17+ Amazing Couples Card Games – Get to know your partner more

Spin the wheel of love

(Beyonce singing) All the single ladies! All the single ladies! All the single ladies! Now put your hands up(And the single gentlemen)… But don’t read this article!   You may get heartbroken. All you’ll hear is love, partners… It’s for your best dear!

Have you ever heard a couple that’s been married for some years say: Oh really? I didn’t know that about you! (And you be like: HOW?)

Well, that’s totally okay! Sometimes we can miss some details. Maybe they told us, but we weren’t here mentally and didn’t remember. 

One of the best ways to get to know your partner more is to find & play games. Couples-themed games.

We do have the best drinking couples games that you can play.

They’re amazing when you’ve already spent some years with your beloved one and want to know some things about each other, which you probably didn’t have the chance to mention, but also, games are great when you just met a person, and you want to start knowing him/her deeper. 

Before jumping to the games, since we found a lot of amazing games and you may find it hard to choose the perfect one, here are some buying tips to make it easier:

  • How much do you know about your partner? If you just started dating, don’t play a game that is about very personal stuff. You’ll feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you’ve been together for several years, it’d be nonsense playing  a game that has basic questions: Do you have any siblings?
  • Wanna play the game alone or in a team? This is also important. There are games that are designed only for a couple, so you get to play it with your partner.. But, there are also games designed for more players, you can play it with other couples.
  • The game strategy is important too. Choosing the game also depends on how you want the game to be. There are card games, where you get to ask questions and to answer, also board games, which can be from easy to difficult.
  • Wanna laugh? Check the content. Some of the games are really serious and their goal is to bond you two more. But there are also hilarious games to laugh your heart out. 
  • Try DIY games. If you have spent a lot of money this month, and you want to save some money, but you also can’t ‘live’ without having fun, check out the DIY games at the end of this article.

1. Love Language – $24.95

Love language

This game is for sure a love language. It’s all about starting to know your sweetheart more.

Love Language contains 150 cards, which are divided into 5 types, including Family, Intimacy, Couple, Individual, and Past & Future. That’s how you’ll actually talk about everything. So it doesn’t matter if you’re on your first date, or already married and having kids, the questions are heartwarming, you’ll love each other even more.

We recommend you to play this game alone, just the two of you, or with another couple who you really trust, because the questions are personal, you don’t want to share them with random people.

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2. The Love Game- 36 Questions For Falling In Love – $14.99

The love game

If I ever told you that you can fall in love with 36 questions, would you believe me?

Well okay, I dramatized it a bit, you already know I’m a drama queen. We all know that love doesn’t work this way. But it’s a fact that The Love Game is a great way to unite with your partner. 

You’ll have fun playing it with the mate you just met. I mean, 36 questions. You’ll find things about each other, but none will be red-faced, because there are only 36 of them.

3. Our Moments Couples – $18.95

These cards are great conversation starters. They will also help you with story sharing.

There are 100 cards where you have the chance to share your life experiences with your love. Yes, there are lots of cute questions, but Our Moments also has some provocative and intimate questions: What time of the day is best for s*x?, so you don’t want to play it around your kids, or do you?

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4. Truth Or Dare Couples – $8.25

truth or dare couples

It’s time for some action, you folks!

Truth or dare is hands down, one of the favorites, for all ages. 

Well, the couples edition is all about awesome questions and crazy challenges.

The game is accompanied by fun, laughter, cuddles, and even smooch-smooches.

You can also play it with other couples, but you have to be close to them. You don’t wanna do crazy things in front of people you barely know. 

Also, something we really love about the game is the metal waterproof box. The cards will not be damaged, and it’s very easy to store them.

5. Talk, Flirt, Dare – $24.50

Talk Flirt Dare

You wanna talk, flirt or dare? Or all three?

In Talk, Flirt,Dare, you can choose to have conversations, to show your flirting skills, or to complete challenges.

Based on our experience & research,  the talk game can be played by anyone, in parties and stuff. The flirt & dare game is mostly designed for a couple, unless you’re very comfortable around other people. You don’t wanna do a strip dance to a random player, we know you don’t.

6. Tabletopics – $25.00


Finally, a game for larger groups.

This could be a good game to play on double dates, in parties, where you are all couples. It is also a great gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend, but also for any of your friends who are in a relationship.

Tabletopics has 135 cards, and all of them will make you know each other every card and more.

7. Datebox Jenga – $19.99

datebox jenga

Enough with sitting in the chair foot on foot without doing anything. You need to spend some of your energy dude.

Jenga requires concentration, patience, and strategy. But this couple themed Jenga, except that it has the one main goal: To make the tower as high as possible, in each cuboid we draw, we have one question or challenge to accomplish.

It is great to play with your lover only, or with other couples. You’ll all have fun together raising the tower, and also learning new stuff about your team.

8. More Likely? – $17.99

most likely to

Who’s most likely to do stuff from you two?

Since the other games’ goal was to know each other more, More Likely? Is about how much you know your beloved person.

You’ll even use telepathy sometimes, because some questions are weird and you won’t know who’s more likely to do that. You have 4 cards which you can use to answer: You, Me, Neither and Both. The more yours and your partner’s cards match, the more it means you know each other.

9. Toilet Tag – $25.00

toilet tag

The name & design is a little cringe, isn’t it? We don’t care, we love the game.

Toilet Tag has 200 hilarious cards, which are divided into 4 categories: Action, Hypothetical, Reveal and Trivia.

The good thing is that you have to share the card with your partner. The same question is repeated 2 times in the card, so you both have to answer. 

Play it with your partner. Not with other couples. No, you don’t wanna go that far.

10. Dirty Minds – $10.99

Travel Dirty Minds Card Game

You? A dirty mind?! Of course you are, what were you thinking? We know that you know that we know!

Yes, the previous games had adult content, but this one is another level. Well, sometimes the questions can be innocent, just to see how dirty your mind works.

There are a total of 112 cards. Hilarious, creative and dirty, very dirty content. 

Except that it’s a good game for your relationship, ofc, it is also superior for the next party you’ll throw, with all your friends who already have partners. 

And I guess it’s needless to say, choose your company while playing Dirty Minds. It is not appropriate for all people. There still exist people who get offended easily…

11. Monogamy – $23.12


Monogamy is that board game to make you set up a romantic mood.

It has almost the same technique as Monopoly, but you know, this is for you and your lovely mate.

To make the game even more amazing, set up some candles, bring some wine, and start playing. You don’t wanna know how amazingly that will work.

DON’T, like ever, play this game with anyone else except your husband/wife. I bet you’re not okay with being naked in front of other people or couples. Some things should stay private, forever!

12. SERVD – $17.99


Let us SERVe you another amazing game…

In this game, both of you have your own set of unique cards. You already got it, His & Hers.

There are 52 well-thought & creative cards. In essence, you have to  do what the card says, you have to obey the card.

The good thing is that SERVD also has editions for other couples too, not for male-female only. There are His & His and Hers & Hers as well. To find out what I’m about, check the official website of the game: SERVD.

If you want to create a first impression about the game and read some of the cards, here’s a great video we found: SERVD His & Hers -Unboxing.

13. Loopy – $29.99


Just from the kisses, the underwears, the hearts in the box, you get that it isn’t for a family night, you don’t wanna do that to yourself.

You have to spin the arrow, and pick the card based on where the arrow stopped. The questions are very intimate and personal, that’s why we wouldn’t recommend you play the game with anyone other than your partner. 

The game is very romantic, it improves communication, and makes you two love each other more.  With 150 playing cards, you have no idea how astonishing the questions & challenges are.

14. Lover’s Communication – $20.99

Lover's communication

Communication is the key, we all know that already. And with this game, you’ll communicate, a lot, about things you didn’t ever talk about earlier. 

Some of the questions are funny and all, some are really provocative, but some are very heartwarming and touching. You’ll probably find out things you didn’t know your partner went through.

Lover’s communication is also great to play with other couples as well, of course, the condition is that you are close & confident with each other. Things can get too personal.

15. Dare Duel – $12.99

dare duel

You two will have a dare duel in this game for sure!

There actually are not ready-made challenges. You have to create them. You have the main card where you choose if the challenge will be done by you, your partner, or both of you. 

Then, you both draw cards and combine words from your cards to make a challenge or a dare.

So, its specialty is that you can play the game the way you want. From the challenge for getting to know your partner more, to the hot challenge, it’s up to you to choose and create.

16. The And – $29.00

The And - Couples Games

Do you sometimes feel like you’re losing the ‘spark’ with your partner? You know you have different jobs and you barely have time to talk. That’s sad, but you’re not the only one!

Well, The And card game, is a hella good way to bring the communication back.

There is a huge set, 200 cards, and you’ll ask each other deep questions, just like: “What’s the pain in me you’d most like to heal?”, “Do you believe in ‘the one’ for you and am I it?”, “What are the things that make you come back for more of me?”, and lots of other amazing cards!

17. The Wheel Of Love – $10.64

Spin the wheel of love

The Wheel Of Love, cute name tho’. The game is way cuter.

It’s one of the simplest games. You just have to press the electric switch, and see where the arrow stops. The arrow also tells us how many points that action is worth. There will be a winner!

Not a party game to play with other people. Definitely not. You don’t wanna do some stuff in front of them. Keep some privacy dude! There exist other adult games to play with your team, but this isn’t the one!

18. The Ultimate Game For Couples – $24.99

the ultimate game for couples

Some smooch-smooches in the box for you.

The Ultimate Game For Couples has 200 cards, which belong to 2 categories: Guess and Challenge. 

When playing guess cards you’ll see how much you know each other and also stimulate deep conversations.

While, with challenge cards, of course, you have to risk a bit, and complete some amazing challenges.

It is designed for all relationship types. I should mention that it doesn’t really matter how long you know your mate, the game is suitable even if you just started dating for a few weeks, or even if you’ve been married to him/her for some years and you have kids together. It’s breathtakin’!

DIY Activities

Where are my DIY lovers at? Well, some of you may get bored while always playing the same games. Or maybe you ordered a game, but it hasn’t come yet, and you need to find another fun thing to do while waiting. Here are some DIY Drinking games that you might enjoy.

Or just you love creating things by yourself because that’s how you show that you’re thinking and you care.

That’s why we made a list of some cool games or even activities you can do without spending money. 

1. Poetry writing


This is my favourite activity ever. The cutest. The loveliest.

You can both set a timer and start writing a poem for each other. I know you may not be all poets and stuff, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you’ll both show love, and also laugh with some hilarious rhymes.

You can also do a rhyme together. You write a phrase, and your partner continues it, until you have created a long enough poem.

Who knows? Maybe you can discover your poetry talent!

2. Straight Face (Drinking game)

straight face drinking game

Grab a beer, or some wine, or even non-alcoholic drinks.

Write some memes or anything funny in some small papers. Mix them up, and both of you draw a paper in turns. You have to read the paper out loud, and try not to laugh. If you do, you drink.

You can also play it without writing. You just say something funny to your opponent. It’s fun, lots of fun. You can play it with other couples as well. The more players the better!

Oh, if you do some research, you can also find lots of other drinking games.

3. Spin the bottle- Truth or Dare

spin the bottle

Truth or dare is even more amazing if you do the questions and challenges yourself, because you know the players, and you know what to ask.

Even though the game is just okay if played by 2 people, it is more fun if there are more than 3 players. You choose how you want the game to be played. From normal questions, to very spicy ones.

If you don’t want to stay sober, add some drinks to the game. Who’s stopping you?

4. Karaoke

karaoke singing

Karaoke is always fun. No matter where. No matter who. Period.

It is mostly fun to sing with the person you love. If you two can sing, it’s very cute, it is beautiful. But if you can’t sing, it’s hilarious, you’ll laugh out heartily. Imagine two adults screaming at each other’s face thinking they’re killing it. I knoooow, amazing!

Well if you have microphones, things can’t get better. If you don’t, what’s wrong with using a spoon or a ladle?

5. Two truths and one lie

2 truths and 1 lie

Maybe there are some things you’ve always wanted to tell your lover, but you couldn’t find the perfect moment.

It’s obvious how it works: You tell 2 truths about yourself and 1 lie, and your partner has to guess which is the lie about you.

That’s how, at the truths, you mention things that you probably didn’t earlier. It is also a great game for larger groups, but of course, you filter what information you will share.

The End

Dear amazing readers, this is it. Even the most beautiful things come to an end, right? These were the games we’ve chosen for you, that we thought would be best for you and your beautiful partner. 

We wanted to create more choices for you, that’s why we selected the best games that could be bought, and also games and activities you can improvise and create according to your preferences, without spending any cent! 

Till next time, enjoy these games!

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