20 Heartwarming Disney-Themed Gifts For Your Disneyphiles

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We’re done adulting. Let’s go to Disney! I think that there is a little misunderstanding when we talk about Disney gifts. No, it is more of a stereotype. You know, first, it was supposed for kids to get a present related to Disney. It isn’t such a big deal for women too. But, what about men? The grown-up little boys? I think we’re about to change that! 

Well, I know men sometimes tend to hide that little child inside their soul, but, deep deep down, Disney makes them happy! This is why we thought of creating a list of gifts for both genders, some of them are specific for women or men, and lots of them are uni-sex! Just to make it clear, there isn’t just a type of gift, we included everything you could ever think of (not the bad things though)!

Anyhow, they’re all unique, and this is how you’ll all find at least one gift that will perfectly fit you, no matter your character and style. These are great ones to get for your girl/boyfriend, siblings, best friends, relatives, or even your lovely parents. You’re not supposed to buy Disney gifts to people you don’t love, Disney means love, okay? 

And yeah, we think you should also get yourself a gift. I bet you haven’t practiced this lately. And besides, why wait for it from others, when you can make yourself happy. Also, I bet you know yourself deeper than anyone else, so, what’s keeping you from buying a special Disney gift? If you’re afraid you can’t choose the right one, since your intuition is telling you all of them are the sweetest, no worries fella, you’re safe, we’re gonna help you, we’ll write a buying guide to follow! Let’s go to Disney. Seriously. Like, right now: 

  • How do you know you’ve found the one?;
  • The gifts:
  1. Mickey Mouse blanket;
  2. Popcorn popper;
  3. Car cup holder;
  4. Stitch t-shirt;
  5. Oven mitts;
  6. Cards Against Disney;
  7. Mickey Mouse clock;
  8. Salt and pepper grinder set;
  9. Keychains;
  10. Baseball cap;
  11. Disney socks;
  12. Disney boxers;
  13. Cheeseboard;
  14. Mug warmer;
  15. Best Dad t-shirt;
  16. World’s Best Mom pin;
  17. Waffle maker;
  18. Wine glasses;
  19. Hoodie;
  20. UNO Pixar Cars;
  • A summary: what’s the best thing about these gifts?

How Do You Know You’ve Found The One (Gift)?

Check the kitchen items if he/she likes kitchen stuff. We all have that one friend who always goes outside to eat, has just a coffee mug in their house, an all-burned pan, and nothing else. But, some people like having all the possible dishes in their kitchen, and besides that, they want them all to be unique. If they’re the last ones, consider buying the waffle maker, cheese board, spice set, the popcorn popper, or the others on our list. They come in very handy, and they’re very personalized. 

If you want to buy them something they’ll wear every day, check the clothes. Besides the other things, there are lots of clothes included in our list. They feel very warm and kinda give that feeling of home. Getting them the Stitch t-shirt, the T-I-double-Guh-Er Hoodie, some Disney-themed socks, the boxers (if it’s a he), the blanket (idk if it can be included in this group but idc), or the baseball cap, will tell them how special they are to you. The quality is to be admired, and their designs are the bests, so, whole packages. 

We also included some car accessories! Just imagine how happy a boy gets when getting them something for their favorite car. I mean, girls are pretty careful too, but, we all know the relationships of men and their cars, c’mon now! The Mickey Mouse cup holders or the Donald Duck keychains would be acts of kindness and love, there’s no doubt on that. Besides they are super practical, they’ll give a whole new better look to the car. 

You’re looking for something for your parents? Of course, how could we forget them? Parents love Disney, don’t try to change my mind! There are two special gifts, the Mickey Mouse Best Dad T-shirt, and the Minnie Mouse World’s Best Mom Pin, which will probably make them both cry. But, if you think these are not the best for them, you can get them anything else from the list. I bet they both would love the Mr. and Mirs. oven mitts, or the wine glasses, or the mug warmer, and almost all of the gifts we added. 

If you had no clue, there are some card games included in our list. Adulthood means you’re always up to finding new games to play with your mates. There are lots of surprisingly good card games, but the Disney-related ones are a new feeling. We mentioned 2 of the best ones, the Cards Against Disney, which is the Disney edition of Cards Against Humanity, and UNO Pixar Cars, similar to the original matching game UNO, but the cards have unique designs, the Pixar Cars are drawn on them. Both are extremely fun, and in a way or another, remind you of Disney movies.  

1. Mickey Mouse Blanket – $30.99

Mickey Mouse Blanket

Let’s start this journey with a cute, cozy gift. A blanket, with Mickey Mouse drawn on it, is one of these things your person will keep forever. It will feel like home… It is extremely soft, and if you’re curious about the size, it is 50 inches long and 40 wide. The color inside is light gray, while the visible part is black. No matter if it’s a gift for a man or woman, this blanket feels very comfy and special, especially when watching their favorite TV- show. 

2. Popcorn Popper – $36.49

Popcorn Popper

Hello? Who doesn’t want a popcorn popper in their house? And when it’s this pretty? Hell no, give me that! Jokes aside, this is one of the gifts he/she will probably use many times a week, I mean, just considering how much we love popcorn. It pops 6 cups of fresh popcorn, it is pretty easy to use, and to wash as well. The popper comes with some measurement spoons, you’ll need them for the oils and all that… 

3. Car Cup Holder – $12.99

Car Cup Holder

You know how the place you’re supposed to place cups in your car is ALWAYS full of chips, crumbs, or some pieces of chocolates, it’s always way too messy man! Why not get the silicone Disney cup holders, that besides will keep the place very clean, will also give a great look on your car! These cup holders are very easy to remove and clean and are made of high-quality material. Take your car into a whole new view!

4.  Stitch T-shirt – $19.95

Stitch T-Shirt

Look how pretty this looks! It’s time for our Lilo & Stitch. We all know how heartwarming the movie is, but this t-shirt’s meaning is awesome! It’s all in one: the quality of the material is amazing, 90% cotton, the graphic of Stitch is crazy, and the quote is the coolest one ever! Yes, we all feel like we’re done adulting at some point. You can choose if you want it to be gray or blue, and there are 6 sizes available, starting for S to 3XL. Stitch, we feel u! 

5. Oven Mitts – $12.99

Oven Mitts

If you think these are for women only, and there shouldn’t be a Mr, please… Gender equality! These two oven mitts are the loveliest, specifically for couples who like cooking together! Both are personalized, just like Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and I don’t think you could find anything cooler. I mean, yes, you’d feel guilty using them because they look so nice and you’d be afraid you’ll burn them, but, don’t worry, you won’t! 

6. Cards Against Disney – $9.95

Review of Cards Against Disney

How could we continue without mentioning a thing related to Cards Against Humanity? Well, this funny, offensive card game makes you and your (adult) friends laugh your hearts out, remembering all the details from your childhood favorite movies, but, not in a childish, innocent way, let’s make that clear! 

Cards Against Disney contains a huge set of cards inside, a total of 828 cards, divided into 260 black (or red) cards and 668 white ones. You may find two boxes available, the red one and the black, but they’re all the same when it comes to the content, it’s all up to your preferences. You know the rules already, long story short, create the funniest combination! Read the review about Cards Against Disney.

7. Mickey Mouse Clock – $23.99

Mickey Mouse Clock

We can’t help but add more Mickey Mouse-themed gifts!!! This black one will look great above your (or anyone you’re buying the gift) TV in the living room. It will be functional, indeed, but will also look super cute, and will make you feel like a little child! There are other colors as well, such as blue, pink, red, and white, but black is my favorite, just because it goes well with every piece of furniture. Mickey will tell you the hours and minutes, won’t he?

8.   Salt And Pepper Grinder Set – $24.99

Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

Every adult gets too excited when there is any piece of kitchen stuff mentioned. There’s no doubt about that. Just imagine how good they’ll look in the kitchen. The walls of these two are clear, so you won’t have to open each of them every time you don’t know what’s inside. They fit great in the hands and are so easy to refill. By the way, the head of Minnie (or Micky) looks lovely, doesn’t it? 

9.  Keychains – $9.37


It’s Donal Duck y’all. Finally! Keychains are always a well-thought gift. It is silver, attached to a keyring, which makes it impossible for Donald Duck to get lost. Your lovely person can use them for the car or home keys, which makes them easier to organize, and after all, it looks way cooler than just having them all attached to a random basic key ring, am I right? We all know how special the Disney Donald Duck is, and no doubt this keychain will be just as unique!

10. Baseball Cap – $18.58

Baseball Cap

What’s better than a happy Mickey Mouse baseball cap? Well, not many things, especially if you’re planning to give it to someone who usually wears caps and hats. What I love about this one, is the vintage look it has. The material is astonishing, the design is creative and it looks great with every outfit! This Mickey Mouse cap is unisex, and fits almost every head, because of the adjustable size. 

11. Disney-Themed Socks – $16.99

Disney-Themed Socks

Socks are the warmest gifts of all time. I don’t understand people who only wear white and black socks, like, why? Especially when you have these Disney-themed ones. They’re long – which makes them even better, have these little designs, some stripes, and of course, the characters. The material is 97% polyester, and almost all sizes are available. I bet you’ll buy like 10 pairs of them, I get it! (Ps. they’d look great with a dress as well, wouldn’t they?)

12. Goofy Boxers – $14.99

Goofy Boxers

I mean, these are for the boys only (or, maybe not??) but, who cares? Every little boy used to have one of these when they were kids, so, why not have another pair now? These boxers are 100% cotton, and I know every boy loves Goofy, so, there’s no reason for him to not like these, There are sizes available from Sto 2XL. For some reason, we all woke up feeling a little Goofy… 

13. Cheese Board – $51.19

Cheese Board

It has been a while since we didn’t talk about anything related to the kitchen, huh? The cheese board is the one to go! It is made of wood, obviously, and it is very useful. It also comes with a 3 piece tool to help you cut food. What makes it very unique is the engraved Mickey Mouse logo on the side of the board, and also the logo in all the tools. The board is very thick, which makes it very qualitative and durable. 

14. Mug Warmer – $21.49

Mug Warmer

I know we all hate it when our coffee or tea gets cold. It’s boring. Why not give him/her something to fix this issue? We won’t talk about the design, I bet you all see how lovely it looks, but it is very handy as well. The ceramic mug that comes with the warmer fits 10 oz, and, if Minnie is their favorite, there’s another design with her! It can be taken anywhere, perfect for home, office, garden, and every other favorite place… 

15.  Best Dad Ever T-Shirt – $16.95 

Best Dad Ever T-Shirt

The best dad t-shirt for your cool dad!!! We all know how dads are used to watching Disney movies with their kids, and to be honest, they enjoyed them even more than the kids themselves, it’s a fact! Anyhow, this t-shirt is very meaningful: a collaboration of Disney characters and a very lovely nickname for the dad. You can get the t-shirt in heather gray or heather red, and the sizes available are S to 3XL. What are you waiting for to make your dad happy?

16. Worlds Best Mom Pin – $19.95

Worlds Best Mom Pin

No, of course, we didn’t forget about the queen, we just left the cherry on top! WE all know how moms are addicted to these kinds of pins, and to be honest, they make the outfit look way fancier! It makes a great gift for mother’s or women’s day, for her birthday, or just to remind her how special she is. This pin has pretty pastel colors, and we all love how enthusiastic Minnie is! Ps. it goes great with every outfit and color, unquestionably.

17.  Waffle Maker – $39.99 

Waffle Maker

A waffle maker is a lifesaver, for everyone! Oh God, we know how tasty waffles are, indescribable, isn’t it? This Mickey Mouse waffle maker is an 800 watts one, doesn’t stick, and has a super special power button, not the random one! It makes 7-inch waffles, and guess the shape of them, please? Mickey, yes sir! This waffle maker is very easy to maintain and clean and goes great in every kitchen. Go look for some waffle recipes! 

18. Wine Glasses – $27.99

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are never too much! These Lion King-themed ones make the wine taste even better. It is a set of 2 glasses, and each fits 16 fluid ounces. The shape of them and the size as well fits great in the hands. I mean, you can also use them to drink water or anything, but wine, oh, wine is the main character. We prefer red wine to be poured into these glasses, because, I bet you can see how good the gold graphics look on them! 

19. Hoodie – $38.45 


Look how happy T-I-double-Guh-Er is!!! The tiger in Winnie The Pooh is in such a mood! A hoodie with him is lovely. The material is half cotton and half polyester, with 4 sizes available (S-XL). Of course, it can be washed in the machine, and the printed graphic does not risk being wiped off the hoodie. I mean, it’s known worldwide how much boys love hoodies, they wear their favorite one for like a whole week! Anyhow, girls love it, even more, wearing their hoodies, so, we’re fine…

20.  Uno Pixar Cars – $11.88

Uno Pixar Cars

UNO is always fun, no matter the age, no matter the gender! It always brings fun and lots of competition. The Pixar Cars edition, instead of random cards in the original deck, had the cards drawn on them. The rules are all the same, but this edition includes some special cards: two customizable wild cards and the crash-up rule card. It can be played by 2-10, which is enough for most of the time. It was always fun watching some cars talking, so, why not turn it into a fun card game?

A Summary: What’s The Best Thing About These Gifts?

It is a struggle itself getting gifts for your lovely people, especially when they’re adults, we’ll all be through that! You can get some ordinary ones, but, they don’t give that special feeling. And this is one of the main reasons why we wrote this article for you!

Disney gifts are a great way to show someone how much they mean to you, no matter your relationship with that person. The good thing is that besides Disney gift ideas for women, we also included gifts that work great for both genders, but some specials for men as well. Even if the special person is your wife, husband, mom, dad, sibling, or anyone, you’ll find a good idea! 

We’d recommend you follow our buying guide, check the prices (to see if you can afford them), try to analyze his/her character traits and stuff they usually do, to choose the best gift of them all, so, it won’t be a random one. Also, while buying the gifts, there is usually more than one option, such as the color, Disney character on them, and these kinds of details, so, pay attention to them for the best results. 

Ah, the human world… it’s a mess. (Sebastian, Ariel)

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