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‘99’ Card Game Rules & Tips

99 Card Game - Cover Photo

One thing about card games is that the game’s name definitely says something about the gameplay. But, what is Ninety-nine? What is required when playing it, and what are the instructions? These pieces of information, and extra ones, will be shared with you in the following. Basics You Need To Know About 99 Card Game […]

New Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary: Cards of Humor and Whimsy

Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary Edition - Cover Photo

On today’s episodes of Cards Against Humanity special packs, we present to you the newest release: the 100th Anniversary edition! We know the manufacturers never fail to amaze us. However, we were not prepared for this one. This pack is just way too extra!  Everything About The 100th Anniversary Edition You’re probably confused. Whose 100th […]

10 Finest Drinking Card Games For Couples: Love Is In The Game!

Drinking Card Games For Couples - Cover Photo

If there’s one thing you and the love of your life will enjoy more than cuddles, it has to be drinking card games! That is why, we’ve decided to present to you such games, which are precisely made for couples. There will be competition, intimacy, laughs, and stripping, but most importantly, there will be lots […]

14 Games Like Skip-Bo: Card Games And More! 

Games Like Skip-Bo - Cover Photo

Skip-Bo is a card game mentioned in games like UNO, you’re right? But what games are similar to Skip-Bo? At some point, after you’ve played it hundreds and thousands of times, you kinda wanna replace it. And we’re here to give you dozens of ideas!  Pieces Of Information About Skip-Bo Card Games Like Skip-Bo We […]

Top 15 Card Games For New Couples To Fall Deeply In Love

Card Games For New Couples - Cover Photo

If you want to help yourself in that situationship, or just get to know better someone you’re recently dating, we’ve found the perfect way! Below you’ll find a few card games precisely made for new couples. They tend to make you talk all things out, understand each other’s world, and watch things from their pov.  […]

That’s What She Said Card Game Review: Is That What She Really Said?

That's What She Said - Cover Photo

Only the OGs know what ‘That’s What She Said’ stands for. Especially The Office lovers! However, today we’ll discuss everything related to a card game named after this phrase: the cards, rules, competitors, and even our experience! You’ll fall in love, that’s what she said…   Essential Information The Box & The Cards Let’s start with […]