The Cobra Kai Drinking Game: Drinking While Watching Your Comfort American Comedy-Drama! 

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It always goes this way. We like a show or a movie that much so we make a drinking game about it. That’s what happened with The Office drinking game, and loads of other sitcoms and series. It’s Cobra Kai’s turn now. The latter is an American comedy-drama series about martial arts, with a total of 5 seasons and 50 episodes. If you want to re-watch the series, but have a bunch of drinks & some extra fun, keep reading! 

Wait till you find out that the rules can be applied to all episodes and all seasons of Cobra Kai! Yes, that’s right. You can simply play your favorite one, sit, watch and have some shots with your closest people. The first step is of course having a few friends who are also fans of Cobra Kai. For your curiosity, did you know that the show is based on the Karate Kid series? Well, get ready to have a blast! 

  • Instructions preparatory to playing;
  • Take a sip;
  • Take a shot;
  • Down your drink;
  • Conclusion;

Instructions Preparatory To Playing

Before starting to play, it’s important for you to know that there is no winner or loser in this drinking game. However, all of you will win a few drinks and unforgettable memories with your mates. No special equipment is required tho’, here’s all you need to play the Cobra Kai drinking game:

  • A bunch of friends who enjoy watching the series. Anything from 2 people to larger groups is just fine.
  • A TV or another device you could play any of the Cobra Kai episodes. 
  • Your favorite alcoholic drinks. To remain sober, get some beers, but don’t forget to have a few shots as well! However, include water and non-alcoholic drinks on the table, just in case any of the players don’t feel like drinking at a certain time.

We kept our word. Nothing extra is needed. Since you’ve got the stuff ready, now you can start playing. The game is just as simple as it could be. You watch the show and keep an eye on the rules. They will tell you when you’ll have to take a sip, take a shot, or the special one, down your drink.

Just as we mentioned in the Friends Drinking Game, there’s a reason why we classified the rules into 3 categories, and we’re pretty sure you’ve already guessed it! 

Take A Sip When…

Take A Sip When...
  • Anyone says ‘Cobra Kai’ on the show;
  • Someone says ‘You’ve GOT to be kidding me!’;
  • Johnny doesn’t have a clue about technology;
  • Mr. Miyagi’s name is brought up by Daniel;
  • Johnny’s students say ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ’Sensei!’;
  • You hear the music of the ‘80s playing;
  • There’s a flashback to the Karate Kid;
  • One of the characters is getting bullied;
  • Robby gets pissed off at his dad;
  • Demetri makes a snide remark;
  • You see the Cobra Kai logo (you know, the snake);
  • Johnny addresses someone by an embarrassing name;
  • Someone’s into a karate fight;
  • Johnny says ‘bad-ass!’;
  • Anyone says ‘No mercy’;
  • One of the characters drinks;
  • Someone gets kicked or punched;
  • Alcohol-Induced idiocy ensues’;
  • A character drops a Precision F-Strike;  
  • There’s a montage on screen;
  • Johnny says something completely inappropriate;
  • An inspirational quote is said by any of the characters;

Take A Shot When…

Take A Shot When...
  • Someone else rather than Johnny yells ‘QUIET!’;
  • If Johnny drinks anything else but Coors Banquet;
  • Robby and Miguel are nose-to-nose;
  • Daniel & Johnny get confrontational;
  • Counselor Blatt is ignorant of bullying or fights;
  • Miguel calls Johnny ‘Sensei Lawrence’ or just ‘Sensei’;
  • You see Hawk’s back tattoo;
  • There’s a flashback to one of the movies;
  • Kyler calls Miguel a ‘Rhea’;
  • A bonsai tree is shown on screen;
  • There’s a new actor on the show (it’s their first appearance);
  • Johnny does something that feels homeless;
  • You hear Daniel saying ‘balance’;
  • Someone learns a new signature move;
  • Someone says something racist;
  • Daniel taps someone on their shoulder. In a friendly way.
  • Miguel calls out Johnny for saying something inappropriate;
  • Kreese says ‘Finish him!’;
  • You see/hear a dealership ad;
  • Someone else but Cobra Kai is getting bullied;
  • Kyler bullies another character;
  • Tory and Sam are nose-to-nose;
  • An old character is back in the scenes;
  • Johnny says ‘You have GOT to be kidding me!’ to Daniel;
  • You know one of the lines by heart;

Down Your Drink When…

Down Your Drink When...
  • Anyone pops the crane stance kick;
  • Johnny’s TV breaks;
  • Sam or Miguel get hot during the training;
  • Carmen and Johnny do on a date;
  • Someone besides Johnny yells ‘QUIET!’;
  • You actually like something Terry Silver does;
  • Johnny shows his emotional side;
  • The nerd beats the bully;
  • Anyone gets wedgied;

Conclusion: Have We Played It?

Even though there aren’t many rules, once you start playing, you’ll see how often you’re gonna drink just by reading one single rule. Trust us on that, especially when taking sips or shots. Since most of our team members are huge fans of Cobra Kai, this drinking game is one of our go-to games every time we get to gather together.

The most important tip we could give you is to pick people who really enjoy watching Cobra Kai, and friends you’re comfortable drinking with. Remember to know your drinking limits, drink carefully, and don’t get drunk if you have to drive afterward. You can play one of the non-drinking games instead.

At any point, if some clever idea comes into your mind, you can always add it and mix it with the rules we showed you previously. The more the merrier!

Just as John said, you may not always win, but you should never back out of a fight!

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