The Greatest Criminal Minds Drinking Game: You Couldn’t Ask For A Better One! 

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Seems like you’re into the FBI, criminals, secrets, and all that cool stuff, am I right? If you belong to this group of people, we’ve just found nothing but the perfect drinking game for you. It includes many details & scenes from all 15 seasons, and you’ll definitely find a strong enough reason to rewatch any of your favorite episodes all over again.

The main idea behind it is to get you and your mates drunk, but also get some glimpses of this fascinating mystery show. Once you go into the game, you won’t want to quit playing, just so you know! Follow our meticulous instructions, get your comfort drinks, and start having the best time of your lives! 

Important Details Before Playing

Remember when we talked about movie drinking games? Well, spot on. That’s exactly what you’re gonna need. The main and most important thing that allows you to play is finding a website to watch the series. Criminal Minds is available at Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, so make sure to check them out.

You may use whatever device you own. You can possibly watch it all individually on your phone, on a laptop, or on a TV screen. We prefer the latter, needless to say. This drinking game literally works for any number of people, from 2 to larger groups. However, it also works incredibly fine as a single-player game, just in case you want to have some drinks by yourself.

There isn’t any specific rule for the drinks. You just get whatever you enjoy drinking. If you’re asking for our opinion, since you’re gonna have to drink lots of times (based on the rules), we prefer using beers. That’s practically it. Keep an eye on the rules, watch TV series, and drink whenever a specific scene plays. 

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever…

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever...
  • Someone says ‘Unsub’;
  • Rossi makes fun of anything the duo does (talking about Garcia and Reid);
  • Morgan kicks down a door or anything similar;
  • Elle speaks Spanish or French;
  • One of the characters dies;
  • Someone talks about poker playing;
  • Reid spits out a random (mostly not a very interesting one) fact;
  • They say the famous ‘You’re on Speaker’;
  • There’s the cheesy opening sequence playing;
  • JJ is revealed as the Secret Mastermind behind the BAU;
  • ‘Baby girl’ is said;
  • Rossi mentioned something about his ex marriages;
  • Seaver has a tearful look on her face;
  • Someone says ‘Wheels up in 30’ (or any other number;
  • Local law enforcement hates the BAU;
  • Anyone mentions Dahmer;
  • Elle is the team’s sex crime guy;
  • Gideon channels Captain Obvious;
  • One of the actors displays symptoms of post-traumatic disorder;
  • Rossi presses his lips and looks like a puppy dog;
  • Morgan tackles another character;
  • JJ strides down the hall;
  • 2 or more people play any card game;
  • Characters sleep on the plane;
  • Someone smashes Foyettes head to the ground;
  • Reid supposes he’s doing a magician trick;
  • Garcia sputters back in an awkward flirtation attempt;
  • Prentiss is being her awesome self;
  • Someone comments on Reid’s intelligence;
  • Rossi’s books are mentioned;
  • The characters wear anything absolutely inappropriate for an FBI agent;
  • Hotch yells ‘medic’;
  • Anyone mentions something traumatic from their past;
  • A team member breaks the protocol;
  • One of the characters says ‘that’s the stressor’; 
  • Dr.Reid mentions his Eidetic memory;
  • You don’t understand something Will said (you know, because of his unique accent); 
  • Anderson is mentioned by someone or shown on the screen;

Take A Shot If…

Take A Shot If...
  • Hotchner smiles or laughs (you could possibly pop champagne for this);
  • The group finds the murderer;
  • They tell the Unsub that it is over;
  • Rossi reminds us she’s Italian, in whatever way;
  • Honch produces another useful item from a pocket (could be an army knife, or dentist’s mirror);
  • Someone gets kidnapped;
  • The team travels in a jet (or a private jet);
  • Reid says ‘statistically speaking’ or just ‘statistically’;
  • Derek and Garcia flirt with each other;
  • A character identifies the killer’s comfort zone;
  • Garcia does fake computer things;
  • Penelope answers the phone with some clever words;
  • Someone gets into a fistfight;
  • The D.C. metro runs all over the world; 
  • Morgan gets to say one of the epigraphs;
  • There’s a pop culture reference;
  • Hotchner says ‘let’s finish it fast’ (that’s what she said);
  • Reid refuses a handshake, and possibly does an awkward wave thing;
  • ‘Time to give our profile’ is said by someone;
  • Hotch doesn’t wear a suit;
  • A character breaks down into tears;
  • They give a silent ‘of course’ reaction to Reid’s facts;
  • The Unsub is a sexual sadist;
  • Someone demonstrates Daddy Issues;
  • The cop of the week is driving;
  • Garcia answers with something spicy;
  • Honch is a pushover to his team;
  • Gideon is good with kids (but not with his kids, you know);
  • Garcia calls Morgan some clever pet name;
  • A local cop is non-white or a female;
  • One of the team members gets arrested;
  • The Unsub commits suicide;
  • They’re humanizing the monster;
  • A weapon is shown on the screen;
  • Serial killers or mafioso attempt to feed Reid;
  • The team has to rethink the entire profile;
  • There’s sexual tension between Margon and Garcia’;
  • They say ‘pretty boy’ or ‘pretty kid’;
  • Spencer  changes his hairstyle;

Finish Your Drink When…

Finish Your Drink When...
  • The Unsub turns out to be a woman;
  • There’s a fake statement said to people or the press;
  • A team member’s family is put in danger;
  • The killer is stopped just in the nick of time;
  • One of the characters is wounded or shot;
  • The good guys lose;
  • You wanna scream out loud ‘Don’t go there!’;
  • There’s a plot twist;
  • They kill someone;
  • One of the characters gets emotionally involved in a case; 
  • The Unsub has more than 50 victims;
  • The police or any FBI agent dies while doing the job;


One thing’s for sure: you’re gonna end up drunk! There’s no time limit or a specific point for the game to end. You can stop the episode in half and finish the drinking game, watch 2 or more episodes in a row and continue drinking, or even watch a whole season in one sitting. Don’t go too over your drinking limits, and most importantly, enjoy it as long as it lasts!

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