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A Game For The Girls Called ‘For The Girls’! -The Name’s Pretty Cool, The Game Is Cooler!

For The Girls Review - Cover Photo

A game for the pretty gender, for the girls! Not that we didn’t write games about them, but, anyways… Card games are never enough! For The Girls is about to be a very intense & fun competition between all the girls! If you’re wondering where you can play it, it works great for every girl’s […]

Do You Love Asking People Things? – 20 Astounding Question Card Games!

Question Card Games

We, as humans, lovemaking questions. All the time. Even if our questions are worthless, yeah, we love talking, in general… When making questions, what we love most is to make people feel embarrassed, it’s our superpower, ya know, when we see people’s faces getting blushed, just like a very red tomato! This is going to […]

Is Joking Hazard Really That Dirty? – Card Game Review

Joking Hazard Review - Cover Photo

You’re in all likelihood a Joking Hazard, aren’t you? We undoubtedly know how funny you are! That’s why you’re reading this… First things first, we hope you know about the What Do You Meme?, it’s all gonna be easier if you do, trust me… What?? You haven’t heard about it?! Just kidding, no worries, we’ll […]

Is The CAH Family Edition Really Family Friendly? – Game Review

Cover Photo - CAH Family Edition

There’s only 1 struggle for Cards Against Humanity fans. The one & only: How to stop kids messing around while adults are playing their favorite game? I mean, you’d love to spend some time with them, but, with that content? Do you really want the cute, innocent children to see how dirty the world actually […]

20 Astonishing Bachelorette Card Games For The Bride And Her Maids!

Bachelorette Card Games

What’s girls’ favourite night ever? Yes, the Bachelorette!!! It’s all fun and that, until it comes to organizing the party…AGHH!! Wait, calm down. We’ll make it easier for you. Long story short, here’s what you have to take care of: Find some good bachelorette party shirt quotes. Order the T-shirts for the bride & the […]

22 Best Of Family Card Games For an Unforgettable Night

Best Family Card Games

Home is wherever our bunch of crazies are! And what is the crazies’ favorite thing to do? Playing card games! Of course! Yes, our readers know that recently we wrote about some kid & teen-friendly card games, but… But! The games we’ll show you in this article are recommended for family times. Since many of […]

Cheap & Fun: 18 Card Games Under $10 For All Ages And Categories!

Card Games Under $10

You probably have been stuck in’ I want to have fun, but I don’t want to spend money’ very often… It was always no money, no fun. Well, guess what? We found some ways to have fun without spending that much money! We’re geniuses, aren’t we? I mean, there are tons of ‘normal’ adult card […]

Crabs Adjust Humidity Review

Crabs Adjust Humidity Box

It’s time for Cards Against Humanity. Oh no, we misspelled it, it’s actually Crabs Adjust Humidity! This is one of many amazing Cards Against Humanity unofficial expansions and editions.  If you have experience with Cards Against Humanity or any other adult card game, you’ll definitely have no struggle playing  Crabs Adjust Humidity. No doubt. Let […]