Is The CAH Family Edition Really Family Friendly? – Game Review

Cover Photo - CAH Family Edition

There’s only 1 struggle for Cards Against Humanity fans. The one & only: How to stop kids messing around while adults are playing their favorite game? We have the solution! Play the Family Edition of CAH, and all ages, kids and elders, can have the fun of their lives! 

  • Game Details;
  • The Appearance;
  • The Cards & A Few Card Matches;
  • How Do You Play & Our Game Experience;
  • Prices & Competitors;
  • Any Extra Pack?;
  • Extra Tips & Ways To Play;
  • Conclusion: Is It The Perfect Game For Your Family?

Game Details

  • Product dimensions: 8 x 4.1 x 2.7 inches;
  • Manufacturer: Cards Against Humanity;
  • Release date: August 2020;
  • Number of cards: 600; 
  • Players: 4-20+;
  • Age range: 8+;
  • Official website:;
  • Expansions: 1;
  • Amazon ratings: Over 12,000;

The Appearance

How do we say this? The first impression matters, a lot! Therefore, let’s start judging the box together!

CAH Family Edition Box

It is a simple, but yet very cute box. In the front, all we can read is the name of the game. That’s all! It is a shiny white box, with black letters, classic, we may say. Also, we love the messed-up letters. 

The back has clearly lots more details:

Cards Against Humanity Back

We can see some examples of the cards, some clients’ reviews, details about the manufacturer, and more. There are also details about what the box contains, specifically the number of cards.
Last but not least, the sides. They probably tell the most important characteristics to play the game, such as the number of players, playing age, and game time:

CAH Family Edition Sides

The Cards & A Few Card Matches

CAH Family Edition Inside The Box

We open the box and… Surprise! No, not a surprise at all. What were you expecting, chocolates? Of course, a card game WILL have cards inside.

As we mentioned earlier, the Family Edition has a huge set of 600 cards. 100 of them are black and the others, meaning 500, are white. In the back, they all have the same design as the box, white and black.

Family Edition - Back of the cards

Here are some of the cards  in case you’re that curious:

Family Edition- Cards Combination

Bitten by a radioactive spider? Ohh, that’s scary!!!

Family Edition- Cards Combination 2

Oh, how many hilarious answers can be in the “Foolish child! Did you think you could escape from _____?”!

Family Edition - Cards Combination 3

Kids will love this. I know they will. I’m never wrong…

Family Edition- Cards Combination 4

Using their butt as a microwave? Lol, how could someone even think of that?

Let me clarify something since you always ask questions: There isn’t any mystery/ blank card. If you see any of them, it is probably a technical problem or their printer had a bad day ;(.Anyways, the cards have been updated lately.

The Family Edition is currently at version  1.0, so, you may want to check the cards list! There aren’t any swear words, anyways, you can take a quick look at the cards before playing, and remove anything inappropriate. 

How Do You Play The Family Edition & Is It Really Kid-Friendly?

The chances are high that most people who are currently reading this review, have played Cards Against Humanity at least once in their life (or even better, they have a collection of CAH expansions).

But if you haven’t ever heard of this game, which is strange, the rules are simple, the simplest. All you have to do is choose a white card from your pile that you think makes the funniest match with the black card. You take turns to be the Card Czar, so you get to choose your favorite combinations.

Yes, that’s all about the rules.


Let’s dig into my experience since y’all are wondering: We were 4 players before starting. I played with my best friend and her son & daughter, 10 & 11 years.

We started with: Coming soon. Batman VS _______.

This one was way too funny. Read our answers: 

  • A big, I mean BIG turtle!;
  • Butt surgery;
  • A nice, warm glass of pee.

I was the judge of this, and I really laughed hard at the third one. Yes, I chose that!

Next, we had this one:

Never Fear Captain Is Here - Experience Card

My answer was the funniest this time. Ps. I love how I went back to being a kid, lol. ‘Literally ruining my life’ was what I answered.

The game just kept getting better and better! Here are some of the black cards we ran into:

Experience - Black Cards

It was very enjoyable being part of a kids’ world, yet, having lots of fun & laughter.  I’m bad at remembering details, but I think our last card was: Me and my friends don’t play with dolls anymore. We’re more into _________.

These were our white cards:

A Cowboy Who Is Half Boy, Half Cow - Experience Card
Picking My Nose And Eating It - Experience Card
Teaching A Chicken To Kill - Experience Card

These were everyone’s top three favorite answers. They all made sense! Oh, and you’ll definitely see that your kids are not as innocent as you thought they are. 

It was our first time playing it, so we didn’t really want to pick a winner… We all won!

Since it was an hour of fun, we decided to have these game nights more often, and it didn’t matter our age, we all enjoyed it a lot. Guess what? That’s why we also ordered the Glow In The Dark Expansion some weeks later.

Prices & Competitors

Now we already know how the cards look and all that. But, we also care about money. We’re all broke… 

Since we love you, here are several shops to get the game, so you choose the one you trust the most:

Who do you think are this edition’s competitors?

1. Kids Against Maturity – $29.99

Kids Against Maturity Orange

First of all, we truly love the name. It says it all… This is one of the CAH fan-made packs, actually, one of the most famous. 

This edition has the same number of cards as CAH Family Edition, a set of 600. Just by the name (Kids Against Maturity) we get that it is designed for all ages, including here kids. OH, and it can be played by 3 or more people (the more the better).

2. Not Parent Approved – $29.99

Not parent approved

When we’re talking about kid & teen versions of CAH, Not Parent Approved should definitely be mentioned! Comes with 455 cards that are good for people over the age of 8 (and younger as well, as long as they can read). 

And it is meant to be played by 4-10 players. For your curiosity, this game also has 2 expansion packs!

3. What Do You Meme? Family Edition – $19.99

WDYM Family Edition

If you never heard about What Do You Meme? sorry, where are you living? The family edition of this amazing game, has a total of 365 cards, including caption cards and photos. One of the main reasons is the fact that there are also photos inside, and that makes the game hilarious!

Now, let’s compare these competitors with each other real quick:

Game:CAH Family EditionKids Against MaturityNot Parent ApprovedWhat Do You Meme? Family Edition
Number of cards:600600455365
Specialty:Hilarious & gathers the family together.One of the most creative names.You may get blushed at some point…Includes extremely funny photo cards inside!
Amazon Ratings:7,105 (4.8 out of 5 stars)25,777 (4.6 out of 5 stars)11,292 ( 4.6 out of 5 stars)9,522 (4.6 out of 5 stars)

Any Extra Pack?

What? You have 600 cards and you’re still looking for more? We get it. It’s never enough! The good news is that the expansions just make the game better, especially when the game is as good as CAH. The bad news is that there is only 1 expansion of CAH Family Edition. 

The one and only:

Glow In The Dark Expansion 

CAH Glow In The Dark Box

The box GLOWS in the dark??? Yes. It does! This expansion comes with 300 brand-new cards, and believe me, they just make the core game better. Nevertheless, the game works amazing even as a standalone pack. Not necessarily added to the main game.

Interested to check some of the cards?

Glow In The Dark Box - Cards
Glow In The Dark Box - Cards 2
Glow In The Dark Box - Cards 3

You’ll definitely give you & the kids the best time ever! Lots of laughs (and embarrassment sometimes), and a very qualitative way to connect with each other. Go check the card list, to help you create a first impression of the game.

If you’re still wondering what it means to glow in the dark, take a look at this:

Glow In The Dark - Box

Extra Tips & Ways To Play CAH Family Edition

The card game is fun itself. With no extra tip. However, we always find ways to make it irresistible! 

Printing The Cards

We’re on the same page. The price is definitely worth for its price. But, if you’re  into your ‘saving money’ era, you can simply download the card on the PDF version here. We’ve got tips tho! 

  • If you don’t have a good printer, you better go to a good printing house;
  • Print the cards on thick paper, rather than standard printing paper. If this isn’t possible, glue the cards to cardboard to make them sturdier.
  • Be careful while cutting them, since you may ruin them all.
  • For extra results, make your cards’ box. You’re welcome. 

Obviously, this is not all. Check our printing and cutting cards bits of advice.

Printing The Cards

Playing Online

For all our technology-addicted fellas out there, you can also play the Family Edition online.

Playing The Family Edition Online

The greatest thing about it is that you can play at any time, spend absolutely no money, and play with your friends around the world, while screen-sharing or any other of our 14 ways of playing CAH.

And we almost forgot! We know the game is made for 4 or more players, but, what if we found a way to play it with only 2 or 3 players

Conclusion: Is It The Perfect Game For Your Family?

We’ve told you every little detail about it. Just by reading the cards we showed you, you can basically judge if this game is a good one for your preferences. Make sure to check the cards if you’re planning to play with young kids, and remove anything inappropriate. 

Anyways, here are the pros and cons:

What we likeWhat we don’t
Easy instructions;
A huge set of 600 cards;
The Glow In The Dark expansion;
All ages can play;
You can also play online;
Cards can be printed, not necessarily bought.
Some cards can be inappropriate if you’re an overprotective person.

Ps. here’s a video of how the game goes: CAH: Family Edition Review. Take care, and show ‘em you’re funny!

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