Drinking Game Cards Against Humanity: Several Options Included!

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What if we told you that playing standard, sober Cards Against Humanity isn’t the best way of playing it? Yes, there’s the drinking version, which is a blast! What we love most is that there are several ways to play drunk CAH, and you are absolutely free to choose your favorite! 

  • What to know before playing?;
  • Ways of playing;
  • Drinking game variations;
  • Strip-Drink CAH;
  • Windup;

What To Know Before Playing?

Before reading our CAH drinking game rules, make sure you already know how to play normal Cards Against Humanity. Here’s what you need when playing the drinking versions:

  • A deck of cards, obviously. You may either play the main game or any other pack you prefer. Friendly reminder: you can also make your own CAH cards.
  • A bunch of people to play with. As you already know, the game works fine for 4 to 20+ people. 
  • Lots of drinks. Vodka, wine, beers, whatever you prefer. Make sure there are at least 2-3 drinks for each player. 
  • A good place to play. We always recommend playing at a table, especially when talking about the drinking versions, so you don’t spill drinks on the floor. 

Ways Of Playing Drunk CAH

There are just so many ways of playing the drinking version of CAH. However, after testing them out ourselves, and extensive research, we’ll bring to you 4 of the best ways of playing. 

The first way of playing: 

Let’s start simple. When playing this version, the Card Czar must choose not one, but 3 favorite answers (white cards). The player with the first favorite card (the best answer), must drink a shot. The second favorite drinks a quarter of a beer, while the third favorite drinks half a beer. The remaining players are safe for the round. 

The second way of playing:

Since you’re looking for more options, here’s another pretty good way of playing the drinking game, by following these rules:

  • After the Card Czar goes through the answers, if your card is chosen as the funniest (the game judge’s favorite), you may give away as many shots as there are cards rejected. Therefore, if there were 6 cards given to the Card Czar, only 1 card is the favorite, while 5 others are rejected. So, you may give 5 drinks to 5 people, or to a single player! 
  • If at any point you don’t like your hand of cards, you can shuffle them into the remaining deck, and get a new hand. However, in return, you must down a shot. 
  • Once the Card Czar is tied between two answers, the players who submitted these two answers have to down their drinks as fast as possible. Whoever finishes first, wins the black card of the round.

The third way of playing:

  • The Card Czar picks two cards: the best, and the worst. The worst may either be the least funny card, or the most offending one. However, the player whose card was chosen as the worst must drink. 
  • Since black cards may often require 2 or more cards, you drink one shot per set of cards;
  • You can play more than 1 card per round. Yes. If you think that you have two or more perfect white cards for a black card, you may play them at any time, but before the Card Czar starts reading the responses. If one of your cards is chosen, you win the round & don’t drink. But, if none of the cards win the round, you drink as many shots as the number of cards you’ve played.
CAH Drinking Game - The Third Way Of Playing

The fourth way of playing:

Even though you can play this version on its own, the rules below can also be added to any of the other playing versions.

  • Drink a shot every time you have to look up the meaning of a card, OR if you play a card and have no idea what it means ( they need a CAH card explanation);
  • If a player wins two cards in a row, the Card Czar of the round finishes their drink;
  • Once a sexism/racist card wins, everyone who is offended, drinks.
  • The winner of the Haiku card, makes a player of their choice drink the FML cup… So, whoever wins that card, can pour whatever drinks they like into a large cup, and make a player drink that. Ps. Make sure to pour drinkable liquids though…  

Ps. If you’re curious, here’s a video of people playing the drinking game: Drunk Cards Against Humanity.

CAH Drinking Game Variations

If there’s one thing people love, it gotta be game variations. The ones below just double the fun!


If in any case, you’re confident that two of your white cards can win the round, bet a shot. If just one of them wins, then the game goes on with the current rules. 

Reboot the Universe

You can also give it a try with Rebooting the Universe rule according to which any time during the game, once in a round, all players can exchange one or more of their cards by choosing randomly from the white cards draw pile, in exchange for a shot. 

Packing Heat

As usual, more cards, and more options. In this case, when it is a Pick 2 card, you draw an extra card, and drink an extra shot!

Rando Cardrissian

To make it more fun, and slightly more challenging, try to include the Rando Cardrissian rule too, which is one of people’s all-time favorites!

Rando Cardrissian is an extra Cards Against Humanity rule according to which, each round a card directly from the white pile is played, and that card belongs to an imaginary player, Rando Cardrissian. If that card wins the round, all players must drink.

CAH Drinking Game - Rondo Cardrissian Variation

Survival of the Fittest

Each of you plays the White Cards as usual, but this time you’ll eliminate each other’s cards. The card that gets eliminated the least means it’s the funniest, wins the round, and can assign a drink to any player of their choice.

Smooth Operator

During the game, if you can say something about the current conversation, but by using phrases from one of your white cards, you can assign a drink to a player of your choice. However, if someone catches and points at you, you drink, fella!

Strip-Drink Cards Against Humanity

Just to be clear, Strip-Drink Cards Against Humanity is not an edition, expansion, or any independent themed game version of Cards Against Humanity. Strip-Drink Cards Against Humanity is more of a way of playing that is practiced to add excitement and fun to the game. To play this version, besides the card game (any of the CAH packs), and some friends, obviously, you’ll also need drinks, and some clothes (which will be slowly removed while playing).

This paper is downloadable and printable[A4 paper format]

The most important rule of the stripping game ( and that is mostly about respect), is that everyone must be clean & comfortable before playing. Also, when playing the Strip-Drink version, unlike other versions, there shouldn’t be any spectators. Either everyone in the room plays or stays out of the room.

The rules of how the game is played, are in fact almost exactly like the main game rules. A difference is that the Card Czar of the round will choose the winner AND a loser. Now here’s the twist. The one who wins the first place, will not get just an Awesome Point. They’ll have a shot too! 

Okay, you didn’t read the best part yet! Guess what the losers are going to do? Yes, take it off, baby! The loser of the round will have to remove something from their clothing, whatever they want, this has to be their choice. It can be a T-shirt, a belt, any of the clothing, really. 

You can also adopt the Rando Cardrissian rule here. If the random card wins the round, everyone must either drink or remove an article of clothing. Depends on their choice.

This version of playing allows you to trade Awesome Points too! So, you can make a player of your choice strip or drink for 1 awesome point, ‘buy’ back a piece of clothing, or skip a stripping dare for 2 awesome points, and make everyone in the room strip or drink for 3 awesome points. This means that after doing any of the three options, that amount of awesome points will be deducted from your total score.

CAH Drinking Game - Strip-Drink


I mean, which adult doesn’t like good card games, drinking, and stripping? These rules we shared above, are simply perfect. Simple to learn, variations to choose from, and great ideas to make your game nights amazing. Get your cards, bring some beers, and start having fun with your fellas!

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