Is Cards Against Disney Really Against Disney? – Review

Review of Cards Against Disney

Don’t let the kids hear about this name. How can something be against Disney? Against THEIR Disney! You’d be in trouble!

I suppose you’re a Disney fan, since you’re reading this. I know you’re dying to know what Cards Against Disney is. I mean, why against Disney? What’s the content?

Cards Against Disney is another edition of our beloved Cards Against Humanity. Of course, these two do not have the same content. Cards Against Disney is all about Disney movies, tv-shows, songs, characters, and lots more.

Since you’re an adult now, people will be judging you if you still watch cartoons and stuff, huh? The best you can do is to play this edition. It’ll unlock your nostalgia, but let me tell you, not in the best possible way…

I know… It looks sad making memes and having dirty humour about your childhood favourites, but think about it this way: They grew up with us. Our innocent favourite characters are adults now.

Continue reading and you’ll find about:

  • The Game;
  • The Box’s Design;
  • Inside The Box: Cards;
  • The Experience;
  • Where Can We Find It & The Competitors;
  • What are people saying?
  • Conclusion-Is It Worth Buying?

Important: If you’re too lazy or you don’t have enough time to read the whole article ( it’s your loss though), you find the basics and the final thought for this game at the end of this article, at the Conclusion.

About The Cards Against Disney Game

Package Dimensions: 11.22 x 4.21 x 2.64 inches
Theme: Disney
Release Date: 2017
Age range
: 17+
Number of cards: 828
Game time: 30-90 minutes
Number of players: 4-20

The Box’s Design

Cards Against Disney - Both Color Boxes

Let’s just make something clear: You can find the box in two colors: Black and red. No, there isn’t a difference in the content. They both have the same cards. You can choose the game based on your color preference.

The packaging of the game (the box) is made of a strong paperboard, which keeps the card inside very secure. 

In the front obviously we can see the name and a little quote about the game (based on which box).

In the back we find the rules and some examples of the content, while the sides show us the basic rules of the game:

Cards Against Disney Sides

Inside The Box: Cards

Take a breath before opening the box. You’ll find a HUGE number of cards.

The Red Box has 260 red cards & 568 white cards, meanwhile, the Black Box has the same amount of cards, but instead of red and white, it contains black and white cards.

Cards Against DIsney- Red Cards
Cards Against Disney- Black Cards

The content is made for adults. No doubt. This is not a game you want to play on a family night, especially when there are kids around.

Have a quick look at some of the examples of the Cards Against Disney card list:

Cards Against Disney - Combination 1

What do you people drink that you have this much creativity?

Cards Against Disney - Combination 2

Leave The Little Mermaid alone dude!

Cards Against Disney - Combination 3

Are you still thinking about playing this game with your kids?

Cards Against Disney - Combination 4

Each one is more hilarious than the other. No. I will not choose my fave.

Cards Against Disney - Combination 5

Stop messing with the Irishman. He cares about his potatoes.

The Game Experience playing Cards Against Disney

It may seem like needles to you, but anyways just a reminder, Cards Against Disney has the exact same rules as the main Cards Against Humanity.

Now let me tell you about my experience in this game. Since all of my friends know that I’m a big fan of CAH, one of my besties bought me the Disney Edition for my birthday, because even though I’m part of adulthood now, you’re never too old to be a Disney fan. She got me the red box because I like colors. No, I don’t like dark things…

At first, I refused to play because no, I didn’t like the name, I felt like a little kid. Against Disney?

But then, considering I’m a grown up now, I thought why not? Everything that’s related to Disney should be fun.

We were around 12 friends at a party, and I decided to take the game with me. I don’t really prefer taking themed editions of CAH because not everyone is a fan of the same thing, but Disney? C’mon now, it was everyone’s favourite childhood memory.

5 of us decided to play. I informed everyone that the game could be offensive to someone, so we were clear, no misunderstandings. Those who were sensitive and those who didn’t like card games, or Cards Against Humanity specifically, decided to not play. 

The Card Czar drew a black card that said: Disney’s newest attraction is here!___________.

Our white cards answers were hilarious: 1.Dory, the lesbian fish 2.Princess Jasmine working a striper pole 3.snorting lines like Dumbo 4.smoking blunts with Pinocchio..

We created an impression that we will never see the characters with the same eye once again. Lol. Nevermind, our combinations were funny. Say what you want.

The next card was this one: I’m straight, but _____ could turn me gay.

Who can turn you gay? Okay, keep it for yourself. I’ll tell you our answers anyways. I answered “Demi Lovato”. What? She’s amazing.

But no, I didn’t win this round. It was too innocent. The male friend who held the party won. He’s evil. This is how he answered: Elsa’s ice d*ck. (Too dirty, I KNOW!)

The game kept getting funnier and funnier. We played for about 50 minutes because we were a small team, but it was enough. 

We all got nostalgic and even though the questions were too ‘adult-friendly’ and dirty content and all, we all remembered our childhood and remembered that it really was the most beautiful time of our life.

Wait, don’t get emotional. I remember one more question. The last red card of the game: My childhood was ruined the day I saw ________.

Princess Kida’s hairy white snatch,  pulling the stuffing out of the Pooh and yelling “take it b*tch”, Mulan’s bisexuality, the corpse of Bambi’s mom in the meadow – were our answers.

Card Czar, we are still sorry for you. We all were funny, you had a hard job.

And one more thing, do I still need to repeat that this isn’t a game to play with your kids or even your adult members in the family (if you’re not really close to them)?

Where Can We Buy Cards Against Disney? & The Competitors of Disney

You can find the Cards Against Disney game for a price of $9.95 (yes, such a cheap price) in Duo Cards.

Since the game is very famous, it is impossible not to have any competitors. Based on our research, the competitors are some other Cards Against Humanity themed editions:

Cards Against Muggles – $9.95

Where are my Potterheads at? Cards Against Muggles is another CAH pack, and it is Harry Potter themed. It has a huge set of 1440 cards, recommended for people over the age of 17.

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and above all those who live without love.”-Albus Dumbledore. (Just wanted to remind you this)

Cards Against Star Wars – $9.95

This game is for Star Wars series lovers. Cards Against Star Wars has also science fiction content, that of course is related to your favourite series. (Of course, the questions are not as innocent as I’m making them.)

The best game in the galaxy contains 750 cards, it is ages 17+ and designed for 4-20 players.

Cards Against Kardashians – $9.95

kardashians cards against humanity

This game screams: “I love when people underestimate me and then become pleasantly surprised.” Cards Against The Kardashians is all about the famous Kardashians members.

If you keep up with the best game ever, you’ll have 876 hilarious cards, suitable for ages 17+.

Cards Against Childhood – $12.95

Cards Against Your Childhood

The design and the content as well, is very similar to Cards Against Disney. With questions & fill in the blanks just like: I’m _____. And you’re watching Disney Channel, you can create amazing & funny & dirty combinations.

It is against Childhood, definitely not kid-friendly. It comes with 1011 cards, suitable for people over the age of 17.

What are people saying about Cards Against Disney?

Cards Against Disney Reviews

Being in the market, and being this famous, of course, customers’ comments and reviews matter a lot. They are an overview of what the game gives us.

To give you the opportunity to hear about people’s experiences in this game, here are some of the comments:

  • I was pleasantly surprised! These cards are great!! Not as clean as I was worried about! Highly recommend it. – Tieri
  • “Love playing this game but you will never think of Disney the same again.”-Tina
  • “OMG, this is hilarious. We already have Cards Against Humanity, but this is on another level. Puts disney in a whole new light. Just do not play it with disney mad kids!!! Some of the answer cards are so rude!!!” -Halliday
  • “I think these will last for years to come if enough care is taken, very surprised at how good the quality actually is, it’s not your normal run of the mill cheap card stock. Whilst I’m not sure exactly what material it is made from its excellent quality nonetheless.” -Gemma

Except for these comments, we found an unboxing & review video for you: Cards Against Disney.

Conclusion – Is it worth buying Cards Against ?

You are a Disney fan and you’re still doubting? Of course, it is worth buying!

It’ll make you laugh out loud with the hilarious combinations, and it will also make you feel nostalgic. 

Based on the card photos earlier in this article, I bet you already know that this is an adult-friendly game. But not for every adult. Not for sensitive ones. You play it with people you’re really open to, some cards may be too dirty & dark.

This is not something you buy your kid in order to make them stay away from technology. No. It isn’t. There are lots of other kid & teen friendly card games, but this isn’t the one.

Anyways, every product has its own pros and cons. Here’s what we like and what we don’t about Cards Against Disney:

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
A huge set: 1440 cards;
Unlocks nostalgia;
The box is available in 2 colors;
High-quality cards.
Can be too dirty & offensive;
Not appropriate for kids.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found what you were looking for!

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