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During the quarantine in 2020 a lot of people felt the need to create something, and they did. DIY drinking games is one of the things that a lot of people created, it even became a trend on the famous app Tiktok. 

Now, there are adult card games, you can get and adjust them with drinking, but we’ll talk about that later. Also, if you want drinking games without cards at all.

Making your own deck has its own goods, some of which include:

  • You put effort into it, hence the excitement is undeniable
  • You get to create something unique, that’s not available to all
  • You get to have exactly the content you want in your cards.

There are some ways of making a drinking card game on your own. 

One is to design/make it on a computer or phone, and just print it and cut it. This is the easier DIY project you want to get yourself into.

Two, is to start everything from the beginning… On a white paper.

There is another easy way, let’s say you’ve got Cards Against Humanity in your house and you haven’t played in a while so now it’s just sitting there. You can add a twist to the rules – mix it up with drinking. 

It has more potential, since C.A.H rules are pretty simple, and there’s more room for adding things to them.

Cards Against Humanity is not the only game you can do this with. I’ll show you a list of those other games, and you can play and drink with those games later on in this article. 

First, let’s check out some suggestions on how to make your own personalized drinking card game. 

Helpful Suggestions – Number and Content of the Cards

Most drinking card games go for an easier way of playing; Like placing the cards where all players can reach them, and each taking turns on drawing cards. 

If this is what you’re trying to get, then consider:

  1. Not to write repetitive things on cards
  2. The more cards you make, the more players
  3. Having fun while doing so

There are other drinking games, like Kings that have certain cards mean certain things. Now, this would be a good theme to go for. For instance, the Ace from regular cards is also called Waterfall. Once this card is flipped everyone starts drinking until the player in front of them stops doing so.

See more Best Drinking Card Games or Drinking games for two players.

You can get creative with cards like Waterfall, Me, You, Floor, etc; Now instead of memorizing what each of the regular cards mean, you’ll create the deck with cards that’ll tell you exactly what and how to do it. 

In this case, you can consider:

  1. Adding something of your own
  2. Not putting the theme of the card on the back of it (the cards should be put faced down for most drinking games, and giving a clue of what the card is is a bad idea)

Note: While you’re making your own cards, keep in mind the gameplay. 

How Do You Make a Drinking Card Game? – Making Your Own Cards With PC or Phone

Creating your own deck of cards can be easier when digitally done. You design them in your computer/phone, print them, and finally cut them. 

If you don’t feel like creating you can get ready to print sheets. You print them, and all you have to do next is cut them. You can get them laminated if you want them to be more durable, and feel better when holding them. 

There are webs and apps that can help you do that, however, I will list 2 of them below, and show you how each works. 

You can design your own cards with:

  2. Photoshop

DIY in

You can use the free version, but if you want extra access to extra things, you can subscribe.

Either way, I will show you how the free version works.

1. You start by going to the website and signing in by google account, email, or other forms. Once you get there, you’ll see this:

2. Next thing you want to do is, click “Create a design” at the top right. Once you do, you’ll see this:

3. Click on the poster, after which you’ll see this:

This is the part where you can start creating. Keep in mind that this is a poster size, and you can get a lot of cards done.

The zoom tool on the right bottom is very useful if you don’t want to miss the details.

On the left you can see the toolbar, which you’ll use to design the blank page in front of you.

I will show you an example of how I started making my own cards. I’ll list you the elements I used too, just because I’m an amazing person ok?

Here it is:

To make this one, I used:

  • Lines from the Elements
  • Text 

It is super easy to use, you can pick any color that you wish, you can search the Elements for what you’re looking for (e.g drinks); Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can google it, download it as a png image, and insert it and use it on canva. 

After you’re done making your cards, you simply download what you created, and print them.

I’d suggest you laminate your cards in order for them to be more long lasting, durable, and feel better when holding them.

DIY via Photoshop

This one is for people who already know a little bit of the program. Someone who never worked with photoshop before, is not going to be able to design their deck of cards. Seriously!

Step one: Open a new document on photoshop and go to the print section. It’ll look something like this:

Now you can choose what type of paper format you’re going for, but you can also custom paper dimensions on the right. I’d suggest you go for A0 format, since it is larger, and it can be easier and faster to make it.

Next, start making the lines for the cards. This is where you decide what dimensions you want your cards to be, and create your lines depending on that. You select the line tool, and get your paper lines.

All that is left to do is write on them, and design them as you wish (e.g with pictures, emojis, icons, etc).

You can do it by simply searching the images you want on google, and find the png ones. Or the ones that have a white background.

Once you’re done designing your cards, you can save the poster as a jpeg picture on your computer, print it, laminate it, and cut it. 

There, you’ve got yourself a brand new deck of cards that nobody else has. Exactly how you want it, with the content that you want it, and the design that you want it with!

How Do You Make a Drinking Card Game? – Handmade

It is not as difficult as it seems to be! You get to choose the paper, whether it is shiny, mat, blue (or whatever color you want it to be), you get to draw and write whatever you wish on them. 

The best part of the whole process is that it gets you engaged, and it is fun!

What you’ll need:

  1. A poster(format A2, A1, or A0)
  2. A marker (or markers) by your choice (coloured or not)
  3. Will to start making a DIY project!

It’s like the analog version of the canva I showed you above. You get posters, and you create the lines depending on the size of the cards you’re going for. 

Once you create the lines, you can write whatever you wish on them, and draw anything you want to. 

Once you’re done, you cut them with scissors, or scalper with the help of a ruler (I’d suggest the latter, because it works faster), be careful though. 

And voila! You’ve got yourself a set of cards. 

Turn Games Into Your Own Drinking Card Games

Now that you know exactly how to make your own custom cards, it’s time to know about the games which are suitable for such games.


Kings Drinking Card Game

Here you can see what each card means, 

How Do You Turn Would You Rather Into a Drinking Game?

Would You Rather is a pretty famous, and popular game. It has more room to make it your own. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Get a list of Would You Rather questions
  • Add a twist to it: “If you’d rather [an activity] have a drink”
  • Follow the steps above, and simply paste the lines on the cards, and print them. 

The rules include:

  • One player reads a card, and they get to choose whether they want to answer or drink.
  • The player has to do what the card says

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a drinking game. Now you can give this game a little bit of design, and twist if you feel like it.

Whether you’re doing it through a screen, or you’re drawing the cards with hand, doesn’t matter. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Grab a list of Never Have I Ever lines
  • Design, or change the text, or even create new lines that you’d like to ask when playing the game
  • Put pictures, icons, anything you’d like on the cards
  • Enjoy!

You already know the rules, whoever did/does what is written on the card drinks, whoever didn’t simply give those looks, you know the ones.

Card Games You Already Have That Combine Well With Drinking

A DIY project can be relatively big, and relatively small. If you made it to this section of the article and are genuinely interested, you might be of the lazy ones. 

This too is a bit of DIY. The point is to add or twist a couple of rules of these card games, and since they’re not designed as drinking card games, you’re doing it yourself. 

So, I’ve listed the games and the way you can combine them with drinking. Easy peasy!

1. Cards Against Humanity

This is a downloadable and printable rules paper, which you can use to read and explain to whoever you’re playing with. 

There are in fact plenty of ways to include drinking when playing Cards Against Humanity, if you’re interested in knowing more specific details about it, check out Drinking Game Cards Against Humanity.

2. Incohearent

Normally the game is not designed especially for drinking, you probably already know that. However, you can get things interesting with this game to add the drinking to it. 

First, a brief explanation of the rules:

The whole point of the game is to decode phrases, words, etc. 

You start by choosing a judge, and placing the deck of cards face down. The duty of the judge will be to hold the card up and put the little sand timer ‘on’ (it comes with the box). 

Only the judge sees the answer, the rest of the players read the hints on the back of the card and try to guess the answer within the set time. Whoever decodes, or guesses right, wins, and gets to keep the card.

Now, here’s the drinking twist you can add: 

  • By the end of the game, you check out who got most cards, that will be the winner of the game; Whoever got the least cards will be the loser of the game.

The loser drinks 3 shots, and the winner chooses who else will join the loser. 

P.s If you want to make it ‘adultier’, get the NSFW expansion pack.

3. The Voting Game

The Voting Game Front

The Voting Game is a fun, interesting game indeed. But, adding the drinks to the game can turn into something! The Voting Game rules are pretty simple, hence it makes it suitable to add the drinking to it.

Here’s how the game goes:

There are ID Cards, Question Cards, and Voting Cards. 

The ID Cards are numbers which will represent each of the players (e.g the ID Card with number 4 is your ID Card, the ID Card with number 3 will be someone else’s and so on). 

The Question Cards contain the questions which will be asked for the rounds. The Voting Cards are the cards you’ll use to vote each other (anonymously). 

Someone reads a Question Cards, all put your voting cards face down on the table, and finally the cards are revealed to see who has been mostly voted. 

Here’s how you can add the drinking:

  • Each round, whoever got voted the most drinks.
  • Whoever got voted the least, decides who will drink.
  • If it is a tie, the judge decides who will drink. 


With a little bit of effort you can make almost any game a drinking game.

You can even create your own deck.

Get the drinks ready, call your friends, and let’s get the weekend started as it should! Cheers!

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