Drinking Game Cards Against Humanity

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You’ve got the set of Cards Against Humanity

This is one of the ways to make it fun without adding any cards or buying any other edition. This is the way to make it fun using your imagination, and your will to have fun and see flesh!

We have seen and heard lots of versions, editions, expansions of one of the most favorite adult card games out there – Cards Against Humanity.

Strip-Drink, takes the game to a different level. Seriously! 

Doesn’t really matter if you like stripping, or you like seeing other people stripping. Doesn’t matter if you like drinking or like to make/see other people drinking. 

This game has both sides of the coin. You’re either going to burn, or get burned!

Buckle up baby, because we’re stripping and drinking as we should!

What is Strip-Drink Cards Against Humanity?

Just to be clear, Strip-Drink Cards Against Humanity is not an edition, expansion, or any independent themed game version of Cards Against Humanity.

Strip-Drink Cards Against Humanity is more of a way of playing that is practiced to add excitement and fun to the game

The rules are the same as the core game, but with some twists and dares here and there. 

What do I need to play Strip-Drink Cards Against Humanity?

Just to be clear, you don’t need to buy any game. Unless you want to make it last longer, and give it a theme you can try out editions and expansion packs.

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Now that that’s out of the way, in order to play this game, you’ll be needing:

  1. Other players (4+ recommended). Obviously. They don’t have to necessarily be friends, but they must be people you’d feel comfortable stripping around to, and yes, get drunk around to.
  2. The set of Cards Against Humanity, which is another obvious thing. Once again, you can use editions or expansion packs of this game.
  3. Drinks and clothes(which you’ll remove later on). It is called Strip-Drink, so there wouldn’t really be a point if there were no drinks or clothes. Even though you’ll be getting rid of the latter, you need it to be there before you start playing.
  4. A sense of humor and a will to have an awesome time. If you’re all about competition, then this won’t be as fun for you. A sense of humor, and a will to have a good time will absolutely do the work for you.

What are the basic rules of Strip-Drink Cards Against Humanity?

The rules are pretty similar to the actual game (Cards Against Humanity). 

Before we get into the basics; here, is a suggestion: All of the players to be clean, or simply not bad-smelling, or making others uncomfortable in any way.

A now the basics, as promised:

This paper is downloadable and printable[A4 paper format]

You’re either playing or not present in the room… AT ALL… FORGET IT!

The rules of how the game is played, are in fact almost exactly like the main game rules: Cards Against Humanity rules. 

A difference is that the Card Czar of the round will choose the winner AND a loser. 

Now here’s the twist. The one who wins the first place, will not get just an Awesome Point. They’ll win/have a shot too. 

Okay, you didn’t read the best part yet! Guess what the losers are going to do?

Yes, take if off, baby! The loser of the round will have to remove something from their clothing, whatever they want, this has to be their choice. It can be a T-shirt, a belt, any of the clothing really. 


If in any case you’re confident that two of you White Cards can win the round, bet a shot. If just one of them wins, then the game goes on with the current rules. 

Happy Ending

After you get too tired, drunk, and naked, you can play the “Make a Haiku” Black Card. End the game as you should, and everyone chug any alcoholic drink that’s left on your glass/bottle.

Reboot the Universe

You can also give it a try with Rebooting the Universe rule according to which any time during the game, once in a round, all players can  exchange one or more of their cards by choosing randomly from the White Cards draw pile. 

Packing Heat

As the usual, more cards, more options. In this case when it is a Pick 2 card, you draw an extra card.

Rando Cardrissian

To make it more fun, and slightly more challenging try to include the Rando Cardrissian rule too. 

If you don’t know what that means. Rando Cardrissian is an extra Cards Against Humanity rule according to which any card (picked randomly) from White Card draw pile is played too, if it makes it on the list of winners, or losers then every player will drink half a beer, or remove something from their clothes.

The fun doesn’t stop there! You can flip a coin, or choose any other way to determine the price (whether it is drinking, or removing clothes).

God is Dead

The God of the game is the Card Czar, the god is dead, means the Card Czar is dead. So you’ll play without a Card Czar.

You will all decide which one is the funniest card through voting. Whoever gets more votes, wins. 

Survival of the Fittest

Each of you plays the White Cards as usual, but this time you’ll eliminate each other’s cards. The card that gets eliminated the least means it’s the funniest, and wins the round.

Never Have I Ever

You don’t understand a card? Have a quarter of a beer first, and confess it. The beer will make it easier for you to embrace the humiliation you might get.

These were the House Rules. Now we’ve got some extra rules too…

Now, of course you can exchange your Awesome Points too. You can use an Awesome Point to skip the dare (drinking or stripping). You can also use two of your Awesome Points to put back on a clothing you removed earlier before.

You can use three of your Awesome Points to take the game to another level, and make everyone drink, or even strip for you. You, nasty!!

The next thing you can do with your Awesome Points is also get an Awesome Point by drinking or stripping. And unless it is your birthday, you can’t get one for free, sorry.

If it is your birthday you get to hear the “Happy Birthday” song every time you get an Awesome Point, whether you liked it or not.

If not, you take the shot that you just bet, and someone from the players can make you have another one.

Besides these and the basic rules, there are a few other ways you can play those rules.

You can have fun and play games for drinking without needing cards.

First Way – More Players, More Drinking, More Stripping

You can have the Card Czar choose 2 winners and 2 losers. This can be a good idea if you’re more than 4 players. It’ll add some real good fun, and no one will be left behind (strip-wise, and drink-wise).

The winner of 1st place has one shot (or any other strong drink), and the winner of 2nd place gets to drink something lighter than the one who won 1st place. As for the losers, they both remove something from their clothing.

To put it simply:

1st place – one-shot or anything strong.

2nd place – half a beer, or anything that’s lighter than the drink of the 1st place.

3d place – a quarter of a beer, or anything that’s lighter than the drink of the first 2 places.

4th place – strip any clothes they like to.

Change the amount of alcohol. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a shot, or half a beer. 

The point is that the one that wins gets to drink something alcoholic that’s quite strong. It can be a shot, a beer, half a beer, or anything you’d like or have in disposition really.

Or you can find out the drinking games for two players that you can play with your friend.

Second Way – More Cards, More Fun

Add expansion packs for the game to last longer. Expansion packs are super fun, and they not only make the game last longer, but they also give it a refresh, and add the fun.

Have an edition instead of the main game. Not the family one, duh! There are a lot of C.A.H unofficial editions out there themed with your favorite movies, characters, and whatnot. 


What conclusion? Fun! I mean come on, it is drinking, stripping, and an adult card game, all combined together. 

If not experience it, you can at least imagine it, p*ssy!

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