Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules Precisely Explained

The Family Edition is assuredly one of CAH’s best extra packs. Even though the game’s pretty simple, we thought it would be better to present to you all the game rules, and special tips, so you could have the best experience with this game! 

  • Essentials when playing CAH Family Edition;
  • How to make your own game?;
  • Game rules;
  • House rules;
  • Hilarious combos;
  • Windup;

Essentials When Playing CAH Family Edition

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - Essentials

One good thing about Cards Against Humanity is that it can be played anywhere, doesn’t require any other extra stuff besides the cards, and creates an amazing vibe. The Family Edition pack is available on Amazon for $23.87 and on Walmart for the same price. However, we’ll talk about one extra way right below! 

Just like playing any other edition, or whatever fan-made pack, you need to have a group of 4 to 20+ people. This time, everyone who is 8 years or older can play. It’s great for family time, which will gather kids, parents, and even elders at a table. Just so you know, the game includes a huge pack of 600 cards! 

How To Make Your Own Game

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - PDF Cards

Even though buying the card game is worth it for its value, there’s a cheaper way you could use to make your own cards. Follow the steps below:

  • Download the cards’ pdf version. You can find the doc here for free.
  • Print the cards at home or any printing house. Since all cards are black and white, you won’t need color ink. 
  • Cut the cards but be careful while doing that.
  • Make a box to store and protect the cards (since they’re made of thin paper), or get a CAH case.

However, since there are also a few other tips when printing the cards, we made a whole article about that! Go check how to print Cards Against Humanity cards.

Game Rules

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - Rules

Just like when playing the standard Cards Against Humanity, the rules are quite the same. 

  • Start by sitting around a table or on the floor, but make sure everyone can see each other. 
  • Deal all players, besides the Card Czar, 10 white (answer) cards. The Card Czar is the player who reads the question cards and decides who the winner of each round is. Therefore, they won’t need a hand of answer cards. 
  • Once everyone has their cards, the Card Czar reads one of the questions out loud. 
  • Next, all the other players have to pick one answer card they think matches the question or fill in the blank best. Once everyone has their answers, they have to give them facedown to the Card Czar.
  • That special player has to shuffle them all, pick which one is the funniest, and give one point to that player. They keep the question card of that round just to represent the point. 

That’s basically it. Then you start another round and play until you’re bored, or until one player has specific points (5 is good). The same happens even if you’re playing CAH online!

Ps. if you need ideas on how to pick the Card Czar, you may either start a rock-paper-scissors, let the person with the nearest birthday go, or use any other creative way. You can have the same Card Czar for the whole game, or change every round. Up to you babes! 

House Rule When Playing CAH Family Edition

We already mentioned every possible basic rule of CAH Family Edition. However, a few house rules we’ve made will only make your life better:

  • Brawny Start. Instead of dealing 10 cards to each player, divide the WHOLE deck of cards equal to the whole group. 
  • Last Resort. Players may pick a card from the remaining white cards deck if they think nothing in their hand is appropriate for specific questions. However, if they do that, they can only play the card they drew, no matter what it is;
  • Reboot The Universe. This allows players to return answer cards back to the deck, and draw up to 10 new ones. However, they need to trade awesome points previously.
  • Keep It Together. If the Card Czar laughs or can’t pronounce a word while reading the card, they get a dare from the group.
  • Card Czar Is Dead. Not literally. This means that the game will be played without a card czar. Everyone picks their favorite card, and whoever has the most votes wins the point.
  • Coup D’état. With this rule, the winner of the round becomes the Card Czar of the other round;
  • Last Man Standing. Now, not only you’ll pick the funniest card, but the unfunniest as well. If your card is chosen as the unfunniest, you get one strike. 3 strikes and you’re out! 
  • Happy ending. This is when you play a Haiku, as an official ending of the game.

And yeah, there’s one extra rule. We know you’re used to playing with 4 and more players, but wait till you find out that you can play the game with only 2 or 3 players!

Hilarious Combos

Since you’re dying to see how the game goes, we’ll present to you some of the funniest card combos of the Family Edition.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - Combo 1

Really kids? This is what you would wish for?

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - Combo 2

You could escape everything but the big wet kiss from Great Aunt Sharon!

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - Combo 3

The fart deserves to get free from its butt prison, doesn’t it?

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - Combo 4

Principal Butthead probably deserves it, right kids?

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - Combo 5

All Chungos love screaming at birds.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules - Combo 6

Put moms to bed and order all that delicious stuff! 

Just in case you want a better idea of how the game goes, check this video: CAH Family Edition Review.


This card game will definitely keep the kids, and you, parents, away from their phones & Xbox. There’s no inappropriate language, but of course, there are some funny words your kids aren’t supposed to say on a daily basis. But we’ll allow them for once, won’t we 

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