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A Wonderful Way To Get Drunk: Charge It 2 The Game – Review For Our Drinking Games Lovers!

Charge It 2 The Game - Cover

The name confuses you a bit, doesn’t it? To be honest, you can’t know what’s it all about…I can’t help but spoil it: It’s a drinking card game! Hooray! It’ll all make sense when I explain all the rules, just be patient. Charge It 2 The Game is a game full of drinking cards, which […]

Who Can Do It: A Game Of Extraordinary Challenges – Card Game Review

Who Can Do It - Game Review Cover

Who can do what? Calm down, you’re so impatient… We’re gonna tell you everything in detail, keep reading!  ‘Who Can Do It?’ is an amazing adult card game that works great for every possible party, and it makes all the nights fun, no matter what! Something matters, you CAN’T play it with kids or even […]

All About Printing Cards Against Humanity In The Best Possible Way: A Detailist Talking

Printed Cards Against Humanity Cards

Will we ever have enough of Cards Against Humanity and everything related to it? No, don’t bother, we won’t! It’s always fun finding & informing you about new stuff all about this stunning and hilarious card game. Especially when we know that these tips are about to make your life betterr! We know buying the […]

A Game For The Girls Called ‘For The Girls’! -The Name’s Pretty Cool, The Game Is Cooler!

For The Girls Review - Cover Photo

A game for the pretty gender, for the girls! Not that we didn’t write games about them, but, anyways… Card games are never enough! For The Girls is about to be a very intense & fun competition between all the girls! If you’re wondering where you can play it, it works great for every girl’s […]

Do You Love Asking People Things? – 20 Astounding Question Card Games!

Question Card Games

We, as humans, lovemaking questions. All the time. Even if our questions are worthless, yeah, we love talking, in general… When making questions, what we love most is to make people feel embarrassed, it’s our superpower, ya know, when we see people’s faces getting blushed, just like a very red tomato! This is going to […]