Is the Do or Drink worth it? – Card game review

Do or Drink Card Game

Adults love ordinary party games too. But, what if we play the ones that put party games at another level? What if we add some drinks to the game?

That’s what the Do or Drink game actually is. We play, but we also get drunk, and the next day,  we may probably not remember what we did.

It is the perfect game if your company is made out of adults, and at least moderate drinkers. List of Drinking Card Games and Adult Card Games.

Also, since we’re speaking of company, quite honestly, the experience would be slightly ruined if you have that kind of friend in the group who gets easily offended and leaves the game the moment they’re faced with a challenge. You’ll notice, you will.

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Okay, let’s see what the game is all about, shall we?!

Here’s what you’ll read about in this article:

  • Game details – About Do or Drink
  • The design of the game
  • Cards design of Do or Drink
  • The rules of Do or Drink
  • What is it like to play Do or Drink? – The game experience
  • The expansion packs & editions of Do or Drink
  • The competitors of Do or Drink – How strong is the competition?
  • Price & final thoughts on the game – Is it worth buying?

About the game: Do or Drink

  • Game language: English
    • Package dimensions: 5.31 x 4.06 x 2.83 inches 
    • Number of cards: 350 
    • Age: 21+
    • Number of players: 2+
    • Manufacturer: Do or drink
    • Expansion packs: 2

Design: What Do or Drink looks like

Do or Drink Card Game

It kind of bothers me that it is wrapped in plastic, but aside from that, the box looks pretty neat.

It has a pretty simple design: on the outside it is black and white, but it is very colorful once you open the box.

In the front of the box it’s the game name written with capital letters, and below the title it says “WIN OR BLACKOUT”. It actually says a lot about the game: Win or drink so much that you lose it all…

On the side of the box, there’s a line that tells you one more time that this game is only adult-friendly: DESIGNED TO GET YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS WASTED!

While the back of the box, with the reversed colors (white background and black letters/text), briefly explains the gameplay, and tells us what we will find inside the box, like what cards can we expect and what they look like.

Here’s a picture of the back of the box, so that you’ll have a better idea of what I’m talking about:

Do or Drink back

Now that we’ve seen and talked about the box outside, it is time to see what’s inside it.

It’s always been a joy of mine to open up boxes like this one where the lid covers the entire box, and it just elegantly comes off as you pull it upwards. Bonus point on that one.

Once the elegant, grand opening is done, you’ll see a paper in which are written the rules of the game in a more detailed way (when compared to the ones explained on the back of the box).

Under the rules paper you’ll be seeing the cards divided into two piles, sealed in plastic wrap, not a fan of that. Let’s see what’s the deal with that:

The cards’ design of Do or Drink


Apparently, the two piles divided, wrapped in plastic, are the white cards and the black cards.

As they already said, the game contains a large number of cards. It has a total of 350 cards, half of them are white and half black.

Although labeled as black cards, 35 of them are red when we turn them over.

Now, the black cards are divided into 2 types: black (worth 1 point), and red (worth 2 points).

Do or drink black and red cards

On the other hand, white cards are divided into 20 types. Some of which are: Draw, drink if, brunettes, vote, war, waterfall, social, simon, free pass, swap, etc.

Do or Drink - white cards

The questions and challenges are varied. By just going through them, they seem to be pretty funny, and sometimes, some of them contain very difficult challenges. Here, some of them:

  • Take an embarrassing selfie and post on to your snap story or drink 3 times;
  • Take three shots or quit playing;
  • Keep this card and use it anytime to force  another player to drink double of what they’re supposed to.
  • Text your parents saying “ I’m pregnant” or “I got someone pregnant” and don’t reply until after the game. Do this, take three shots, or quit playing…

I’m sort of surprised to be honest, as I did not expect the cards to have such content – I’m surprised in a good way.

If you doubt that you’ll get drunk, allow me to free you from that doubt: you will get drunk, if not stoned.

The game rules of Do or Drink

It may seem complicated that there are so many types of cards, but when you start playing, it just gets easier. Which is another surprising thing I stumbled upon on my Do or Drink adventure, if you will.

Grab some alcohol, invite your closest friends, and start playing by following the rules as they follow:

  • Separate black cards and white cards into 2 piles.
  • The player who starts first, draws a white card, and does what the card says, based on its category.
  • This continues until any player draws a DRAW card. 
  • When a card like this is drawn, that player draws another card from the black cards pile, and does whatever it says, or else drinks.
  • If the player completed the challenge successfully, they get to keep the card.
  • If the card is black, it’s worth 1 point, and if it’s red, it is worth 2 points.

This is about it. Not as complicated as it seemed.

A bit about the content of the cards: When I said this is adult-friendly, I really mean ADULT. Not 18+, but 21+.

It contains adult and sexual content, at times dangerous, and difficult challenges.

Do NOT play it in the presence of children, because there are some things that should remain unheard for sometime.

You want to choose wisely on who you want to play the game with. Friends, or family, it’ll be okay as long as you’re very close to them, and feel free to do stupid sh*t around them.

I would not suggest inviting people who are easily offended, and people who do not get that a challenge is a challenge.

The game can be played by 2+ players, but it’d be great if there are a considerable number of players, because the more players, the more the potential for fun and interesting things to happen.

Random thought: Could also be a pretty dope gift for your friend’s 21st birthday.

What is it like to play Do or Drink? – The game experience

Do Or Drink Game Experience

We all remember the first time we played a good game, especially funny ones.

That’s why I remember the first time I played Do or Drink.

We were in a family evening, the whole family, relatives, cousins. I had ordered the game 2 weeks ago, because I really liked the game description I saw on social media.

I gathered young people in the room who were above 21 years. Just to be clear: not the eldery, uncles, aunts, parents.

There were around 9 people at the table, and before inviting them, I made sure there isn’t anyone who takes things very seriously, so no one gets hurt or offended (at least the advice I got from others who played it before).

I explained the game and the rules to them, and told them that all they had to do was read the card in their hand.

We shuffle the cards and prepare everything, and finally I started first, so they’d know how the game goes. I drew a vote card that said: On the count of three, everyone points to the player they want to have a drink. The player with the most votes wins.

For some reason, 6 of them pointed to the player in front of me. Maybe because he really likes drinking a lot… Who cares, I got clear out of this (at least for now).

The game continued with the other player. She drew a chicks card: All females must drink. Huh, good for us, we all need at least a shot in family gatherings, eh?

Here comes my favourite, the first draw card. We couldn’t wait to have one.

Drawn from the 3d player in the round. It said: Draw a black Do or Drink card. Do what it says, drink, or quit the game(If a red card is drawn). Do it successfully and you get to keep the card as a point or 2.

We were all eyes and ears!!!

Next, she drew a red card. Lol, this one was amazing, and I’m glad it didn’t happen to me. The card said: Take off one article of clothing every time someone drinks, until you are down to your underwear. Stay like this for the rest of the game, take two shots, or quit playing.

Without giving an absolute sh*t that this was a family gathering, she did just what the card said.

The game went on like this for a while, with incredible questions and challenges. Fortunately, I only drew one draw card. Then, I drew a black card that said: Text a random phone number “u up?” or drink twice.

I could drink, but it wasn’t a very ‘challenging’ challenge, so I texted that random number.

I was thankful I did not have any extraordinary challenges during that game, because I might not have done them. At this point, I’m starting to think that I’m that one player that’s afraid of the challenges, you know the one that’s not supposed to be invited??

The biggest challenge was at the player right next to me: Get naked, go outside, and streak down the street. Do this, take two shots, or quit playing.

She didn’t accept the challenge, and she quit the game. To be honest, I would’ve done the same thing, it was one of the hardest challenges.

The game went on like this, with amazing funny questions and challenges. Some of them were really challenging, and some of them were more ‘normal’. At the end of the day we enjoyed them all.

Playing the game felt like endless fun: stomach aches from laughter and the way we accomplished the challenges, oh, and often shame and blush…

8.5 out of 10, would play again!

The expansion packs and editions of Do or Drink

Even though the game has enough cards, you’ll see that you’ll want to have more cards, because who says no to more fun?

It’s the way to prevent the game from getting boring. There are 8 expansion packs, 6 of which are themed expansion packs, and one edition.

Do or drink - expansion pack 1
Do or drink - expansion pack 2
Edition -Blackout trivia game
Pack:Expansion pack #1Expansion pack #2Edition: Blackout Trivia 
Number of cards:100 more cards to add to the game.100 more cards to add to the core and the #1 expansion500 cards, 200 Black cards, 150 Red Cards and 150 White Challenge Cards. 
Price:Amazon $19.99Amazon $19.99  Amazon $24.95 

Themed expansion packs

Do or drink is even more amazing when there are certain boxes for different categories of events.

Let’s see some of them:

Do or Drink – FOR SINGLES

do or drink for singles

Do or Drink for singles, adds 50 more cards to the main game. 16 red cards and 34 black ones are in the set.

Do or Drink – SOCIAL MEDIA

do or drink for social media

We all use social media way too much, why not have a special expansion pack for this category?

Just like the aforementioned pack, Do or Drink for social media adds 50 cards to the core game. 16 red cards and 36 black ones.

Do or Drink – FOR COUPLES

Do or drink for couples

A box with kissy emojis, says couples on the box – It requires a partner, a romantic partner!

It is an expansion pack that contains a total of 50 cards, 18 red ones and 32 of them are black.

Do or Drink – PRIDE

Do or Drink - pride

A Pride Themed Do or Drink would definitely add some color to the main deck!

The box contains 50 cards, 10 of them are red, and 40 are black.


Do or Drink - public humiliation

Another themed pack of Do or Drink is Public Humiliation expansion.

It contains 50 more cards, divided into 17 red cards and 33 black cards.

The competitors of Do or Drink – How strong is the competition?

These Cards Will Get You Drunk – $15.99

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk is considered to be a fun adult game with a box that contains 100 hilarious cards to have an amazing night. It can be played by 2-8 players, aged 21+.

There are no points, that’s why no one wins or loses. It’s all about fun and drinking, which I guess go hand in hand.

Sotally Tober– $17.95

Sotally Tober

It is a game of 125 large cards, divided into 5 types. To play, you have to be 2+ players, 21+. A pretty creative name, for a pretty creative game.

Fear Pong – $25.00

Fear Pong: Internet Famous
Do or drink– Large number of cards;
– Hilarious challenges;
– Has 8 expansion packs.
– Might take a little while to understand the game rules.
These cards will get you drunk– No points, everyone’s a winner;
– Fun and easy to play.
– Has got only one expansion.
Sotally Tober– Amazing game name;
– High level of player interaction.
– Some difficult instructions.
Fear Pong– Very simple to play;
– The game experience can be seen on YouTube;
– Well thought/written challenges.
– A little too pricey.

Price & final thoughts on the game – Is it worth buying?

You can buy the Do or Drink core game on Amazon for $29.95 (shipping not included).

But, if you want to buy it together with the 2 expansion packs, in total it costs $69.93. or if it looks expensive you can always make a drinking game on your own.

Customers on Amazon have rated it with 4.7 stars out of 5.

The game has relatively easy rules and extremely funny challenges;

Has a sufficient number of cards, and has expansion packs to add fun to the game (super convenient in order to refresh the game).

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Besides the expansions, we also have the edition, and the themed expansion packs, so we can choose them, depending on our event.

Hilarious, challenging, awesome, must-own game. Go order it!

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