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The Rules of The Voting Game – Easy or Difficult?

The Voting Game Instructions

DuoCards rates the rules (regarding the easiness): 4.5 out of 5 stars. You read the rules, and they seem complicated to understand, or you knew them but forgot them… For whatever reason, you’re here, welcome! The rules are not difficult, not as easy as Cards Against Humanity rules though, anyhow, here they are explained clearly […]

9 Best Expansion Packs of What Do You Meme? Plus Editions Review

What-Do-You-Meme Inside the Box

All of our favorite games remain favorite even after we’re tired of playing them. And eventually we stop playing them because we get bored at some point; but still we love them. Thankfully their creators know the deal, and they give us plenty of solutions about this: Expansion packs, and editions!!! Yaayy! We reviewed Cards […]

What are Card Games Terms Expansion Packs, Editions Explained

We love card games. That’s a fact. But, when we play a game so many times, we memorize every card, and that can get really boring.  You google to find versions, or visit their websites, and you end up reading terms like expansions, editions, series, themed packs and such.  At some point you can get […]

Best of Exploding Kittens Games, Editions & Expansions

Exploding Kittens intro

Exploding Kittens is one of our favorite card games. And we get oh so happy when we find those extra editions, and expansions.  In case you don’t know, the editions are the ones you can play without the original/core/main game. You might want to get an edition if you love the game, you’ve played it […]

Are There EXPLODING KITTENS For Real? – Game Review

Exploding Kittens Review Cover

Some kittens that explode? Really? What is the card game is that!? If you’re reading an article about family card games, the Exploding Kittens will definitely catch your eye. The latter is a delightful casual dedicated deck card game, fun for all ages, and very simple to learn.  Since it’s one of our go-to games, […]

30 Filthy, Offensive, and Hilarious Cards Against Humanity Combos

Those times full of laughter and loud noises while neighbors are being disturbed behind the walls, are priceless… Well, for the ones laughing and making the loud noises. At times we were the neighbors, at times we were the loud f*ckers to wake up babies in the middle of the night. If it isn’t obvious […]