Rules of Cards Against Humanity

You played Cards Against Humanity before or if you don’t read our review about Cards Against Humanity, but you felt like you sucked at it… Or, you heard everyone talking about it, and now you want to know how to play so you can join your friends. 

Fact: You Can Play Cards Against Humanity as a Drinking Game.

In fact, there are almost countless reasons why you’re here reading this article. Whichever it is, welcome!! 

We will talk about each Rule written on the “Rules” paper you see right when you open the package. 

We will also talk about tips that’ll win you Awesome points, and make you a champion of the night.

  • What Do I Need to Play The Game?
  • Things You Need to Know Before You Continue
  • Basic Rules
  • Pick 2
  • Gambling
  • House Rules
  • Tips: Let’s Win Them Awesome Points
  • Did You Know?

What Do I Need to Play The Game?

1. Cards Against Humanity, duh!

2. At least 2 other people to play with.

3. Your brain. You need your brain.

Things you need to know before you continue

Awesome Point – It’s a point you get after winning around. But the point sounds boring. You get a point for being awesome.

Card Czar – The one who judges the cards. Who’s the funniest will be decided by the Card Czar. Each of you will have its turn on being a Card Czar.
Black Cards – There are 100 hundred of those, and they’re supposed to be read by the Card Czar.

The Card Czar of the round picks one black card and reads it out loud. 

They’ve got a question or a blank space, which has to be answered/filled by the white cards.

White Cards – There are 500 white cards. Each of the players gets 10 of those.

Once the black card is read out, players have to pick a card that they think will be the funniest fit/combination for the black card.

Fun – You’re supposed to have it while you’re playing Cards Against Humanity. If you don’t, then this might not be quite the game for you.

17 – This game is not recommended for people under 17 years old, because of the sensitive topics it tends to touch.

How many cards are dealt in Cards Against Humanity

In Cards Against Humanity, players draw ten white cards each and leave the rest of the white “answer” cards and black “question” cards separated into face-down stacks. The game requires at least four players, but it’s most fun with 6–8 players.

To start the game, the “person who most recently pooped” or the person with the next upcoming birthday becomes the first “Card Czar” and plays a black card, face up, which contains a question or fill-in-the-blanks phrase.

Other players answer the question or fill in the blanks by each passing one white card to the Card Czar. The Card Czar shuffles all of the answers and selects the funniest play, giving the submitter one “Awesome Point.” The game continues with a new player becoming the Card Czar and everyone drawing back up to 7 white cards. The rules are flexible and players can alter them with many house rules.

To put them simply, and less humorous:

  • Each player gets 10 white cards except Card Czar.
  • Card Czar – the guy or girl that pooped most recently. They have to read what’s written on the black card.
  • The people who have the white cards will have to fill-in-the blank, or answer the questions, with one of their 10 options. They’ll have to pass their selected card to the Card Czar.
  • Card Czar does the shuffling, Card Czar reads the combinations (black card and white cards), and finally Card Czar decides which one of the cards made the funniest combination. The winner gets an Awesome Point.
  • New round, new Card Czar!
  • Repeat.

There are a few other ‘house rules’ which you can read and follow further. If you and your friends are into it, you can enrich the game with them-which I’d highly suggest.


“PICK 2” is written on the bottom of some of the cards. In order to answer such cards, each player has to get 2 white cards in combination…

Card Czar will have to read them, and it is important that they are in order.

Also, a helpful tip: “If the Card Czar has claws for hands, you can use paperclips to secure the cards in the right order.”


Let’s spice things up with a little gambling, baby! 

This is the part where you’re “arrogant sure” that you’ll win the round. Here’s how it goes:

  1. The Card Czar reads the black card
  2.  You see that 2 cards can destroy the universe with laughter
  3. You put those two cards and bet one of your (i bet many) Awesome points you’ve absolutely deserved.
  4. You win, you keep the point, and get your ego busted by comments such as “Oh, Rupert that was crazy funny!”
  5. Or, you lose and the winner of the round gets an extra point.

You see, however, we look at this, it is a win-win situation. Why?

Well, because you make things a little more interesting no matter how it goes.

House Rules

It’s time to pimp out the rules!!

Here, a few things about each one of them. Enjoy…

Happy Ending

You’re ready to stop playing?

Use the “Make a Haiku” black card in order to end the game honorably.

The “Make a Haiku” is saved for the end only. Once you use it, you know it’s time for the final laugh.

A nasty yet funny example:

Rebooting the Universe

Trading one of your (I bet many) Awesome points to put as many of your white cards back into the deck, and get up to ten, is called Rebooting the Universe.

Packing Heat

In order to open up more options, everyone will draw an extra card for Pick 2s. That’s about it. 

Rando Cardrissian

Each round, you pick a random card from the white cards deck. 

Do you know who this card will belong to?

A guy Rando Cardrissian. He exists, yes-in your imagination.

He can be your friend, your enemy, your boyfriend, you name it.

Just keep in mind that if he wins the game, you’re all going home with the weight of humiliation weighting on your tired shoulders.

We have explained each card of CAH meanings.

God Is Dead

In this case, Card Czar is the god… Meaning that each one of you will have to say their favorite cards, and the one that gets the most votes/Awesome points, is the winner. Yaayy!!

Survival of the Fittest

Charles Darwin who?

After each one of you read your white cards, each of you will eliminate one card from another player. The last card that’s left is the funniest – Gets an Awesome point.

Serious Business

This is where Card Czar has to pick 3 favorite cards and give 3 points to the one that wins the 1st place, 2 points for the 2nd, 1 point for the last.

Write down the Awesome points, and at the end of the game, you’ll praise the one that has the most Awesome points.

Never Have I Ever

You don’t understand something on a card?

Time to admit it, discard the card, and prepare yourself for some ‘friendly humiliation’.

EXTRA: Cards Against Humanity

Did you know that you can play Cards Against Humanity on zoom too?

All you need for this is a zoom account, and CAH cards. (and your friends to join you, of course!)

You play it, as usual, you simply show the cards to the camera (instead of putting them on the table).
You can also download the pdf version of CAH online.

Tips: Let’s Win Them Awesome Points!

If you’re blessed with that competitive spirit and doesn’t matter what game you’re playing, your intention is to win. This is for you.

  1. “Would the current Card Czar like this card?”
    Ask yourself this question before deciding to put it on the table.
  1. Dare to pick the ‘dangerous’ ones.
    Not get psycho, but you know the ones that are a bit risky but get those good laughs out.

Not winning and just having a good time will get you an Awesome point for yourself too… An Awesome point for having an awesome time!

Did You Know?

1. Cards Against Humanity has an official theme song called “A Good Game of Cards” 

2. You can get Cards Against Humanity shipped at your place anywhere in the world.

3. If you live in America, you can’t get the Australian version of the cards. Meaning, Australia, America, Canada, UK will get their own versions, and can’t get “each other’s” versions.

4. You can submit a card suggestion on

What about the rules of Cards Against Disney or Cards Against Muggles?

The same rules as the main game’s rules, apply to both of these Cards Against Humanity versions/editions.

Each player gets 10 white cards, one of the players reads the black card (red card in Cards Against Disney), and after shuffling and reading each combination they choose which one is the funniest.

Don’t know much of these C.A.H versions?

You can check out Cards Against Disney, Cards Against Muggles, Cards Against Kardashians and find out everything you need to know about them.

Most Importantly

Fun. You’re supposed to have fun and enjoy the time you spend while playing this game. 

Whoever you’re playing this game with(friends, family, anyone really), make sure it’s a blast.