New Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary: Cards of Humor and Whimsy

Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary Edition - Cover Photo

On today’s episodes of Cards Against Humanity special packs, we present to you the newest release: the 100th Anniversary edition! We know the manufacturers never fail to amaze us. However, we were not prepared for this one. This pack is just way too extra! 

Everything About The 100th Anniversary Edition

You’re probably confused. Whose 100th Anniversary is it? Seems hard to believe, but it’s all about Cards Against Humanity. Let’s dive into some history! A version of the game is thought to date back to 1923. That’s right. It was called Cards Of Humor & Whimsy, and created by Johannes Weissenburger. Even though it was sadly a commercial failure, it inspired other creators to bring something similar. 

Based on what the manufacturers of CAH have found, the game’s name has been changed to today’s name, all because Senator Joseph McCarthy thought the new name fitted it better. ‘These aren’t cards of humor and whimsy – these are cards against humanity’, he remarked back then. 

However, the first sales of the game began years later, with the help of the Senator’s son. Cards from that edition are present these days in some of the editions! All this started back in 1923, as we mentioned. Since we’re now in 2023, it has been a whole 100 years, and that’s why they made this edition! Huge!!! 

Here’s the full description:

Everything About This Edition

The Box & What’s In It?

We shouldn’t expect anything less than a golden box from CAH for their 100th Anniversary. Yes. I mean that literally!

The Box

It’s huge. And extravagant. These gold & black details make it look very ancient, which is right what they were trying to do. But, this is just a case of what’s inside! 

As written on the bottom of the box, it includes the main game, Cards Against Humanity 2.4, with a total of 600 cards, and 30 extra ones, which belong to the 1923th edition we just talked about earlier! 

Main Game

The main game’s pack is covered in golden foil and looks like a gold bar. The content inside it is exactly like the main edition. However, the cards indeed look special – they’re covered in gold foil as well!

Cards 2

The main character of the game is definitely the 1923 cards! There are 30 of them, and here’s how the pack & cards look:

The 1923 Pack
The 1923 Cards

They knew what they were doing! The cards look old, and the content is all related to the 1900s & 2000s. However, you’re supposed to mix them with the main game. That’s how it works. 

If curious, here’s what’s written in some of the other 1923 cards:

  • Bathtub gin;
  • A horse riding another horse;
  • Dying on the Titanic;
  • My six ugly sons;
  • Sexual cannibalism;
  • The refreshing zing of Coca-Cola with real cocaine;
  • Assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand;
  • Amateur taxidermy;
  • Bolshevik rabble-rousers;
  • Passing ass and scampering away;
  • A variety of jellies and marmalades;

And we’ll leave the others as a surprise for you to check them out! 

Is Anything Else New?

You must know one more thing: they are only selling 40.000 packs. On the back of the main game, it’s written which pack you’ve bought:

Back Of The Box

When it comes to the rules, there’s nothing different from the other games. It has the same age range, 4 to 20+ players can play, and you follow the same gameplay. 

In conclusion, if you purchase this game, you get the main game but in a special design, and 30 extra cards, which are taken from the original 1923 card game. 

Currently, this pack is available on Amazon for $35.00 & Target for $35.00. It’s a bit pricier than the other editions, but it’s pretty reasonable considering this is a special one. It’s one of our favorites so far! 

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