Cards Against Star Wars Review: Are There Any Errors?

Cards Against Star Wars - Cover Photo

Laugh it up, Fuzzball. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mix Cards Against Humanity & the Star Wars franchise? Well, you’re finally here to find out! Not only do you get information about the game design, the cards, and everything, but we will also tell you about the game instructions, and share our experience! 

  • Details about the game;
  • The box & cards;
  • How to play;
  • Our game experience;
  • Where to buy Cards Against Star Wars & Competitors;
  • Final Thoughts;

Details About The Game 

  • Release year: 2021;
  • Product dimensions: 10.3 x 4.06 x 2.72 inches;
  • Version: Unofficial (fan-made);
  • Number of cards: 746;
  • Players: 4 to 20+;
  • Age range: 17+; 
  • Game time: 30 to 90 mins;
  • Game complexity: easy;
  • Theme: Star Wars;

The Box & Cards Of Cards Against Star Wars

Why don’t we start off by judging the appearance of the Star Wars edition of Cards Against Humanity? Here’s how the box looks:

Cards Against Star Wars - Box

What would be a better fit for the design than some white dots looking like a galaxy? The front of the box shows us the game name, and we appreciate that StarWars is written in its original Gothic font. Right below it, we can read the most important information about the game: the best game in the galaxy. Ps. that astronaut type of thing just makes it way better! 

Now, let’s add the back of the box too, just so you can see it in 360°!

Cards Against Star Wars - Back Of The Box

Although we will explain all the required instructions to play the game, in detail, the back of the box does a great job in that too! You may read all the important game rules and immediately start playing! 

However, we’ve all been waiting for this: the cards! If you haven’t noticed, it’s our favorite thing to talk about! Cards Against Humanity Star Wars has a total of 746 cards, divided into 245 black cards, and 501 white ones.

Cards Against Star Wars - Cards

The back of the cards is simple. White & black, with the game name on it just so you don’t mix it with other CAH editions. We’ve heard that you’d like to see some of the cards, wouldn’t you?

Cards Against Star Wars - Card 1

Leave Kylo Ren, and his… thing, alone! 

Cards Against Star Wars - Card 2

They like to make fun of these things. Horrible people. 

Cards Against Star Wars - Card 3

They definitely did R2 dirty with this one. Hilarious combinations though. 

Cards Against Star Wars - Card 4

This card definitely proves how dirty the content of this card game is. You’ll play it anyway, won’t you?

Here are a few other random picks, in case you can’t wait to get the game: Cards Against Star Wars TikTok.

How To Play Cards Against Star Wars? 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… people didn’t know how to play Cards Against Star Wars. Is that even possible? 

Among all things, one of the reasons we love such games that much is their simplicity, frankly. If you already know how to play Cards Against Humanity, you’re almost there! Here’s the thing: one of you becomes the Darth of the round (a.k.a. The Card Czar). This player must draw one black card, randomly, and read it out loud. 

Each player is already drawn 7 white cards, and after Darth reads the black card, all other players must pick one of their white cards as a response/combination with the question card. After everyone hands their answers to Darth, facedown, he/she must pick whatever they think is the funniest card. The player who gave it gets to keep the black card of the round as an awesome point. 

Whoever has the most awesome points by the end of the game, wins. It’s all fun & games this way. But why don’t we add some twists? 

Playing with only 2 people.

Y’all already know that this card game can only be played by 4 or more people, right? We didn’t find this cool, mostly because I’ve only got 1 friend, so, we came up with some game rules to help you out! When playing with one other friend only, you both get 10 white cards, draw a random black card, and decide together which was the funniest answer of the round. If you wanna know more, read the full rules here

The drinking version

We’re bored adults. Of course, we’re gonna take every chance we get to drink. Although there are several ways to play the drinking version, the simplest one is the Card Czar picking 3 favorite cards, and the best of them has to drink. If you wanna know all versions, read the drinking game Cards Against Humanity.

Our Game Experience: Are All Cards Related To Star Wars?

My team and I have been fans of Cards Against Humanity forever, and since we LOVE Star Wars, we were jumping for joy when Cards Against Star Wars came out. We were 7 people playing, and they decided I had to be the Darth of the first round. 

Cards Against Star Wars - Experience Card 1

Hmm… what do you think the funny, filthy answers could be? I’ll just show you my favorite real quick (and that got one awesome point too!):

Cards Against Star Wars - Experience Card 2

Just imagine telling your Jedi Master that. It got 10 times funnier for us since we remembered how one of our friends cursed his boss & he heard it, and we literally couldn’t stop laughing. 

Anyway, my friend who won the round became the next Card Czar, and these are some of the cards of that round: 

Cards Against Star Wars - Experience Card 3
Cards Against Star Wars - Experience Card 4
Cards Against Star Wars - Experience Card 5
Cards Against Star Wars - Experience Card 6

Don’t we all wait for our kids to be old enough, and make them watch Boba Fett without his helmet on? It’s just us? Oh, okay. If you didn’t get it, that was the best answer of the round, by the way. 

You know how the rest of the game went. We burst into laughter every time the answers were read out loud. A few rounds later, these were our cards: 

Black card: I blame _______ for the breakup of the last relationship. 

White cards: Greedo | The Death Star Exploding | Calling Darth Vader “Little Orphan Annie” | A 7-foot-tall walking carpet | Having your mentor intentionally blind you with a blast shield | A depressed Cloud City weatherman. 

We know. We’re hilarious. I’ll let you guess the card that won this round though. Just so we don’t spoil the game even more, we won’t show other cards. However, I think it’s really important that all people playing have watched at least a few episodes of this franchise, because people who have no clue about it, won’t probably find it as funny. 

To answer your dilemma: yes, most of the questions are Star Wars-themed, mostly the white cards. The black ones are more general. We definitely had a blast while playing this card game, and played it several other times too, but with some twists: we mixed it with the main edition of CAH and also added the drinking rules.

Enough with the good parts. One thing that got on our nerves while playing Cards Against Star Wars was the spelling errors. Even though they were a few, however, we wish they would’ve put a little more effort into making the cards grammatically correct, and that would make this game a 10 out of 10. This is what types of errors I’m talking about:

Cards Against Star Wars - Spelling Error 1
Cards Against Star Wars - Spelling Error 2
Cards Against Star Wars - Spelling Error 3
Cards Against Star Wars - Spelling Error 4

You know, with a bit of concentration & after you’ve watched Star Wars and know the plot, you’ll probably get the meaning, but why bring all that? Just like they were in a rush. 

Let’s look at the bright side and ignore these tiny problems. The game is still fun, but just so you don’t get surprised while reading them. May the Force be with you!

Where To Buy Cards Against Star Wars & Competitors

Unfortunately, Cards Against Star Wars was a limited edition. Fortunately, there’s still a shop where you can find it. Long story short, this card game is available at for $9.95. 

Here are the game’s competitors, in case you were wondering: 

1. Star Wars Deckbuilding Game – $30.49

Star Wars Deckbuilding Game

The Star Wars deckbuilding game contains over 50 cards, and each player aims to destroy their opponent’s bases. The game is made to be played by 2 players, by everyone who is 12 or older. Although it has a different game style from Cards Against Star Wars, is definitely preferred by the fans. 

2. Cards Against Disney – $9.95

Cards Against Disney

Cards Against Disney is a card game in the style of the CAH Star Wars edition, but this time, it’s all about Disney. The game comes with a total of 828 playing cards (divided into red and white) and can be played by 4 to 20+ players, but because of the content, it can only be played by adults, 17 and up. 

3. UNO Star Wars – $5.99

UNO Star Wars

UNO and card games like UNO will always be famous. The Star Wars edition contains a total of 112 cards, which are all franchise-themed, and can be played by kids as well (ages 7+)! Usually 2 to 10 people play, and this edition follows the same rules just like the standard UNO game, with extra cards included, of course.

Final Thoughts

What could be a better gift for someone who loves Star Wars, rather than a box of Cards Against Star Wars? That someone could also be you! Since you now know how to play, and where to get the game, all that’s left now is actually playing it. To conclude, here are the main pros and cons of the game:

A huge deck of cards;
It’s available as a printable version too (faster & cheaper);
The content is mostly related to Star Wars;
Could be mixed with other editions of Cards Against Humanity;
Can be adapted to large groups of people;
Rules can be modified & you can add drinking rules;
Reminds you of the most important scenes & characters.
The language in the cards is written for adults only;
There are a few misspellings in the cards.

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