23+ Gift Ideas For All The Women Who Love Disney – Their Favorite Childhood Memory!

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Is there anything that makes a girl happy more than a Disney-themed gift? No matter their age, a Disney gift makes them feel nostalgic and wakes up that little innocent kid inside them. And yeah, the purpose of gifts is making people feel loved, right? 

To be honest, it is simple finding some presents for a 10-year old girl, you buy some toys, some princesses’ hair wigs, but, what are you supposed to buy for a woman? Step by step, you’re gonna see how easy that is… We made a list of dozens of ideas, including fashion, jewelry, books, ornaments, cups, and much more creative stuff. 

We know that choosing one when you have many outstanding options, is a bit stressful, we all agree on that. But, some people are worth melting for (If you know, you know).

Anyways, since we are here, we thought of that as well! We’re gonna give you some tips on buying the perfect gift for your daughter, girlfriend, or your pretty bestie. Since you know her like the back of one’s hand, it won’t be that big a deal!

Anytime you’re thinking of buying your special girl a gift, and you know Disney is her Achilles heel (in a good way), you’ll be thinking: What should I get her that has to do with Disney? When you’re thinking of that, this article will show up just like magic! Now, let’s head out to Disney World together!!! Ps. we have a surprise somewhere at the end…

1. Disney Mask – $10.99

Disney Mask

Since we live in the pandemic era, why not get her a mask with Tinkerbell on it! It’ll give that feeling of the Pixie Dust, and if she’s the type of woman who likes changing her mask, and not wearing a basic black one, this is the gift! 

Also, the material is to be admired, it can be hand-washed and used several times, it has a filter inside and feels pretty comfortable. Also, it is waterproof, which makes it way better! Simply, she’ll protect herself, and feel pretty 🙂

2. Beauty And The Beast Mug – $15.39

Beauty And The Beast Mug

It’s Beauty and the Beast! How much we all loved it, all the emotions (I’m not crying, you are)… All the girls remember the Chip Mug and it would be a total blast having one at their home. I bet coffee or tea never tasted better! 

This mug measures 8 ounces (1 cup), and we would recommend you wash it carefully, not in the dishwasher, because we don’t wanna risk all the cute designs and destroy the Chip, it would be a simple coffee mug without it! Ps. the blush in her face would be the same as the Chip! 

3. Cards Against Disney – $9.95

Cards Against Disney

What about a gift for your girl and her besties? Well, Cards Against Disney is an adult-friendly card game, which brings tons of laughs to every possible party. It has 828 cards inside and can be played by girls who are 17 or older. The rules are pretty simple and the point of the game is to find the funniest response card! There can play 4 to 20+ players at the same time, and as always, the more people the better. 

It takes them all back in time, and reminds all the details about Disney, but, let me tell you, not in a very innocent way! The game is designed for people who have a humor sense and don’t take every joke close to heart. Have a laugh! 

4. Minnie Mouse Robe – $36.95

Minnie Mouse Robe

You know, girls love all that self-care, skincare routines, wearing a robe for 3 hours, that’s all normal! A Minnie Mouse robe is a cute, warm gift. It has two little Disney details on it, and besides that, all the robe has a lovely pink, and has some white drops, which remind us of Minnie’s bow! It is made of a soft, polyester material, and you can choose her size, starting from S to XXL. And yes, it has a comfy black belt, just so you know!

5. Stitch Necklace – $14.99 

Stitch Necklace

Ohana means family… Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Oh, how much I love this quote! A Stitch necklace could be one of the most meaningful gifts, no matter your relationship with the girl, or her age. A Disney necklace is what stays forever with her, and looks great with every outfit. 

For the Lilo & Stitch fans, this necklace is made of stainless steel, which doesn’t cost much, and yet, has a great quality. You can also choose if you want that flower in the blue color. Aloha! 

6. Disney Socks – $16.90

Disney Socks

Who doesn’t love socks!!! I’d recommend you buy her animated socks out of nowhere, for Christmas, Harry Potter-themed socks (if she’s a fan), and of course, Disney socks! They feel very cozy and make her feel like a little kid when she was used to wearing these kinds of socks… There are 5 pairs, including Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy Duck, Goofy, and who doesn’t love them?!

7. Wine Glass – $16.98

Wine Glass

Here’s a mix of Wine and Disney: the Disney wine glass! Could it get any better? The most beautiful part is the design. At a time or another, we all wish we can go back to being kids, and this quote says it all. It’s very simple, yet very heartwarming. This glass fits 15 ounces, because, you know, it’s a wine glass. Oh, just imagine how pretty the red wine looks on it! 

8. Cosmetic Bag – $15.99

Cosmetic Bag

What’s a girl’s best friend? Her cosmetic bag. No doubt! Having a Disney leather bag to put all her makeup on is something extra! It is large enough, especially for traveling. This design is available in pink and red, and both of them are very fancy! It has some little pockets inside, to organize all the small pieces. It also comes with a hand band, so she can carry it wherever she goes! Can also be used as a bag to put her favorite items, even just for going out!

9. Phone Case – $11.98

phone Case

One thing we know for sure: a girl is never too old to have a Disney-themed phone case. It is something she can carry with her everywhere she goes, and remember all the good memories with these characters. The case is transparent and has the graphics of cartoons, and their faces just make our life better. Looks great on any phone color!

10. The Disney Cookbook – $11.99

Disney Cookbook

Disney-inspired recipes! Could it BE any more fun? There are 100 recipes in this unofficial cookbook, including snacks and treats, Mickey pretzels, dole whip, blue milk, cookie num num’s, and dozens more! They are incredibly tasty and will make her feel like she’s a part of Disney. If you’re lucky, she’ll cook something for you as well… 

This is the hardcover (which I always recommend), but you can also read it on Kindle. It has 240 pages and its publisher is Adams Media. Ps. There also exists the Unofficial Disney Parks Drink Recipe Book, in case she wants to make some magical drinks…

11. Set Of Glass Cups – $29.95

Set Of Glass Cups

I fell in love with these cups. Immediately. You’ll have a set of cups to drink espresso with your girl, and I love how Mickey’s face looks… The glass is thick and has great quality, and it is very comfortable to drink. Each of the cups can hold 5.4 ounces. Well, I mean it’s made for espresso, but, who stops you to drink tea on it?

12. The Enchanted Rose – $29.89 

The Enchanted Rose

The mystical flower is one of these ornaments she keeps next to her bed and wakes up every day by its side. She’ll remember it from Beauty and The Beast, and remember the beautiful story… The dimensions are 9.2 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches, and also has led lights inside. Has a wooden base and a silk red rose, which looks just like real.

13. Winnie The Pooh Earrings – $29.99

Winnie The Pooh Earings

Earrings are always a good choice, especially these Winnie The Pooh themed… They’re not real gold, I mean, look at the price, but, who cares? They’re very Disney, and look pretty with these red glitters… It gives me the feeling of the lovely Pooh holding a balloon, and looks perfectly real. GIrls love these kinds of earrings, a bit long, simple, and meaningful.

14. Lion King Hoodie – $39.99

Lion King Hoodie

A hoodie is the warmest gift you can ever give and receive. Period. Since Lion King makes us all feel nostalgic, I’m sure she’ll like it. I prefer white and black hoodies only, especially when they have these special designs. You can choose your size starting from XS to 3XL. It has the name of our lovely movie, and also a scene from it. Heartwarming, isn’t it?

15. Dalmatians Bag – $25.00

Dalmatians Bag

I bet you’re visualizing 101 lovely pretty Dalmatians now, aren’t you? Well, this gift can be perfect for all the girls who like carrying bags when they go out. This one is large enough even for traveling, and she can fit her Mickey Mouse makeup bag, pajamas, and other clothes. The design is lovely, all the details about 101 Dalmatians, and the material is very qualitative. By the way, don’t worry, the shoulder straps are very strong.

16. Disney Princesses Wallet

Disney Princesses Wallet

Meet Aurora, Jasmine, Snowwhite, Ariel, Belle, and all the others! This light pink wallet includes most of the Disney princesses and fits great in every bag. Large enough to store all the money and documents. It is made of faux leather and can be cleaned with wipe papers, and also has a small zippered pocket on the exterior. The Disney name on the front just makes it prettier… 

17. Water Bottles – $26.99

Water Bottles

Every girl has her emotional support water bottle. I swear there isn’t any better one than a Disney-themed one. You can choose your favorite design, starting from Mickey Mouse face, to beautiful princesses, it’s all up to you. It holds up to 24 oz, and the material is stainless steel. The bottle comes with a flip and straw lid. It is very easy to clean, I know you care about that…

18. Mickey Mouse Hat – $22.38

Mickey Mouse Hat

If she likes wearing hats, in winter, of course, go for it! The design is surprisingly simple, but yet, very cute. It is black and gray, knitted, and has this spoiled Mickey’s posture in the front. It goes great with every outfit and looks very stylish. Fits all heads (I don’t like the way this sounds), and we’d recommend you hand wash it, because of the knitting, the washing machine can knock it down. Ps. don’t you (or she) dare iron it! 

19. Minnie Mouse Pajamas – $39.99

Minnie Mouse Pajamas

No matter if a girl’s 10 or 30, she’ll love Disney-themed pajamas, I guarantee that. These are 60% cotton and feel very comfy. You can also get the opposite color match, but I love this one more. There’s Minnie’s cute face in the t-shirt, and also the bows and some graphics in the pants. The material is kinda elastic, and there are lots of sizes available, S-4XL. By the way, the pants don’t have pockets, but they’re pajamas, you know… 

20. Disney Villains Slippers – $18.77 

Disney Villains Slippers

Let’s not leave the bad queens aside. The Maleficent, Ursula, Evil Queen, make us remember lots of things. I mean, we all used to hate them, but, to be honest, the movies wouldn’t be complete without their impact. These slippers come in US sizes, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. They feel very warm and the knit is amazing. Pretty colorful, and also has the Disney logo on the foot. I bet she’ll wear them, get some popcorn and wine, and watch these movies, AGAIN!

21. Mickey Mouse Slice Toaster – $24.99

Mickey Mouse Slice Toaster

I swear a graphic of Mickey makes everything better. In adulthood, every woman gets excited when you give her anything for her kitchen, and this red one will look astonishing. A slice/bread toaster, Disney-themed, red color, this cheap price, what else are you looking for? It has ‘burning’ control, from 1 to 4, and of course, has 2 places to put the slices. Mickey, you look pretty! Oh, and here’s a surprise: they have the Mickey symbol imprint in the slices… 

22. Disney Decorative Dish – $13.99

Disney Decorative Dish

A Winnie The Pooh dish will look great on her dish collection. It’s very meaningful, especially that look between the Pooh and Piglet. The quote tells a lot and will make her feel very important and loved. You gotta be careful if you ever touch it, she’ll kill you if you break it, but we know you won’t… It is made of ceramic and has a gold color around the dish, which makes it look very royal. She’ll keep it on an open shelf, or in a glass cupboard. It is way important to hide it. 

23. Tickets To Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Tickets

Last but not least, tickets to Disneyland!!! This is every girl’s lifetime dream… It may cost more than the other gifts you may give her, but, if you’re looking for a special surprise for your special girl, I bet 2 tickets for you and her will make her cry. The ticket price depends on the place you live, so, you better check that out! Ps. make sure you put the tickets in an envelope, so, it will be a kind of mystery. 

DIY Disney Gifts

Here’s the surprise I talked to you about! Besides these amazing gifts you can buy on Amazon, and other shops, you can also do some do-it-yourself. Personally, I love when my special someone spends their time and creativity to make me a personalized gift, and especially if it has to do with any of my favorite memories, such as Disney. Anyhow, you can buy her one gift, and make another creative one… There are never too many gifts, right? 

  1. Bookmark  
Diy Bookmark

If she’s a bookworm, what else is better than making her a Disney bookmark? If you’re an artist, you can take thick paper or even cardboard, and do some designs on it. You can draw her favorite character, and write a good quote on it, which tells something about her or your relationship. It is easily done with some colored pencils, but of course, takes some art skills. 

Another way to make a bookmark is to use a design app (I prefer using Canva), search for the bookmark template, and start designing it. You can browse characters from the internet, choose your favorite background color, choose a good font of letters and write something for it. Basically, you’re free to add as many details as you want. After completing it, go to a printing house, and print it, in colors. Yes. This is all it takes!

  1. DIY Snow Globe
DIY Snowball

A snow globe is one of these things she’ll keep on her bookshelf forever. It isn’t complicated to make, but anyways, you’ll need some stuff. First, you have to take a jar, I prefer the rounded ones, which have a lid. You’re free to choose any character you want, take one you have at your house, or buy some small ones, Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, at your local market.

Next, you have to glue the character on the lid, because the jar is supposed to stay upside down. Next, fill the jar with water and add some glitter, so it’ll look like snow (optional). Anything else? This is all you have to do to make her a very heartwarming gift! 

  1. Minnie Mouse Pinata
Minnie Mouse inata

What a great activity this is for the bridal shower!!! You’ll only need a paperboard and some black paper, and of course, lots of creativity! You gotta make the shape, and we recommend you fill it inside with some chocolates or any other small gift… As you may remember, the point of a pinata is to hit it with a strong stick, until it ‘explodes’. 

Place it somewhere on the outside, and this is how she’ll take off every bad feeling, and of course, will receive some lovely presents. Well, maybe she won’t want to hit Minnie, just because of how pretty she looks, but anyways, it would be great even as a decoration! 

  1. DIY Disney Sign
DIY Disney Sign

A very motivational quote hung on the wall? Who says no to that!? All you need is a picture frame, any size you want, and some colored paper. We choose this Mickey design to show you, but you’re free to make your favorite one. Write a good quote on it (the one in the photo is my favorite, definitely), and make it Disney-themed, that’s the point. 

If you’re too lazy to cut the papers and all that, just find a good design online, print it, and put it in the frame. Both of these options are lovely! 

What Should You Take Care Of When Buying Her The Disney Gift? 

Does she wear jewelry usually? We know lots of girls who never wear any ring, bracelet, or necklace. It doesn’t feel comfortable to them, and that’s totally okay. But, if she’s the girl who always wears any type of jewelry, and estimates the ones that come from her special people, I think you should consider getting her one, and our favorites are undoubtedly the Stitch necklace, just because of how amazing the movie is and all the message it conveys, and of course, the cute Winnie The Pooh earrings. 

If she likes wearing personalized clothes, go for it. Yes, it may look too childish for someone to wear a Mickey Mouse hat or wear Donald Duck socks, and that’s completely normal. On the other hand, there are women who don’t like basic pajamas or black & white hoodies, so, the Disney pajamas, Lion King hoodie, or the 101 Dalmatians bag would fit perfectly. Let’s not forget the Disney Villains slippers though, they’re pretty comfy.

Check the home appliances to give her something she’ll use every day. Women like to keep everything in order, and also take care of every utensil of her kitchen. They’re all extremely special. This is why, buying her a Mickey Mouse slice toaster, or a Disney-themed water bottle, would be great ideas. If you’re looking for something you’d both use, check the espresso cups or the wine glass, they’re lovely. Ps. be careful, you’d be dead if you touch or (far be it) break any of them.

Home decorations are very charming too! Most of the girls like putting random ornaments in every corner of their house, so, why not get her a unique one! It’ll make the rooms look way better, such as the Enchanted Rose, or the decorative dish. Besides that they look very pretty, they also have a deep meaning. They’ll give her that childhood feeling, will make her feel very loved, and she will absolutely keep the gift forever.

There are things you can buy for her everyday use! If she doesn’t like very conspicuous things, there are some small, but important things you can get her. I’m talking about the wallet, the phone case, cosmetic bag (a girl’s bestie), or the mask. They aren’t very visible, but they will mean a lot since she’ll keep them with her everywhere she goes and will remind of you, and of course, her favorite movie characters ever! 

If you don’t wanna spend money, check the DIY ones! Sometimes even small gifts have a lot of impact, even if you didn’t spend money on them. That’s actually even more meaningful! Of course, sometimes we need to be economists, and save some money, so, a DIY bookmark, a snowglobe, or the others, would be a great choice. Besides money-saving, maybe she’ll appreciate it even more if she finds out you made it yourself. And the last one, if you want, you can buy her one, and make her one. What stops you from doing that?

To Summarize It: Are We Sure That She’ll Like These Gifts?

Look, you human, Disney’s everyone’s favorite childhood memory, especially girls (I think boys are too proud to accept it), and every girl related to their favorite memory will be heartfelt. Now, of course, you have to know her personality and decide which gift is best, but, there isn’t any type of girl who won’t like at least one of these gifts, since we made a mix. 

As a big help, we thought of the buying guide, because I know when having 20 and more options, that may be a little stressful, and we reminded you of the details you may have forgotten lately.  

One more thing: Girls, if you don’t have that one person to make you a Disney-themed gift, or he’s not the gifts guy (you know, boys), buy yourself a gift! I mean, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a gift once in a while, and, besides that, who knows you better than you know you?

Just a quick reminder if you still doubt Disney is for kids only: You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown-up, anyway. (Walt Disney <3) 

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