Cards Against Muggles: A Special Review For Our Potterheads

Cards Against Muggles

Don’t let the muggles get you down”- Ronald Weasley. No, I know you won’t. A Potterhead doesn’t give up easily.

If you haven’t ever heard about Harry Potter, I don’t know what to say. Are you living on Earth?

Harry Potter was first a book series, written by the amazing J.K.Rowling, and the first novel was released on 26th of June, 1997. Later, while film production and technology, in general, were evolving, this book series also became a film series. 

The first movie came out in 2001, and it was a production of the Leavesden Studios, just as every other HP movie that came out later.

Since then, these books & later movies have had millions of fans all over the world. What is a Muggle in Harry Potter?

What happens if you mix Cards Against Humanity and Harry Potter? Well, you create Cards Against Muggles.

I know you’re dying to know about this game. Check the main points first:

  • A Short Biography & Who’s It Appropriate For;
  • The Box;
  • The Cards & Some Combinations;
  • How Do We Play The Game & Game Experience;
  • It’s Competitors & The Price;
  • Do People Like The Game?
  • Is It worth It For A Potterhead?

A Short Biography About Cards Against Muggles:

Released year: 2017
Idea & design: Potterheads
Number of cards: 1440
Age Range: 17+
Theme: Harry Potter
Game time: 30-60 minutes
Players: 4-10

Now, when you hear about Harry Potter, you may assume that it’s kid-friendly. You know they’ll use their imagination and creativity. 

But believe me, it isn’t. It is ages 17+, but in fact not for every adult.

You should all be Potterheads, not someone who says he loves Harry, but you have to explain every little detail.

Also, not for the sensitive ones. For those who say ‘we don’t talk dirty’. It is for open-minded people and those who really have a sense of humour.

Cards Against Muggles Box

How can we continue further without talking about the box? That’s right, we can’t!

You can probably imagine how the box looks:


It has such a long, huge box though. The design is just as the main game, black and white only. The name is written on some personalized special letters. Slightly below the name, we can read “Best Game Ever Period” and a little Harry Potter drawing.

In the back of the box, there’s actually nothing, it’s just a white paperboard to keep the cards.

The sides, as you can see in the photo, show us the most basic rules of the game, the game time, the appropriate age, and a number of players required.

Oh, and when I said huge, I meant this:

The Size Difference between CAH and Cards Against Muggles

So clearly, this is the difference with the main Cards Against Humanity.

The Cards & Some Combinations

Of course, the most important part of the game is cards. What’s a book without the pages on it? Probably just a cover. And the card game without the cards, is just a box.

The official set of the game contains 1440 cards, 990 white cards, and 450 black ones. 

The content is of course related to Harry Potter, but not as innocent as you think. Here are some of the funniest combinations:

Combination 1 - Cards Against Muggles

This seems like horror. Too dark…

Cards Against Muggles Example

I heard you thought of playing this with a kid. “What’s a dildo”- they’ll ask…

Card Combination - Cards Against Muggles

Ron and Hermione are besties, leave them alone!

Combination Cards - Cards Against Muggles

Harry, are you using weed?! Nah, I don’t think so.

Combination 5 - Cards Against Muggles

You people have an evil- mind. Imagine this as a book really….No. Stop giving me bad ideas.

My Game Experience & How Do We Play Cards Against Muggles

As we mentioned in the other articles, every game that is a Cards Against Humanity edition has the same rules. 

You have to find a good white card to fill in the blank or to answer the black card. Yeah, the basic Cards Against Humanity rules.

Well, sharing my experience is one of my favourite things to write about.

I wasn’t really a fan of Harry Potter. To be honest, I really couldn’t understand how someone could be so addicted to something that’s just fantasy. 

But, as the years went by, I started to watch the series. Let’s make something clear. Not just once. I watched a movie several times. I don’t know how, but I became a fan. A really big fan.

Since my family and all already knew I’m a Potterhead, my sibling got me the Cards Against Muggles for New Year’s Eve.

Actually, I was the last friend in the group to watch the Harry Potter series. That’s why I already had friends who were Potterheads and I had people to play the game with.

I invited 3 of my best friends to a game night and chose to play the Harry Potter edition. They all loved the idea. This was back in 2019, 2 years after the game was released.

We took turns being the Card Czar because we had the minimum number of players, 4.

The game couldn’t start better: I didn’t expect the Room of Requirements to give me ______________. – was our first black card.

These were our answers: gloryholes, Daniel Radcliffe’s delicious as*hole, Harry Potter erotica.

If you’re a fan, It’ll be 10x times funnier. Making dark humour about your favourites…Loool… Sorry not sorry!

Some of our other black cards were: Eat _____ Malfoy, _____ is why Snape rhymes with rape, My boggart is a ______, etc.

You have no idea how cleverly we used our minds. Hilarious & most creative combinations ever. We sorry Harry, we made fun of you…

At the beginning we decided that the first person to collect 10 black cards (points), wins the game. I was one card away. 

I don’t actually remember lots of the questions, I don’t have an eidetic memory.

The last black card said: I got this bruise from ________.

Of course I did my best to win. My white card was: Death Eaters. 

While my opponents’ white cards were: Granger danger and magical bondage.

I Got This Bruise From Granger Danger- Cards Against Muggles
I Got This Bruise From Magical bondage- Cards Against Muggles

So, this is how the game ended. I won two things. The title was “the winner” but I also won endless fun with my favourite friends.

The good thing is that we all related to the cards and memes and stuff. There was no need for some explanations: “You see, Hermione was one of Harry’s closest people and…”

And we solemnly swear that we were up to no good!

It’s Competitors & The Price

You already know that when a game is good, it is impossible without having competitors. You can buy Cards Against Muggles in DuoCards for a price of only $9.95.

Here are Cards Against Muggles Competitors:

Uno Harry Potter – $5.44

Uno Harry Potter - Cards Against Muggles

Here’s another amazing Harry Potter themed game. I bet you all already know about the famous classic Uno Game. The rules are the same, but the cards are related and personalized for Potterheads.

This Uno edition has 112 cards, and the good thing is that it is also kid-friendly, ages 7+.

Cards Against Simpsons– $29.95

Cards Against Simpsons

The Simpsons. Our Simpsons! One of the favourite sitcoms of all times, that lots of the times guessed the future (don’t be scared tho’). Cards Against Simpsons have a total of 1072 cards.

Simpsons can sometimes be watched by kids, but this game can’t be played by kids. It is recommended for 17 years and above.

Cards Against Avengers – $9.95

Cards Against Avengers

It’s time for the fictional team of heroes (drum rolls) Avengers!!! It has of course the same rules as the core Cards Against Humanity, but here, every card is related to Avengers.

Yes we know that Avengers can be watched by kids, 9+ ages, but this game can’t be played by them. It is ages 17 and older.

You’ve already seen the competitors’ prices. 

But, Do People Like Cards Against Muggles? What Are They Saying?

Among the best ways to evaluate a product, are of course the clients.

What they think & what they say about the game matters a lot, and gives us a very clear overview, so we’ll know if it is what we’re looking for. Here are our favourite reviews:

  • “Fun game! Best for a large group of adults, accompanied by beverages & high spirits” -Nilambari
  • “My 23 yr old son is a huge fan of Harry Potter and Cards Against Humanity so this was the perfect gift for him. He loves it. The cards are very nice quality and so funny!”- Liam
  • “If you’ve got a Harry Potter event coming up, or if you simply know some fans with a good sense of humor, I can’t recommend Cards Against Muggles enough.”- Tom

There are also lots of videos where you can create a first impression about the game. Here are some of them: Cards Against Muggles- Unboxing video, Cards Against Muggles- Cards Video, Game Play.

Is It Worth It For A Potterhead? The Final Thought.

For God’s Sake, just buy the game. You’re a Potterhead, if it’s related to Harry Potter, you’ll like it.

Now seriously, if you like card games, if you’re a Potterhead, if you’re not very sensitive and you don’t get offended easily, this is the game for you.

Also, if you’re trying to find a good gift for someone who’s in the fandom, Cards Against Muggles is the perfect game.

Except for the ‘classic’ way to play the game, you can also play it with 2 or 3 players (instead of 4), and if you want to add some drinks to the game, play it as a drinking game.

Till the next time, “I’ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending I’m not there.” — Harry Potter

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