10 Finest Drinking Card Games For Couples: Love Is In The Game!

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If there’s one thing you and the love of your life will enjoy more than cuddles, it’s gotta be couples card games. Okay, let’s add a twist to that. Let’s switch it to couples drinking card games! With just a simple deck of classic cards, some alcohol, and your partner, you’re about to have the best time of your life! No matter if you’re dating since 2010, or met each other a month ago, they will do their job! 

There will be competitive card games, intimate, funny, and stripping, but most importantly, there will be lots of fun & love! You two may also play it with other couples, you know, on double dates or something, but anyhow, we think they work best when it’s only the two of you. Besides giving instructions for each game, we will also write down some tips to help you have the best experience ever, and the best game night as well!

  • Tips Before Playing Drinking Card Games;
  • The Games:
  1. The Lady Has The Deck;
  2. Drunk UNO;
  3. The Blow Job;
  4. Go Fish OR Drunk;
  5. Love You Pyramid;
  6. Strip Poker;
  7. Higher Or Lower;
  8. Bullshit;
  9. War (Strip and drink);
  10. Kings Cup;
  • Conclusion;

Tips/Reminders Before Playing Drinking Card Games

  • Get your deck of classic cards. The following games can’t be played without cards. Most likely you’ll need a full deck of cards, so, if any of the cards is missing, go and buy them (in any of your local markets). If you’re looking for no-cards games, you should go and check drinking games for couples.
  • Pick your favorite beverage. Wine, beers, shots, cocktails, whatever you two prefer. The game set-up should be perfect, so you must get drinks you both enjoy most. If you have a low tolerance for alcohol, it’s okay keeping non-alcoholic ones near.
  • Set a romantic atmosphere. This is gonna be all about couples. Make sure you have a comfortable place to play, good lighting, and even better, some sweet music. It’s essential that you both feel comfortable and enjoy the games. 
  • Put your love before the competition. Even though it’s fun competing with your loved one, and it will add spice, however, don’t let it become too serious. You’re there to have fun & build connections with each other. Do not provoke each other.
  • Know each other’s limits. Especially if you’re also playing with other people. Do not make your partner answer or complete challenges they’re not comfortable with. It may get personal, and touchy, but remember to always respect their limits.
  • Play more than one game. Since they all require the same equipment: a deck of classic cards, we prefer playing 2 or more games, especially when they’re far different from one another. However, if you enjoy a game more, play it till you get bored. 
  • Pick the game based on how well you know each other. So, if you’ve just started dating, we would recommend you pick a game that has questions and challenges on it, so you get to know the other person better. If you’re the ‘old couple’, I bet you just want to have some fun. You know each other already.
  • Have a reward for the winner. To make the games even cuter, announce that the winner of the game you choose to play gets a reward. Our preferred one is making the loser do whatever the winner asks. It could be little treats, romantic things, love letters, or anything.  
  • Drink responsibly. Relax, live the moment, but do not overdrink. Most importantly, if you will have to drive after the game, set your drinking limits. Or use other beverages instead.

1. The Lady Has The Deck

The Lady Has The Deck

The objective: To discard cards, and not be the player with a Queen at the end.

She always has the deck, doesn’t she? The game is as simple as you wouldn’t imagine. What you have to do before you start, is remove 3 Queens from the deck, leaving only one remaining. Place the deck facedown in the center of the table. Taking turns, you both start flipping cards over, one card at a time. Nothing happens with the other cards until you draw the special one: the Queen. This is the point of the game. 

When one of you draws the Queen, you have to do one of the three things: perform a strip dance, take a shot, or drink the cocktail you’ve prepared previously. You decide that for your partner. However, you can also add other rules. For example, if someone draws the Queen 3 times in a row, they have to drink double or complete a challenge you’ve made up. Get creative. It’s all up to you. 

2. Drunk UNO

Drunk UNO

The objective: to get rid of your cards and yell ‘UNO’! 

UNO is cool, in every single form. Obviously, the drunk one (Drunk UNO) has our hearts! Each action, each card, is a different challenge. You may add your ideas as well, but here are some examples:

  • If a Reverse or Skip card is played – you drink;
  • If your partner plates a +2 or +4 – you take 2 or 4 drinks;
  • If a Wild card is played – both of you drink;
  • If you forget to announce UNO – you give 5 kisses to your partner;
  • If your partner wins – drink as many shots as the number of cards left in your hand.
  • If you forget it’s your turn – you drink, again! 

*You may also mix standard UNO rules and the drinking ones. It’s remarkable in all ways! 

3. The Blow Job

The Blow Job

The objective: To be the player who has fewer cards on their side. 

No, it’s not a boob job. It’s a blow job! Now, pay attention. Besides a deck of cards, you’ll also need 2 empty beer bottles or very slim glasses. Divide the deck into 2 equal piles, or even better, use 2 decks of cards. Place the piles on top of the bottles, which should stay in the center of the table. You two should sit facing each other, having one cup in front. Here’s when the fun starts. 

On the count of three, you two start blowing the cards as hard as you can. Yes, cards may hit your face, but it’s fun though! When one of you has blown all the cards off, that’s when your cute little game ends. The player who has the remaining cards on their side (respectively in their glass/bottle) is the loser and has to drink. The amount of drinking is set by the winner (have some mercy though).

4. Go Fish OR Drunk

Go Fish OR Drunk

The objective: to have more books than your partner by the end of the game. 

Don’t you remember Go Fish? The perfect game for all types of people, for all ages. Simply, the non-drinking game is all about asking for cards from the other player, intending to create four cards of a kind (books of cards). If they have the specific card, they give it to you. If not, they say ‘Go Fish’ and your turn is over. Now, the game itself is cool. But with the twist of drinking… yeah, it becomes irresistible. 

Once you ask your partner for a card, and they have it, besides giving the card to you, they also have to take a shot. If they don’t have it, you take a shot. If you manage to make a book of cards, you have to chug down your drink. Yeah, the point is making the most books, but it comes with a punishment, obviously. When there are no cards left, you check who has more books, and that is the winner! 

5. Love You Pyramid

Love You Pyramid

The objective: To match cards on your hand with the pyramid ones. 

Pyramid, Beeramid, whatever you like to call it, is a must-play! If you haven’t played it before, no worries, we got you! Start by making a pyramid of cards, face-down on the table. You could start with 5 or 4 on the first row, and end with 1 on top. Divide the remaining cards equally for both of you, and keep the piles in your hands. Next, start flipping over cards on the pyramid. 

When a card is flipped, you two should check if you have another card of that value or suit in your hand. If yes, you place your card on top of the pyramid card, and say ‘Love you (partner name)’. The last player to play their card must drink. The drinking is based on the layer of the pyramid. For example, you should take 1 drink for the first layer (top row), and 4 or 5 drinks for the last row. Salut! 

6. Strip Poker

Strip Poker

The objective: trust your intuition and try to make the best hand. 

Feels like something’s missing, huh? Well, it’s probably a good stripping game. This will definitely spice your night up. To begin with, make sure you wear as many clothes as you can (or don’t). Then, one of you should deal 5 cards to each, and leave the remaining deck near you. Then, before continuing to play, you and your partner should both bet on a piece of clothing you’re wearing. Pick carefully though. 

Continuing further, take a look at your 5 cards, and then pick 1 to 5 cards you want to exchange with other cards from the deck. Of course, you can’t look at them. When you have the final hand, you both place your hands of cards on the table and check who has the best hand. Hands ranks are just the same as Poker rankings. The loser has to remove the piece of clothing they bet on & take a drink!

7. Higher Or Lower

Higher Or Lower

The objective: test your luck & seeing how many times you can guess the next card.

We know you said you necessarily need a deck of cards to play, but there are exemptions this time. You can just download the Cheers app, and you’ll have ‘Higher or Lower’ there! Anyways, to proceed, this time you don’t need to separate the deck. Just place it face-down in the center of the table, and flip the top card over. Taking turns, you start by flipping another card, but first, your partner should take a guess.   

As you assume, yes, the guess is all about if the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one. If you guess correctly, your partner should drink, and you continue making guesses. If you’re wrong, you drink and then pass the turn to your partner. To make it romantic, if you guess correctly 3 times in a row, your partner should kiss you in whatever body part you tell them to! 

8. Bullshit 


The objective: Challenge yourself and get rid of your cards first. 

As a drinking game for 2 people, Bullshit has our heart! Since you’re only two people, we recommend you use 2 decks of cards and mix them up. To start the game, take 25 cards face-down for both of you, you love birds. These are the piles you should hold in your hands.  The point of the game is that you should lay cards down in order. Obviously, you start from Aces and end with Kings. What you should do is, on your turn, on the first round, you should lay down all your Aces, then your partner does the same, then you continue with your 2s, and so on. 

Always remember to announce how many cards you’re playing (for example three 4s). Since there are 2 decks, it’s simple for you to lie. So, if you only have 1 Ace, but you want to get rid of your cards faster, you may take the Ace and 2 other cards, and announce 3 Aces. If your partner thinks you’re lying, they should say ‘Bullshit’. If after checking the cards, it turns out they guessed correctly, you drink. Otherwise, they drink.  

9. War


The objective: be the player who has the most cards at the end. 

Well, some relationship fights feel like wars sometimes, don’t they? To begin the game, divide the deck into 2 piles, 26 cards for each of you. Remember to always hold them face-down. At the count of three, you two flip the top card of your deck. Whoever has the highest value, takes wherever cards are on the table and put them underneath their pile. Optionally, the loser of each round takes one shot. 

Now, if you two have flipped over cards with the same value, this is when the war starts. Start the war by taking one drink each. Next, put down 2 cards, one face-down and one face-up. The face-up card decides who is the winner, again, based on its face value. When one of you collects all the 52 cards, they are the winner. Of course, as you assumed, the loser takes one drink, again!

10. Kings Cup

Kings Cup

The objective: get you drunk and play some little inner games. 

Classics are never out of style! To play Kings Cup (very very similar to ‘Circle Of Death’), besides the deck of cards, you’ll also need a bottle of beer or a glass of alcohol. The rules are extremely simple. You spread the deck around the glass, and then start drawing cards one by one. Each card is responsible for specific actions:

  • Ace – You two waterfall;
  • 10 – Start a game of Categories;
  • Jack – Do a ‘Never Have I Ever’ round;
  • Queen – Ask each other questions;
  • King – Make a new game rule. ( Don’t forget to check all the King’s Cup rules).

Add some ground rules too! It could be the Buffalo Club rule, take off an article of clothing every time you say each other’s name, kiss for every member of the court (Jack, Queen, or King), but feel free to add your own as well. If you didn’t know, there’s also a game app available for both IOS and Android, which tells you all instructions, and you won’t even need a deck of cards. Yes, it’s called The King’s Cup


Yeah, we’re conscious that relationships aren’t always easy. There are thousands of ups and downs. There’s one thing we know for sure: the drinking card games are always ups! They will change your mood, connect you two deeper, give you some bits of romance, and of course, get you tipsy… 

Take your time to choose the right game, since that is all that matters to having fun. Drink responsibly and remember that the games’ purposes are to bring you closer. Don’t let them affect you in any other way. Add your own and modify any of the rules you think need a spark of your creativity. 

Well, sometimes love is all about sharing a good game!

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