10 Finest Drinking Card Games For Couples: Love Is In The Game!

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If there’s one thing you and the love of your life will enjoy more than cuddles, it has to be drinking card games! That is why, we’ve decided to present to you such games, which are precisely made for couples. There will be competition, intimacy, laughs, and stripping, but most importantly, there will be lots of love! 

  • Games played with a standard deck of cards:
  1. The Lady Has The Deck;
  2. Drunk UNO;
  3. The Blow Job;
  4. Go Fish OR Drunk;
  5. Love You Pyramid;
  6. Strip Poker;
  7. Higher Or Lower;
  8. War (Strip and drink);
  9. Kings Cup;
  • Drinking Card Games:
  1. Drunk In Love;
  2. Do or Drink: Couples Edition;
  3. You Laugh, You Drink;
  4. Drunk Desires
  5. Dizzy Date;
  6. Go Hoe or Go Home;
  • Conclusion;

Games Played With A Standard Deck Of Cards

All you’ll probably need, is your partner, a deck of cards, and a few drinks! You can play several games with such little equipment, compete with your partner, use your strategy, and get drunk…

1. The Lady Has The Deck

The Lady Has The Deck

The objective: Be the lucky player who doesn’t flip the Queen card.

She always has the deck, doesn’t she? Before starting, remove 3 Queens from the deck, with only one remaining. Place the deck facedown in the center of the table. Taking turns, you both start flipping cards over, one card at a time, until you draw the Queen. Then, you have to do one of two things: perform a strip dance or take a shot.  You may play several rounds if you wish, and add any house rules (such as drinking twice if you’re the player with the Queen two rounds in a row).

2. Drunk UNO

Drunk UNO

The objective: to get rid of all your cards and yell ‘UNO’! 

Obviously, Drunk UNO has our hearts from all UNO versions! Different cards & situations, bring different challenges: 

  • If a Reverse or Skip card is played – you drink;
  • If your partner plates a +2 or +4 – you take 2 or 4 drinks;
  • If a Wild card is played – both of you drink;
  • If you forget to announce UNO – you give 5 kisses to your partner;
  • If your partner wins – drink as many shots as the number of cards left in your hand.
  • If you forget it’s your turn – you drink, again! 

3. The Blow Job

The Blow Job

The objective: To be the player with fewer cards on their side. 

No, it’s not a boob job. It’s a blow job! Besides a deck of cards, you’ll also need 2 empty beer bottles or very slim glasses, one for each of you. Divide the deck into 2 equal piles, and place the piles on top of the bottles, eventually, glasses. On the count of three, you two start blowing the cards as hard as you can. When one of you has blown all the cards off, that’s when your cute little game ends. The player who has the remaining cards on their bottle/glass is the loser and has to drink. 

4. Go Fish OR Drunk

Go Fish OR Drunk

The objective: To have more books than your partner by the end of the game. 

Don’t you remember Go Fish? Starting rules are the same just as in the standard game, but now we add a twist. Once you ask your partner for a card, and they have it, besides giving the card to you, they also have to take a shot. If they don’t have it, you take a shot. If you manage to make a book of cards, you have to chug down your drink. When there are no cards left, you check which one of you two has more books, and that is the winner!

5. Love You Pyramid

Love You Pyramid

The objective: To match the cards on your hand with the ones in the pyramid. 

Pyramid, Beeramid, or whatever you like to call it, is a must-play! Start by making a pyramid of cards, face-down on the table, starting with 5, and ending with 1 on top. Divide the remaining cards equally for both of you and start flipping over cards on the pyramid. When a card is flipped, you two should check if you have another card of that value or suit in your hand. If yes, you place your card on top of the pyramid card, and say ‘Love you (partner’s name)’, and your partner drinks. 

The drinking is based on the layer of the pyramid (one drink if your card matches the first row of the pyramid, off to 5 drinks if the card belongs to the 5th row).

6. Strip Poker

Strip Poker

The objective: trust your intuition and try to make the best hand. 

A good stripping game was missing! One of you two should deal 5 cards to each, and leave the remaining deck near. Then, you and your partner should both bet on a piece of clothing you’re wearing. When your turn, take a look at your 5 cards and pick 1 you want to exchange with other cards from the deck. When you have the final hand, you both place your hands of cards on the table and check who has the best hand. Hands ranks are just the same as Poker rankings. The loser has to remove the piece of clothing you bet on & take a drink!

7. Higher Or Lower

Higher Or Lower

The objective: test your luck & see how many times you can guess the next card.

If you can’t find your deck of cards, you can just download the Cheers app, and you’ll have ‘Higher or Lower’ there! If played with cards, place the deck face-down in the center of the table, and flip the top card over. Taking turns, you’ll flip a card & your partner will guess if it’s higher or lower than the previous one. If you guess correctly, your partner should drink, and you continue making guesses. If you’re wrong, you drink and then pass the turn to your partner. To make it romantic, if you guess correctly 3 times in a row, your partner should kiss you in whatever body part you tell them to! 

8. War


The objective: be the player who has the most cards by the end.

To begin this astonishing drinking game, divide the deck into 2 piles, 26 cards for each of you. At the count of three, you two flip the top card of your deck. Whoever has the highest value, takes all the cards on the table and puts them underneath their pile. If you two have flipped over cards with the same value, the war starts. Start the war by taking one drink each. Put down 2 cards, one face-down and one face-up (which based on the face value, decides who is the winner). When one of you collects all 52 cards, they are the winner. The looser drinks.

9. Kings Cup

Kings Cup

The objective: getting drunk and playing some little inner games. 

To play Kings Cup (very similar to ‘Circle Of Death’), besides the deck of cards, you’ll also need a bottle of beer or a glass of alcohol. The rules are extremely simple. You spread the deck around the glass, and then start drawing cards one by one. Each card is responsible for specific actions, and here are a few significant ones:

  • Ace – You two waterfall;
  • 10 – Start a game of Categories;
  • Jack – Do a ‘Never Have I Ever’ round;
  • Queen – Ask each other questions;
  • King – Make a new game rule.

Drinking Modern Card Games For Couples

If you’re having some of the lazy days, when you want to have everything ready, you should go for one of the games below. You get the game, and do whatever the cards ask you two: answer questions, complete challenges, love & drink.

1. Drunk In Love

Available at Amazon ($26.00) & Drunk In Love ($23.95) 

Pieces of information: 

Drunk In Love is a card game with a deck of 100 cards, divided into 2 categories: ‘… or drink’ (where you complete than challenge or drink), and ‘drink if…’ (when you drink if you relate to the statements). The latter applies to both of you, therefore, whoever relates, drinks, no matter whose turn it is. 

Card examples: 

  • Whisper something dirty in your partner’s ear, or drink twice;
  • Drink if you’re the better kisser;
  • Give your partner a lap dance, or drink twice.  

2. Do Or Drink: Couples Edition

Available at Walmart ($12.99) & Amazon

Pieces of information:

Although the main game of Do or Drink works fine for couples, this special expansion is the right way to go! It contains 50 cards, which can either be mixed with the main game or be played as a standalone. There are 2 types of cards, red & black, and they give different points if you wanna pick a winner. 

Card examples: 

  • Switch underwear with your partner for 3 rounds or finish your drink;
  • Publicly Venmo your partner $0.01 with the caption “The stripper last night” or drink five times;
  • Guess your partner’s favorite position. If you get in the wrong, drink two times.

3. You Laugh, You Drink

Available at Amazon ($16.00) & Walmart ($14.99)

Pieces of information:

‘You Laugh, You Drink’ is the perfect one to bring some laughs, and get you tipsy. There are 150 cards, and even though it’s recommended to be played by 3 and more players, you can play it with your partner only, or bring it on a date night with other couples. On your turn, draw a card, and do whatever it asks you to. If your partner laughs, they drink! 

Card examples: 

  • Get as physically close to the target (your partner) as you can, without touching them;
  • You’re drunk Santa Claus talking to his lead elf (the target);
  • Do a very shy Magic Mike dance for your target;

4. Drunk Desires

Drunk Desires

Available at Amazon ($13.99) & Drunk Desires ($21.95)

Pieces of information: 

Drunk Desires’, is, well, about your drunk desires. This card game contains a total of 50 cards, divided into flirty white cards, and dirty black ones. Just as in the previous games, you have to do whatever the card tells you to. Ps. You definitely shouldn’t play it with other couples. It’s too intimate… 

Card examples:

  • Do whatever your partner asks for 5 minutes, or finish your drink.
  • Guess your partner’s perfect gift. If you guess wrong, drink.
  • Blindfold your partner & have them guess what part of your body they’re licking, or drink twice.  

5. Dizzy Date

Available at Amazon ($27.61) & Walmart ($24.99)

Pieces of information: 

Dizzy Date is the perfect game to play with your partner. What 100 cards do, is that make you two connect with each other more, and test how well you remember things. Ps. There are also challenges you’ll be asked to complete, which are a total blast. 

Card examples:

  • Drink if you’ve given your partner a hickey.
  • Perform a body shot or both drink 3 times;
  • Say your partner’s favorite film. If you are wrong, drink.

6. Go Hoe Or Go Home

Available at Go Hoe Or Go Home ($14.95)

Pieces of information:

Will we go hoe or go home? This fabulous drinking card game contains 52 cards, and each brings unique challenges and super-provoking questions. These cards will make you love each other even more, get really romantic, and even try out some new things. 

Card examples: 

  • Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner pours a shot in the looser’s mouth.
  • Reenact your first kiss.
  • Grab an ice cube and do whatever you want, or you both take a shot. 


There are thousands of ups and downs in a relationship. There’s one thing we know for sure: the drinking card games are always ups! They will bring you some bits of romance, and of course, get you tipsy… Take your time to choose the right game & feel free to add your own rules for the best experience!

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