The Best Drinking Board Game DIY: All Steps Explained

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Whenever we hear about any DIY drinking games, we go for it! The best is yet to come. We’ll present to you a DIY board game, which is not only simple to play but simple to make as well! The good part is that you’ll not have to worry about a thing: we’ll explain everything in simple steps, so you plainly follow them & have the greatest results. 

  • The supplies you need; 
  • Making the board;
  • Dare ideas; 
  • Illustrating the board;
  • Playing the game;
  • Extra: A ready game you could buy;
  • Final thoughts;

The Supplies You Need

As we mentioned, the game is pretty simple to make. The thing is that you’ll only need everyday supplies, or at most, some extra Sharpies. To make everything clear, here’s all you need to make your own drinking board game and play it:

  • A foam board, or any other type of cardboard. If possible, get a Canvas;
  • A pencil & ruler;
  • Colored Sharpies;
  • Scissors;
  • Pawns (optional);
  • Dice;
  • Drinks;

See? We told you it won’t require special equipment babes! 

Making The Board

Once you’ve gathered all the supplies, it’s time to make the board. We suggest you first outline it with a pencil and use a ruler, just so you have an idea of how the board will look. Don’t worry, we’ll explain all of these steps. 
The size of the board really depends on how many rules you want it to include. However, if you have no idea, you might go with a standard of 20” x 15”. Once you’ve cut it to your ideal size, you can finally start mapping it out. 
The thing is that there are a few templates you can use: go in a zigzag line, follow a circular pattern, go in a snake-type of line, or other ideas you might have. To give you an idea (and spoilers on how the game will look), here are some examples:

Board In Circular Pattern
Board In Snake Pattern

Once you know how the game line will go, divide the board into squares, and overline with Sharpies. Now, you’re finally ready to write the dares.

Outlining The Board

Dare Ideas For The DIY Drinking Board Game

Obviously, the main character of this board game, are the dares. You’re free to write any rule that comes to your mind, really, but we decided to help you out with some ideas (just like we did with Truth Or Dare questions):

  • 2 sips for the lefties. Everyone who’s a leftie takes 2 sips.
  • Skip a turn. Whoever lands on this square, skips their turn.
  • Start a drinking card game. It’s self-explanatory.
  • Instagram story selfie. You have to post a selfie in your story in 5 seconds. 
  • Android users drink 4. Everyone who uses an Android must drink 4 sips.
  • The floor is lava. The last player to remain touching the floor must drink. 
  • Twerk or drink. Well, if you’re too shy to twerk, take a drink!
  • Couples take 2 shots. To solidarise with the single people, all couples must take 2 shots.
  • Start a Truth Or Drink game. You know you can borrow our questions, don’t you? 
  • Take a group pic. You can do silly faces though.
  • 10 second chug. This is applied to all players;
  • Give away 2 shots. To any player of your choice.
  • Pick a drinking buddy, and drink 1 shot with them.
  • Make a game rule. This rule will be applied till the end of the game.
  • Time for some karaoke. Play some karaoke songs, and sing your heart out!
  • Oldest drinks 4 sips. Whoever’s the older player, is punished to drink!
  • Finish your drink. That’s right. Finish whatever’s left on your cup.
  • Safe. You may skip a turn.
  • Draw a drinking card game. A good option is having a deck of 80 Risque Cards.
  • Arm wrestle challenge. The looser drinks.
  • Body shot from the player to your left. That’s right. You must take a body shot.
  • Ask me. All other players are allowed to ask you 1 question.
  • Go live on Instagram. That can be embarrassing, right?
  • 1 round of Never Have I Ever. If you have no clue of questions, you may use our Never Have I Ever list.
  • Back to start. Unfortunately, everyone who lands on this square must go all the way back to the start. 
  • Flip cup. You must start a Flip Pong game
  • Waterfall. Everyone must waterfall.
  • Roll for the number of shots. Roll the dice & that decides how many shots you’ll drink. 
  • Remove an article of clothing. No matter who you’re with. You have to remove an article of clothing.

Of course, there are tons more ideas you might use. However, these are absolutely some of our all-time favorites! 

Illustrating The Board

It isn’t required to add illustrations to the board when it comes to the playability of the game. You may keep it plain. However, to make it a good experience, and to have the most fun out of it, we absolutely recommend you add some extra design. You may add emojis, drinking signs, arrows to guide you on the playing route, the start & finish signs, and more. 
If you need ideas, we’d say that it looks pretty cool if you add tiny illustrations in each square, depending on what the rule is about (e.g. if it’s the arm wrestling rule, draw 2 hands wrestling). Besides that, we love coloring or adding dots & lines to all the squares. Ps. Don’t forget to write ‘Let’s Get Wasted!’ to remind everyone what this board game is about! 

Let's Get Wasted

Since TikTok is our answer to everything, here’s a video of people making it: board drinking game DIY.

Playing The Drinking Board Game

Look at you! You already made a drinking board game all by yourself, without even spending a coin! Now, are you curious to know how to play it? As we mentioned, you’re gonna need a dice and drinks.
This drinking board game can be played by 3 or more people, but not more than 10, because it creates chaos. Then, all you have to do is take turns, roll the dice, and move as many squares as the value of the dice, starting from the start on the board. Now, to make it simpler, you may use some pawns or other tiny figurines to keep track of your path, but if you can remember where you left off, without using extra equipment, it’s fine, go for it. 
The point of the game is that you’ll move squares, complete the challenges, and aim to reach the finish line first because that’s how you win the game! Ps. We think this game is best as a drinking game to play at home

Extra: A Ready Game You Could Buy

Let's Get Drunk Digital Board Game

Correct. Making this board game is extremely easy. However, if you don’t have the nerves to deal with all that DIY, decorating, and finding the dares, we’ve got another option for you too! Here’s all you gotta do:

  • Go to Etsy and order the Let’s Get Drunk digital board game for only $3.95;
  • Then, download the paper, and print it out in whatever size you prefer (mostly compatible with A3 paper size);
  • You’ll also get a special PDF file with the rules on it, so you won’t have to care about them;
  • Here’s an idea for the Make A Rule square: The player who lands in this square, has to draw a Drink If card, and do whatever it says. (Even though they’re made for the bachelorette party, work just as fine for other occasions).

And Voila!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a drinking game that is completely free, and amazing fun? The thing is that you’ll not only enjoy playing the game but making it as well. Gather your supplies, get some drinks, and invite your favorite people over, to have a remarkable game night with one of our favorite board games! 

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