150+ Drink If Questions: The Most Admirable List To Ever Exist! 

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If there’s one game that gets you drunk and makes you spill out all the ‘tea’ of your life, it’s gotta be Drink If! The biggest struggle when playing this drinking game is undeniably having a good list of questions. Spot on. That’s why we’re here: to present the most extraordinary Drink If questions!

The most important rule of the game is, to tell the truth, and the truth only during the whole game. All you need, excluding our questions, are a few of your favorite drinks, and some good friends of yours. Sit around a circle and let one of you start asking the questions. Whoever relates to the statements, must drink. 

  • Random ‘Drink If’ questions; 
  • ‘Drink If’ questions for the girls;
  • Juicy ‘Drink If’ questions;
  • Best friends ‘Drink If’ questions;
  • ‘Drink If’ questions for couples;
  • Conclusion;

Random ‘Drink If’ Questions

We’re starting the list the right way. Below you’ll find some questions you may use with all types of people, they’re not that personal ones, and definitely a good way to get to know people better. Since there are different topics mentioned, you’ll hear people’s stories & get to share yours as well, and that’s what we call fun! 

Drink if:

  1. You’re still on your first drink;
  2. You get asked for your ID when asking for alcohol or other stuff;
  3. You’re drinking wine;
  4. You have ever been arrested;
  5. You have ever lost $50 or more gambling (most likely in Poker games);
  6. You are able to speak more than 2 languages;
  7. You have a driving license;
  8. You’re drinking beer;
  9. You’ve ever been cheated on;
  10. You’re not a pet person;
  11. You finished university;
  12. You’re over 30;
  13. You’ve ever been on a roller coaster;
  14. You have ever used a fake ID;
  15. You love your job;
  16. You think you’ll be hungover tomorrow;
  17. You’ve been to a strip club;
  18. You’ve ever thought a friend’s baby is ugly;
  19. You’re the youngest one in the group;
  20. You’ve never left the country;
  21. You’re the tallest in the room;
  22. You’re engaged or married;
  23. You have brown eyes;
  24. You’ve ever played; 
  25. You met up with someone from a dating app (it could be Tinder);
  26. You’ve ever shoplifted;
  27. You prefer dogs over cats;
  28. You have siblings;
  29. You lied today;
  30. You are vegan (or you were vegan earlier);
  31. You’ve ever lied about your age (for whatever reason);
  32. You are a coffee person;
  33. You have ever fainted;
  34. You play any sport;
  35. You’ve ever been hungover;
  36. You’ve ever stolen something from a restaurant;
  37. You have a tattoo;
  38. You’re vegan;
  39. You’ve ever been in handcuffs;
  40. You have kids;
  41. You’re having a good night;
  42. You’ve ever played Never Have I Ever;’

‘Drink If’ Questions For The Girls

'Drink If' Questions For The Girls

We all know how crazy girls can get and what topics they enjoy. We couldn’t help but make a list of questions that would work great for every pajama party, birthday gathering, trash-talking night (girls know what I mean), and even better, bachelorette party

Drink if:

  1. You’re wearing heels;
  2. You have your nails done;
  3. You’ve ever dyed your hair after a breakup;
  4. You’ve got more than one piercing;
  5. You’re wearing pink underwear;
  6. Went through his phone without him knowing;
  7. You’ve been dumped over text before;
  8. you’ve ever talk to yourself while looking in the mirror;
  9. You thought of starting a youtube channel;
  10. You’re wearing lipstick;
  11. You turned down a marriage proposal;
  12. You tried to reason with a toxic man;
  13. You glowed up after a breakup;
  14.  cry yourself to sleep;
  15. You’re a virgin;
  16. You’ve ever had a crush on someone your friend was dating;
  17. You’re wearing a thong;
  18. You have stuffed your bra;
  19. You tried to learn a TikTok dance;
  20. You’re wearing a necklace;
  21.  tried to cut your own bangs;
  22. You kissed 2 boys in one night;
  23. You’ve ever been a maid of honor;
  24. You stalked your ex on social media;
  25. You’ve ever eaten a full box of chocolates by yourself;
  26. You’ve been to a bridal shower;
  27. You fight with your sibling over clothes;
  28. You’re not wearing underwear;
  29. You cried because of a terrible haircut;
  30. You prefer tampons over pads;
  31. You thought you had a good voice & actually started singing;
  32. You used a fake Instagram account to stalk;
  33. You’ve ever pretended to be on your phone to avoid talking to someone;
  34. You didn’t wear a bra in public;
  35. you’ve ever flirted with your boss;

Juicy ‘Drink If’ Questions

Adults don’t always act innocent. At certain points, they want to let it all out. Spice things up and tell about some crazy things they’ve done (or not so crazy). Follow the rules below and make your own adult drinking game. Since you’re creative when it comes to this, add your ideas as well!

Drink if:

  1. You’ve had a one-night stand;
  2. You used/owned a sex toy;
  3. You’ve ever watched porn;
  4. You’ve had a threesome;
  5. You’ve ever farted at work and acted as if nothing happened;
  6. You’ve said the wrong name (accidentally, of course);
  7. You’ve ever doubted your sexuality; 
  8. You have ever sent nudes;
  9. You take/have ever taken drugs;
  10. You’ve brought any type of protection with you;
  11. You see dirty dreams;
  12. You have ever faked an orgy;
  13. You’ve eaten food out of someone’s body;
  14. You’ve ever played any stripping games;
  15. You’ve kissed someone twice your age;
  16. You have been skinny dipping;
  17. You’ve wet your bed when you were older than 18;
  18. You prefer to be on top;
  19. You’ve ever had friends with benefits;
  20. You’ve ever got alcohol poisoning;
  21. You have cheated on someone;
  22. You said something embarrassing while on the speaker;
  23. You sent a dirty text to the wrong person;
  24. You’ve ever drunk texted your ex;
  25. you’ve ever role-played;
  26. You have ever gotten a lap dance;
  27. You been to a nude beach;
  28. You kissed on the first date;
  29. You’ve been to an adult store (you know what we mean);
  30. You flirted with a teacher;

Best Friends ‘Drink If’ Questions

Best Friends 'Drink If' Questions

Did you’ve ever want to ask your bestie some quite important questions, but never had the courage to? It’s finally that time. The cool thing is that there won’t be any awkward silence or anything like that. You just have to drink and the answer will be obvious. 

Drink if:

  1. You have her/him number saved under a nickname and not the real name;
  2. You memorize your bestie’s phone number;
  3. You’re part of a common group chat;
  4. You’ve held their hair while throwing up;
  5. You know both of their parent’s names;
  6. You’ve been to a concert together;
  7. You have ever had a crush on someone your friend has dated;
  8. You’ve ever been drunk in an Uber with them;
  9. You wanted to tell your bestie that they’re a terrible driver;
  10. You watched a show just because they recommended it to you;
  11. You have seen each other cry;
  12. You laughed so hard together that you peed your pants;
  13. You don’t have a good picture together;
  14. Your bestie hated your ex-boyfriend;
  15. You got so mad & were close to blocking them;
  16. You lied to each other;
  17. You thought of starting the gym and never actually did;
  18. You were talking about the ‘tea’ and the ‘tea’ comes by;
  19. You have ever told a secret you shouldn’t;
  20. You’ve had a crush on your friend’s sibling;
  21. You thought of getting a matching tattoo;
  22. You skipped school just because your friend was sick;
  23. You used each other’s Netflix accounts;
  24. You’ve ever lied to get out of plans;

‘Drink If’ Questions For Couples

Sorry for our single fellas, but those who are in a healthy relationship deserve a section of their own. Below, you’ll find some of the most lovely questions for you and your partner. You may play as a duo, so only you and the love of your life, or with other couples as well. 

Drink if:

  1. You have kissed under the rain at least once;
  2. You said ‘I love you’ before the other person did;
  3. You’ve ever had an open relationship;
  4. You wished your partner was older back in time;
  5. You’ve ever had a blind date;
  6. You pretended you didn’t hear him/her just to skip a question;
  7. You’ve ever gone through a partner’s phone;
  8. You thought that this current relationship was love at first sight;
  9. You’ve ever gone on a date with no intention of paying;
  10. You feared meeting your love’s parents (dude, we feel u);
  11. You have ever deleted a chat so your partner won’t see it;
  12. You’ve ever chosen to go out with the boys/girls rather than going out with your partner;
  13. You have ever dated 2 people at once (it’s safer if you don’t answer tho’);
  14. You hated a show him/her was watching;
  15. You’ve ever lied about the taste of a dish your girlfriend/boyfriend cooked;
  16. You thought about what a bad music taste your soulmate has;
  17. You’ve ever lied on your first date (if you’re playing this on your actual first date, we recommend you don’t answer);
  18. You read Romeo & Juliet;
  19. You have ever slept angry with each other;
  20. You’ve sent a nude or requested one from your partner;
  21. You forgot an anniversary date, birthday, or anything similar;
  22. You thought of making a baby;


Get prepared to get drunk, you people! The good thing about this pretty simple drinking game is that you get to know lots about people just by them drinking, and not having to say words or create an awkward silence. Also, they can lead to different stories and start some good conversations, which we bet you would love! Set yourself free, get close to your people, and have a few drinks!   

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