100 Do Or Drink Questions

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If you were wondering, there’s a slight difference between Truth or Drink, and Do or Drink. The latter includes challenges! Unambiguously, you either complete the dare (or even answer the question) or take a drink! 

  • About the game;
  • Safe dares;
  • Crazy dares;
  • R-Rated dares;
  • Girls’ Night dares;
  • Final thoughts;

Safe Dares

If you want to play Do or Drink as a game to get to know people and their limits, specifically, safe dares are good to go. There’s nothing inappropriate and you can undoubtedly play with all types of people.

  1. Do jumping jacket until your next round;
  2. Go live on Instagram and read the back of a shampoo bottle in a British accent;
  3. Go outside and try to summon the rain;
  4. Tell the group one truth about yourself, that you think no one will believe;
  5. Nod your head if you have more than 5 exes;
  6. Give funny nicknames to every player in this room;
  7. Eat a spoonful of hot sauce;
  8. Sing a song while having your mouth full of peanut butter;
  9. Dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies & record it;
  10. Smell everyone’s feet and announce the winner;
  11. Color one of your front teeth black;
  12. Mix 5 different drinks in a cup, and drink it;
  13. Imitate your partner when they are angry;
  14. Act like a shy girl;
  15. Take a selfie with the player to your left, add a deep caption about what they mean to you, and post it on one of your social media;
  16. Tell someone in this room the truth they need to know;
  17. Eat one teaspoon of mustard;
  18. Go outside in the street and hold the sign that says ‘Honk if I’m cute’;
  19. Let the player to your right stick duct tape somewhere in your body, and rip it off;
  20. Call Target and ask if they deliver popcorn;
  21. Dig through the trash and name everything you find;
  22. Wear socks on your hands, pants instead of a shirt, and vice-versa;
  23. Sniff someone’s armpit;
  24. Remove your socks with your teeth;
  25. Make a mask on your face using toilet paper;

Crazy Dares

Do or Drink Dares - Crazy Dares

Well, people can be hilarious. These crazy challenge ideas include things you never thought of. You’ll probably drink a lot more this time, considering how crazy things below are.

  1. Pick the nose of the player on your right;
  2. Call a random number and sing ‘Happy Birthday to them;
  3. Take a selfie with your toilet and post it online;
  4. Write your name on the floor with your tongue;
  5. Lick ketchup off of a player of your choice’s toe;
  6. Put your head out the window as if you were a dog;
  7. Cut your hair into bangs in front of the group;
  8. Flirt with a pillow as if it were your crush;
  9. Soak a shirt in water, put it in the freezer for 10 minutes, and then wear it;
  10. Let the group pick one item you have to brush your teeth with;
  11. Kiss the stomach of your favorite player in the room;
  12. Put your underwear over your pants till the game’s over;
  13. If you can’t touch your own nose with your tongue, touch someone else’s nose with your tongue;
  14. Wrap toilet paper around your body (just like when playing Roll The Mommy);
  15. Send a snap of you pretending to cry to everyone on your Snapchat, with the caption that you found out you’re adopted;
  16. Take a picture of a tampon and post it in your Insta story. Leave it there for 10 minutes;
  17. Trade clothes with the player in front of you;
  18. Lick a car tire;
  19. Let someone draw anything in your face;
  20. Call your parents and tell them you’re pregnant. Even if you’re a boy;
  21. Try to burp the alphabet( just like Shrek);
  22. Put ice cubes down your pants;
  23. Sing your ABCs while twerking;
  24. Call the police and ask if they need help;

R-Rated Dares

Adults want some adult fun, adult games, and I bet we can all agree. These dare ideas are not for everyone and make sure to pay attention to who you’re playing with. Advice from a friend!

  1. Send a dirty gif to one of your contacts randomly without an explanation;
  2. Remove an article of clothing every second time you get a text notification;
  3. Feed someone almonds only using your mouth;
  4. Demonstrate your best handjob skills;
  5. Send a naked selfie to your partner;
  6. Take a selfie with your best ‘O’ face;
  7. Give your underwear to a cute stranger;
  8. Perform a striptease to a 90’s hit;
  9. If you’re a girl, flash your boobs for 1 second;
  10. Say ‘Thank you daddy’ every time the player on your left talks;
  11. Leave a hot voicemail to your ex;
  12. Keep your hand on the player’s on your right thigh until it’s your next round;
  13. Act out as many sexual positions as you can for 20 minutes (clothes on);
  14. Let the group pick on contact on your phone which you have to call and moan to;
  15. Teach the group how to use protection on using a banana;
  16. Put your Facebook status in ‘I’m Coming… I’m Coming…’ and then 1 minute later to ‘I came’;
  17. Read a page in a book in the most seductive voice you can;
  18. Demonstrate the proper way to finger a woman;
  19. Guess every player in the room’s kinks;
  20. Take your bra off and toss it out the window;
  21. Close your eyes and send a sext to a random number;
  22. While wearing only your underwear, hop in the shower with a player of your choice for 60 seconds;
  23. Try a pickup line in someone in the group;
  24. Blindfolded kiss whatever’s in front of you;
  25. Imitate a guy giving a doggy;
  26. Touch the butt of the player on your left;
  27. Describe how an orgasm feels in detail;
  28. Play a secretary trying to seduce their boss;
  29. Let someone lick whipped cream off your finer or cheek;
  30. Do your best crawl;

Girls’ Night Dares

Do or Drink Dares - Girls' Night Dares

Girls just want a good Do or Drink game. Period. For all the ladies, we’ve made a list of dares that only they understand. Even though there are tons of girls’ night games, it’s never enough though. Boys, step out of this section!

  1. Let a girl of your choice crack an egg on your head;
  2. Do a manicure and paint all your nails for 10 seconds;
  3. Let the group see your latest Google searches;
  4. Kiss a bald man’s head;
  5. Ask for free shots from the bar the first time you’re out;
  6. Write the name of your crush on your forehead and go to a bar like that;
  7. Give yourself a mustache with permanent marker;
  8. Drop a piece of jewelry into the toilet and then pick it up;
  9. Take an item of food from the fridge and kiss it passionately for 1 minute;
  10. Stuff your bra with ice and let it sit for 1 minute;
  11. Hit on a man with a cheesy pickup line;
  12. Ask a stranger to sign your chest;
  13. Name all your exes in alphabetical order;
  14. Use 3 ingredients in the fridge as a lotion;
  15. Pretend you’re filming a makeup tutorial;
  16. Apply lipstick without looking in the mirror;
  17. Show your best O-face;
  18. Record the latest TikTok trend and post it;
  19. Tie a cherry stem with your tongue;
  20. Get as many phone numbers as you can for 2 minutes;
  21. Wear your clothes outside;

About The Game

If you’re unaware, there’s also a card game named Do or Drink. However, making your own dares is cheaper & more flexible since you can select what you want to discuss. Before playing, all you need to have is a few drinks for you and your group. Any number of players is good, however, works better if there are more than 2 players

However, depending on the category you choose, make sure to pay attention to who you’re playing with. Take turns for the challenges, going clockwise. You can also choose a winner at the end of the game: if you complete the challenge, you get 3 points, if you drink, you take 1 point. Whoever has the most points, wins!

Final thoughts

These daring ideas will definitely spice everything up. No matter your group of people or your relationship with them, you can choose between categories and everything will be fine. If you didn’t understand already, all these dares are crazy and create unforgettable memories! 

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