Twinkle, twinkle, little star, who’s the most famous of them all?

The probability is high that you have heard about Cards Against Humanity at least once in your life. Many of you may have even played it. 

Except for the fact that CAH is such an amazing party icebreaker, it is very fun & enjoyable as well.

It is worth mentioning that the current version of the Main Game Base Set is 2.3, and what sets it apart from the older versions, is that they tried to get rid of racist content, refreshed the cards, and also added around 88 brand new ones.

Since many of you are interested in this game, but couldn’t really find all the information in one place, you know, the history, rules, expansions, and lots more, we wrote this article with a lot of dedication and love :).

Here’s what you’ll find here:

  • A Short Biography;
  • The Appearance;
  • Cards Impression;
  • Who’s it appropriate for?;
  • Game Experience & Rules;
  • The Price & Its Competitors;
  • The Extra Packs;
  • How can you play the game? Extra ways;
  • The Final Thought- Is It Worth Buying?

A Short Biography About The Game

Officially released: May 2011
Co-founders: Max Temkin, Ben Hantoot, Eliot Weinstein, Daniel Dranove, Eli Halpern, David Pinsof, Josh Dillon and David Munk.
Publisher: Cards Against Humanity LLC
Place or production: Chicago
Number of players: 4+
Appropriate age: 17+
Game genre: Card party game
Level of difficulty: Easy.

The Appearance

The first impression, of course, is created while ‘judging’ the box, its design.

Cards against humanity Review

Cards Against Humanity has a beautiful shiny black box, which enables the white letters to appear very clearly.

Besides that the front obviously shows the name of the game, it also tells us that it is for horrible people. So, that means you’re a horrible one?

cah back

On the other hand, the back of the box shows us a lot more. We find some examples of the cards, some positive comments, the rules and some other little details.

cah sides

Well, we always pay attention to the front and the back, but often leave the sides of the box aside. 

The sides of CAH tell us the appropriate age, average time for the game, and the number of players to play the game. 

Basically, it tells us the most important rules of the game.

Cards Impression

Right after opening the box, the first thing we see are the cards. I mean in normal cases, because how likely is it that the box can be empty inside? It can happen if you don’t choose the right seller.

Anyways, let’s stay positive. Inside the box of the newest version of the game, we find 600 cards. 100 of them are black, and 500 are white cards we use to fill in the blank, or to answer to the black cards.

Although the game was criticized for containing racist, offensive, sexist cards, now in newer versions, the co-founders did their best to eliminate these cards & contents.

Of course that the cards are made to be fun and all, but your combinations, the way you answer, your creativity are the ‘icing on the cake’.

Here are some clever minds playing the game. Anyways, you can do better, can’t ya?

cah cards example 1
How can you Mommy?
cah cards combiantion 2
Such a romantic invitation this one…
cah cards examples 3
I bet you have bigger problems, don’t ya?
cards against humanity example 4
Hilarious!!! Yeah, you’ll definitely forget alcoholism while drinking.
cah funny example
Why ‘u hiding that from your child, parents?

There’s also an Harry Potter Cards Edition that you can play.

cah funny example - to much
Okay, this pic is too much to handle.
cah kid tested
Really? This far? You people are evil!

Fact: Cards Against Humanity for Kids that you can play with your kids and it’s friendly.

Game Experience & The Game Rules

Let’s dive into my game experience. To be honest, when the game was at the peak of its development, I wasn’t even trying to buy the game. You know, sometimes people do things just because it’s viral and famous for the moment, and I hate doing that.

A few months later, I randomly saw a post of cards and some combinations of the game in one of my social media. I kinda thought out loud: Whatever happens, I’ll order this game.

And yeah, that’s what I did. I ordered it on Amazon, and it arrived after approximately 2 weeks.

Since the game was designed for 4 or more players, I waited until I had some guests over.

The first time I played the game was for Christmas, together with my siblings and some relatives. I gathered those of us who were almost the same age (we were all 19 and older), and we sat to play 5 of us who were more connected with each other.

We all drew 10 white cards, and waited until our Card Czar drew a black card. At first we were shy and created some innocent combinations. After all, we didn’t know how the game worked at first.

Our first black card was: This is the prime of my life. I’m young, hot, and full of _________     These were some of our answers: Crippling debt, Police brutality, African children, etc. No, not as innocent as I said.

this is the prime of my life

The next one was: I got 99 problems, but ______ ain’t one. Just imagine how hilarious the answers were. 

Okay, mine was the best. That’s what the Card Czar said. “My worthless son”. Yeah I said that, thankful I’m not in the motherhood yet. My son would hate me. Or not. He would not know about the game. 

Now you may be wondering: How tf do you remember all these details? Well, good things are not forgotten easily mate.

One question  led to another, and we found out that it has been 1 hour of game play.  

U clearly have no idea how hilarious our combinations were. Of course I can’t remember everything. Who do you think I am, Einstein? 

One of the fill-in-the-blanks at the end was: Here’s the church. Here’s the steeple. Open the doors and there is _________. 

These were our white cards: That hairless little shitstain Callou, Depression, An unwanted pregnancy, Powerful thighs…. 

here is the church here'sthe steeple
unwanted pregnancy
powerful thighs

The Card Czar had a really hard job with this one, don’t you think?

I hate to admit it, but it was my 19-year-old brother who won the game. He’s the funniest in the family, and the shrewdest as well.

Anyways, we all won, we all laughed uncontrollably and had infinite fun. The combinations were hysterical, we didn’t know we had that much sense of humour within us.

I mentioned the rules while telling my experience, but I know you like things in detail. That’s why here are the rules specifically.

This game is definitely 17+. The game says it is for horrible people, and the chances are low for kids to be horrible. That ‘devilishness’ begins at the age of 17… Sorry, not sorry.

Not everyone who is over 17 can play. Some people have it in their character to be offended easily and do not get the jokes. This game is definitely not for these ones. It is already known that the game has adult content, dark humor, provocative, and for someone, offensive topics.

So, we conclude that the game can be played by people who are over 17, who are not very sensitive and have a sense of humor.

Price & Its Competitors

All this fun and this amazing experience comes for a price of $25.00 on Amazon and in Target for the same price, which we think it’s totally acceptable based on the popularity of the game, as well as a large number of cards.

Being this famous and not having any competitors? Nahh, think about it.

We also compiled some best of games like Cards Against Humanity.

Although they are similar to each other, each game has its own characteristics. In the following, you’ll find out what I’m talking about:

What Do You Meme? – $29.99


What Do You Meme? Is the perfect game for Meme Kings & Queens. What sets it apart from Cards Against Humanity is that instead of using word cards to answer or to fill in the blank, here we use picture cards.

Designed for 3 or more players, ages 17+.

New Phone Who Dis? – $19.99


Texting & replying without using a phone? Well, this is what this game is about. You try to find the funniest reply to a message, this is the game speciality. 

Recommended to be played by 3 or more players, and just as the previous games, it is ages 17 and over.

Joking Hazard – $25.00

Joking Hazard

Very similar to the previous games, Joking Hazard is another hilarious & creative card game. You have to match 3 cards to create a meme, or anything that makes sense. 

The game is designed for 4 or more players, ages 18+.

Game Cards Against HumanityWhat Do You Meme?New Phone Who Dis?Joking Hazard
Recommended age17+17+17+18+
Number of cards600435540360
Price $25.00$29.99$19.99$25.00
Amazon Ratings4.8 stars  (111.038 global ratings)4.7 stars (27,804 global ratings)4.5 stars (12,274 global ratings)4.7 stars (4,946 global ratings)

The Extra Expansion Packs

Cards Against Humanity is a great game on its own, but it’s obvious that the extra packs added a lot of sparkle. Before beginning, do you know the card games terms? If not, check this article: Card Games Terms  

Here are some of expansions, editions & themed packs:

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition – $24.97

Family Edition

No matter how old we are, we always need to spend some time with our lovely family. Playing the family edition of Cards Against Humanity, is an amazing way to have fun on a family night.

This edition includes a total of 600 cards, which are totally kid-friendly. Don’t worry, you’ll not feel embarrassed in front of them.

Family Edition – Glow In The Dark – $20.00

Glow In The Dark Expansion

Since we are at the family games, here’s an expansion of the main Family Edition. It includes 300 more cards to add to the main game, or you can just play them alone.

What we love most about this expansion, is its glowy box, in the dark. It’s very special and very interesting for your kids at most.

Here’s the cards’ list if you want to create a first impression for the game.

Nerd Bundle – $20.00

Nerd Bundle

Nerd Bundle is a 6 in 1 expansion. It includes The Fantasy Pack, Sci-FI, WWW, Geek, A.I., Human and A Few More Cards For You Nerds.

So basically it is for those who are more into science, fantasy, therefore it is made for Nerds. It has 192 cards and it is an expansion, which means it requires the main game.

Picture Pack 1 & Picture Pack 2

picture pack 1
picture pack 2

These are 2 expansions of the main Cards Against Humanity. Instead of sentences only, in these expansions we also find pictures in the cards.

Everything is way funnier if pictures are included, notably when you have a sense of humour . They both have 30 new cards to mix into the core game. Of course the rules are the same!

I know you’re curious. Don’t even try to hide it. Here are the picture packs cards list:

picture pack card list photos 1
picture pack cards list photos 2

Color Named Boxes

blue box
green box
red box

Updating into new packages:

blue box new
Blue Box – $20.00
green box new
Green Box – $20.00
red box new
Red Box – $20.00

That’s right. These existed years ago. But lately, they’ve been updated. 

The colors have nothing to do with the cards’ content. It’s just a way of telling us that they have different content inside.

The reason why the expansion packs were updated was because some cards didn’t age well and had a little to offensive cards. The color named boxes go great together as a whole new set. Anyways, you can just mix them with the main game.

Absurd Box – $22.00

Absurd box old
absurd box new box

Is it just me, or is this new box a bit of a hypnose? No, just kidding.

Well, the old box to be honest, looks like it’s out of color. Just as the previous updates, the Absurd Box as well, came with a refresh. With refresh I mean removing some inappropriate cards, and adding some new ones in their place.

90s Nostalgia Pack – $5.00

90s nostalgia pack

C’mon now, we all get nostalgic sometimes.

The 90s Nostalgia Pack is a themed pack that includes 30 new cards to add to the core Cards Against Humanity.

It’s all about making memes about ‘back in your days’ things. Guess what’s next? The Card List

The Everything Box – $20.00

cards against humanity everything box

Well, this box really has everything inside. Every possible topic.

The Everything Box is a 300 card expansion, which can be added to the main game, and also can be played on its own. 300 is a large number, isn’t it?

You loved the card list a bit earlier, didn’t you? That’s why, here’s another one to show you what this expansions contains: The Everything Box – Card list

What’s the funniest thing they’ve done?

cah onions

No, I didn’t put this picture by accident. Onions, yes, onions.

So probably, the funniest thing they’ve done is not a card pack, it is ONIONS. They basically placed  them for sale on the official site and it’s hard to believe, but hundreds or even thousands of people ordered onions from Cards Against Humanity. Where’s the logic?

No, don’t be confused. There isn’t a special pack inside. Actually the onions have nothing to do with the cards. It’s just people who love CAH are up to anything, they buy anything the manufacturers publish. 

Are there any other ways to play the game?

Well. of course you can play the game in the normal way just as every normal person. But, sometimes for some specific reasons, you can’t play the game, or you just want to add something extra.

One of them is wanting to play Cards Against Humanity when you don’t have 4 or more players in the room. You want to have fun and to play the game and all, but you don’t have enough players. Don’t panic. We have a solution for this as well. You can play the game with only 2 or 3 players !!!

Being in adulthood means you can’t resist some shots. I mean, the game is all fun and stuff, but adding some drinks to the game would make it irresistible. That’s why, you can also play Cards Against Humanity as a drinking game.

I’ve  heard that lately you’re trying to save some money, aren’t you? And you still want to have fun and play CAH? No worries, you can play the game without spending a penny. And how to do that? Easy. Play Cards Against Humanity Online!

Also, If you want to spend your time out of technology, you can also print the cards from Cards Against Humanity PDF, and it’ll feel like having the game. You can also play the game in Dutch, Spanish, French, and lots more.

The Final Thought

We made it to the end, friends!

Is Cards Against Humanity worth buying? Absolutely yes!

Of course, If you are up to a good laugh with your favourite people, and if you are not the most sensitive person.

Then, the fact that we can also find it online without spending any money, the fact that  we can play it with only 2-3 players, even though the game is designed for 4 or more players and that we can turn it into a drinking game, definitely make Cards Against Humanity better.

Till the next time, enjoy our articles!