17 Best Disney Board Games For All Ages: Bringing Back Childhood Memories

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Sometimes you get tired of adulting, and all you really want is to go back to being a kid. We’ve all been through that… We haven’t created a time machine (yet), but, the best we could do is find some Disney-themed board games, which will make you feel nostalgic and bring back your favorite childhood memories. 

We decided to make you happy just by telling you that there exist some wonderful games, which will be a throwback to Disney for you and your closest people. One important thing we took care of, was to find games that fit all ages, and also, find unique ones, so, it will be twice as fun! Here’s a spoiler: there will also be famous game brands that are related to Disney. I know, I know, you’re barely waiting! 

  • The Disney-themed board games:
  1. Eye Found It;
  2. 5 Seconds Rule;
  3. Sorry Villains;
  4. Hedbanz;
  5. The Haunted Mansion; 
  6. Pixar Monopoly;
  7. Disney Princess Top Trumps Match;
  8. Cranium;
  9. Disney Villainous;
  10. Codenames;
  11. Disney Colorbrain;
  12. Hocus Pocus;
  13. The Game Of Life;
  14. Pictopia;
  15. Candyland;
  16. Disney Sidekicks;
  17. Clue Villains
  • Which Disney board game is the best for you?;
  • Do these board games remind you of Disney for real?

1. Eye Found It – $19.99 

A board game where every player tries to accomplish Cinderella’s mission.

Eye Found It

Included: Gameboard, movers, spinner, tokens, sand timer, and 30 search cards;

Uniquely: Everyone has their mover, which they use to get Cinderella to the castle. 

Specifics about ‘Eye Found It’

Wait, what did the eye find? Maybe a great game! Eye Found It is a board game designed to be played by 1 to 6 players, and the good thing is that it works great for all ages, and it is pretty easy to understand even by little kids, starting from the age of 4. Since it includes many characters, little items, a very colorful board, and various other Disney details, it becomes very attractive. The game also has a timer, which kinda makes you feel stressed since you have to arrive at the castle on time, but, we may say it’s a great lecture for everyone, especially for kids to manage minutes. Once everyone understands the rules, it becomes great fun!

2. 5 Second Rule – $14.89

This is the one time you get to test your real talking speed, and the outcoming could be ridiculous sometimes… 

5 Second Rule

Included: 300 questions, board, timer, and movers;

Uniquely: Think fast about Disney-related items and places. 

Specifics about ‘5 Second Rule’

I bet you’ve all played 5 Second Rule at least once in your life, if you haven’t, you’ve lost so much fun! Well, long story short, this board game makes you spill out things, even if you don’t want to! It can be played by people who are 6 or older, made for 3 to 6 players. Specifically, you’ll be asked to name unique Disney items, but, only in 5 seconds, you don’t have much time. As an example, you’ll have to name 3 characters that can fly, 3 locations in Toy Story, and hundreds more. Don’t overthink, just say the first things that come to your mind (well, not the very first things tho’). 

3. Sorry Villains – $22.99

This time you’ve gotta be the villain, and help him/her go home first!

Sorry Villains

Included: 45 spell cards, 16 pawns;

Uniquely: A game of strategy to score your way to victory! 

How do we play ‘Sorry Villains’?

We may say that this is the Disney Villains edition of Ludo King but includes some extra rules. We won’t have to say sorry to the villains, but anyways… The greatest ones are mentioned in this board game, Ursula, Jafar, Scar, and Maleficent. You’ll move your pawns forward, you’ll do sliding, bumping, and other actions, with one main purpose: getting the 4 Villain paws to your home first. You’ll need some speed, strategy, and concentration, of course! Oh, and I almost forgot: you can play Sorry Villains in case you’re 2-4 players, and all ages are allowed to, starting from kids who are 6!

4. Hedbanz – $18.88

The board game that will make Disney kids and adults get tons of laughs.


Included: 27 character cards, 55 clue cards, 6 headbands;

Uniquely: Makes everyone concentrate to find their character.

How do we play ‘Hedbanz’?

Hedbanz games are always fun, no matter what. Hands down, the Disney edition just makes our life better! You’ll learn how to ask appropriate questions, and also learn how to give information, but not something risky! Be clear that you can’t see your own character, it wouldn’t be fair! Great for 2 to 6 players, starting from ages 7 and up. The Mickey-ears headbands just make the game even more enjoyable! I know, it’s hard to explain some characters sometimes, but, who cares, you gotta try! 

5. Haunted Mansion – $22.30

You’ll meet some ghosts, you’ll go to secret rooms and have a blast.

Haunted Mansion

Included: Game board, 6 player movers, 120 haunt cards, 99 ghost cards, 14 event cards, 6 reference cards, hitchhiking ghost mover;

Uniquely: You will explore the rooms and contact the happy haunts.

Specifics about ‘Haunted Mansion’

Hmm, a board game with both haunts and ghosts? How fun is that! It becomes even better considering the large deck of cards and the creativity it shows. You’ll love exploring on the board, performing different actions, such as move, rotate, collect, duel, discard, and dozens more. The game ends with a conclusion, let me tell you… If you’re curious about the basic rules, it is recommended for people over the age of 8, because of the rules, you know, a 4-year-old kid won’t get them and works great with 2 to 6 players. It’s a haunted mansion y’all!

6. Disney Pixar Monopoly – $25.97

This is more of a Disney magical adventure, including special details. 

Disney Pixar Monopoly

Included: Board, 6 tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 Earth passcards, 16 Andy’s toy chest cards, 32 cozy cone motels, 12 AL’s toy barns, 2 dice, a money pack;

Uniquely:  A cooler, more innocent version of Monopoly, where you buy and sell Disney property.

Specifics about ‘Disney Pixar Monopoly’

Monopoly is every child’s top favorite board game, especially when the whole family enjoys it. This Disney-themed board game brings even more laughs and actions! Here’s a spoiler: every player is given money (real money??), and there will also be a banker in the game! Back to the point, you can buy land or other properties, pay rent, sell property, build shortages, do mortgages, bankruptcy, miscellaneous, and many other extremely fun ones. If you’re 2 to 6 players, and you’re all ages 8 or older, go for it, dude! 

7. Disney Princesses Top Trumps Match – $19.99

A board game where you and your opponent try to match your favorite Disney princesses.

Included: The carry case, 25 character cubes, 15 character cards;

Uniquely:  Develops concentration and mentions the pretty princesses.

How do we play ‘Disney Princesses Top Trumps Match’?

4-year-old me would be really happy if I had this game, no lies! It’s pretty great seeing all these beautiful princesses in a place together, but also, will bring a bit of competition to the group. It may look only for the young girls, but honestly, it’s great for everyone, since you’ll have to do some matches, horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally, but, let me tell you, it’s a bit harder than it sounds. The carry case will help you carry it everywhere around the house… Everyone older than 4 can play, but this time only 2 people can play at once. 

8. Cranium – $31.22

A collaboration of performing, solving puzzles, creativity, and words!


Included: Board, 400 cards, timer, Mickey ears movers, Cranium cubes;

Uniquely: Makes everyone show their creativity in many spheres, featuring Disney characters.

Specifics about ‘Cranium’

Cranium literally has everything! All the cards, such as Star Performer cards, Data Head cards, Creative Cat cards, and Word Warm cards, have to do with different skills, including acting out characters, answering questions, drawing characters or objects, spelling bees, and many more. Cranium works great for 4 or more players, the ones that are 8 years or older. There are many special species on the board, the best one is undoubtedly the lucky Mickey space, which will allow you to do some special moves! Also, Mickey, Belle, Cars, Aladdin, and the others look extremely pretty!!! 

9. Disney Villainous – $33.28

A game where you compete to be the evilest Villain. 

Disney Villainous

Included: 6 boards, 6 movers, 180 villain cards, 90 fate cards, 84 tokens, 1 cauldron, 6 reference cards, 6 Villain guides;

Uniquely: This time you’ll represent the villain, not the good characters.

Specifics about ‘Disney Villainous’

Have you ever thought of competing for being the evilest? Well, if not, think about it now! Gather 2 to 6 people, if they’re 10 years or older, and start your lovely journey! You will be privileged to gain power, activate, fate, move an item or ally, and many other surprises. Each Villain has its goals, which makes them all competitors. You will have your mover, some fancy tokens, the guides… What else are you looking for? The game makes every player use their brain 100 % (if that’s possible), I’ll tell you! You’ll be the best Villain, won’t ya?

10. Codenames – $20.49

Makes you all work together to guess all your team’s Disney treasures.


Included: 200 treasure cards, 60 key cards;

Uniquely: Everyone works hard trying to guess all the cards by listening to their master. 

Specifics about ‘Codenames’

Codenames teaches us important lessons, actually, one of the greatest ones: to listen to each other to have a good conclusion. It is played in teams, and there’s great cooperation between the team, especially the clue master and the guessers. There will be used clues to find which cards belong to each team. Every card has a Disney character on them, and the designs are heartwarming. Designed to be played by 4 to 8 or more players, and once again, it is recommended for everyone who is 8 and up, so, basically, for the whole family! Go support your team! 

11. Disney Color Brain – $16.59

If you’re good at guessing and remembering extra details about the movies, you’ll do great!

Disney Color Brain

Included: 44 color cards, 250 question cards, 4 color capture cards, a scorepad;

Uniquely: It’s all about guessing colors from different scenes, items, characters of Disney.  

Specifics about ‘Disney Colorbrain’

I know it’s a hard choice, but you gotta choose between Mickey, Buzz, Olaf, and Cinderella, just for the game, of course, since you have to represent them! If you remember details, you’ll for sure be great at Disney Colorbrain. For example, you’ll have to guess the jewel in Jasmine’s hairband, Aladdin… Ps. the world ‘Color Brain’ will also be used as a word to shout, yes! Let me spoil one more thing: you get points for every team that loses. Great, huh? Gather 2 to 20 people, friends, kids, elders, relatives (if they’re 8 and up), and have a blast! 

12. Hocus Pocus – $19.99

It’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus, y’all know that!

Hocus Pocus

Included: Cauldron board, 50 Ingredient cards, a Witch board, 13 Spell cards, a Sun token, 4 trick tokens, a rulebook, and one black cat Binx meeple;

Uniquely: All work together to ruin the Sanderson sisters’ potion and stun the witches.

Specifics about ‘Hocus Pocus’?

Hocus Pocus this game requires focus! First, of course, invite 2-6 people, ages 8+ to play, and next, use all the special treatment this game offers… You can use the Binx, draw spell cards, use the sun token, and many other pieces of entertainment. Don’t forget, you have gotta stun the witches though and ruin some potions, but you don’t know what potions! Every time you stun a witch, the sun token goes up, and that’ll make you happy, you already know that! Your goal should, besides winning the game, is to have some great fun, and Hocus Pocus, you’ll do that!

13. The Game Of Life – $62.83

The game of life, the game of Disney, the game of winning money.

The Game Of Life

Included: Board, 6 people movers, park pals, ship, 2 mountains, sword in the Stone, 2 castles, 3 bridges, spinner base, wish certificates, wish loans, extra wish grants, 25 life tiles, 24 spins to win tokens, 54 cards;

Uniquely: If you have more money (not real ones though), you win the game.

Specifics about ‘The Game Of Life’

This is really the game of life since there will be challenges, happy moments, money, disappointment, and all that. You’ll earn money, you’ll be in action land, you’ll sell properties, such as castles, and yes, lots more. This is one of the board games that actually the player who has the most money wins. Wait, don’t stress out! Game money, not real money! Great to be played by people who are 8 or older, if you’re 2 to 4 people. You may learn how to manage your stress, anger, take decisions that may move you forward, and other life advice. 

14. Pictopia – $18.99

A board game where you compete to see who knows more about Disney. 


Included: 200 trivia cards, 6 answer cards (dials), 30 wager coins, 1 game board, 6 movers, 1 die;

Uniquely: Refreshes the information about Disney characters and movies, while making it a competition. 

Specifics about ‘Pictopia’

Pictopia is the board game of guessing Disney. The game host usually asks the questions, which usually will make you choose 1 or two between 4 pictures, characters, movies, etc, depending on the question. Here’s one example: Which THREE of these characters are skilled in archery. They look strange sometimes, don’t they? Also, once you arrive at the castle, you have to complete the final challenge to win. By the way, this can be played by kids and adults starting from the age of 7, recommended for 2 to 6 players. Go have fun with your Pictopia!

15. Candy Land – $36.25

Here’s a lovely, cute Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters Candy Land!

Included: Game board, 4 custom sculpted movers, and 66 cards;

Uniquely: Everyone tries their best to reach the castle, and win the candy land!

How do we play ‘Candy Land’?

The name is pretty cute, but believe me, the game is even cuter. The different types of cards, the designs on the game board, all the characters, Mickey & Minnie and all their lovely friends, the several spaces you can move to, make Candy land pretty fancy. Once again, your goal is to arrive at the castle, and this is how Candy Land will be yours forever! The rules are extremely easy, that’s why even kids who are 3 years old can play. Start playing with 2-3 other friends, and let the competition begin! 

16. Disney Sidekicks – $18.92

The sidekicks prove once again how loyal they are to their friends! 

Disney Sidekicks

Included: Gameboard, 1 castle centerpiece, 12 mini sculpted figures, 8 mini bridges, 90 cards, 5 villain cards, 5 character cards, 1 punch board, 1 custom die;

Uniquely: Proves that teamwork is everything to complete the mission.

Specifics about ‘Disney Sidekicks’?

Sidekicks proved once again how loyal and how careful they are to everyone, especially their people. There are Tinkerbell, Lumier, Good Fairies, and other pure souls. Cards can also have a special impact: increase the villagers’ health, which isn’t quite a good thing, is it? If you get 5 stars in the game, you may unlock the door and take your hero out, once again, save their life. It’s all about teamwork and how important it is for everyone to do their best, to have a better world. Gather 2 to 4 people who are 8 years or older, and start protecting your heroes together!

17. Disney Clue Villains – $51.99

A board game where Villains make it fun and are worth something. 

Disney Clue Game

Included: Game board, 6 tokens, 6 custom enchanted objects, 6 Villain cards, 9 Lair cards, 6 Enchanted Object cards, Envelope, score pad;

Uniquely: The villains have stolen the enchanted objects, and you have to find them!

Specifics about ‘Disney Clue Villains’

I know how we all hate the Villains and how bad they are, but now, to be honest, the movies wouldn’t be quite as fun without their bad impact! Disney Clue Villains proves all that! You’ll enter secret rooms, observe, use the proofs, conclude, and finally, accuse someone. Here’s the thing: unfortunately, the Villains have stolen some enchanted objects, and it’s your time to shine, by getting 3 to 8 players and trying to solve the crime! The rules aren’t complicated at all, so, go ahead and play it with everyone who is 8+ years old! It will prove to us how important it is to take care of all the details! 

Which Disney Board Game Is The Best For You?

Check the game difficulty. By reading the game specifics, and the recommended age as well, you’ll simply know how complicated the game is. Since, honestly, all these games are fun for all ages, it all depends on how easy the kids can understand that specific game. On the other hand, the game difficulty matters even if you’re an adult, but you don’t want to tire your brain, and you just want to play something simple, such as 5 Seconds Rule, Top Trumps Match, or even Color Brain. 

Decide between the team and individual games. Both of these types of games are included. Team board games make you all work together to complete the mission, all related to Disney. We can mention here ‘Cranium’, ‘Pictopia’, and ‘Sidekicks’. Individual board games, on the other hand, are competitions between all the players, and of course, each one’s goal is to win the game. The mass of our games belongs to individual ones. 

The number of players matters. We mentioned the number of players because all the games are specific. Of course, all of them require 2 or more people, but, because of the equipment in the game, such as the tokens, movers, unique cards, and so on, the ‘up to’ number is set. For example, you can’t play ‘Sorry Villains’ with more than 4 people, but you can play ‘Color Brain’ with up to 20 people. Before choosing the game, think about how many players would like to play it. 

The games that include questions remind you of Disney details. Other than strategy board games, some of them also contain questions and details about movies and characters. For example, ‘Pictopia’ makes you guess which character, ‘Color Brain’ asks you about colors of specific items or characters, ‘Cranium’ makes you perform and act Disney scenes, spell words, answer questions, and lots more details, which will bring nostalgia about them.

Strategy board games help with strategy skills. Even though they may require a bit more concentration and time, if you’re up to them, these board games help you create a better strategy to win the game, but also make you more competitive and confident. These types of games may be ‘Haunted Mansion’, ‘ Disney Villainous’, ‘Clue’, ‘ Disney Pixar Monopoly’, and many many others. They may sound a little complicated at first, but once understood, they become great fun and brain-training. 

Do These Board Games Remind You Of Disney For Real?

Considering that every little detail in each of the games, such as cards, movers, tokens, boards, all have Disney designs and meaning, yes, they remind us all and make us feel nostalgic about our favorite childhood. 

What’s even better about these games, is that each of them is pretty unique, even though in one way or another, they have the same topic, still, the game styles and contents are so different from another one. Also, they aren’t boring for adults. Just because you see some princesses or Mickey Mouse, that doesn’t mean the games are basic. Adults love them even more… Once again, all these board games work amazingly well for all ages. 

Here’s an idea: you can also make great Disney Gifts especially considering how well-designed they all are, and how many Disney items they have on them. You have no idea how happy your favorite people will undoubtedly be extremely happy. I guarantee it. 

Once again, you kids – and grown-up kids, never grow up!

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