20 Drinking Games For Couples To Get Drunk In Love!

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Well, this is BIG news, you’ve found a partner! Good for you. Now, let’s find you some cute, entertaining couples drinking games you could play with your partner, just so you connect deeper, set up a romantic time, and have a few drinks. All you gotta do is pay attention and pick your favorite! 

  • The Games:
  1. 21 Questions;
  2. Flip, Sip, or Strip;
  3. Speed Facts;
  4. Romance Movie Drinking Game;
  5. Striptease Dice;
  6. Drunk In Love;
  7. Find The Spot;
  8. Chutes And Ladders;
  9. Hide And Drink;
  10. The Queen Of The Deck;
  11. Never Have I Ever;
  12. Forbidden Word;
  13. Blow Job;
  14. Hot Jenga;
  15. Drunken Artist;
  16. Do Or Drink;
  17. Pizza Box Toss;
  18. Drunk Heads Up;
  19. Beer Pong;
  20. Twister;
  • The Final Windup!

1. 21 Questions

Equipment needed: A list of questions, and alcohol for you two;

What is ‘21 Questions’? 21 Questions, or you may call it the Quiz Game, is one simple way to test how well you know each other! All you have to do is go through our romantic ’21 Questions’ list and pick your favorite questions. You may either ask your partner questions about themselves, and let them answer (or drink if they refuse to), or ask them questions about you & the relationship, to check how well they remember stuff and know you. For every wrong answer, they must take a sip! 

2. Flip, Sip, Or Strip

Flip, Then Sip Or Strip

Equipment needed: A coin & drinks;

What is ‘Flip, Sip, Or Strip’?Foremost, this gotta be one of the simplest games, which brings infinite fun. Firstly, one of you calls heads or tails, and the other flips the coin. If you guess how it will land, you’re safe. If you guess incorrectly, you have to take a sip. If you’re wrong twice, you have to remove one piece of clothing. The game continues until you get bored of it, or end up drunk. Quite as simple as that! 

3. Speed Facts

Speeding The Facts

Equipment needed: Drinks!

What is ‘Speed Facts’?Wanna see some real speed? Honestly, this game works best for couples who already know some stuff about one another, and you’ll see now why! Then, you two take turns spitting facts about each other. Once you can’t continue with a fact, or you take more than 5 seconds to say it, you lose the round. For every lost round you have to take a shot. This is such a cute test, isn’t it? 

4. Romance Movie Drinking Game

Equipment needed: A good romantic movie & alcohol (and popcorn, obviously).

What is ‘Romance Movie Drinking Game’?Why don’t we get romantic? To begin with, play your favorite romance on the TV or any other device. Then, make some rules about the specific movie: drinking when the two main characters kiss, drinking when someone dies, drinking when someone says ‘I love you’ out loud, and similar. If you’re asking me, the Notebook drinking game is an all-time personal favorite. It’s a 2-in-1: you get to rewatch your favorite movie, and get to have a few drinks! 

5. Striptease Dice

Striptease Dice

Equipment needed: A dice & shots;

What is ‘Striptease Dice’?Well, all couples could enjoy a little stripping game! Striptease Dice is pretty easy to play. Actually, you can make up your own rules. We recommend you first start with even and odd numbers. If it’s an even number, you drink. If it’s an odd number, you must remove one piece of clothing. There are some other ideas you can use, for example, you set a rule for every number. Ex. if it’s a 2, you massage your partner, if it’s a 5 you give kisses, and so on. Lovely, innit?

6. Drunk In Love

Drunk In Love

Equipment: The deck of cards & drinks | Available on Amazon ($26.00) & Drunk In Love ($23.95);

What is ‘Drunk In Love’?This card game is incredibly awesome and needless to say, is made for people who are Drunk In Love! It has 100 playing cards inside, divided into 50 ‘Drink If…’ cards and 50 ‘… Or Drink’ cards. The thing is that ‘Drink If…’ cards are applied to both of you (drink if you relate to a prompt), while ‘… Or Drink’ cards are meant for the one who draws it (complete the challenge or drink). Ps. There will be some lovely challenges too! 

7. Find The Spot

Equipment needed: drinks;

What is ‘Find The Spot’?I bet you’d love a few kisses and hugs, wouldn’t you? Start this romantic game by asking your partner ‘Where would you like to be kissed?’. They get 3 chances to guess the correct spot. If they guess successfully, you & your partner both drink. If they guess incorrectly, only they take a shot before continuing the game. Once their 3 chances are over, then it’s your turn to guess your partner’s favorite spot to be kissed. The game continues until you’ve had enough kisses. 

8. Chutes And Ladders

Chutes And Ladders

Equipment needed: The ‘Chutes & Ladders’ board & drinks;

What is ‘Chutes And Ladders’?Let’s quickly go back in time. Specifically to your childhood, playing Snakes and Ladders. Now, let’s turn it into a couples’ drinking game! There are similar game rules, but with a twist: every time you climb up a ladder, you have to take a sip of your drink. Every time you slide down a snake or chute, you have to take off an item of clothing. It’s about to get hot in the room, and there’ll be laughs, lots of laughs!  

9. Hide And Drink

Hide And Drink

Equipment needed: Aluminum foil or cellophane, pieces of paper, and alcohol;

What is ‘Hide And Drink’?Well, this is more fun than Hide & Seek! First, you both need to write some ‘dares’ on some small pieces of paper, but neither of you should know what the other wrote. Next, you can fold the pieces and wrap them with any foil, so they’ll be like small balls. Next, hide them anywhere in the house: closets, kitchen, shelves… Next, you give each other some minutes to find the challenges and then complete them. This could also be a long-term game. You hide the dares, forget about them, and whenever you find them, play! 

10. The Queen Of The Deck

The Queen Of The Deck

Equipment needed: A deck of classic cards & drinks. 

What is ‘The Queen Of The Deck’?To play this astonishing card game, since it’s a complete deck, you have to remove 3 Queens and leave just 1 remaining. Shuffle the deck and place it in the middle of the table. Next, you and your partner should start drawing the cards until the single Queens shows up. When that happens, the player who drew it has to do one of the 3 things: finish your drink, perform a dance, complete a dare or other ideas you might have. The game continues until you think you’ve played enough. 

11. Never Have I Ever

Equipment needed: A list of questions & drinks for both of you.

What is ‘Never Have I Ever’?How could we finish without mentioning our lovely Never Have I Ever? To play the drinking version, you must pick a few questions first. Then, every time you relate to a prompt, you take a sip of your drink. On the other hand, you don’t drink, which is just like saying ‘I have never’. If you want to spice it up, you may borrow questions from our dirty ‘Never Have I Ever’ lis, and get naughty & embarrassed…

12. Forbidden Word

Forbidden Word

Equipment needed: Alcohol!

What is ‘Forbidden Word’?Ever heard of a forbidden word? Well, now you will! First, think of a story you’d like to hear about from your girlfriend/boyfriend. Next, think of a word they could use most while telling that story, and make it a forbidden word. Ask your partner about the story, such as ‘What was that story with your boss again?’, and if they use the forbidden word you set for them, let’s say, ‘computer’ while telling the story, they have to take a sip. Vice Versa goes for you as well! 

13. Blow Job

Blow Job

Equipment needed: A glass or opened beer, a deck of cards, and alcohol;

What is ‘Blow Job’?You don’t know how fun this one is! We love the blow job! Start by placing the cards on top of a beer bottle, or a glass with thin walls. You two sit against each other, and on the count of three, you both blow the cards, until there are no cards left. When that happens, the player who has the most cards on their side has to take a shot, so it’s basically all about how hard you blow. Simple, yet, extremely entertaining!

14. Hot Jenga

Hot Jenga

Equipment needed: Jenga blocks, and drinks for you two;

What is ‘Hot Jenga’? We keep saying this, but the Jenga drinking game is the best version of Jenga! Simply, what you have to do, is write a few challenges (including drinking, dares, stripping, and others) in the Jenga tiles, and set up the tower as usual.  Now, every time you remove a block, you have to do whatever is written on it, and then place it on top of the tower. Also, whoever crashes the tower, drinks 2 shots. Who would’ve thought Jenga would get you drunk? 

15. Drunken Artist

Drawing While Drunk

Equipment needed: pieces of paper, pencils/pens, a timer, and alcohol.

What is ‘Drunken Artist’?This is about to be extraordinary! Take that pencil and the paper, turn the timer on, and start drawing something. Try to make it as simple as possible, since your partner has to guess what you drew. For every 20 seconds that pass, while your partner can’t guess your drawing, you have to take a sip of your drink. Once he/she guesses your piece of art, now, it’s your turn to guess! 

16. Do Or Drink

Equipment needed: A few dares, and alcohol.

What is ‘Do Or Drink’?Today we’re not talking about the card game. This is all about the no-cards, lots-of-fun drinking game. The point of the game is either completing a dare (such as eating a spoonful of hot sauce, demonstrating your handjob skills, performing a striptease, and similar), or drinking. Obviously, the main struggle is finding the right dares. To give you a hand on that, we made a whole list of Do Or Drink dare ideas, so make sure to check that out!

17. Pizza Box Toss

Our Pizza Box

Equipment needed: A pizza box, one coin, a marker, and drinks;

What is ‘Pizza Box Toss’?After you’ve finished your pizza date night, open up the pizza box on the ground or the table. Draw some circles in it and inside the circles write a rule or challenge, including drinking. Next, you both take turns tossing the coin. If it lands in any of the circles, you do whatever is written on it. If it lands outside the circles, draw a new circle and make up a new rule. I assume it’s gonna get pretty romantic! 

18. Drunk Heads Up

Equipment needed: The Heads Up game app (available on App Store & Google Play) & drinks;

What is ‘Drunk Heads Up’?Cheers to the coolest version of charades! To play Drunk Heads Up, take turns keeping the phone on your forehead, horizontally. Your partner must try to describe the word as quickly as possible. They have to drink continuously until you guess the word. It’s a win-win for both after correctly guessing: you score points, and they stop drinking. Or, if you want to drink less, make your partner drink as many sips as the correct guesses you’ve made in a round. 

19. Beer Pong

Equipment needed: 10 plastic cups, 2 ping-pong balls, and beer. 
What is ‘Beer Pong’?Beer Pong is a blast even as a 2-player drinking game! Stand on opposite sides of the table, and make 2 pyramids of cups, starting with 3 cups at the bottom, and ending with 1 on top. Then, take turns throwing the balls into your partner’s cup. If successful, they must drink the cup you threw the ball in. If else, nothing happens, but now it’s their turn. Additionally, you may add little dare notes on the bottom of the cups, so every time you drink a cup, you also have to complete a dare.

20. Twister

Equipment needed: Twister mat & spinner, and drinks;

What is ‘Twister’? Drunk Twister makes lives better! The drinking version follows the same basic rules but with some extras added. Now, when you occupy a spot on the mat, you must drink. If you slip in the mat, you take 2 drinks. If you fall, you’re out of the game and also finish your drink. Obviously, Twister is more fun if played with more people, since it gets more complicated, however, it’s great if you wanna have a remarkable memory & some good fun with your lover. 

The Final Windup

Every time you think you’re having some storms in your relationship, and you need some sparkle, these drinking games will give you a hand. The good thing is that you may choose your favorite game category: drinking card games, questions & dares, intimate ones, and more. Share love!

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