21 Absolute Best Drinking Card Games

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Since I’ve always loved social gatherings and had the chance to attend hundreds of parties, one thing I always noticed is that people go through trouble to find good drinking games. And we all know that that’s what makes parties fun! Drinking card games have been staples of entertainment for decades, and the best part is that they don’t require any extra supply. Today, I’m here to share with you some of all-time favorites, that always bring joy to game nights! 

  • Drinking games played with standard cards:
  1. Kings;
  2. F*ck the Dealer;
  3. Drunk Driver;
  4. Bullsh*t;
  5. Ride the Bus;
  6. Fe Fi Fo Fum;
  7. Across the Bridge;
  8. President;
  • Drinking card games:
  1. Do or Drink;
  2. Go Hoe Or Go Home;
  3. These Cards Will Get You Drunk;
  4. Truth or Drink;
  5. Buzzed;
  6. Beer Pressure;
  7. You Laugh You Drink;
  8. Sotally Tober;
  9. Under the Influence;
  10. Charge It 2 The Game;
  11. Last Call;
  12. First & Last;
  13. Coolcats & Asshats;
  • Final Thoughts;

Drinking Card Games Played With Regular Cards

All you need to get drunk with your favorite people is a standard deck of cards & our rules. And drinks, by all means. Ps. Since we’re good friends, here’s a friendly reminder: we already have a whole list of drinking games played with a deck of cards!

1. Kings

Kings Drinking Card Game
Kings printable/downloadable rules paper


Kings (often called King’s Cup, Ring Of Fire, or Circle Of Death), starts by placing the cards face down around an unopened drink or cup of alcohol. Everyone participating sits around the table, or anywhere you’re playing the game on. Each of you takes turns drawing a card from the cards spread around the drink & does whatever the card is designated to do. Cards represent special actions, and all of them starting from Ace to King are shown in the picture above. 

2. F*ck The Dealer

Fuck-the-Dealer Drinking Card Game


Fuck The Dealer, a.k.a. one of the most famous card games, requires everyone to sit around the table, with the cards spread in a circular way face down. Everyone should pick a card from the deck, and whoever picks the lowest value starts first & becomes the first dealer. The dealer asks the player to their left to guess the suit of the first card on top of the deck. If they guess right, the dealer drinks and the other player becomes the new dealer. If they guess wrong, the other player drinks and guesses the number of the next card to be drawn. If they guess correctly, the dealer drinks; if they guess wrong, they drink, but, they get another chance to guess. This time they’ll have to guess if the next card is higher or lower. If they guess wrong they drink and become the dealer, if right, the dealer drinks.

4. Drunk Driver


All you need to play Drunk Driver is a deck of cards and a few drinks. One player is the driver, and one is the dealer, while other people are the remaining players. The dealer places 6 cards in the center of the table and places the other cards aside. Then, the driver flips over the center cards, and drinks if it’s a card of the Court, Ace, or Joker. If it’s an Ace, the driver takes 4 drinks, and 4 new cards are added to the center by the dealer, all the way down to Jack, where you should add 1 new card, and take one drink. If the card is a Joker, the whole group drinks. The game works fine if played by 2 or more people, and you can read all the details in the link above. XoXo.

4. Bullshit

Bullshit Drinking Card Game
BULLSH*T printable/downloadable rules paper


Deal all cards evenly to all players. Whoever has the Spades of Ace goes first. Everyone must call out the card they’re playing on their turn (you have to play at least one card on your turn). You may choose to tell the truth or lie about it. The next player must play the next lowest card (comparing with the previous turn) each turn. Example: The previous card was 4, the next should be 3. If someone suspects that you’re lying, they call out ‘Bullshit’, and you have to turn your card face up. If it turns out you were lying, you drink. If you were honest, the calling player drinks. The game goes on until one of the players has no cards left in their hands, which makes them the winner. The winner will make everyone finish their drinks!

5. Ride The Bus

Ride The Bus Drinking Game
Ride the buss printable/downloadable rules paper


Start the Ride The Bus game by shuffling the cards randomly, and choosing the dealer. The game is divided into 4 rounds (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and the final round), and completing the pyramid. Each round brings a new question the dealer must ask: ‘Red or black?’, ‘Higher or lower?’, ‘In between or outside?’, and ‘Guess the suit’. In all these rounds, if you guess correctly, you can make a player drink. If you guess incorrectly, you must drink. Then comes creating the pyramid, where you can assign drinks if you have a matching card, with the flipped card of the pyramid. Once all the cards of the pyramid are flipped over, the person who has the most cards in their hands will have to ride the bus, meaning, drink for Jack (1 drink), Queen (2 drinks), King (3 drinks), and Ace (4 drinks).

6. Fe Fi Fo Fum


First things first, Fe Fi Fo Fum is played with 4 to 6 players. After dealing all the cards equally to all players, the first one starts by placing one card in the center of the table, and saying ‘Fe’. Then, the second player must play a card of the same suit, but in numerical order (if the previous card was a 4 of hearts, the other player must play a 5 of hearts), and say ‘Fi’. This continues until the whole game name is said (Fe Fi Fo Fum). Once a player says ‘Fum’, the next one should say ‘Giant’s Bum’. Players who mess up the order of words, and the player remaining with a card in their hand, must drink. Kings are special cards, so every time they’re played, the order is reset.

7. Across The Bridge

Across The Bridge Drinking Card Game
Across the bridge printable/downloadable rules paper


Does this drinking game include crossing a bridge? Well, shuffle the deck of cards randomly, and place ten cards face down in a line. The point is for the players to try and ‘cross’ the bridge by flipping the cards over. If it is a number card, you continue flipping the rest of the cards. If it is a face card (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) then you drink and remove the card from the line. You must replace the number of cards depending on the face card it is. The person who flips the last card of the line wins the game, and everyone else must drink.   

8. President

President Drinking Game
President printable/downloadable rules paper


To play Presidents (you may also find it as President & Assholes), you start by shuffling the deck of cards randomly and all players draw a card, and the player with the lowest value becomes the dealer. Once the dealer distributes the cards to all the players, the player to the left of the dealer plays a card (face up) or a set of cards if they’re the same (e.g. two fours). Any higher value of a single or set of cards will beat the current ones. Keep in mind that you cannot beat a set of cards with a single card, no matter how high its value is. If you don’t feel like playing a card, you can pass. The first player to get rid of all the cards in their hands is called the President, and the one who gets to have the most cards by the end of the game is called the Scum.

Dedicated Drinking Card Games

If you don’t feel like adjusting to regular playing cards and want to make it more fun & simple, you’ll find the list below pretty helpful. Besides all the fun they bring, these pre-made drinking card games also tend to get you to know each other better, and connect deeper. And making you drink, for all that matters.

1. Do or Drink

Do or Drink

Available on Amazon ($29.99) & Walmart ($29.99) | 2+ players | 350 cards;

Sorry, you cannot play it by yourself, Gertrude. It is not a single-player card game! The cards are divided into 175 black cards and 175 White Cards. The rules are very simple too!  As the name of the game says, the point is to complete the challenge written on the card or drink the amount of alcohol, which often is a punishment for not completing the challenge. 

Card examples:

  • Challenge another player to a thumb war. The loser must drink.
  • Drink if you are in a relationship.
  • Pee in the sink. Do this, take two shots, or quit playing. 

2. Go Hoe Or Go Home

Available on Go Hoe Or Go Home ($24.95) | 2+ players | 104 cards;

Go Hoe Or Go Home is one of the newest drinking card games in the market, which includes spicy challenges, and is a great addition to adult parties. What makes it unique is that all cards have illustrations and colors on them, depending on what the content is about. Before playing, make sure you’re comfortable with the group… 

Card examples:

  • If you’ve ever kissed someone who is 10 years younger, take a shot;
  • Act out your favorite sex position;
  • Everyone who has skinny-dipped has to give out 3 sips.

3. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Available on Amazon($15.99) & Walmart ($15.99) | 2 to 8 players | 100 cards;

These cards will undoubtedly get you drunk! Going clockwise, take turns to draw cards which will determine who will drink, and how much they will drink. Get ready to be surprised by how much your friends want you to drink. I’d suggest you surprise them too! Ps. It’s one of the most preferable adult card games.

Card examples:

  • Imitate another player. The first person to guess correctly chooses someone to drink.
  • Double attack. Keep this card. You can use it once to force a drinker to drink double.
  • You are Simon. Everyone plays Simon Says. The first player to mess up, drinks.

4. Truth or Drink

Truth Or Drink

Available on Amazon($35.00) & Walmart | 2+ players | 432 cards;

Besides having question cards, Truth or Drink includes extra buy-a-round cards and blank customized ones! It has 4 decks inside: On the Rocks, Extra Dirty, Happy Hour, and Last Call. Basically, you have to answer the questions truthfully or drink. Pretty simple and cool, right? If you want to make your own game, you may use some questions from our ‘Truth Or Drink’ list!

Card examples:

  • What’s the most terrible thing you’ve ever done for money?
  • Describe a time you accidentally mortified your parents as a child. 
  • What ethical boundaries you’re happy to cross?

5. Buzzed

Available on Amazon($19.99) & Walmart ($19.99) | 3-20 players | 250 cards;

Since it is a game brought by What Do You Meme?, you expect nothing less than being awesome, and that’s exactly what Buzzed is! In short words, you just have to do whatever the card tells you to, whether it’s a drinking challenge or a random one. Just as simple as that!

Card examples:

  • Everyone must take a sip of their drink without using their hands.
  • The next player you make eye contact with must drink.
  • Take a drink if you’ve ever been a ‘sexy animal’ or Halloween.

6. Beer Pressure

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | 3+ players | 100 cards;

A game goes viral on TikTok? We’re here for it! In Beer Pressure, most of the cards are individual challenges, unless the opposite is mentioned. The content is pretty creative and unique, and the game is best played with beers in your hands. Depending on the task, each card has its illustration, which makes it even more fun!

Card examples:

  • Shotgun a beer;
  • Who is the most Karen in the room? The player with the most votes drinks.
  • Switch shirts with the person to your left or both drink 3 times.

7. You Laugh You Drink

Available on Amazon($15.99) & Walmart ($14.99) | 3+ players | 150 cards;

Basically, the name says it all: you laugh, you drink! The rules are simple: when it’s your turn to draw a card you read it inaudibly. Then, pick your target, if you manage to make them laugh within 30 seconds (following what the card says) they drink, and you get to keep the card, hence you get a point. If you don’t manage to make them laugh, you take the “sip of shame”, and your target keeps the card and gets a point. The first one to get 7 points, wins.  

Card examples: 

  • You’re drunk Santa Claus talking to his lead elf (the target).
  • Perform your own roast of the target.
  • Get as physically close to your target as you can, without touching them.

8. Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober

Available on Amazon($19.95) & Walmart ($33.14) | 2+ players | 125 cards;

You’re gonna get that drunk, so you’ll mess up the word ‘totally sober’! Its cards are divided into Activity, Skill, Curse, Secret, and Decree, and each card category applies differently to the people playing. Shuffle the cards, and take turns drawing. Do whatever the card tells you to do, buddy. It is quite simple, the one who drank the least wins the game. 

Card examples: 

  • Challenge 2 people to a push-up contest. Losers take 1 drink each.
  • Whenever you cross your arms, other players must freeze. The last to do so takes 1 drink. Discard after 3 uses.
  • Take a sip and hold it for 30 seconds. Everyone else has to make you laugh. If they fail, they all take 1 drink.

9. Under The Influence

Available on Amazon($25.00) & Walmart ($25.00) | 4 to 12 players | 200 cards;

The huge deck of ‘Under The Influence’ cards is divided into 4 decks: Truth or Lie, Who’s Who?, Brain Benders, and Shots No Chaser. Once you draw the card, you must read it out loud, and do what it says. There are extraordinary, fun challenges to complete, and lots of them include voting, answering questions too, and hundreds more. 

Card examples:

  •  Everyone points at who you think would go on a shopping spree to make themselves feel better. Anyone who is pointed to, drinks.
  • Switch an article of clothing with another player for 2 rounds, or take a shot.
  • Hold a pose for 30 seconds. If you move, take a drink. If you don’t, all the other players drink.

10. Charge It 2 The Game

Available on Amazon($26.99) & Charge2Podcast ($20.99) | 2 to 20 players | 90 cards;

Charge It 2 The Game gives me a GTA-type of vibe, especially the box design! The cards in this game don’t have any design or color, they’re simply back and white, so the challenges speak most! All cards are self-explanatory, so you just gotta read, and do whatever they say. There are other game volumes you might order, in case you love it so much, as we do. 

Card examples: 

  • Drink if you have any of the following tattoos… Cloud, flower, bird, or lion.
  • Drake card: take a shot or text your ex ‘I miss you’.
  • Vote: Is water wet? The team with the least votes drinks. Tie = everyone drinks.

11. Last Call

Available on Amazon($12.99) | 3+ players | 150 cards;

Here’s a good drinking game for 3 people, which contains 4 types of cards: Call Out, Last Place, Call to Action, and Last Who. The rules are simple, just like most drinking games. Put the deck where everyone can reach it, and take turns drawing the cards. Once it’s your turn, you draw the card, read what it says, and complete the task. 

Card examples:

  • Most likely to base life decisions on their zodiac sign must drink;
  • Talk like a baby until your next turn or drink twice.
  • The last person who read a book (for fun) has to drink.

12. First & Last

Available on Amazon($19.82) & Walmart ($19.82) | 3 to 20+ players | 250 cards;

First & Last is a bit different. All challenges start with the first or the last. This means that all the drinking or any other ‘punishment’ is applied to either the last player to do a task or the first one to do so, depending on the card. It can get pretty competitive, and most likely, the laziest player gets to drink the most!

Card examples:

  • Last to unlock their phone without using their hands has to cheers.
  • Going clockwise, the first one who can’t name a dog breed has to cheers in the doggy position.
  • First to twerk gives out a cheers. Bottoms up.

13. Coolcats & Asshats

Available on Amazon($29.99) & Walmart ($29.99) | 4 to 20 players | 425 cards;

Not only does this card game have an extremely unique name, but it is unique itself too! There will be a Master of the round, who draws subject cards, and all players must vote to guess if the master likes or dislikes each of the cards. Everyone who guesses correctly draws a Coolcat card, while the losers draw an Asshat card. Of course, challenges in these cards must be completed! 

Card examples:

  • Have the group fill up a cup with any liquid they choose. Now drink it.
  • Make someone feed you or drink during the next round.
  • Foot fetishes are fun. Make someone post a picture of their bare feet on Instagram or Facebook.  

For your information, you can make your own DIY drinking cards, if you wish!

Final Thoughts

We wish this didn’t come to an end, and we had an endless list of games instead… Above we mentioned exceedingly simple drinking card games, made for everyone who’s legally allowed to drink (or not). You can have fun whichever way: order pre-made drinking cards, or play games using a standard deck. Or even play online drinking games, if you wish!

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