Best 20 Card Games Like To UNO: Games With Regular Cards!

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Uno, dos, tres, we love UNO! We were always amazed by the game’s simplicity & great fun it brings. However, if you’ve been playing it for some years now, you’ve probably memorized all possible game strategies, scenarios, and cards, obviously. The greatest solution is here: card games like UNO, including those played with a standard deck of cards!  

  • Games like UNO:
  1. Phase 10;
  2. Skip-Bo;
  3. 6 Nimmt;
  4. No Thanks;
  5. Monopoly Deal;
  6. Five Crowns;
  7. Red 7;
  8. Hanabi;
  9. Sequence Stacks;
  10. The Great Dalmuti;
  11. Karma;
  12. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza;
  13. Play Nine;
  14. Blink;
  15. Rat A Tat Cat;
  • Card games like UNO played with standard cards:
  1. Mao;
  2. Pig;
  3. Spit;
  4. Crazy Eights;
  5. Fan Tan;
  • Conclusion;

Games Like UNO

We’re about to present to you some of the most unique & cool card games that are played with a dedicated deck of cards. Most of them are simple to play, but most importantly, they are games similar to UNO, and we’re here for it!

1. Phase 10

Phase 10

Available on Amazon ($7.66) & Target ($6.49) | 2-6 players | Ages 7+;

Both games have the same number of cards. Also, the card types are pretty similar: colors, sets of number cards, wild & skip cards. However, in Phase 10 you’ll deal with different game phases, and probably, a higher game complexity. 

2. Skip-Bo

Skip Bo

Available on Amazon ($11.99) & Target ($7.99) | 2-6 players | Ages 7+;

While in UNO all cards should either be the same color or number as the previous card, in Skip-Bo, all cards go up sequentially. The goal in both games is to get rid of all cards in your stockpile.

3. 6 Nimmit

Available on Amazon UK & Walmart ($13.00) | 2 to 10 players | Ages 8+;

Both 6 Nimmt & Uno contain number cards, and to play cards you must follow an order. Based on our experience, 6 Nimmt is slightly more complicated and takes more time to master. 

4. No Thanks

No Thanks

Available on Amazon ($9.99) & Walmart ($9.99) | 3-7 players | Ages 8+;

In No Thanks, your goal is to have the fewest points, different from UNO where you aim for 500 points. Both games have simple rules tho’, and help with number recognition & math skills, especially for kids. 

5. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal

Available on Amazon ($7.99) & Target ($5.00) | 2-5 players | Ages 8+;

Uno is simpler to play & has less equipment. In Monopoly Deal, besides playing the cards, you’ll have to do with, properties, deals, payments, and so on. But,  

there are different types of cards & each adds new stuff to both games. 

6. Five Crowns

Five Crowns

Available on Amazon ($9.44) & Target ($11.99) | 1-7 players | Ages 8+;

In UNO, you always try your best to score the highest points. On the other hand, in Five Crowns, if you have the highest points, you’re screwed up. In both games you’ve got to match cards: either to get rid of them or to create books. 

7. Red 7

Available on Amazon ($11.30) & Walmart ($11.30) | 2 to 4 players | Ages 9+;

To begin with, Red 7 is way more complicated than UNO. There are more rules, and you must pay attention to your opponents’ cards too. Nevertheless, there’s an element of color & number matching in both games.

8. Hanabi

Available on Amazon ($8.99) & Walmart ($8.99) | 2 to 5 players | Ages 8+;

The first main difference: in Hanabi, you can’t look at your cards, which makes the game more complex. Although not necessarily in the same matching criteria, both Hanabi & UNO require to match cards, either in color or number.

9. Sequence Staks

Sequence Stacks

Available on Amazon ($11.61) & Walmart ($11.61) | 2-4 players | Ages 7+;

In Sequence Stacks, the winner is chosen depending on the earned chips, not points as in UNO. Both card games include skip & reverse cards, and their actions are pretty much the same while playing.

10. The Great Dalmuti

The Great Dalmuti

Available on Amazon ($12.54) & Walmart ($12.27) | 6-8 players | Ages 8+;

There isn’t a specific number of points or rounds where ‘The Great Dalmuti’ ends, differently from UNO. Keep in mind that in both these card games, you can play cards into the middle pile if they have the same rank.

11. Karma

Available on Amazon ($15.38) & Walmart ($19.99) | 2 to 6 players | Ages 8+;

Both games are known for their simplicity & straightforward gameplay. Also, both include special cards and require matching cards to get rid of them. Although in Karma and UNO, you win when getting rid of cards, in UNO, usually a player must reach 500 points to win.

12. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Available on Amazon ($7.97) & Target ($9.99) | 2+ players | Ages 8+;

Both these card games deal with matching. However, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is about matching your words with the cards, while UNO is you know, all about matching the cards.

13. Play Nine

Play Nine

Available on Amazon ($18.99) & Walmart ($17.99) | 2-6 players | Ages 8+;

You can’t affect the other player’s game in Play Nine as you did in UNO. There isn’t such a thing as skip, reverse, +2, or anything like that. But, in both UNO and Play Nine, you get rid of cards, only if you match them with each other. 

14. Blink


Available on Amazon ($6.21) & Walmart ($6.21) | 2 players | Ages 7+;

Unlike UNO, in Blink, you won’t perform any action. You just look up cards that match. In both games, you may match cards by their color, or their number. Well, in Blink you can also match by shape, but that’s not the point…

15. Rat A Tat Cat

Available on Amazon ($13.98) & Walmart ($12.98) | 2 to 6 players | Ages 6+;

Rat A Tat Cat & UNO both have special cards: either power cards or skip, reverse, and wild cards. However, the main difference is that in Rat A Tat Cat you aim to have the lowest score, while in UNO it’s completely the opposite.

Card Games Like UNO With Regular Cards

If you had no clue, yes, there are several games played with a 52-card deck, which are pretty similar to UNO. Even though you might find several more, below you’ll find the top 5 card games like UNO played with a standard deck of cards:

1. Mao

4 to 5 players 

Mao and UNO both have very similar rules, considering the playing cards if the suit of number match, and shouting a word if you have only one card left. Mao includes a special rule too: announcing ‘Point Of Order’.

2. Pig

3 to 13 players;

In both these games you must match cards to be the winner. Also, there are wild cards in both! However, in UNO you aim to get rid of cards, while in Pig you tend to make 4 cards of a kind. 

3. Spit


2 players;

The objective of both games is to be the first to run out of cards. In order to play cards into the middle pile, there’s an order to be followed. However, the card arrangement & the other rules are different in these two games. 

4. Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights

2 to 5 players;

You can play cards only if they match, either by rank, color, or suit, and this happens in both games. Also, in Crazy Eights & UNO, your goal is to get rid of cards first. Nevertheless, the gameplay of Crazy Eights is simpler, since there isn’t any special action included. 

5. Fan Tan

3 to 8 players;

Even though there might be some differences in game rules, each player aims to be the first to get rid of their cards, in both games. While in UNO you have to match cards in their value or color, in Fan Tan, you can play cards in numerical order only. 

Conclusion: Are These Games Fun?

The most unique thing about these games is that they all have their own gameplay and specific, straightforward rules. What we love most is that you won’t necessarily need to buy a game to replace UNO. You can simply choose one of our games with standard cards, and have the fun of your life.

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