Top 13 Drinking Board Games: All You Ever Need!

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Till now, you’ve probably thought that there are only some basic board games out there. Well, you were wrong. Drinking board games are to die for! You’ll get to use your strategy and make your own game plan, but also get tipsy & have some crazy laughs with your favorite people!

  • The games;
  1. Drink-A-Palooza;
  2. Wine Wars;
  3. Out Of Commission;
  4. Shot Glass Darts;
  5. Don’t Get Drunk;
  6. Drinkopoly;
  7. Tipsy Tower;
  8. BrewOpoly;
  9. MadWish;
  10. Fear Pong;
  11. Beer Run;
  12. Pass Out;
  13. Ring Toss;
  • Buying Guide; 
  • Windup;

1. Drink-A-Palooza


Availability: Amazon ($29.99) & Walmart ($49.99) | Players: 2 to 12;

Pieces of information: 

Besides having a cool name, Drink-A-Palooza also includes some cool equipment: six packs, a coaster, a spinner, cards, dice, and more. Taking turns all of you have to do is roll the dice and spin the spinner, which decides your challenge: booze your turn, flip the cup, start a King’s Cup game, take a few sips, give drinks to someone, make your rules, and similar stuff. Remember that throughout the game, you’ll be rewarded with tiny beer bottles, which will help you win! 

Detailed game rules in this video: How To Play Drink-A-Palooza

2. Wine Wars

Wine Wars

Availability: Amazon ($21.56) & Walmart ($21.56) | Players: 2 and more;

Pieces of information: 

Have you ever wondered about your wine knowledge? Well, get yourselves some glasses of wine, and start answering the cards. There will be questions about wine fruits, businesses, wine cellar, cork culture, origins, and more. Besides them all, you will also get to think about which wine goes best with specific foods! It includes a total of 750 questions & extra equipment such as game boards and an illustrated regional map of the wine world. As always, whoever answers most correctly and quickly, wins! 

3. Out Of Commission

Out Of Commission

Availability: Amazon & Walmart ($17.99) | Players: 3 to 6;

Pieces of information:

This board game will leave you out of commission, frankly. The thing is that there’s gonna be one die that will decide all your challenges. Therefore, you take turns rolling the die and moving your pawn along the board. There will be mystery and face-off cards, which include different topics and dares. Besides the card spaces, there also are jail spaces, take a sip/gulp, strip club, and a few others. The game is played in 3 total lawyers, and our goal is to reach the finish line & win! 

4. Shot Glass Darts

Shot Glass Darts

Availability: Amazon ($14.95) & Walmart ($15.00) | Players: Unlimited; 

Pieces of information: 

I bet you’ve played Darts dozens of times! The logic behind the game is similar, but now the only target isn’t 10! Based on where your dart is, that is what you have to do. For instance, if it’s in the center, everyone in the group drinks. If it’s near the double ring, you either take a full shot or half a shot. However, you will also choose someone to drink with, a buddy. There’s no rule for the game to end, so you can play until you’re bored of it, or completely drunk! Since you never know how drunk you may end, the darts are magnetic and there’s no harm. 

5. Don’t Get Drunk

Don't Get Drunk

Availability: Amazon ($29.99) & Walmart ($29.99) | Players: 2 to 8+;

Pieces of information: 

Don’t GET Drunk is the typical game to get you drunk! It includes lots of mini-games, lots of questions, and other challenges. Excluding all other equipment, the board game has 4 types of cards: dare, quiz, trial, and luck. Based on what letter you step on on the board, that defines your card. The content in them is something like: twerking for 1 minute, performing mock commercials, confessing a fake love, and drinking tons! But don’t worry, there are also special spots on the board!

Here’s a video of people playing the game: Don’t Get Drunk;

6. Drinkopoly


Availability: Amazon ($29.97) & Walmart ($29.97) | Players: 1 and more

Pieces of information: 

Yes. You heard it correctly. It can also be a single-player game. Just in case you want to get drunk all alone. During the game, you’ll stop at different spots, where you’ll probably take gulps of your drinks, visit pubs, draw one of the 50 cards, make someone else drink, and a few more. Cards present different tasks, and your guide on the board depends on the die. There are also some punishments, including getting back to the start line or jumping back 3 squares. It’s a blast!

Here’s a video of people playing the game: Drinkopoly;

7. Tipsy Tower

Tipsy Tower

Availability: Amazon ($29.95) $ Walmart ($29.95) | Players: 2 and more;

Pieces of information: 

We’re in love with the Jenga drinking game, you already know that! Just as in the classic game, you aim to move the tiles, without crashing the tower down. But this time, there’s something extra. Before placing the tiles on top, you have to perform the tasks. Each tile has specific challenges, such as starting a Never Have I Ever game, finishing or doubling your drink, switching hands with another player, making a new game rule, and similar. If you want to save money, you can just write stuff on your wooden blocks classic Jenga, and it will be all the same! 

8. BrewOpoly


Availability: Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($19.99) | Players: 2 to 6;

Pieces of information: 

You remember Monopoly, don’t ya? This is the drinking edition, fellas. Like the other games we mentioned, you’ll manage the game while rolling the die. That’s what tells you all you gotta do. Each spot on the board represents a certain action. But, just in Monopoly, you can now collect money to buy your favorite beer or own properties. The tiny beer bottles and the special action cards make it way better, and we’re sure you’ll love them! 

9. MadWish


Availability: Amazon ($39.75) & Mad Party Games ($24.90) | Players: 2 and more;

Pieces of information:

We all got some mad wishes… This game is one of them! Basically, this is a better, more fun version of Truth Or Dare (or Truth Or Drink). All you gotta do is take turns spinning the bottle on the board. It may either make you draw a truth, dare or go card, or make you take a shot. Well, some of the cards may be similar to ranking the players according to how horny you think they are, making everyone do a duck face, asking everyone to sit on another player’s lap, and dozens more hilarious, crazy ones.

Here’s a video of people playing the game: Mad Wish;

10. Fear Pong

Fear Pong

Availability: Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($50.28) | Players: 2 to 8;

Pieces of information:

This isn’t your usual Beer Pong game! This is Fear Pong, a game in which you’ll find 2 dares under each cup. There are 108 cards with 2 dares each, which include stuff like letting someone post something random on your social media, licking a dollar bill, listing your red flags, wearing your underwear like a surgical mask, and lots more. If you refuse to do the dares, you drink the entire cup. If you do one of the dares, you keep the cup. Just as simple as that is! 

11. Beer Run

Beer Run

Availability: Amazon ($20.00) & eBay ($25.00) | Players: 2 to 8;

Pieces of information:

It’s time for you to do a quick beer run! Each player will have their beer cap piece, which represents the playing pawn. Based on the dice you move along the board, and aim to get the three booze tokens: a case of beer, a bottle of whiskey, and a bottle of wine. Whoever brings these three back to the party, wins the game. But be careful. You’re all competing with each other, and if someone lands on your square, they may steal your tokens. Ps. you won’t escape drinking though! You’ll give out drinks, take some for yourself, or make the whole group drink! 

Here’s a video of people playing the game: Beer Run;

12. Pass Out

Pass Out

Availability: Amazon ($24.99) $ Walmart ($59.99) | Players: 2 to 4;

Pieces of information: 

The thing about these board games is that they are relatively similar in speaking of rules, but super unique when it comes to the content. After throwing the dice, you will know if you will have to go to the bar, take a sip, light up your drink, make all players drink, skip a drink, and many more. There are pink elephant cards and pass-out cards, which you’ll draw if you stop in certain squares. You can play until you’re out of cards, or drunk as hell!

Here’s a video of a couple playing the game: Pass Out;

13. Ring Toss

Ring Toss

Availability: Amazon ($25.99) & Walmart ($20.59) | Players: 2 and more;

Pieces of information: 

Ring Toss is one of the games that never gets old. The game is usually played by 2 players at a time, so you may take turns if more than 2 people are playing. Both players aim to swing the ring into the hook. For every correct swing, the players move the wooden piece (or the shot glass) toward their opponent. If you manage to place the wooden piece on the last circle, closest to your opponent, they have to take a shot. The game’s pretty intense and can get competitive, however, that’s where the fun is! 

For instance, here’s a video of people playing it: Ring Toss;

Buying Guide For You To Pick The Best Drinking Board Game

To help you pick your favorite board game, we’ve prepared a list of tips that will make it all easier! 

  • Check the amount of drinking. Even though they all include drinking, each will make you drink different amounts. Therefore, pick the game based on how drunk you want to end. 
  • Decide on the game difficulty. Well, playing a complex board game while drunk, isn’t one of the simplest tasks. Some of the games above only aim to get you drunk (such as Tipsy Tower), while a few others also ask for some strategy as well (BrewOpoly is a good example).
  • Think about the number of players. Of course you won’t know how many players will be there every time you play but think about the maximum number of players there could be. Yes, some of the games only work with small groups
  • Discuss the choice with the group. It may happen that some of your people have already played the game, and if they didn’t like it that much, you could always go with another one. So, get 2-3 options that you think best, and then pick the game together. 
  • Look for the game type. Needless to say, all of them are unique and belong to different categories. There will be Trivia (which only works if you wanna test your knowledge), competitive ones, challenge-including board games, and a few more. It’s all up to you to choose! 


Board games and drinking is the perfect combination. You’ll have the chance to use your strategy, come up with creative ideas, compete with your friends, and get drunk, obviously. Read our buying tips, analyze the games and their equipment, and take your time choosing your favorite. Ps. drink carefully babes! 

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