Crabs Adjust Humidity Review

Crabs Adjust Humidity Box

It’s time for Cards Against Humanity. Oh no, we misspelled it, it’s actually Crabs Adjust Humidity!

This is one of many amazing Cards Against Humanity unofficial expansions and editions

If you have experience with Cards Against Humanity or any other adult card game, you’ll definitely have no struggle playing  Crabs Adjust Humidity. No doubt.

Let me spoil you with something: You’ll be surprised when you’ll hear about the number of volumes. Just sayin’.

Here’s our article guide:

  • About The Game;
  • The Box & What’s Inside It?;
  • Some Of The Cards;
  • The Rules & The Game Experience;
  • The Other Volumes;
  • The Price & Its Competitors;
  • Conclusion: What Are People Saying & Is It Worth It?

A Little About The Game

Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches;
Creator & Manufacturer: Flat River Group;
Release Year: 2013;
Unofficial Expansion of: Cards Against Humanity;
Box Color: Red & Black;
Number Of Cards: 112
Recommended Age: 17+;
Number Of Players: 4-20+
Volumes: 7

The Box & What’s Inside It?

Let me start by saying that the box is the first thing that attracted me, without knowing what’s inside. Love at first sight, huh?

Now, here’s how the box looks, in the front and in the back:

Crabs Adjust Humidity Box
Crabs Adjust Humidity Back

As you can clearly see, the box in the front is red, in the sided black, and in the back has a white color, with black & red letters.

The front (the first picture), tells us about the name & the volume.

The back obviously shows more details. We can see the number of cards, the game time, the appropriate age, the required number of players and some card examples.

Okay, we took a quick look at the box. But, what’s inside the box?

Cards. Of Course. We won’t find food there. How many cards? How do they look?

Well, Crabs Adjust Humidity contains 112 cards, 80 of which are white, and 32 are black.

Crabs Adjust Humidity Inside The Box

The picture above is how the cards look.

If you’re a punctilious person, you’re probably wondering: What does that ‘Draw 2 Pick 3’ mean in the cards?

And that’s a very good question. This rule is often used when the players want to end the game, but in other situations as well. And what it means is that the player has to draw 2 extra cards, before playing (picking) three. If you’re interested in more, check this link: Haiku and other rules.

Some Of The Cards & Combinations

You’re curious. We know you can’t wait to see some of the cards. Patience is the key….

Crabs Adjust Humidity Cards 1
Crabs Adjust Humidity Cards 2
Crabs Adjust Humidity Cards 3
Crabs Adjust Humidity Cards

Note: These were cards from different volumes, so you create a clear impression for them.

No, I’ll not show you more cards. I don’t want to spoil the whole game….

The Game Experience & The Rules

First things first, Crabs Adjust Humidity, is an unofficial expansion of Cards Against Humanity. So, this means that these two have the exact same style & rules.

If you’re already familiar with the rules of Cards Against Humanity, it’ll be much easier.

Long story short, in this expansion as well, you have to find your funniest white card that you think matches best with the black card.

There are lots of kid & teen-friendly card games, but this one, just isn’t. Do NOT play it with people under the age of 17+.

What do you think, should I tell you my game experience? You love hearing some sincere thoughts, don’t you?

I bought the game 1 year after it was released, in 2014. No, I didn’t invite any of my friends. I played it with my siblings. My brother, 24 years old, and my sister, 21.

You’re probably confused right now. I knoooow, I’m complicated sometimes.

Yes, the game IS supposed to be played by 4 or more players, but, there’s also a way to to play it with only 2 or 3 players. We decided to try that, because, why not?

It turned out pretty well though. First, we mixed the expansion with the main game, Cards Against Humanity.

This is what we did: Since we were bored, we played it 3 times that night. And why? Because all of us wanted to play, and to be the Card Czar for once. So, the 3 different times, the three of us were the Card Czar.

My brother wanted to be the first one, then it was me, and in the last game, my sister was the Card Czar.

I don’t remember all the cards, it has been 7 years since then, and it won’t be fun for you to play the game if I show you lots of the cards. So, I’ll just show you 2-3 of them:

  1. Ever since “the incident,” everytime I close my eyes, I still see _____. (Gladly I also found a photo of this card)
Experience Question 1

This is what we answered:

  • Erotic balloon animals;
  • Prescription drugs.

(These were so dark, lol)

  1. Oh My God, they killed _____. You bastards!

And… This is what we chose:

  • Sexy witches;
  • Natalie Portman, nakes, petrified, and covered in hot grits. 

This one was hilarious. Sexy witches, really? (Okay I’m a little proud, that was my answer, and I won that round)

Okay, I’ll mention one more:

  1. How did I get this restraining order?
  • Googling “Betty White Nude”;
  • The Webster’s Dictionary.

Yeah, I was the judge of this one. I laughed hard with the first answer. Genius!!!

We also had Cards Against humanity cards, of course, but I decided to show you the Crabs Adjust Humidity only.

We loved it. We even played this expansion a few more times, until it became boring. That’s when we ordered the other volumes. All of them. We created a whole new set by mixing them, but of course played them with a larger group of people.

That 3 player thing was just to test out this method. For sure it worked. I still remember the tears of laughter of that day. Amaziiing!!!

Crabs Adjust Humidity’s Price & Its Competitors

That Crabs Adjust Humidity is cool, we already learned that. But the struggle is real, where can we find it?

First, you have to buy Cards Against Humanity if you don’t already own it. Here are some recommendations for buying Cards Against Humanity in stores.

Currently, it is only available on Amazon for a price of $49.99. 

Yes, it is more expensive than Cards Against Humanity, but here’s a logical reason: Since Cards Against Humanity is no doubt more famous, and thousands of people buy it, they can offer us a lower price. You get it, don’t you?

When a game is this amazing, of course, it also has competition. After some extensive research, here are the Crabs Adjust Humidity Competitors we found:

1. Guards Against Insanity – $17.99

Guards Against Insanity

This is another amazing unofficial expansion pack of Cards Against Humanity. It comes with 112 hilarious cards (just as Crabs Adjust Humidity). Great game for good laughs with your favourite people!

Because of the content, it is recommended for people over the age of 17.

2. Cards And Punishment – $14.99

Cards And Punishment

This box gives me good vibes. I don’t know why. Cards And Punishment has 110 cards inside, 34 question cards, and 76 answer cards.  The cards’ colors are light yellow and dark blue.

Just as many of the card games, this one isn’t appropriate for people under the age of 17+.

3. Clones Attack Hilarity – $9.99

Clones Attack Hilarity

The box feels kid-friendly, but the content isn’t. Trust me! People love Clones Attack Hilarity because of its cheap price, and because of the considerable number of cards: 150, which is more than enough for an expansion.

Should I repeat the appropriate age? 

The Other Volumes

No dear, we weren’t kidding. There really are 7 volumes.

Let’s make something clear. Every volume has the same game style, the same number of cards, and the same box.

Each of them has 112 cards, and what makes them unique from each other, is the number of the volume written in the box.  Also, every volume has different cards, of course, it would be nonsense otherwise.

The price usually is between $30-$35 dollars. Here’s where you can buy them: 

Crabs Adjust Humidity Volume Example

Pay attention to the number (where I circled it), that’s the only difference the boxes have.

It looks like repeating the same box 7 times, lol. This is how similar they are to each other. Septuplets…

 Conclusion: What Are People Saying & Is It Worth it?

You read about the game, you read about my experience, but I bet you’d love to read some reviews or comments as well. Here are our favourites:

  • “It’s breathtaking. Funny. No, not funny, it’s hilarious. I haven’t laughed that hard for a long time.”- Jess.
  • “You know, I just bought the first volume because I didn’t think it would be that fun. I ended up ordering the 6 others at once. Crabs Adjust Humidity is worth every penny”- Ava.
  • “I have a full deck of Cards Against Humidity expansions, but hands down, Crabs Adjust Humidity is one of the best! It’s my new favourite game.”- Elijah.

Are you still doubting? In one word, Crabs Adjust Humidity is just amazing!

You lovely people, have fun playing!

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