18 Couples Drinking Games To Get Drunk In Love – Made For Our Love Birds!

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Well, this is BIG news, you’ve found a partner! Good for you. Now, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve heard voices that you’re looking for ideas to lighten up your relationship, is that right? Admirably, you’ve got to the right place! 

Sometimes, all you need to escape from reality is to have a little time alone with your lover, talking, playing a couple’s card game, and drinking some good wine. An even better idea is finding a good couple drinking game, which besides helping you know each other deeper, and making you do some hilariously crazy dares, will undoubtedly make you two drink some shots. Who doesn’t want to do that?

Here are the main characters of today:

  • How do drinking games help your relationship?;
  • The Games:
  1. Guess What I Ask!;
  2. Flip, Then Sip or Strip;
  3. Speeding The Facts;
  4. Striptease Dice;
  5. Red or Black;
  6. Eye Contact;
  7. Drunk In Love;
  8. Go Fish;
  9. Speed;
  10. Chutes And Ladders;
  11. Hide And Drink;
  12. The Queen Of The Deck;
  13. Forbidden Word;
  14. Blow Job;
  15. Hot Jenga;
  16. You Laugh, You Lose;
  17. Drawing While Drunk;
  18. Our Pizza Box;
  • Is any of these games made for you?;
  • The Final Windup!

How Do Drinking Games Help Your Relationship?

They tend to create stronger bonds. This is proved by many couples. During the game, there will be some questions asked, and some challenges showing up, which sometimes test each other’s limits, and this is one of the greatest ways to know your special person better. Seeing what is their limit and what they can do. 

The games will romanticize your time together. The content in each game is specifically made for couples, you already know that. You should know that there will be some spicy things going on, which will make your night or day cuter and you’ll both get more romantic, I guarantee that! 

These drinking games will get you drunk. I bet it’s the first you’ll compete to see who drinks the least. Yeah, most of the games depend on who drinks the least, because it means you have completed the other condition. Anyways, we know that at the end of the game, you won’t be sober! 

They can lead to more. Well, after being into the game, you’ll sometimes have to remove one piece of clothing, because that’s what the game requires… This, lots of times, may lead to hugs, kisses, or even more. We know you know we know! 

These games help you show your true self. They’ll make you defeat all the awkwardness and beat the insecurities, so, this is how you’ll show your girlfriend/boyfriend who you are, without even caring. And what’s better than people loving you for who you are?

1. Guess What I Ask! 

Guess What I Ask!

Equipment you’ll need: A list of questions | Shots

What is ‘Guess What I Ask!’? 

Often found as the Quiz Game, Guess What I Ask is a cool game that will make you know your soulmate better. All you gotta do is ask each other some questions, and you have to drink for every wrong answer. Additionally, for every right answer, you can give him/her a kiss. Cute, huh? 

Here are some question ideas, in case you need them:

  • What was my first celebrity crush?;
  • What did I think of you when we first met?;
  • How do I like to be called you?;
  • When did we first kiss each other & what was I wearing?

2. Flip, Than Sip Or Strip

Flip, Then Sip Or Strip

Equipment needed: A coin | Drinks

What is ‘Flip, Then Sip Or Strip’?

Foremost, this gotta be one of the simplest games, which brings infinite fun. Firstly, one of you calls heads or tails, and the other flips the coin. If you guess how it will land, you’re safe. If you guess incorrectly once, you have to take a sip. If you’re wrong twice (accidentally), you have to remove one piece of clothing. The game continues until you think it’s enough. Quite as simple as that! 

3. Speeding The Facts

Speeding The Facts

Equipment needed: Drinks!

What is ‘Speeding The Facts’?

Wanna see some real speed? Well, either for the old couples or the just-met-each-other, this drinking game brings tons of fun. Firstly you have to know some information about each other. The next step is for you two to take turns spitting facts about the other person. Once you can’t continue with a fact, or you take more than 5 seconds to say it, you lose around. For every lost round (or for 3 lost rounds), you have to take a shot. This is such a cute test, isn’t it? 

4. Striptease Dice

Striptease Dice

Equipment needed: A dice | Shots

What is ‘Striptease Dice’?

Who says you can use dice only to play classic games? Let’s turn up the heat! Striptease Dice is pretty easy to play. You can make up your own rules. We recommend you first start with even and odd numbers. If it’s an even number, you drink. If it’s an odd number, you better remove one piece of clothing. There are some other ideas you can use, for example, you set a rule for every number. Ex. if it’s a 2, you massage your partner. Lovely! 

5. Red Or Black 

Red Or Black

Equipment needed: A deck of classic cards (without the jokers) | Drinks

What is ‘Red Or Black’?

You’ve heard of Higher Or Lower, haven’t you? Let me tell you, this is the romantic version! All you gotta do is first put the deck faces up in the middle of the table (mix the two colors). Taking turns, you should guess if the color the other player draws is gonna be red or black. If you guess the color, next you’ll have to guess if it’s higher or lower than the previous card. On the other hand, if you don’t guess the color, you have to drink, while if you don’t guess if it’s higher or lower, you have to do an action which you set at the beginning, such as kiss, take off one item of clothing, cook something, or anything. 

6. Eye Contact

Eye Contact

Equipment needed: Alcohol! 

What is ‘Eye Contact’?

Eye-gazing brings couples closer, right? This drinking game is the most straightforward ever! There’s nothing complicated at all… You’ll only have to stare into each other’s beautiful eyes, which we know you love to do, and try to be the latest person to blink. Whenever you blink your eyes, you have to take a shot. Or you both do, in case you want to get drunk! 

7. Drunk In Love – $25.00

Drunk In Love

Equipment: The deck of cards | Drinks

What is ‘Drunk In Love’?

Ah, you drunk-in-love people… This card game is incredibly awesome! It has 100 playing cards inside, divided into 50 ‘Drink If…’ cards and 50 ‘… Or Drink’ cards. Drunk In Love will make you say lots of things out loud. Even if you say nothing, once you drink, everything will be very obvious. Ps. There will be some lovely challenges too! Here are some of the cards:

  • Give your partner a lap dance or drink;
  • Drink if you have looked at your partner’s phone without them knowing;
  • Run around the house naked or drink;
  • Drink if you said I love you first!

8. Go Fish 

Go Fish!

Equipment needed: Classic cards | Shots

What is ‘Go Fish’? 

I bet you played this at a family gathering, but of course, not in this way! You deal the deck of cards equally to both of you. Next, you take turns asking for a card. If your partner doesn’t have it, you drink. If he/she does, they give it to you and drink. Every time any of you two make a set of four cards with the same number, the other player has to do a challenge, which you agree on when you start the game. It could be anything! 

9. Speed


Equipment needed: Cards | Alcohol

What is ‘Speed’?

First of all, it is a fun game. You should know that. Second, deal 15 to both of you. We’d recommend you arrange them from lowest to highest, so, it helps you later. Place the remaining cards in the middle of the table and flip a card. Whatever card it is, you can throw a card that is one before or after the number is shown. Ex. if the card is a 6, you can play either a 5 or a 7. The other player does the same. Whoever remains the last to finish the cards, has to drink, and complete a dare (optional). 

10. Chutes And Ladders

Chutes And Ladders

Equipment needed: The board | Drinks

What is ‘Chutes And Ladders’?

Let’s quickly go back in time. Specifically to your childhood, playing Snakes and Ladders. How much fun we had with that! Now, let’s turn it into a couple of drinking games! The game goes the same, but there are two special things: every time you climb up a ladder, you have to take a sip of your drink. Every time you slide down a snake or chute, you have to take off an item of clothing. It’s about to get hot in the room, and laughs, lots of laughs!  

11. Hide And Drink 

Hide And Drink

Equipment needed: Aluminum foil or cellophane | Papers | Alcohol

What is ‘Hide And Drink’?

No, it’s not hidden and seeks! Well, this is more of a challenge. First, you both need to write some ‘dares’ on some small pieces of paper, but neither of you should know what the other wrote, we’ll give you ideas in a bit. Next, you can fold the papers and wrap them with any foil, so they’ll be like small balls. Next, hide them anywhere in the house, closets, kitchen, shelves… You give each other some minutes to find the challenges and then complete them. Here are some ideas: 

  • Make your favorite cocktail for both of us to drink;
  • Finish your drink;
  • Mix some alcohol with a random sauce in the kitchen and drink it!;
  • Take a shot, quickly;

12. The Queen Of The Deck

The Queen Of The Deck

Equipment needed: A deck of classic cards | Drinks

What is ‘The Queen Of The Deck’?

Of course, you’re the Queen of the deck! First, since it’s a complete deck, you have to remove 3 Queens and leave just 1 in the game. Shuffle the deck and place it in the middle of the table. Next, you and your partner should start drawing the cards until the single Queens shows up. When that happens, the player who drew it has to do one of the 3 things you set before starting the game, such as: finishing your drink, performing a dance, completing a dare, and so on. The game continues the same until you get bored… 

13. Forbidden Word

Forbidden Word

Equipment needed: Alcohol! 

What is the ‘Forbidden Word’?

Ever heard of a forbidden word? Well, now you will! You will turn this into a hard job for your lover, aren’t you? First, think of a story you’d like to hear about from your girlfriend/boyfriend. Next, think of a word they could use while using that story, and make it a forbidden word. Ask your partner about the story, such as ‘What was that story with your boss again?’, and if he uses the word, let’s say, ‘computer’ while telling the story, he has to take a sip. Vice Versa goes for you as well! 

14. Blow Job

Blow Job

Equipment needed: A glass or opened beer | Cards | Alcohol

What is a ‘Blow Job’?

Aight, we know you haven’t heard of this strange game, and name as well. You don’t know how fun this one is! Place the cards on top of a beer bottle, or glass with thin walls. You two sit against each other, and on the count of three, you both blow the cards, until there are no cards left. When that happens, the player who has the most cards on their side has to take a shot. Simple, yet, extremely entertaining!

15. Hot Jenga

Hot Jenga

Equipment needed: Jenga blocks | Drinks

What is ‘Hot Jenga’?

There is no chance you haven’t played Jenga at least once in your life. For this drinking game, you can use a random Jenga, order a couples’ Jenga in any shop, or just write some dares in the blocks. Now, every time you remove a piece, you have to do whatever is written on it. If you think it is too much, you have to finish your drink. Also, whoever kicks out the tower, drinks 2 shots. Who would’ve thought Jenga gets you drunk? 

16. You Laugh, and You Loose

You Laugh, You Drink

Equipment needed: Drinks! 

What is ‘You Laugh, You Loose’? 

No, we’re not talking about the card game! In You Laugh, You Lose, go to Youtube or whatever and search for some funny videos. You start watching them together, and every time one of you two laughs while watching, take a shot. Now just imagine, after 2-3 shots, even if the video isn’t that funny, you’ll laugh and you’ll just continue to drink. Don’t forget, drink responsibly! 

17. Drawing While Drunk

Drawing While Drunk

Equipment needed: Paper | Pencils/pens | Timer | Alcohol

What is ‘Drawing While Drunk’?

This is about to be extraordinary! It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or not. It’s gonna be even funnier if you don’t know how to draw… Take that pencil and the paper, turn the timer on, and start drawing something. Try to make it as simple as possible, since your partner has to guess what you drew. Draw quickly since, for every 20 seconds pass, you have to take a sip of your drink. Once he/she guesses your piece of art, now, it’s your turn to guess! 

18. Our Pizza Box

Our Pizza Box

Equipment needed: A pizza box | One coin | Marker | Shots

What is ‘Our Pizza Box’?

I found out about this game some months ago and felt like I’d missed such a good thing. First, open up the pizza box on the ground or the table. Draw some circles in it and inside the circles write a rule or challenge, including drinking. Next, you both take turns tossing the coin. If it lands in any of the circles, you do whatever is written on it. If it lands outside the circles, draw a new circle and make up a new rule. I assume it’s gonna get pretty romantic! 

Are Any Of These Games Made For You? 

There’s no doubt! We all agree that you’re not going to like all of them, and that’s understandable, but at least one of them will fit you perfectly. But, oh God, how do I know which one works well for me? Well, follow our tips: 

  • Choose the game depending on how much you know each other. As you saw, some of the games on our list are personal and very in-depth, which wouldn’t be such a great experience for people who’ve just met each other. Such games can be ‘Flip, Then Sip or Strip’, ‘Striptease Dice’, or something like these. We’d recommend you play ‘Guess What I Ask’, ‘You Laugh, You Lose’ and more if you’re trying to create a stronger bond with your lover. 
  • Look for the level of difficulty. Even though all of our games are pretty simple, while being drunk, some of them may become a bit complicated. For example, when playing ‘Hot Jenga’, you have gotta be concentrated, in case you don’t want the block to fall on your head. On the other hand, playing ‘Red Or Black’, ‘Eye Contact’ requires some luck and that’s all!;
  • If you love cards, use the cards! A considerable number of games need classic cards to play. If cards are your thing, I bet you’d like to drink while using them. Just to be clear, I’m talking about ’Queen Of The Deck’, ‘Go Fish!’ and the other cool ones!;
  • For some good laughs, some of the games are funnier. Besides getting drunk, and getting romantic, of course, some of the games tend to laugh your hearts out. For example, while playing ‘Drawing While Drunk’, you have no idea what kinds of drawings you’ll do, especially when you get drunk. Oh, and in ‘You Laugh, You Lose’, just the idea of seeing two drunk people laughing is funny enough!

The Final Windup

Relationships aren’t always sunshine. There will be storms, there will be tears, and there will be anger, but at the end of the day, there will be love and care. 

Every time you think you’re on some bad days and need some sparkle in your relationships, these drinking games will give you a hand. They’ll make you laugh, you’ll get to know each other deeper and better, and the cherry on top, you’ll both get drunk and happy. Are you still doubting that? 

Of course, you could just play some random drinking games for adults, which are undoubtedly fun, but, why not try some personalized ones which will bring lots of love? 

You love birds, have a blast!

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