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Cards Against Humanity Friends Edition Review: The One With All The Cards

CAH Friends Edition Review - Cover Photo

Is Friends your comfort TV Show? Do you binge-watch the series whenever you have the chance, rather than starting a new show? Meet CAH Friends Edition – your second favorite thing after the sitcom. If you’re curious to know if this card game is worth it, how to play it, and what makes it unique […]

Exploding Kittens Games: Editions, Expansions, and More

Exploding Kittens intro

So you thought Exploding Kittens comes to you only through the original edition? Well, life’s full of surprises! There are actually a few editions and expansions that will make you fall in love with this card game even more. Family-friendly packs, NSFW ones, themed editions, plus other games made by the same manufacturers!  Editions Editions, […]

‘We’re Not Really Stangers’ Questions

We're Not Really Strangers Questions - Cover Photo

In the sense of question card games, We’re Not Really Strangers is one step ahead. Questions in this game are well-thought-out, creative, and help you connect on deeper levels. In this list, we’ll bring to you We’re Not Really Strangers questions (perception, connection, and reflection) plus extra content of the same quality.  Perception Questions This […]

Top 21 Games like Never Have I Ever: Party & Card Games

Games Similar To Never Have I Ever - Cover Photo

Aight, Never Have I Ever is cool. However, as time goes by, you may get tired from playing the same game all over again till you remember every single question. We’ve come up with a solution to it: a few games (including drinking & card games), that bring the same feeling as Never Have I […]

Best Packs Of What Do You Meme? Expansion, Editions, And Other Packs Included

Best Packs Of What Do You Meme - Cover Photo

Just when you thought What Do You Meme couldn’t get more hilarious, we woke up and decided to present to you the best packs ever. Although they’ve made lots of editions and expansions, there are a few of them that people & experts value most, and that’s exactly what we’ll be sharing with you today!   […]

Unstable Unicorns VS. Exploding Kittens: A Comprehensive Comparison

Unstable Unicorns VS. Exploding Kittens - Cover Photo

For some reason, people have been mistaking Unstable Unicorns and Exploding Kittens since forever. Yes, it’s true they have stuff in common, but tons of differences as well. And don’t worry; I used to mess them up too! To end this confusion once and for all, we’re about to present to you a comparison article, […]

15 New Card Against Humanity Carrying Cases and Storage Solutions!

Best Cards Against Humanity Carrying Cases & Storages

We know you love Cards Against Humanity. We love it too. However, the cards can get us in trouble sometimes, they’re so messy! That’s why, it’s time for you to meet some amazing carrying cases, storages, and more, which will protect your beloved cards at all costs. Carrying Cases, Storage for Cards Against Humanity We […]

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for Laughs

absurd box new box

On today’s episode of the Cards Against Humanity series, you’ll meet the best expansions and themed packs of this hilarious card game Before making this list, I always found it overwhelming to distinguish all the packs and decide which one I would prefer to buy. For your fate and mine, today you’ll get details about […]