happy Hour
  4. Last Call
  5. With a Twist

Each gives a sort of a vibe, and the questions inside them have that exact vibe. 

Basically, you have to answer the questions truthfully or drink. Pretty simple and cool, right?

Here’s a list made with 160 ‘Truth Or Drink’ Fun Questions To Make Your Party Enchanting!

Truth or Drink also has expansions: What Up Fam Expansion – Buy on Amazon for $20.00; Sin Expansion – Buy on Amazon for $20.00.

For Potterheads who are crazy, they can play their Harry Potter Drinking Game.

4. Buzzed

Buy on Amazon for $19.99

A super fun game, with 250 cards inside, and a super simple way of playing. It is a game brought by What Do You Meme?, you can’t expect it to be other than awesome.

Put the deck of the cards where everyone can reach it, take turns to draw the cards, and do whatever the card tells you to do. As simple as that. 

You can expect cards like: “If you drink milk with your meals, take a drink. You belong in federal prison.”, it is very funny but you haven’t seen anything! And honestly, if a card tells you to drink about something weird you do… Drink!

You can refresh the game with Buzzed First Expansion – Buy on Amazon for $14.99

5. Fear Pong

Fear Pong: Internet Famous

Buy on Amazon for $25.00

Fear Pong contains 100 cards that have 2 dares inside, making it 200 dares inside a pretty box.

Set the table by putting cups filled with beer in triangle shapes on both sides of the table. Next, a card dares under each cup. You can divide into teams, or just play each for themselves. 

Take turns to try to land a ball into one of the opponent’s cups. If it manages to land into the cup, they get to decide whether they want to take two dares, or skip them and drink.

Some expansions you can add to Fear Pong: Scared to Death Expansion – Buy on Amazon for $19.00; Ball Sack Expansion – Buy on Amazon for $12.00.

Might be interested in Drinking Games for 2 People.

6. You Laugh You Drink

Buy on Amazon for $15.00

You Laugh You Drink has 150 cards, and it’s suitable for 3+ players. 

The rules are simple:

When it’s your turn to draw a card you read it (not to others).

Pick your target, if you manage to make them laugh within 30 seconds, they drink, and you get to keep the card hence you get a point. 

If you don’t manage to make them laugh, you take the “sip of shame”; basically, you take a sip of drink, and your target keeps the card and gets a point.

The first one to get 7 points, wins.  

7. Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober

Buy on Amazon for $17.95

Sotally Tober has 125 cards, and it is suitable for 2+ players. Its cards are divided into:

Orange – Activity Cards.
Green – Skill Cards.
Blue – Curse Cards.
Yellow – Secret Cards.
Red – Decree Cards.

Shuffle the cards, and take turns to draw cards. Do whatever the card tells you to do. It’s about performing the action, buddy! It is quite simple, the one who drank the least wins the game. 

Sotally Tober – Close & Personal Edition

This edition has 125 cards, and it’s suitable for 4+ players. 

The rules are the exact same with the original edition, except the content of this one is CLOSE & PERSONAL.

8. Trunk of Drunk

Buy on Amazon for $19.99

*slaps the box* this beautiful baby has 8 of the greatest drinking games in it:

Beer Pong, Ring of Fire or King’s Cup, I Have Never, Most Likely, Flip Cup, 21’s, Arrogance, and Screw The Dealer.

It also has 4 ping pong balls, 20 reusable cups, a custom deck of cards, and the rules for the games. 

It is a good deal, for $19.99 you get the cups, the balls, and 8 games. All you have to do is get your people and the drinks to get the fun started!

9. Under the Influence

Buy on Amazon for $19.99

This game can be played by 4-12 players. Under the Influence has 200 cards divided into 4 decks:

  1. Truth or Lie
  2. Who’s Who?
  3. Brain Benders
  4. Shots No Chaser

Place the decks where everyone can reach them, and take turns to draw a card from the deck you wish to draw it from. Once you draw the card, you must read it loud, and do what it says. 

When it says drink, it doesn’t necessarily mean to have the entire drink. You can have a sip. This, unless it says have a shot, then you have to have a shot. 

You can also mix up the decks if you feel like it. 

Under the Influence also has an expansion called Extremely Under The Influence – Buy on Amazon for $19.99.

10. Last Call

Buy on Amazon for $19.99

The deck of Last Call has 150 cards, which are suitable for 3+ players. 

There are 4 types of cards:

  • Call Out
  • Last Place
  • Call to Action
  • Last Who

The rules are simple, just like most drinking games. 

Put the deck where everyone can reach it, and take turns to draw the cards. Once you draw the card, read what it says, and do what it says. 

Here’s a line from one of the cards of this deck: “Most likely to marry rich has to drink.”

11. Tipsy Chicken

Buy on Amazon for $19.99

Tipsy Chicken has 200 cards, and it can be played by 3-9 players. Grab your drinks, and get your friends, relate to a tipsy chicken. 

There are 3 decks into the deck:

  • Chicken (punishment cards)
  • Dare
  • Goat (reward cards)

Draw a dare card, and if you choose to complete the dare, you get to get a Goat Card. If you choose to not take the dare, then you get the Chicken Card. 

Remember: Goats are praised, chickens chicken out. 

12. Loaded Kings

Buy on Amazon for $10.00

Loaded Kings has 54 cards, and it is a drinking game for 2-10 players. Meaning it is suitable for 2 players and more up to 10.

Spread all cards face down around the table, someone goes first and draws a card, and each goes ahead to take their turns on drawing cards (clockwise). Follow the instructions on the cards, and drink!

13. Drink to Forget 2020

Buy on Amazon for $16.99

Drinking to Forget 2020 has 110 cards which are designed to be played by 2-20 players.

The rules are simple for this game too. If a card tells you to drink, drink, friend! You simply read what the cards say, whether it is a question, an action, you have it all in the cards. Enjoy forgetting 2020!


Just so you don’t get confused, conclusion is not a drinking game. It is the conclusion of the article you dummy!

These are super easy drinking card games.

You can have fun whichever way. Plan a drinking game night a long time before, order one (or as many as you wish) of the drinking games online; or play with what you have in disposition. Your choice!

In case we missed any game, Let us know in comments, your favorite drinking game card.

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