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Rules of Card Games

How to Play ‘What Do You Meme?’ – Including House Rules

What Do You Meme Rules - Cover Photo

Every now and then, people tend to make simple things complicated. But we’re not here for it. The rules of ‘What Do You Meme?’ are simple, and will be explained simply. It’s that simple that you think you’re missing something, but that’s all it is in fact. Based on my experience with such card games, […]

How To Play UNO All Wild: The Newest Mattel Piece Of Fun!

UNO All Wild Rules - Cover Photo

We remember the day we found out that Mattel released the UNO All Wild Deck. Yup, it was just as exciting as it sounds! UNO has never failed to amaze us, with any of the decks. The Giant UNO, Marvel Edition, BTS, Retro Edition, Pride, UNO Flip, and literally every other deck. However, apart from […]

The Rules of The Voting Game – Easy or Difficult?

The Voting Game Instructions

DuoCards rates the rules (regarding the easiness): 4.5 out of 5 stars. You read the rules, and they seem complicated to understand, or you knew them but forgot them… For whatever reason, you’re here, welcome! The rules are not difficult, not as easy as Cards Against Humanity rules though, anyhow, here they are explained clearly […]