Cards Against Humanity Friends Edition Review: The One With All The Cards

CAH Friends Edition Review - Cover Photo

Is Friends your comfort TV Show? Do you binge-watch the series whenever you have the chance, rather than starting a new show? Meet CAH Friends Edition – your second favorite thing after the sitcom. If you’re curious to know if this card game is worth it, how to play it, and what makes it unique to a Friends fan, this review comes to save your day! 

  • Short description;
  • The box & cards;
  • How to play & what we value most;
  • Where to get ‘CAH Friends Edition’;
  • Final Thoughts;

Short Description Of The One With All The Cards

The One With All The Cards is the Friends’ unofficial edition of Cards Against Humanity, which adds a total of 268 cards to your playing deck. This party card game can be played by people who are 17 or older, and typically, a good game is played by 4 to 20+ players. 

In simple terms, the content of Cards Against Friends contains jokes made from your favorite friendship of 5: Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Phoebe. While reading lines from the show in these cards, it will feel like rewatching Friends all over again, of course, while including a few dirty jokes & showing your creativity.    

Every detail in his card game is intentional, even the name: The One With All The Cards. The one episode with all the cards. Just like they used to name all actual episodes of the show. 

The Box & Cards Of Cards Against Humanity Friends Edition

In a way or another, all Cards Against Humanity packs have a pretty similar box & card design. However, The One With All The Cards includes one special detail: the famous colorful dots in the name. Here’s what I’m talking about: 

CAH Friends Edition Review - The Box

Just as you assumed, the box is black, and the name ‘The One With All The Cards’ is written in the same font as Friends is written, plus, includes the same colorful circles between letters. 

CAH Friends Edition Review - The Back Of The Box

Just like the front of the box, the back doesn’t contain any other information relating to the rules, or any short description of the game either. Yes. We’d prefer there were more details, just so all people who run into this box, create a good impression of what’s inside, and how fun the game actually is. 

Let’s open the box together now, shall we?

CAH Friends Edition Review - Inside The Box

Once you open the box, you’ll see a beautiful black bow, a gameplay instructions card, and right underneath, the black and white cards. Precisely, The One With All The Cards contains 179 white cards and 98 black cards, making this a total of 268 playing cards.

CAH Friends Edition Review - Cards 1

Ross. It isn’t Chanandler Bong. Actually, it’s Miss Chanandler Bong! 

CAH Friends Edition Review - Cards 2

If you remember The One With The Monkey, you definitely know the deal with Joey’s & Chandler’s midnight kiss…

CAH Friends Edition Review - Cards 3

Speaking of which, have you ever found your identical hand twin?

CAH Friends Edition Review - Cards 4

The only fact in Joey’s resume is that he can drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds. 

If you want to check some of the cards, this 30-minute video shows lots of them, plus card combinations: The One With All The Cards (Unofficial CAH Edition).

How To Play & What We Value Most In The One With All The Cards

Haven’t you already learned how to play Cards Against Humanity? No pressure. We’re here to make your life simpler anyway. To begin with, the player who most recently watched one episode of Friends becomes the Card Czar of the game. This special player deals everyone 7 white cards and randomly picks one black card & reads it out loud each round. 

All other players, right after the black card is read, must submit one of their white cards, that they think makes the funniest combination with the black card of the round.

Then, the Card Czar picks their favorite response. You know, the one that made them laugh just like Joey in this GIF. That response gets 1 awesome point. The player with the most awesome points at the end of the game wins!

Just a friendly reminder if you want to double the fun: apply our CAH drinking rules to The One With All The Cards, so you’ll have some laughs, and get tipsy too! 

But, why do we enjoy Cards Against Friends this much? Is it only because we’re huge Friends fans? Partly, yes. But also because the content is extremely creative, and everything is well-thought-out. 

CAH Friends Edition Review - What We Value Most

The thing is that they didn’t just get some memes & lines from the show, write them down in the cards, and make a game from that. They have modified stuff, made some of the cards a bit dirtier than they actually are, and mixed the deck with cards that don’t necessarily have a Friends element, so you get the chance to create your own scenarios. 

Cards in this card game are either funny or hilarious. There’s no in-between. However, to enjoy them, you must be a big fan since you might not relate to all of the cards otherwise. 

What we’ve pointed out while playing, is that they made the game pretty adaptive. That way, you could easily mix this edition with any of your preferred Cards Against Humanity editions, whether that’s the main pack, or the Star Wars one. And mixing editions, to be honest, makes it feel like a whole different game every time you’re playing. 

Long story short, The One With All The Cards is what’s missing in a Friend’s fan life. A show that has brought so many laughs into our lives, been our piece of comfort, and has left us in tears in its finals, deserves a game such as this one. Needless to say, it makes a great gift for your lobster too! 

CAH Friends Edition Review - Lobster

Ps. some of the cards contain dirty humor, but there isn’t anything too inappropriate for adults. However, pay attention to who you’re playing with. You don’t want anyone to ruin the fun. 

Where To Get CAH Friends Edition

Considering that this is a fan-made edition, not many shops sell it. However, we managed to find some trustworthy ones, which bring The One With All The Cards to a pretty affordable price.

And these 2 options are just what you need to get the game! Once you get bored of playing CAH Friends Edition, consider these games too:

Final Thoughts

Whenever we play The One With All The Cards, we end up laughing our hearts out and feel like we rewatched the show, but from a whole different perspective. The fact that we get the chance to add our jokes & creativeness to the combos, makes it even more enjoyable. If you, or a close person of yours is a Friends lover, there’s no better idea than getting them this card game, and playing together actually!

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