The Chandelier Drinking Game: Competes To Be One Of The Most Entertaining Ones! 

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Let me guess… You were thinking about Sia’s Chandelier, right? Well, that is cool too, but we’ll talk about another sort of Chandelier. A drinking game, which you’ll fall in love with! Even though it is a bit similar to some other games we’ve talked about before (including Beer Pong), it still has details that give it uniqueness. 

Chandelier is the type of game you could play at your home, together with your closest mates, and stay inside your comfort zone. It can get pretty intense, and competitive, but at the end of the day, it’s a good way to get drunk. The main advantage is that it has incredibly simple rules and requires equipment you all keep at home. Let the fun begin! 

  • The objective & required supplies;
  • Setting the game up & the gameplay;
  • Extra rules;
  • Windup; 

The Objective & Required Supplies To Play

Now, there are two main objectives when it comes to the Chandelier drinking game. The first one is to bounce the ball into the center cup, and the other one, related to the latter, is to survive and not be the player who drinks the liquor of that cup.   

Just as you assumed, you’ll only need simple equipment to play:

  • Ping Pong balls. Usually, only one ball is needed while playing a round, but make sure to keep more near you, since these balls may go missing as fast as a blink of an eye.
  • Plastic cups. You’ll need one cup per player, and one larger cup for the center of the table. 
  • Drinks of your choice. Everyone could pick their favorite drink since this is how everyone will enjoy the game to its fullest.
  • A good playing surface. Just as when playing the Circle Of Death, you’ll need a flat surface to play Chandelier as well. Typically, a good large table would be best, but if you feel comfortable playing on the floor, that works fine too! 

Since we’re here, keep in mind that this drinking game may be played by people over the age of 21, because of the drinking age limit. Also, Chandelier could be played by fewer people, but it works best if played by 6 or more players, or even larger groups.  

Ps. if larger groups are playing, make sure to get a sharpie and write names on the cups so they don’t get messed up. Friendly reminder, speaking of experience. 

Setting The Game Up & The Gameplay

This is what comes after taking care of the equipment finishes. We’re finally ready to start playing. The setup itself is pretty simple. Each player has their cup, which is arranged in a circle, and there’s one extra Chandelier cup to be placed in the center of it. 

All cups (excluding the center cup) should be filled halfway with alcohol since that’s how it is done. Usually, people like to put the Chandelier cup above another empty cup, upside down, so it really looks like a type of chandelier. However, that doesn’t affect the game at any point. 

Now, let me explain the game rules step-by-step:

  • Let everyone pour some of their drinks into the center cup. This is super enjoyable especially if y’all are drinking different drinks. 
  • Pick someone to start with first. It could be the oldest of the group, the tallest, or you could even play rock-paper-scissors for that.
  • The first player takes the ping-pong ball and tries to bounce it into the center cup. If they manage to land the ball in the Chandelier cup, everyone has to drink whatever’s in their cups and start a Flip Cup competition. Whoever’s the latest to flip their cup, has to drink the center one.
  • If that player manages to bounce the ball into their own cup, they have to drink it and then refill it. Also, if they bounce it into another layer’s cup, that player has to drink it. 
  • Once you finish your turn or you miss your shot, the ball is passed to the player on your left. 

Ending The Chandelier Game: 

There isn’t an actual point where the game ends. You may play until you’re bored, or you’ve ended up drunk. However, make sure that everyone has bounced the ball at least once or twice. Straightforward, there is no winner or loser. The goal is for you all to have fun and have some good drinks. 

Extra Rules You Could Use

We already mentioned all instructions you’ll need to know, but some extra rules would hurt nobody. 

We’re conscious that we already mentioned that you could have your drink of choice. However, you can add the ‘different drinks’ rule to the Chandelier. This is how when pouring into the center cup, it would be a tasty cocktail and not a single beer.  

Another good rule would be that if anyone bounces into the center cup, they can decide who they want to pass the ball to, not necessarily to the player to their left. 

We have other ideas as well. If a player completely misses one of the cups and the ball falls on the floor, everyone has 10 seconds to catch it. Whoever catches it first, means that they now have the ball and can continue bouncing, no matter the playing direction.  

If you want to have a winner by the end of the game, we’ve thought something about it. Now, if someone bounces into the center cup, after everyone drinks and all that kind of stuff, the player who was the last to flip the cup, is out of the game. This is how people would get eliminated one by one, and someone would win the game. 

C’mon now, you people. We know you’re creative. Add any creative rule you think would work. There’s no limit to that. 

Windup Of Chandelier

It’s heartwarming how you could have this much fun with as little as that equipment. It’s so simple to learn how to play, creates amazing energy around people, and obviously, gets you tipsy (or drunk, if you’re willing to). Relax, invite as many people as you wish, get your favorite drinks, and have the time of your life playing our very beloved Chandelier. 

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