Fans Creations: Cards Against Humanity Unofficial Expansions & Editions.

Just when you think Cards Against Humanity can’t get better, you find out about this article!

One of the reasons why Cards Against Humanity is one of the most famous & beloved games is the fact that we can play the game in various ways, including here playing it as a drinking game.

As we know, card games are usually designed for 4+ players. Cards Against Humanity is not excluded either. But, we love you, that’s why we found a way to play it with only 2 or 3 players. This is amazing news for sure!

Besides the expansions, there are also lots of editions, official and unofficial variations, which clearly add lots of sparkle to the main game.

Also, there are more Games Like Cards Against Humanity.

Specifically, the editions are great for those who want to complete the deck of Cards Against Humanity.

Before showing the expansions & editions, let me first tell you that we did NOT include every existing edition. There are a lot. After extensive research, we choose the best ones, those who are written correctly, without misspellings, and are appropriate for people of our time.

Oh, and one more thing: The games you will read about below, are played according to the rules of Cards Against Humanity. You should’ve guessed it!

Follow our buying guide for the best choice:

  • Are you a fan of what’s in that edition? If you’re not informed about that certain topic (ex. Disney), don’t get that edition. There are lots of details included, so you’ll keep asking stuff about jokes you don’t get.
  • Read the cards list/photos. Before buying, to evaluate if the game is worth buying or not, one of the best ways is to read the cards and the content. You’ll create an impression about that expansion/ edition.
  • Who are you planning to play that game with? After checking the content, make sure that the game is appropriate to play with the group you’re planning to. The cards can be offensive sometimes.
  • Is the price worth it for the number of cards & content? If you think that that content or that small number of cards isn’t enough for that price, well, check another one.

1. Crabs Adjust Humidity

Crabs Adjust Humidity


  • Price on Amazon: Around $32
  • Seven(7) volumes;
  • 112 cards;
  • 80 white cards, 32 black ones;
  • Requires Cards Against Humanity;
  • Ages 17+.

This is one of people’s favourite third party expansions. This is an unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansion, made by Flat River Group.

It’s unbelievable. It has 7 volumes. Here are all of them: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6, Volume 7.

All these volumes are just like extra expansions. They are brand new cards to add to the main Cards Against Humanity, or you can just mix the volumes together because just a volume isn’t enough. Not impossible, not fun either. 

Here are some of the cards list:

Crabs Adjust Humidity Cards list

The cards have “Crabs Adjust Humidity” written in the back.

2. Guards Against Insanity

Guards Against Insanity


  • Price on Amazon: $17.99
  • Five (5) editions:
  • 112 cards;
  • 80 white cards & 32 black cards;
  • Requires Cards Against Humanity;
  • Ages 17+.

It is amazing how the name rhymes with Cards Against Humanity. We love it!

Besides the edition we see in the photo, there are also 4 more editions. Check them out: 1-5 Editions Guards Against Insanity.

Let me tell you: The cards are way dirtier than the main game. You’ll laugh out heartily.

Check out some of the cards from different editions:

Guards Against Insanity Cards Example
Guards Against Insanity Cards Example 2
Guards Against Insanity Cards List Example 3

3. Cards And Punishment

Cards And Punishment


  • Price on Amazon: $14.99;
  • 110 cards:
  • Meant to mix with the core game;
  • 2 volumes;
  • Ages 17+.

Will there be punishments? Well, you never know… But one thing we know for sure, the game is unique!

It is probably one of the funniest expansions! I personally laughed the most with this one.

The box is very creative & colorful, and it gives you the feeling of a very fun game. It has another volume, and it has the same box design. The only difference is that we can see that Vol 2 is written in the box. Check it: Volume 2 Cards And Punishment.

The cards are made in dark blue and a light yellow(or white, it depends on the manufacturer), but in the back, they are black and white, just as Cards Against Humanity. Here are some of them:

Cards And Punishment Cards Example
Cards And Punishment Cards List

4. Carps & Angsty Manatee

Carps & Angsty Manatee

The details:

  • Price on Wish: $17.00;
  • 150 cards;
  • 130 white & 20 black ones;
  • 2 volumes;
  • Requires Cards Against Humanity;
  • Funny, very funny!

Let me start with the name. Yes, very creative, but leave the manatees alone. They’re cute.

Carbs And Angsty Manatee, is another unofficial Cards Against Humanity. It goes pretty well, in fact, it is meant to be mixed with the core game (or any other card game similar to) because playing with only 150 isn’t the greatest idea.

As I mentioned, it also has another volume to add fun to the game. They’ll create an amazing, funny game if they mix with each other.  Here’s Volume 2.

Don’t think we forgot to post some examples, we know you love them:

Carbs & Angsty Manastee Cards 1
Carbs & Angsty Manastee Cards 2
Carbs & Angsty Manastee Cards 3
Carbs & Angsty Manastee Cards 4

5. Clones Attack Hilarity

Clones Attack Hilarity


  • Price on Amazon: $9.99;
  • 150 cards;
  • 112 white, 38 black cards;
  • Made by Apostrophe Games;
  • 2 volumes.

Let me just clarify something real quick. You see how the game has such a creative box, it may look childish and kid-friendly. But you know what? The game definitely isn’t. 

This isn’t a gift you buy your kid for his birthday. You don’t want to create horrible people, do you? 

Clones Attack Hilarity is meant to be mixed with Cards Against Humanity, and the card size & design is exactly the same.

It has one more volume, (Clones Attack Hilarity #2) or edition, however, you want to name it. Some extra cards to add to your favourite game! This has a beautiful red box!

Do you want to see the cards? Here’s a spoiler:

Clones Attack Hilarity Cards List Example
Clones Attack Hilarity Cards Example 2

6. Kids Against Maturity: The Kid-Friendly Edition

kids against maturity


  • Price on Amazon: $24.99;
  • Kid-friendly;
  • 500 cards;
  • 180 Blue & 320 white cards;
  • Made by EI EI Sea LLC;
  • 4 expansions;
  • Not for overprotective parents.

Kids are against maturity. They really are. They do whatever they want without giving a damn.

We love adult, dirty card games, but we also love spending time with our family. And playing an ordinary card game with your family? Nahh, I don’t think so.

Kids Against Maturity is a kid-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity. Anyways, if you’re protective, we would recommend you to take a look through all the cards and remove the ones you think are inappropriate for the kids.

The cards are really funny though, and it’s hilarious seeing the little kids trying to read them. Check the other expansions here: Kids Against Maturity Official Site

Well, it wouldn’t be a perfect game for a 90s kid, you know how innocent things were. But in 2021? When do kids spend hours on their phones? Think about it. 

Oh, and when I said funny, I meant this:

Kids Against Maturity Cards List 1
Kids Against Maturity Cards Example 2
Kids Against Maturity Cards Example 3
Kids Against Maturity Cards 4

(Cards similar to the last photo may be inappropriate if you’re not very close with your kids/ family)

7. Cards Against Disney: Some Disney ‘Innocent’ Jokes

Cards Against Disney


  • Price on DuoCards:  $9.95
  • 828 cards;
  • 260 red Cards, 568 white cards;
  • Disney memories;
  • Adults,  17+.

Not everywhere where Disney is mentioned is something made for kids. Especially this edition. Yes, it is about Disney, but not innocent jokes. 

You’ll remember your favourite Disney characters, movies, tv-shows, songs… But in a very funny, and sometimes dirty way.

Cards Against Disney is a mix of Cards Against Humanity and Disney Fans. You can find the box in 2 colors, black and red. The content doesn’t make a difference. You choose your favorite based on your color preferences. Idk, feels better having the red one.

You wanna see the Disney cards?

Cards Against Disney Cards List
Cards Against Disney Cards Example
Cards Against Disney Cards 3
Cards Against Disney Cards Combination

8. Cards Against Muggles: Special Pack For Potterheads

Cards Against Muggles Box


  • Price on DuoCards: $9.95;
  • 1440 cards;
  • 990 white & 450 black ones;
  • Huge box;
  • Adults only;
  • Designed for Potterheads.

We solemnly swear that we are up to no good! Just kidding, of course, we are up to good things!

Cards Against Muggles is a special edition for Harry Potter fans. It has a super long & huge box. You have to keep something in mind: You should be a really big fan, or else you will not get the jokes. Check Cards Against Muggles Review

Cards Against Muggles can also be a gift to someone, but also there’s see Harry Potter Gifts for Girls.

Not for sensitive people. There’s adult content, some dark jokes, which may be offensive to specific people.

Cards Against Muggles Cards Example
Cards Against Muggles Cards List Example

9. Cards Against Kardashians: For The Kardashians Fandom

kardashians cards against humanity


  • Price on DuoCards: $9.95;
  • 876 cards;
  • 276 black cards & 600 white cards;
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians;
  • 17+.

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own” – said Kylie. Well said, Kardashian. This applies to us as well. That’s why we care about making you happy with these articles ;).

Keep up with the Cards Against Kardashians! It is amazing. But, only if you have a clue who they are and what they do. It isn’t enough just knowing that they are the Kardashians( and are pretty hot lol).

The show is funny and keeps you attached to the TV, but the cards are hilarious.

Oh, and I love the box. It’s so extra. Pinky, girly, cute box.

Cards Against Kardashians Cards Example

11. Cards Against Marvel: The Game For Marvelites

Cards Against Marvel


  • Price on DuoCards: $19.95;
  • 944 cards;
  • 298 blue cards & 644 white cards;
  • About superheroes;
  • Ages 17+;
  • A Marvelites’ special edition!

You love Black Widow, Captain America, Spiderman, Loki, or any other superhero? This is the perfect edition for you.

This game has 944 hilarious cards, all about your favourite cinematic, fictional universe. You want to make fun about your favourite superheroes, don’t you?

It’s about Marvel and superheroes, but it definitely isn’t for kids. For teenagers neither. Designed for people older than 17, but not for every adult. Only for those who are up to good humour and don’t get offended easily.

Cards Against Marvel Cards 1
Cards Against Marvel Cards 2

12. Cards Against Simpsons: Simpsons Family

Cards Against Simpsons


  • Price on Duo Cards: $29.95;
  • 1072 cards;
  • 719 white cards & 353 blue cards;
  • 17+;
  • For Simpsons fans!

You know how The Simpsons guessed about Donald Trump? And about the Beatles letter? Well, yes, these are The Simpsons. The amazing & funny Simpsons.

This edition is all about them! A huge set of 1072 cards, 1072 ways to have fun.

The content is really smart, funny, and you’ll have endless laughter while playing this edition, especially if you’re a big fan of The Simpsons!

Let me show you some of the cards real quick:

Cards Against Simpsons Cards List

13. Box Against Office: If You LOVE The Office TV Show

Cards Against Office


  • Price on Duo Cards: $16.95;
  • 180 cards;
  • 144 white & 36 black cards;
  • Ages 17+;
  • There are also pictures on cards;
  • For The Office fans.

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”, said Michael Scott in season 5.

We feel you Michael, the struggle is real. 

Since we talked about a character from The Office, let me show you the amazing Cards Against Office.

It is another edition of CAH, another amazing & hilarious edition. What we love a lot about the game, is that some of the cards have some pictures on them, usually some pictures of the characters.

Just like every edition, we don’t recommend you to play this edition in a family gathering or with people you’re not comfortable with. The cards are not as innocent as you think!

Box Against Office Cards 1
Box Against Office Cards 2
Box Against Office Cards 3

14. Cards Against Star Wars: For The Star Wars Addicted


  • Price on Duo Cards: $9.95;
  • 746 cards;
  • 501 white cards & 245 black;
  • A pretty galaxy box;
  • If you’re a Star Wars fan, you must own it!

Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! The amazing space opera multimedia franchise.

If you want to always remember your favourite TV Series, even after some years you’ve watched it, buy the Cards Against Star Wars, you’ll be surprised with this edition!

It is funny, creative, and related to your loved one, Star Wars! You’ll love making hilarious jokes about Darth, Han, Yoda, Chewbacca, Leia, and all the others.

This is how some of the cards look:

Cards Against Star Wars 2


Dear horrible people, we hope you enjoyed this one!

We chose the best expansions & editions, which were made by fans, and collected them together in this article.

These were unofficial packs, but they were in the exact style, just like Cards Against Humanity, including the box, the design, the cards…

We really recommend you to follow our buying guide before choosing the perfect game, because we have no money for trash, do we?

Till the next time, take care, and have fun!

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